Welcome to May. Premium Members in Melbourne can now waitlist for free Friday astrology lunchtime sessions, starting in July. If you're outside Melbourne (but still a Premium Member) then I'll podcast these workshops every month so you can join in long-distance. In May I will also be talking in Melbourne (on May 16th) at the VAA about time, synchronicity, prediction and astrology. Over in London, you can leave questions for me at Get The Gloss on the final Friday of this month. I am also really happy to let you know that the Australian Women's Weekly are now running my monthly horoscopes on their website. Thanks for visiting and remember, you can always join me on Twitter @jessicacadams too.



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Surviving Mercury Retrograde with Jessica Adams Psychic Astrologer Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde starts 4 May and goes until 27 June. Here are the latest notes from me how to get through this period. Learn more about Mercury Retrograde.

Your Gemini Factors and Mercury Retrograde 2015

If you were born with planets, asteroids, points or angles at Gemini 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 degrees then you...

Mercury Retrograde - 4th May to 27th June 2015

COME FLY WITH ME? PERHAPS ANOTHER TIME, MR SINATRA Mercury, the planet which rules the internet, airlines, the mail, the media, telephones, signed agreements, fax...

Getting the Most From Mercury Retrograde May-June 2015

So what do you do, when extreme weather creates traffic and airline cancellations and delays? Or when computers misbehave? Or when flakey people don't return calls, or can't stick to plans? ...


2015 Free Horoscope - A look at the Year Ahead from Jessica Adams, Psychic AstrologerYour 2015
Year Ahead Horoscopes

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2015 Horoscope: Discover more about your tribe, relationships, your home life, career, money and more from Psychic Astrologer Jessica Adams.

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Chinascopes: Chinese Horoscopes from Jessica AdamsChinascopes

My blended Chinese and Western Astrology horoscope will give you a great look at the month ahead through both your western and eastern zodiac signs. more…

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The Astrology Oracle at jessicaadams.comThe Astrology Oracle

The Romans believed the gods sent meaningful and divine messages all the time and even their own emperors used astrology. The Astrology Oracle is a modern oracle based on ancient symbols inspired by the heavenly bodies, points and angles of astrology.

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Good Books for Good Causes

Girls’ Night In: the 10th Anniversary Collection

Rob Williams, Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie.  Picture War Child UK

Rob Williams, Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie. Picture War Child UK


Fifteen years ago, Stella McCartney contributed a foreword to Girls’ Night In (Penguin/HarperCollins) and helped launch a $3.5 million fundraising success story for War Child. She is pictured here with Angelina Jolie and our UK CEO Rob Williams at the launch of another fundraiser, Draw Me To Safety. As a former patron and trustee of War Child, and a team editor on all the books in the series, I know what amazing work this charity does, particularly for girls. Buy Girls’ Night In and continue to help us. Visit now for exclusive photographs and memories and buy the book here.

Wendy Harmer will pose for the War Child calendar. Full feature on The Daily Telegraph here.

Girls’ Night In: Jessica Adams opens chapter on e-book. Read The Sydney Morning Herald feature here.

Astrology Books from Jessica Adams

Astrology Books

Jessica Adams is the author of several astrology books including 2020 Vision, Astrolove and Essential Astrology for Women.


200 Astrology Secrets Cover

200 Astrology Secrets

The Kindle Edition of my new 55 page eBook for 2014, 200 Astrology Secrets is on sale at

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The Astrology Show Blog
The Astrology Show Podcast

Enjoy our free podcasts to take with you, featuring special guest astrologers from around the world. You can listen on the website or subscribe and download episodes now. Discover The Astrology Show today.

The Astrology Show #005 - October
In the October edition of The Astrology Show you’ll hear from Neil Spencer music journalist will be speaking about John Lennon as it’s his 70th birthday on the 9th of this month. Adam Smith will be talking about Saturn as it’s a big month for Saturn Aspects. ...

Saturn in SagittariusSaturn in Sagittarius
Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Christmas 2014 through Christmas 2017. In this 20 minute exclusive podcast, I explore how will this affect your life and your horoscope....

The Astrology Show #002 - July
The July episode of The Astrology Show features Jessica Adams, Adam Smith and Neil Spencer, with special guest Gregory Clare....

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The April 2015 Eclipse and Your Horoscope

Love, Sex and Astrology

Saturn in Sagittarius

Astrology Podcast - Cupid, Psyche and Vulcan


The Astrology Blog

The Astrology Blog

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Timing Tricks! The 20 Best Astrology Hacks
Premium members exclusive - the top 20 astrology hacks you need to know to time your life right....

Mercury Retrograde 28th August to 24th October, 2015
We all like advance warning of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, and it is on again, later this year, Friday 28th August through Saturday 24th October (including...

How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes
Do you have your horoscope wheel in your hand? Here is a fast way to decode it in five minutes....

Astrology Forecast - The Scotland Horoscope
How the horoscopes show Scotland will try for independence again in January 2019. ...

Astrology Special: Australian TV and Media 2015-2017
The Australian horoscope and the ABC, SBS, News Limited, Fairfax, Telecom and a huge Saturn Return in 2015-2017....

Forget The Polls! How Astrologers Predicted the U.K. Election
The polls got the U.K. election wrong, but the majority of astrologers got it right - up to a year before Election Day, 2015....