Jessica Adams Psychic AstrologerAre you in London for Bonfire Night? Come along to a very special event with me next month at The Company of Astrologers. No matter where in the world you are during October, it's time to welcome a huge change in your horoscope. In just a few weeks, the North Node will move out of Libra and into Virgo. We are going to see wonderful developments in your chosen business, industry, field or profession between now and September 2016 as a result. You may work full-time, part-time or volunteer - but you have some extremely good karma coming your way.  If you are a Premium Member I will have special features on the North Node in Virgo for you on this website soon. And don't forget - if you are in London, Bonfire Night will be my first event of the winter.

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Mercury RetrogradeSurviving Mercury Retrograde

If it’s about the radio, television, newspaper, Twitter, e-mail, magazine, advertising or general media industries, it’s a Mercury issue. If it’s about computers and all forms of computerised technology, it’s a Mercury issue. If it’s about signed documents, printers and all paper communication it’s a Mercury issue. If it’s about phones, fax machines and even speech/hearing – it’s a Mercury issue. If it’s about bugging, tape-recorders, MP3 recordings, codes or ID, it’s a Mercury issue. If it’s about planes, trains, automobiles, motorbikes and even a horse, it’s a Mercury issue. Learn more about Mercury Retrograde.

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Girls’ Night In: The 10th Anniversary Collection

Rob Williams, Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie.  Picture War Child UK

Rob Williams, Stella McCartney and Angelina Jolie. Picture War Child UK

HOW YOU CAN HELP WARCHILDFifteen years ago, Stella McCartney contributed a foreword to Girls’ Night In (Penguin/HarperCollins) and helped launch a $3.5 million fundraising success story for War Child. She is pictured here with Angelina Jolie and our UK CEO Rob Williams at the launch of another fundraiser, Draw Me To Safety. As a former patron and trustee of War Child, and a team editor on all the books in the series, I know what amazing work this charity does, particularly for girls. Buy Girls’ Night In and continue to help us. Visit now for exclusive photographs and memories and buy the book here.

Wendy Harmer will pose for the War Child calendar. Full feature on The Daily Telegraph here.

Girls’ Night In: Jessica Adams opens chapter on e-book. Read The Sydney Morning Herald feature here.

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