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Your August Horoscope

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Aries: August 2014



The generation born 20 years or more after you, obviously inherits your influence. This may involve children, godchildren, babies yet to be born, or young relatives. On a broader note there may be a specific role with younger people en masse. You also inherit, though. Quite what that inheritance is, and how rich and abundant it is, will be revealed to you on several occasions this month. Make no mistake. You stand to gain from those younger than yourself, no matter if it’s personal, or professional.

Between May and July you took the long way round with stunning opportunities and solutions which would make a lasting difference to your house, family, home town, household, flat or homeland. Your people and/or your place. Nothing was straightforward, yet in the very first week of August you will be in a position to retrace your steps, and follow through on what you created for yourself, weeks or months ago. As early as the first four days in August you’ll realise it’s a matter for two people.
Quite clearly you have been shouldering one heavy situation or issue after another since the end of 2012 and it has affected how optimistic you feel about your money, business, house, flat, possessions or charity. You were protected by the property, household or family end of the story, but this protection is now fading,leaving you with the reality. It is really important that you pace yourself correctly, neither rushing and pushing, nor getting stuck. Try to keep the wheels turning as normally and evenly as you can. The good news is, at Christmas, this difficult cycle is over.
The asteroid Minerva is on the march in the second half of August and you will gain from new developments affecting your website, book, speech, song, multimedia project or other outlet for your way with words, images and ideas. Nobody doubts the passion in the air. Cupido, another powerful little asteroid, is also passing through. What you must snap up, though, is the guidance and sage wisdom of a woman or feminine man. There are brilliant answers here but they may not be obvious ones.



Taurus: August 2014

August is a stunning month full of the most wonderful and welcome possibilities for repair work with the family, if required, and if not required, a brilliant new phase involving one or more close relatives. This applies to flatmates and other household members too. The time has come for the biggest and the best or the most brilliant solution. Your actual house, land, flat, home town and homeland is also at the core of the best trends in 12 years and you must pursue every open door. Take it all further.

Projects and plans which revolve around your way with words, ideas and images took a strange pathway May-July as although there were superb solutions and opportunities, Mercury the planet which rules communication, computers and information was retrograde, or appearing to go backwards. Now things are back to normal and in some ways the universe owes you, thus you must snap up what comes your way as August opens. Another person is very much on the other end of the equation. This is about thinking like a duo, not acting alone. Do pursue this.

Watch the gender politics with, or around, your former, current or potential partner.This also applies to your enemy, rival or opponent. Gender politics always becomes an issue when the asteroid Vesta appears in your horoscope and a potentially toxic situation where one male is manipulating two or more females could arise; alternatively the females may be playing games with the King of the Castle! None of this would matter, except that you are in such a long and heavy cycle at the moment. Be careful about the holes you dig for yourself. In fact, throw a spade away.


You stand to benefit from some very deep thinkers this month, either in the persona of one woman or feminine male, or an organisation dominated by women. Your money, house, flat, business, charity or possessions is at the heart of the story. Some things cannot be purchased and good advice is one of them. This person or organisation will either become a bigger deal in the second half of August or you will come across her/them for the first time. Listen or read carefully. This is worth its weight in gold and although there is no easy or flashy answer, this is the right one.


Gemini: August 2014

Gemini people can always get their message across, because you are famous for your way with words, ideas or images. What happens in August is sensational, though, as you are hitting the most superb trends in 12 years for your internet, spoken-word, media, publishing or other communication agenda. Jupiter in Leo is reminding you that you must aim high. In fact who are you not to shine? You don’t serve anybody by keeping your ideas, concepts or pictures to yourself. And there is something with towering potential in front of you which could lead to even more.
The money, or cash in kind – the house, possessions, business or apartment – suggests a key month of evaluation and weighing-up, with the chance to put the last 12 months in perspective. You have been protected or just plain lucky with what has occurred, but now things have changed. You will notice this as early as the first week of August, yet you still stand to gain from whatever you pursued in May-July, no matter if it worked out as planned, or not. Just remember. This is a two-way street.
Your lifestyle as a whole embraces what you eat and drink, or put into your body in other ways. It takes on board conventional or alternative medicine and also your down time, in terms of sleep or relaxation. Most crucially, your lifestyle is about the eight hours a day you spend working. Or at least, it should be no more than eight. There are now important decisions to make about the whole picture, yet you must find the middle ground between rushing, pushing and reacting in the heat of the moment – or freezing in response to a situation. Go easy on yourself. Middle way!
Minerva is always good to see in your horoscope, Gemini. She is now entering your own sign, and joins Cupido (Cupid) also in Gemini, in the second half of August. When it comes to your internet profile, personal appearance, reputation, name, face, shape and image you now have stupendous support. A person or organisation renowned for its good advice and thoughtful appraisal will be on your side and this could make a great difference to the way you look or appear. Chase image issues.


Cancer: August 2014


You now have abundance and flow in connection with your money, possessions, house, business, charity and/or apartment. Other cycles in your life which were not this easy and enjoyable can be put behind you, as August is the month to examine the facts or figures and relish the process of change, which began in mid July and will not stop until August 2015. Take the harvest, whatever that is, and bear in mind that everything you learn and gain from this could help a future harvest too. Not just in the next 12 months, but again, 12 years from now, when you gain all over again.
Your image has been protected or helped enormously with Jupiter in Cancer for the last 12 months and if you used all the answers or opportunities you were given, you are now well ahead. Despite this, a matter you hoped would be straightforward over the last three months has either blocked you or run backwards. The potential for your ‘me’ agenda has not been realised. Use what comes to you in the opening days of August to trade on what you created for yourself weeks before. Meet others halfway.

You may or may not be a parent, but the generation born after you, and the relationships, projects or plans which make it centre-stage, suggests unique challenges not possible in 29 years. You will be glad to see the back of this cycle at Christmas, yet you must micro-manage the situation which arises now, so that there is no game-playing or point-scoring. This is most likely whenever two or more females feel that one male is there as a kind of prize to be won, and no matter if you are male or female, or whatever the ages involved, walk right away from it all.

Your submerged world is deep down below, where secrets are kept, and you disappear from view, allowing others to take the attention and interest. This is also where some very deep answers are about to appear, as in the second half of August Minerva will enter this mysterious and elusive zone of your chart, where nothing can be seen clearly and everything is hidden. Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and people or organisations with penetrating insight will be along to assist you.



Leo: August 2014

Close to 2
nd August you will be profiled or relaunched to your total advantage with one stunning opportunity. Events in the first week will offer you a remedy or solution that fixes any issues you have about your appearance or reputation. Close to 9th August the spotlight is on you so use this stunning chance to have more or do more. After the 13th your ‘me’ opportunities are a two-way street as just one other person who is tied to your relaunch, renaissance and rebirth forms a balancing act with you.

Also close to 2nd August you find yourself involved with one other person, in a profound way, over matters which render you invisible, behind the scenes, or cloistered. This is partly a hangover from opportunities you took weeks or months ago, when you were shown the advantages of either operating behind the scenes without acknowledgement or keeping major secrets. A turning point is here near as August begins and in many ways you are ‘collecting’ on your previous efforts.

With Ceres, Vesta, Mars and Saturn all producing challenges it’s time for tactics. Focus hard on your house, apartment, relatives, household, home town or homeland. Make life easy for yourself by minimising what is at stake. Pay attention to someone who feels sidelined. Do not engage in gender politics. Neither rush not push – nor respond to provocation. Play this like a chess game with one eye on December when the heaviest cycle in 29 years is over. For now, strategise, Leo!

From 12
th August a female friend, or a woman who plays the role of wise old owl in your group, will make a welcome difference to your network as a whole, or some kind of team goal. Minerva joins Cupid in this part of your horoscope so although there is plenty of room for passion and desire – and lust for life – what is also required is some age-old wisdom. This is now on tap for you. Get your answers while you can and look for owl symbols or synchronicities. A sure sign Minerva is about.


Virgo: August 2014

In the final two weeks of August you must turn to a woman who can help with even your most complex questions about success. Alternatively this may be a distinctly female organisation. Sometimes a man presents himself with a sublimely female kind of wisdom, which requires people to look twice and three times, to realise what they have just heard or seen! In all cases you must book some time to discuss what matters most to you, or just send an e-mail across. Any conundrum can be solved.

You’ve certainly had an easier horoscope for all of this, yet Saturn will not stay in your Third House of internet, media, publishing, information and communication forever and by Christmas Eve he is pretty much out of your life. Until then you must craft a game plan which will get you through August-December as comfortably as possible. Knowing this is a temporary phase will help you, but what assists most of all is your gift for detail. Look at the small things which you must master and manage. Look at the clock and calendar as well because timing is such an issue.
What you hoped you would gain, in a big way, from (or through) your friend, or the group, has not happened as you’d imagined. Instead you have been dealing with waiting games or u-turns since May, when your ruler Mercury went retrograde. Fortunately you can now pick up some of the pieces and although the other person is very different to you, in the first days of August you must close the gaps and focus on what unites you. You two can do a lot, based on brownie points earned earlier.
What you hide does you enormous favours in August. You will see the biggest and best by deliberately concealing a particular part of your life, personality or world from other people. Of course you can also hide yourself behind others, as you operate behind the scenes. That will also work very nicely for you. August cannot be underestimated as the start of something which could reward you repeatedly until this time next year. If others can’t see it, understand it or fathom it – pursue it!


Libra: August 2014

Sometimes the biggest answers can arrive in the shape of something small but significant. That is well understood by the wise, who know that the obvious solution is not always the correct one. You are fortunate to be dealing with an extremely wise woman, or a man with female qualities, in the second half of August, when even a dilemma of epic proportions can be resolved following a pertinent question from you. 

As you probably know by now, you are in the toughest cycle in 29 years for money, property, charity, precious possessions (even) and business! Give yourself five clear months to manage this as best you can, because from Christmas your problems are over. These are not personal to you; they reflect the wider economic or business currents and of course they end up in your personal whirlpool. For now, do not add to the situation by allowing one male (even yourself if you are a man) to manipulate things with two or more females. This rather dull scenario is frankly best avoided.
Success is down to two people – you and a man who is so different to you, or you and a woman who wants to meet you in the middle. This unfolds as August begins, when you can use everything you pursued May-July without any straightforward or simple results. Of course in a perfect world all your professional, university or voluntary efforts would have led you straight to the glittering prize, but you have been dealing with complications or delays despite the basic protection or opportunity circling your C.V. At last, in the first week of August, you can lean on earlier efforts.
Any Libra person who does not understand the full, glittering weight of the cosmic gold bullion now being heaped into their wheelbarrow, has not looked properly at the friend or group in question. Of course, there are many Librans who understand that a friend, or a circle of people, can matter quite as much as a marriage and often much more. What or whom you ‘marry’ yourself to is its own reward, in terms of enjoying the friendship or the people power. Yet far beyond this, Libra, in the weeks and months to come, you are going to bless the day you accepted that invitation.


Scorpio: August 2014

Use the advice you get about your money, house, charity, possessions or apartment in August or lose a solid chance to secure the future. Starting at Christmas you will be dealing with the real world, in a way that has not challenged you so much in 29 years. Maybe you are already aware of this, maybe not, but in all cases when you clearly comes across a font of all wisdom in the final fortnight of August, take notes. I am not being facetious about this accountant, bank manager, business advisor or other material and money world expert. Maybe it’s one vast organisation rather than a sage individual but you must ask salient questions about 2015-2016 right now.

You must be sick of reading about image issues or just constantly having to deal with them, as they are always there in the background, like particularly boring wallpaper! Fortunately on Christmas Day your biggest present from Father Christmas will be release and relief, so you have that to look forward to. Until then it is crucial that you figure out the timing and also your grasp of time. If you speed ahead because of the heat in the atmosphere, you could run into problems thanks to impulse. However if you do not act at all, that could also be an issue. Look for the middle way now.

May-July should have been time for you to collect on previous good faith or hard work, as you have been consciously chasing opportunities or solutions for months – all of which you justifiably hoped would lead to a bigger, better existence as a traveller, web user, publisher, writer, teacher or student. Instead, you were sent around the houses by Mercury Retrograde – and back again! Fortunately you still earned some useful karma and you will cash in, no later than the first week.

Stunning success may be the result of seeds you planted 12 years ago, Scorpio, or it may be that you can’t even remember those seeds going into the ground. In all cases, you now have a bumper harvest in terms of your professional standing, university life, voluntary role and social status. Up and up the ladder you go, effortlessly, as Jupiter at the top of your chart will either resolve an issue quickly and easily, or present you with the most remarkable chance for achievement in years.


Sagittarius: August 2014

At last, some solid answers are waiting for (or about) your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to anyone who is your great rival, enemy or opponent. No matter if this is love, war or just strictly business, you would be crazy to ignore what you are being told or shown, in the final fortnight of August. With Cupido (Cupid) also in your horoscope there is no doubt that passion runs high. In fact, this is good old-fashioned temporary and irrational desire, affecting you, he or she. No wonder you need a wise answer so much, and it is there in front of you, in the last two weeks.

Christmas is your deadline for relief, release, repair and restoration. At that point you will be free from the heaviest situation in 29 years surrounding a secret that you have been covering up from other people – or a matter which necessarily involves you ducking out of sight, behind the scenes. Until that moment comes, you must be practical about things. If necessary, write it down to get it out of your head, but shred the notes later. As you are unable to share, confide, reveal or even explain what you have been going through, doing this can give you much needed perspective.

You will meet someone firmly in the middle over a financial or material matter in the opening days of August, trading (perhaps literally) on opportunities or solutions you chased hard in May-July yet got nowhere with. August also reminds you that the magical protection and constant chain of lucky breaks is now history. Don’t spend too long regretting that, but do focus hard on what is under discussion, and with whom, in the first few days of the month, as it will set the agenda for later developments.

You must now travel, write, study, teach, publish or pursue your beliefs at the most ambitious and optimistic level possible. Your ruler Jupiter is back in Leo for the first time in 12 years and not only will he throw you one opportunity or answer after another, he will also trine your Sun at some point. If you were born in November, for example, this is set to happen sooner rather than later and you will be recognised in the best possible light as a result of what you achieve. No matter when your birthday falls, this could be the trip of a lifetime. A head trip, perhaps, or a literal journey.


Capricorn: August 2014

The first half of this year was relentless in terms of your career, university life or volunteer position, as a situation which should have sorted itself out in weeks, took months to resolve – or you were dealing with a constant atmosphere of potential friction and conflict. Now that is history, you must seek answers to questions about your daily routine, normal lifestyle, health and wellbeing, regular chores and daily workload. A woman or female dominated organisation has the most brilliant answer for you in the second half of the month; or a man with super-cool female qualities.
Ever since your ruler Saturn changed signs at the end of 2012 you have had one issue after another to deal with, in terms of your social life, old friend, Facebook (or other social media), groups, teams, and networks of all kinds. Now you must act swiftly to nip something in the bud as a scenario with one male and two or more females could become toxic. In the bigger picture, from Christmas your problems are over, yet from now until then you need to be highly strategic. Box clever, be crafty.
Things have been so odd with (or for) your former, current or potential partner. Despite the amazing answer or opportunity you have instead been on a zig-zag pathway for weeks. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. What should have been a big finish for one story in your life, was instead a complex narrative of delays, u-turns or silly obstacles. Fortunately the first week of August will resolve a great deal, and you and he (or she) must meet in the middle, whatever the stakes.
What does wealth mean to you, Capricorn? Is it the actual cash in your bank account; the valuable possessions at home; the large philanthropic donation you make; your assets on paper; what you save or get for nothing? However you play the situation this month you stand to gain or – with very little effort – accumulate or problem-solve. It is really important that you stash some of these gains away for the future as you can capitalise, perhaps literally, on what you own, earn or owe.


Aquarius: August 2014

Precious destiny is at work with you and he, or you and she, this month. If your energy has gone into an enemy, rival or opponent (rather than a former, current or potential partner) then strangely enough, it is this person who benefits you the most. Jupiter in your opposite sign of Leo is telling you to pursue every open doorway and go straight through it into a wonderland of possibility and potential which you have not experienced in years. Easy break-up? Amazing commitment? New lover? Bigger business partnership? Amicable settlement? The Seventh House of your chart rules your opposite number in life as well as any opponents and this is where the luck is.

The natural protection or help you had with your basic working life (no matter if you work part or full time, study or volunteer) has gone. In its place you now have a five month obstacle course, which you must take with as much steely determination as the athletes jumping hurdles with champagne glasses in Chariots of Fire. Remember that famous scene? One thing that will help you is the conscious avoidance of gender politics. It’s all so boring and male or female, you should really walk away.

Your lifestyle, incorporating your daily workload, is essentially about duets in the opening days of the month. You and he (or she) must put aside your inherent differences in personality or background and instead focus on the one thing that you share, which is your mutual Venn diagram of self-interest! This will have a wonderful soothing effect on you in terms of your regular working life, and even though the wider picture of ambition, achievement and success is still so tough, what you can agree upon and unite over as August begins helps you trade on earlier efforts.
With all of the above, pursue answers and solutions which only come along in this particularly blessed way, quite rarely in your life. A woman or female organisation is the likely source, no matter if this is about your own or other people’s children, or the next generation on a wider scale. Minerva and Cupido together in your chart present a story that is rather like the most colourful, intriguing and beautifully painted picture. You are the artist and the universe will supply the rest. Get answers. Seek wisdom.


Pisces: August 2014

The second half of August is the best time in months to seek deeper answers (straight and true) about your family, flat, house, flatmate, home town and/or homeland. At that point the sense of drama, passion and possibility increases, but this time a woman or female dominated organisation will give you some solutions. Of course you have to be prepared to ask. In Ancient Britain, the Romans used to go to the Temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath to pray for guidance. What works best for you?

You have become so used to the general atmosphere of stuckness, slowness or even shades of paranoia that you are almost resigned to the fact that you must travel, network online, publish, write, study or teach in a certain way, with your hands tied and your options limited. This is understandable, yet just before Christmas, you will be free. Until that time be highly strategic and thoughtful when making a move. This will not last forever but the situation you are lumbered with must be managed.

You can collect on life – scoop up what you have earned – as August begins, partly because of solutions and opportunities you pushed hard in May, June and July. Your children, godchildren or young relatives were involved. Maybe a youth related project or a relationship that could bring children into your life. In the first week of August, follow up on seeds you planted earlier as someone else will help you harvest.

If you do not have a spectacularly improved lifestyle by September, you are simply not using the answers and options you are being given. This is not just about your body and the shape you are in, or the physical wellness you enjoy. It is also about how you handle everyday chores, tasks and work – no matter if this is housework, computer labour or the public. A new role, job, project or plan has been hovering since July; have you accepted? Your health could also improve; have you said yes?

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Your July Horoscope

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Aries: July 2014

Fortunately you read your horoscope regularly so you always knew that May and June were not the months to plunge into major plans involving your computer, the media, your phone, the book world or the internet. It may be technical problems or flakey human beings, but the catalyst for the re-run, rethink, reschedule in the first two weeks of July is like unpicking a big tapestry.

Your son, daughter, godchild or younger relative? The lover who will make you a parent? The youth market or a young demographic? A project involving those born 20 years or more, your junior? In all cases the most stunning opportunities to have more, do more and become more in 12 years will begin in the second half of July. Very close to 26th July something (or someone) new is waiting to be born.
This tremendous emphasis on your homeland, your fellow citizens, your house, your family, your household, your apartment continues in July. It will be a matter for two people in the final ten days of the month. Your sense of belonging to a particular place, or a particular tribe, has seldom been so potent and so rewarding. The asteroid Aesculapius in your horoscope suggests the most incredible resurrection or revival is coming through July and August as well.
Matters of image, reputation, personal appearance and identity are crucial as Ops moves through Aries, your own sign. At the very beginning and end of July, you will realise why this asteroid Ops hides her name in the word ‘optimism’ as you will be thrilled to find solutions and potentially happy endings, thanks to the dynamic impact of a person, organisation or trend which makes everything work.
It’s not often you see Ceres, Vesta and Mars all in your opposite sign of Libra, which rules your opposite number in life, as well as any opponents. Sidestep any situation where one male is lording it over two or more females. It doesn’t help anybody! With Ceres and your ruler Mars in the mix, it also has to be said, the new arrangement to come between you, will only work if anger is removed.
From 3.24am (London time) on Saturday 26th July, Mars will be in Scorpio, which rules your money, house, business, apartment, charity and precious possessions. It’s game on from that point, but unless you want to complicate an already difficult situation, you may prefer not to give in to impulse. Cast not the first stone, nor hurl one back. That way the last six months of 2014 will be far easier!


Taurus: July 2014

When it comes to everything you own, earn or owe you must now deal with a situation which was only half-formed back in May or June. This is down to Mercury Retrograde, but as you probably read your horoscope every month, you were completely prepared and have read the fine print, made allowances for delays or changes and certainly had Plan B. By July 15th you will lean on this.

Your wonderful new home life may be down to a family shift, a new flat or house, upgrades to your neighbourhood, new flatmates, a big household change or overdue renovations. It is a twinkle in your eye from 16th July then at the New Moon on the 26th you realise this is a whole new beginning. The fun doesn’t stop as July launches a 12-month dream run when ‘My people, my place’ means more. Do you have heavenly bodies in Cancer? Then this is about your entire country.
All those projects and plans become a matter for someone else once your ruler Venus moves into Cancer, and two heads are definitely better than one. In many ways July and August feel like a catch-up time with you reaping the rewards of seeds you sowed several weeks before. The reason the crop is going to bloom late is astrological, yet as the gardener of your own media, internet, publishing or communication orchard, you should be very happy with the abundant outcomes.
Your hidden self or world is always a potent part of your life and your horoscope, and now Ops is passing through Aries, it is time to accept the guidance and optimism of a person (or organisation) which is set to have such a big impact on the secret you are covering up, or a role you play behind the scenes. Of course, in July, Ops may manifest as a general atmosphere of hope!

Your work ethic, your daily workload and your relationship with your body are all linked in astrology and you can gain fascinating insights into what your physical self is trying to achieve – or tell you – this month. Tune into the language of the body. If you have a pain in the neck, for example, ask yourself about who in your daily working life is also a pain in the neck! Decode what is going on and use it.

Please reduce the speed and turn down the emotional heat with your former, current or potential partner from the final week of July. This also strongly applies to any enemies, rivals or opponents. Mars is opposite you in Scorpio and although it may be tempting to give in to impulse, you must be highly strategic with this person and think about the next six months not the next six minutes.


Gemini: July 2014

Mercury has been retrograding through Gemini, your own sign, since May and therefore your reputation, personal appearance, brand, image or name has been unusually important. The reality is, you won’t know where you stand with all this until Mercury has finished his loopy circuit of your horoscope and thus the first two weeks of July will be time to review, rethink, reassess. It’s a ‘re’-trograde.
The book, website, spoken word project, singing, media commitment or other ‘I am Gemini, hear me roar’ plans, take off superbly in the second half of July. You could have a bestseller or an internet hit on your hands by August 2015. Much depends on your ability to recognise a stunning opportunity when you see one, and if you are proactive, then by the final week of July you will be on your way.

This is the gift that goes on giving, even though what you experience in July and August is a kind of late wave of change. A situation you set up weeks or months before probably feels odd, in terms of its progress. After all, you would have expected some kind of abundant reward a long time before July. You can’t complain, however, as Jupiter will deliver and by September you’ve gained or saved. You can make or save a small fortune, or gain from ‘cash in kind’ benefits. One example might be your landlady’s decision to renovate your room.
Dig deeply into old friendships, new acquaintances and the people power which resides within a group. With Ops in Aries in your chart, there is no question that something (or someone) needs substantial work and repair. This is never going to be in doubt, though, and you do have that satisfying final chapter to look forward to, thanks to the bravery and brilliance of a friend or team player who dreams big
Your godchild, children, youth projects, young relatives or ‘possible parenthood’ relationship is a big deal at the moment with such a cluster of heavenly bodies in Libra, which rules the impact of the next generation in your life. There is substantial potential for heated people politics in July but you don’t have to play. The reality is, there must be a new arrangement. And it has to be civilised.
In astrology you don’t separate health and wellbeing from your daily workload. Questions about your work ethic and feelings about serving others are always entwined with how things are for you physically. Be very wary of rushing, pushing or pressuring after the final week of July – or allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the same kind of speed and heat from others. Slow down. Analyse. Plot, plan.


Cancer: July 2014

Under normal circumstances, Cancer, your submerged world (what we can’t see or know about you and your life) or your submerged self (your shadowy role, hidden from view) would work fine. Instead you have had Mercury retrograding since May, so everything that was ‘coming together’ over the last eight weeks was not coming together at all. In the first two weeks of July you’ll sort it out.
Your new abundance will be hinted at from 16th July then be a reality by the closing days of the month. You will save or make money (or cash in kind – for example, a home or precious possessions) on a level not possible for 12 years. You can’t expect astrology to do all the work for you. However, the opportunity that appears in the second half of July is so easy to jump on. Use it to the hilt.
Your image and profile becomes a priority for someone else in July, no matter if you are thinking about your name, reputation or personal appearance. This person has exactly the same goals (or complementary goals) as you. The other interesting thing about July, and indeed August, is that there will be some late rewards for the effort you put into the ‘me’ agenda back in May and June.
Success is often down to sheer staying power and the ability to side with the right people or organisation at the right time. With Ops in Aries at the moment, you are likely to come across individuals who are indefatigable. The company or business you are dealing with may also have a ‘Never say die’ approach. This can completely turn things around for you professionally, as a student or volunteer.
Your patch of turf (house, flat, home town, homeland) and your clan (family, household, countrymen and countrywomen) is so key to your peace of mind in July. The word ‘peace’ should be writ large, because although the issues arouse heat and passion, if you, he, she or they are ever going to come to a practical new arrangement, you can’t build bridges. Avoid gender politics too, with a male.
In the final week of July you can use astrology and be highly strategic about a real change in the atmosphere with your children, godchildren or young relatives. This also applies to relationships where you might become a parent, or to youth priorities and projects. It would be so easy to make life hard for yourself by initiating trouble then, or responding to pressure. No! Channel Eisenhower.


Leo: July 2014

Forget the delays or changes which will continue to surround your group project (the one involving your friend) in the first half of July. What you are waiting for is the period after 14th July when you could make a commitment (almost marrying yourself to the person or the tribe) which offers you prestige and security. You would also be in a position to insure the future. Think about it seriously, Leo.


Your biggest and best relaunch in 12 years takes place from 16th July when Jupiter moves into Leo. This is about the way you look and appear. Your image, brand, shape, style or face. After 22nd July there is a remedy, repair or solution. From the 24th all eyes and ears are pointed your way. There will be a brand new beginning for you near the 26th. Prepare to shine on a level not possible for years.


Someone else will take an interest in your dark secret, invisible role, background work or confidential concerns from 19th July when Venus changes signs. There will be a miraculous process of resurrection or revival. What was ‘over’ is not over! You might have assumed that your classified plans, hermit life or uncredited work was finished. It will be back from the brink by August, though.


Near 1st July and again near 20-22 July a person who has Winston Churchill’s approach to life (Never give up, never give up, never give up) or perhaps an organisation with Margaret Thatcher’s optimism, comes along to make a huge difference to your trip, course, workshop, book or website. There is no other way to be independent this year. You have to break the mould and invent new rules.


Vesta, Mars and Ceres together mean that your internet life, writing, media involvements, teaching or public speaking commitments and so on – are subject to people politics. There will have to be a compromise, rather like a share agreement, before July is over. Do not let one male control what happens with two or more females. Bring humour into it if you can. And share the controls.


From around 27th July please slow down and cool down. Your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family or household will be involved. August and the first half of September could really pressure you unless you make a decision to keep the stakes low. By this I mean, do not put too much on the line. It would also be a smart move to refuse to play power or control games with anyone or anything.


Virgo: July 2014

The whole point of astrology is to use the timing to avoid problems. You can anticipate what is coming up in the final days of July, for example, with the internet, the media, the book world – or affecting your phone, computer, spoken word commitments and so on. Communication and information should be separated from inflammatory issues or emotion. Don’t oxygenate heat.
You can’t really put a price on peace of mind or security, but perhaps you should, as although the cash, company, house, apartment, possessions or good cause clearly has a currency value – you need to do other kinds of sums. The situation around you won’t last forever but it’s highly political. That’s why you need to purchase time to think. And you need to purchase an arrangement which works.
It’s good to see the asteroid Ops turning up in your money chart. You are going to be offered the chance to go along with a person or large organisation which is characterised by determined optimism. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky expectation. It’s about planning, plotting and the pursuit of a happy ending. Sometimes the ending is just satisfying or logical, rather than madly happy, but it’s definitely in sight.
Very late in the day, you gain from the energy and time you invested in your old friend and the group, team, tribe or network around you. Perhaps you thought something would happen in May or June. It should have done, yet your horoscope suggests a kind of time-lag, so although nothing has been wasted, it will not be until July and August that you finally see why you were so right to have faith.
As soon as you realise it is time to cover up, keep secrets, hide away or operate behind the scenes, you must do so. This will occur in the second half of July when, like magic, something or someone very new comes onto your radar. It means operating like Alan Turing at Bletchley Park. It means hiding your light behind a bushel – whatever a bushel is. Yet it’s fabulous and it will reward you.
Your career, course or voluntary position is being hit by Mercury Retrograde. Don’t believe some astrology websites which tell you it’s all over and it’s safe to play. You still have the first two weeks of July to get through and this is when you realise just how wonky things actually were back in May and June! Try to go with the process. You will be rethinking, rescheduling and rewinding.


Libra: July 2014

You read your horoscope all the time, so you have been fully prepared for the changes and delays affecting your trips, internet commitments, studies or book project. What was supposedly in the bag back in May or June was never in the bag at all! Consequently you now need to spend the first two weeks of July sorting out what is actually there. From mid July life is back to normal again.
There are some late gains to be made in your career, university life or volunteer role in July and August. By rights you should have seen the peak moments back in May or June, but sometimes you need this kind of odd progress. There will be a replay or rewind situation in mid-July which helps clarify things for you, then by August you will be enjoying some gains which are out of chronological order.
Fantastic friendships and tremendous gains from group solidarity make the second half of July feel like a whole new start in your life. You must put your old friend first, along with the amazing new introductions which are coming. If you are asked to become more involved with a team, association, charity, band, political party and so on – you must say yes. Wish on that New Moon and gain.
Why has progress been so slow (to say the least) with your money, business interests, house, apartment, charity or precious possessions? You can thank Saturn in Scorpio for that. Because Mars also moves into Scorpio in the final days of July it is really important that you don’t make your situation more difficult than it actually has to be. What turns up then needs long-term management.
With so many heavenly bodies in Libra it’s not surprising that you there is a hot button attached to image issues, or questions about your personal appearance or reputation. Turn down the temperature and try to reduce the response time. Quite clearly, the ‘me’ agenda is a political issue for you, and everyone has to be satisfied with some kind of compromise. Removing white-hot emotion helps.
It’s always nice to see the asteroid Ops (she is the wife of Saturn) turn up in your horoscope. She is now in your opposite sign of Aries, which rules your former, current or potential partner. This is also where we find your enemies, opponents and rivals. As July goes on, do get on board with that intensely practical person (or organisation) which believes in a happy ending. Because there is one waiting


Scorpio: July 2014

The work-life balance is emphasised in your horoscope in July, not only because from mid-July you have your big job offer, career improvement, professional solution or other gain – also because Ops is in Aries. What does that mean in terms of your daily routine, lifestyle and your relationship with your body? Essentially it means a massive vote of confidence from someone trustworthy.

The biggest and best success in years becomes a reality, not a fantasy, when Jupiter changes signs on 16th July at 11.30am in London. You now have around 12 months to pursue your promotion, coveted new position, big career solution, university triumph or non-profit organisation reward. The new beginning which is so obvious at the end of the month should be grabbed tightly with both pincers.
You have followed a weird trajectory with all your plans for travelling, tighter foreign connections, academia, education, the internet or traditional publishing. Having seen the options back in May or June you put your best foot forward only to find the escalator running the wrong way. Have no fear. Nothing was wasted and in July and August there are some late gains to be made from all you did.
What nobody else sees or knows about you – because of the big secret, or the shadowy role behind the scenes – needs a good judgement call. It would be so easy for this to become complicated, but try to see the wood for the trees. In the bigger scheme of things, this confidential matter or uncredited role is just about making some new arrangement work. So do whatever it takes.
The heat is on with matters of image, reputation, personal appearance and brand from the entry of Mars into Scorpio, your own sign, on Saturday 26th July. As you have already been dealing with Saturn in Scorpio since late 2012, you are probably longing for some fast solution to what drags – or what you cannot change. Be very, very careful about what you do and say, from the closing days of July. Whatever you set up, in terms of conflicted situations, will run for months.
Mercury has been moving backwards and forwards since May, in this zone of your chart. As a regular reader you knew about it, so of course you had Plan B, incorporated delays or u-turns in your plans and read the fine print. In the first two weeks of July you will see how right you were to do this, as there will be a thorough reshaping of the facts or figures you assumed were in the bag recently.


Sagittarius: July 2014

The slipping and sliding of Mercury, the information and communication planet, still affects you until mid July when at last you can draw a line under an episode with (or for) your former, current or potential partner. Enemies also fall into the Seventh House of your chart, which is where we find Mercury muddying the waters. This will take some time to clarify, contain and control but it’s worth it.

Scorpio is one sign behind you, and any planet there rules life behind the scenes, behind the surface – where you are not credited for what you do, or where you are quite consciously keeping a huge secret. As you have been dealing with the weightiest, most demanding issues in 29 years it is important that you don’t add to the weight by giving in to impulse as Mars enters Scorpio at the end of July. Take your time and take care – don’t get yourself into something you can avoid.
The stellium in Libra affects group politics, team spirit (smells like team spirit?), old friendship, social media and new friendship. This quite clearly is emotional or psychological territory that is overdue for a carve-up but so much depends on the way it’s done. Try not to allow the more demented emotions into the frame, or permit others to go too far with their own. This is down to communication.
When will Jupiter in Cancer deliver? The answer is, he works in mysterious ways, and the odd thing about May through mid July is that this entire period has been about sowing seeds and watching things grow out of chronological order. You have wasted nothing. No act of faith or proactive energy blitz has been a waste of time; as you will see from mid July through August it’s time for a harvest.
From the 16th July the atmosphere changes, wildly in your favour, and suddenly, by the end of July you have some tempting part of Europe, America or Australasia (maybe even more exotic locations) in your sights. This is just the beginning and even if you are only travelling in the mind, rather than packing your bags (or making a more enduring move) it’s pretty clear this is going to be huge.
It’s too strange having both Uranus and the asteroid Ops in the same sign, Aries, in your chart. This means that the children, godchildren or young relatives are at the heart of a major, positive push from others – or perhaps it’s just something in the air that convinces you to believe; to try; to hope. The issue may also be a relationship which could end in parenthood or a role involving younger people.


Capricorn: July 2014

You have the strangest timing with your former, current or potential partner. You can see how big this is, or how big it could be, but everything is in a kind of time warp where the normal flow of events has stopped and reversed, then started again. From the middle of July you will realise you can make up for lost time and actually benefit enormously from all the chances you took and plans you tried.
Abundance isn’t just about cashflow, of course. It is about money saved (a weight off your mind) and also about precious possessions, which have a value of their own. It is also about houses and apartments, and philanthropy. By this time next year you will have been offered all kinds of ways to experience more in your life – and that is More with a capital M. By the end of July it’s a brand new day.
You need to be highly strategic where your friends, social media, groups, tribes and teams are concerned. You will have to live with the snowball effect until Christmas if you give in to impulse, heat or the longing for action at the end of July. Of course anyone can see why you want to act without thinking for a change. You’ve had red lights for so long the sight of a potential green light will probably make you lurch for the accelerator. However – brake on. Ease into it.
Your place and your people. Your house and your family. Your apartment and your household. Your home town and the locals. Your homeland and your countrymen. How are you channelling this wildly encouraging pattern with Ops and Uranus in your horoscope? In July you need to have faith that this will work out eventually – because it will. Ops is the happy ending asteroid. Or at the very least, there should be a deeply satisfying outcome which is best for everybody.
You can’t go too far into your career or life at university – or as a volunteer – before you run into complex politics with people right now. One of the main challenges is to recognise that everyone concerned wants power or control and you are all just holding a mirror up to each other! This goes for corporations or departments as well. The key? Keeping it real. This has to work for all of you.
Normally, May and June would have seen a nice smooth conversation about your daily workload, the job, university life or a volunteer role. All that talk would have gone somewhere; computers and phones would have behaved, and so on. This applies to the relationship you have with your body too. By rights, May and June would normally be straightforward. With Mercury now going over old ground, though, the first half of July will see you also rethinking, reviewing.


Aquarius: July 2014

For the first time in 12 years Jupiter is back in Leo which rules the finely tuned relationship you have with the person you are in bed with, or the person you would like to be in bed with. Answers and big options are here. You two can grow together, and grow in the right direction. Want someone to love? The New Moon right at the end ofJuly is useful. Want to fix a bad relationship or just part company? Trust the Jupiter cycle. At last, there are convenient truths.
Your lifestyle gains and advantages, based on your daily workload or relationship with your body, take time to fully emerge in July. You may be wondering if you were on the right track when you said yes to so many budding options or potential solutions, yet after an odd period in the middle of July when everything loops round in a time-warp, you are on your way. By August you will be so glad you put the effort into your work or your body.
July really does seem to be all about your career, or other role in life. You need to be hip to Mars in Scorpio right at the end of the month as you could be dealing with a real thorn in your side until Christmas if you don’t handle this well. So how do you handle it well? Basically, your boss, employee, colleague, classmate, lecturer or client (and maybe an entire company or industry) is the source of heat, pressure, prodding, poking and provocation. Deep breath. Six month plan.
The project, course, media connection, website, blog or other channel for your words and images offers options. The main one is optimism because even though you could make all kinds of gloomy predictions about outcomes, the powerful presence of a person or organisation which only has ‘happy ending’ in its vocabulary is truly welcome. Get on board the optimism express. It works.
Your map of the world has a few pins in it right now, and that particular region, culture or nationality contains the potential for many ‘ouch’ moments, unless you navigate successfully. The reality is, you are learning all about power and control through a European, Australasian or American involvement. Now, there has to be a U.N. moment of negotiation and forced compromise. There just must.
You will finally sign off on this episode involving the next gen, in the middle of July. From that point forward it’s all so straightforward. Children, godchildren, young relatives? Relationship that might bring the next gen to your door? Youth related project or role? All you have had to date is the most loopy pathway, like going round the same pinball machine circuit, yet soon, the ball pings normally.


Pisces: July 2014

Well, you have waited long enough. Your lifestyle is set to improve enormously after the middle of July, thanks to a new role in your working day, or just a reshaping of the old situation, to your absolute advantage. This allows you to do more with the eight hours you have for quality sleep and the eight hours for ‘me’ time. There may also be health implications you are happy to see. Of course you have a work ethic. You just want something that actually works for you. It will.
You have had peculiar timing with your children, godchildren or young relatives (or through them). The same goes for youth related projects or roles. And especially relationships where you might end up parenting. The timing has been out of synch, so you are seeing big leaps in chronology. One of those time leaps takes what you attempted back in May or June, and moves you forward to late July or August. And then you collect. You’re rewarded. Just as you should have been. There will be a key moment in mid July when you retrace your steps.
You already know just how much there is to chew on, when it comes to your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda. Everything is so damn heavy and onerous. It takes a hell of a lot of hard work! And now, there may be a reason to be even more focussed. At the very end of July a situation will leap up, like a flame from a match. Do not give it oxygen. It could overheat. If you pump air into this rather white-hot situation, you could be saying ‘Ow’ for months.
Hopefully you read your horoscope back in May so you knew not to go hell for leather with renovations, a move, a property transaction, family plans, household changes and so on. This also applies to your home town or homeland. Now you can retrace your steps and spin your wheels on last time, in the first two weeks of July. After that it’s so straightforward. The communication will be there too.
High hopes are useful things to have sometimes, especially where the money, house, apartment, business, charity or possessions is concerned. All of that is a very big deal in July because you have a major amount of activity on the Libra-Aries axis of your chart. Signs associated with ‘me’ versus ‘we’ in your life. What is required is trust in the person or organisation which calmly anticipates a good outcome. Not a perfect outcome. A good outcome. And you’ll see why in July.
With so much intense activity across that financial, property and business chart axis, you need to figure out a way to make a new arrangement work. Clearly there has to be a power sharing agreement – that is what it amounts to – and clearly it will work a lot better over the long term if you, he, she or they can agree to pursue something practical. Not something that just causes angst.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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Your June Horoscope

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Aries: June 2014


You are in the Jupiter in Cancer cycle which rewards you for your patriotism, your talent for renovating or home improvement – and your eye for a property bargain. Any investment of time and energy in the family is also paying off, of course. The situation will go backwards and forwards until 18th June. The discussion or papework will be revisited in mid-July to your total advantage.


It’s all about your life on the internet this month and perhaps some media or publishing involvement. From the 18th June you will see a replay, waiting game or reversal with matters dating from 23rd May. You may have technical errors, computer problems, delayed mail or just basic human communication issues. It may be a website, a book, or the press but factor in u-turns, changes or delays.


Chiron in Pisces, one sign behind you, puts the focus on what you deliberately cover up and hide from other people – and perhaps a role behind the scenes where you get no credit or recognition. From June 6th one important person or organisation will act as the go-between then near June 13th you should be able to pull off something that amazes others – if, of course, they find out about it..


A woman, or female-dominated organisation, helps you achieve so much more near 7th June and 24th June when you will be asked to ‘wed’ yourself to something, or perhaps someone, which makes all the difference. You can thank horoscope factors in Taurus, the money sign, for this. Despite the ongoing waiting game forced on you by Saturn in Scorpio, at last there is a turning point for you.


The Full Moon near 13th June is a fork in the road leading to 2015 and 2016 as the Moon will be in Sagittarius, which rules the future of your foreign, travel, internet, publishing or university agenda. Take your time. You are putting stitches on the tapestry of your own future. Do not stitch yourself up, by making commitments near that Full Moon which would be heavy to carry in 2015-2016.


Your image, profile, brand or appearance is the key to so much now – a liberating discovery. What happens near June 14-16 is really familiar, either because you’ve done this in the last few years, or you did in a past life. It’s not your imagination. The position of the Nodes in your chart suggests a moment of enormous déjà vu or a flashback to the past. What do you gain? Exciting new freedom to be yourself, as you really are. It’s exciting to find out what image can do for you.






Taurus: June 2014

The situation will go backwards and forwards until 18th June and be replayed  in mid-July – yet you must keep pursuing the world of words, images and ideas to its fullest extent – perhaps more ambitiously and experimentally. If you have planets in Gemini in your personal horoscope, and many Taurus people do, this is your forte anyway. See what is possible online and in the real world as well.


Focus hard on 2015 and 2016 in the context of your property, business or financial situation now as you are setting up the future and you need to be sharply aware of all possible scenarios.  From the 18th June you will see a replay, waiting game or reversal with matters dating from 23rd May. Bank on these u-turns, changes or delays (particularly if this is about the end of the financial year in your country). Whatever the story, read the fine print carefully and consider 2015 and 2016.


There is a Proserpina figure in your circle of friends, or the network you officially belong to. She is a link, a bridge, a connector. If this is a man he will have feminine qualities. He still plays the same role, though; the go-between. Near June 13th this person will clearly have played her or his part in your story. And it’s a story about making the so-called ‘impossible’ possible. It’s totally punk.


A woman, female brand or some other feminine influence helps you relaunch your name, face, shape or brand near 7th June and 24th June when you will be asked to commit yourself fully. The asteroid Juno is at large and she is all about the exchange you make, when you sign on the dotted line, and give up certain freedoms or autonomy – get gain a feeling of security. This security is what you now crave in terms of how you look, or how you are seen, and June is pivotal.


The Full Moon near 13th June is in Sagittarius, which rules third-party finance, property, rent, business interests, the bank and so on. I have already mentioned that you will be deciding your financial future in 2015 and 2016 this month, and the need for sharp awareness of all possible scenarios that may come to pass. This Full Moon is a major part of the story. What appears to be about dollars, pounds or euros is actually about your values, though. Time to find out who and what you refuse to sell out for, but also who and what you consider is priceless.


This is about what you deliberately conceal from other people and do without others knowing – or what you consciously do behind the scenes without any glory or recognition. What happens near June 14-16 is really familiar, as you will be sent back to the future. Is this past-life karma? Or are you just seeing the same old situation served up again? In any case Independence Day is on offer.




Gemini: June 2014

You stand to gain from cash (or cash in kind) this month, no matter if it is an upgrade to your bedroom courtesy of your landlady, or an increase in the value of your property. There are many, many different ways you are about to become more abundant. The situation will go backwards and forwards until 18th June so allow for delays or changes with a reply in mid-July, yet rewards are promised.


It is all about you, and why shouldn’t it be? Your name, profile, face, image or shape is the story of the month. Yet from 18th June you will see a replay, waiting game or reversal with matters dating from 23rd May. Fortunately you read your horoscope back here in May so you have been warned. Even if you missed it, you can still cover yourself by reading the fine print on all the ‘me’ plans or plots.


Maybe success is doing something audacious that leaves more conservative people in your chosen field with their jaws on the floor. From June 6th one important person or organisation will act as the go-between then near June 13th you are in the perfect position to pull off something that traditional types cannot quite believe. It has seldom been so easy to flex some chutzpah.


You can do so much more with your invisible role behind the scenes or the secret you have been keeping to yourself, near 7th June and 24th June. Juno in Taurus, one sign behind you, suggests you must make a choice. You will not able to wriggle out of this very easily yet the commitment to something (or someone) also offers you a level of security and comfort not possible any other way.


Please take your time when making up your mind (and heart) about this person, near the Full Moon on 13th June as when you make your bed, you have to lie in it throughout 2015 and 2016. The reason for this is that Christmas 2014 marks the start of a whole new cycle with your former, current or potential partner when there are no fast or easy answers. Be super-conscious of what you set up now.


You are in the kind of cycle when you can either find freedom by breaking away from your friend, or the group – or you can find freedom by drawing closer. It depends on who you spend your free time with, these days. If those concerned trap or confine you then June could be gloriously liberating as you separate yourself from them. If, however, your social tribe, teams or other networks are made up of radicals who want what is new and better – you’re going to join in.





Cancer: June 2014

Your shopfront – your exterior – will work incredibly well for you until July even though the situation will go backwards and forwards until 18th June. Nothing will be fixed, firm or final until the middle of July, when Mercury makes his final pass through your sign, yet you stand to gain, either because you are being protected in the most spectacular way, or because here is an opportunity to boost ‘me’.


What or whom are you hiding? Life will involve cancellations, changes of mind, computer problems, telephone problems or delays as you replay something which was in place from 23rd May. Try not to over-egg the pudding and add to the mix as life is complicated enough anyway. If you are not covering something up then you are certainly working behind the scenes on something while others take the attention. This is also subject to change and delay in June so be aware of it.


This month is very much about the way you travel, use the internet, deal with foreign cultures, study, teach, publish or write. Maybe even a mixture of two items on that list. What happens near June 13th will allow you to experiment wildly with new possibilities. You are in the mood to wriggle past all kinds of rules, regulations and boundaries. A person who acts as an intermediary will be a major part of this little experiment of yours, and she/he is a human bridge.


Look at your group project – the one involving a friend – and make a commitment. What happens near 7th June and 24th June will help you really firm up friendships and tribes. Who or what you ‘marry’ yourself to at this time may not give you total freedom, wildness and spontaneity but you will definitely gain in terms of prestige and status, and perhaps you’re ready to make that deal.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius near 13th June needs plenty of time and space. You are ruled by the Moon, Cancer, so this crossroads is really personal. It is also about the way you work on a daily basis (even if you study or volunteer). It may also be about the relationship you have with your body. Whatever you do in terms of weighing up the pros and cons near 13th June will have a domino effect on 2015 and 2016 when you must be a total realist about your life. This is why I would prefer you took your time before you made up your mind in June.


Ambition can run on the same script you get from other people – the world has a funny way of telling you what ‘success’ should be or what ‘ambitious’ should mean. Alternatively you can listen to that persistent voice inside you which insists on freedom and independence. Maybe that is what it means to be successful in June 2014. You have to do your own thing. Be your own person.






Leo: June 2014

It is most unlike you to be so secretive, or hidden. Perhaps you have a confidential project or extremely sensitive matter to guard. Maybe you are operating behind the scenes, so that other people get the credit. Some Leo people are even hibernating at home. The situation will go backwards and forwards until 18th June. From that point forward there’s a wonderful answer.


Your group project will involve cancellations, changes of mind, computer problems, telephone problems or delays. From the 18th June you will see a replay, waiting game or reversal with matters dating from 23rd May. Fortunately you read your horoscope back here in May, so you knew this was coming! Here’s another tip: do not add to the complications in the last fortnight. Sit this out.


From June 6th one important person or organisation will act as the go-between and make a lasting difference to your money, company, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. What happens near June 13th will allow you to cross the line and do something that ‘they’ say you should not get away with, or apparently cannot get away with. Let’s just say ‘they’ are quite wrong this time.


Use all the available wisdom and insight of a woman, or female organisation, which is about to make such a difference to your career, university achievements or non-profit role. What happens near 7th June and 24th June will help you go so much higher, no matter if you are concerned with social climbing or a notch on your resume. You will be asked to make a commitment. Weigh up pros and cons.


The Full Moon near 13th June is about a project involving the next generation, or your godchild. It may be about a relationship that could end in adoption, pregnancy, step-parenting or the acquisition of your partner’s younger relatives as family. Finally, it is about your son, daughter or young family member. What you decide to do is a fork in the road leading to 2015 and 2016. Take your time.


Choose freedom? It’s out there if you want it. What happens near June 14-16 is really familiar, either because you’ve done this in the last few years, or you did in a past life. You are being shown a different way to travel, study, teach, write, publish, use the internet or deal with foreign people. You’ll be totally independent if you say yes. No commitment, no ties, but plenty of space.





Virgo: June 2014

Your ruler Mercury is going backwards and forwards in June and so will two areas of your life. Just make allowances for that with your planning, right into July. You need to bear in mind that which is bubbling under with your career or university life (or your time as a volunteer) is going to take a long time to really work out. The second half of July is great but in the meantime don’t be tripped up by delays, a state of suspended animation, change or u-turns with your plans.
Your friends and acquaintances can make something very special happen with you by July. You are also going to hit delays and u-turns here as well, though, so to avoid teeth-gnashing you may want to factor in dumb things like e-mail going to your spam filter; missing post; misunderstood messages; computer hacking. Despite this, the situation which is replayed mid July from a very chaotic June, will benefit you and this little example of people power will work well for you. If you’re in a rock band, political party or other formal group, prepare for chaos, yet out of the chaos will come forth the kind of great result you dream of.


Uranus in Aries is about a revolutionary new way to earn, own or owe money – and to handle your house, apartment or possessions. ‘So tell me something I don’t now’ you respond! The revolution could never happen all in one month, though. It had to happen in stages and if you think about it, everything over the last couple of years has led you to this point. It’s exciting and it could work.


Juno is an asteroid we look for when pinpointing major commitment and it does look as if you will be tossing up a massive promise which would lock you into a travel, foreign, internet, publishing or university arrangement. Maybe just ‘education’ as a basket category too. The commitment will give you status, gloss, security and a place in the world. It will remove your total freedom. Deal?


Be really careful with that Full Moon around 13th June as it falls in Sagittarius which rules your house, apartment, family, household, home town and homeland. Something is swirling in the ether then and it could lead you to a dramatic decision which would cause issues next year, and into 2016, if you don’t seriously think about the ramifications. The best use of that Full Moon is to weigh up the options and give yourself more time and space to figure out the long-term.


This is an area of your life where you are constantly being shown what you can get away with by others – or where you damn well want to do your own thing and get away with it too! Amazingly it all becomes possible again as Chiron in Pisces makes his presence felt in your horoscope. Sure, you’re being a maverick, but if it doesn’t hurt anybody and it’s not illegal then why wouldn’t you give this a go?



Libra: June 2014

Becoming your own person is an exciting process. And excitement is an understatement. It’s right up there with a lightning bolt in your drawers. The conduit to this electrifying moment is your great enemy, rival or opponent. And just as likely, your former, current or potential partner. Don’t be distracted by imagining that any of this is about him, or her. It’s about you. How many more big hints from the universe do you need, before you become fully independent?
Will you make a pledge to security and comfort, this month? You have a major financial, property, business or charity choice waiting for you. Of course you will never be able to do what you like, when you like, again! However, given that you have been put through one of the most threatening money and security cycles in 29 years nobody would be surprised if you wanted to make a big, fat promise.


Careful with the Full Moon in mid June! I can see why you might want to make some major decision because nobody likes being squeezed when it comes to choices about communication, the media, the internet, publishing and so on. This is no ordinary Full Moon, though, as it sets you up for big tests and trials in 2015 and 2016. So don’t just use the discomfort of being put between a rock and a hard place to make choices which are going to loom way too large, next two years.


You could easily go all the way with some jaw-dropping plan to work or study differently, or to handle your body differently. Chiron in Pisces is a major number in your horoscope this year and in June, someone will pop up (or reappear) who can facilitate the process of change. It’s not just any old change. Basically you have the temerity – the sheer nerve – to want to try and pull something off that in usual work, study or volunteering terms if outrageous. If your body is an issue for whatever reason (and what you put into it) then again, Chiron challenges you to be a maverick when it comes to what you eat, drink, ingest or do to yourself.


Mercury chaos is usually fine to deal with, except you have this unfolding with your foreign, travel, internet, publishing and academic agenda. Hopefully you read your stars back in May so you were prepared. If you missed them then please don’t walk into delays, mistakes or u-turns which could affect your flight, hotel, essay, website, book and soon. Everything will turn out fine, second half of July, but from here until that point there could be some teeth-gnashing. Get insurance and get your stuff on a USB stick. Read the fine print.


Success is very much fixing a career problem that hangs over you like a lead weight. It is also finding an opportunity to hit the heights and taking it. What you have on offer in June and July is either one or the other depending on what you did, with what you were given, back in 2013. Don’t worry too much if there is muddle and mess as part of this process. It’s par for the course and there will most certainly be a moment in mid July when you see the denouement. Until then try to trust this mad process because it will fix your issue or take you higher. Do read the fine print though, just to cover yourself for delays, u-turns.





Scorpio: June 2014

You are quite right to make it all up as you go along – at least in terms of the daily workload. If your health affects how you work, study or volunteer then clearly that also has to be handled in a radically different way. June is about accepting that something bigger than you, perhaps, is jet-propelling you towards a revolution. And this will be the first of many. Quite frankly, if you pull this off, you will not be working, studying or volunteering the same way ever again.

You are about to be asked to commit yourself to your former, current or potential partner in a new way. Perhaps, too, to commit yourself to the fight against a particular rival, enemy or opponent. The rewards will be great no matter if this is love or hate. Yet the truth about commitment is you can never walk outside the front door again as if you are the only person who is accountable to yourself. Someone else will soon be locked into the dance with you, no matter if you’re a lover or a fighter. It’s decision time. So is this yes or no?


Your big experiment involving your son, daughter, younger relative or godchild. It may involve a job or non-profit role involving the young. It may also involve a relationship which could bring in a stepchild, pregnancy or adoption. In all cases you’ve already had quite a lot of success attempting to get away with the unacceptable, the unthinkable and the previously unattempted. Now there is another big experiment waiting for you. It’s going to be hard to resist this one.


The Full Moon in June is pulling the future into the present in terms of your cash, house, flat, business or charity. Be fully aware of what you say, do, think and feel around the middle of June as you see the Full Moon overhead. The reason for this is that in 2015 and 2016 you can’t just trust to luck. There will be no fast and easy solutions. What you do now, affects what happens then.


The other issue with what you earn, own or owe is Mercury retrograding in Gemini. You are going to hit a state of suspended animation, like a crane dangling for days. It will affect the cash, property, business, possessions or charity. There is also a u-turn or refund, rethink, renegotiation in the works. If this is all going to cost you a fortune in time or money you may want to read the fine print very carefully, cover yourself, have Plan B. This also affects 2015 and 2016. Be aware.

The above list really cranks up in importance in June, even though you’re going to see one situation go into a void – only to be replayed in the middle of July. Essentially it’s all positive. The solution you fantasise about or the massive opportunity you crave is coming towards you. (If not the precise one, then a variation of it). The only hitch is the hitch. Mercury is retrograding back through Cancer as well as Gemini so you are going to hit cancellations, reschedules, delays or mistakes. Factor that in and deal with it as the rewards are still great.




Sagittarius: June 2014

People who are tuned into a better way of doing things, will absolutely get what you are trying to do, with your son, daughter, godchild or young relative. Also with any youth related project or job, and a relationship which may end in parenthood. Anyone who is stuck in the past will ignore you or even knock you back, but so what? The right people at the right time in the right place are going to be with you all the way, and this is exciting. Your revolution is meant to be.

Sometimes the so-called impossible becomes possible, at least when you have a house, flat, home town, homeland, family or household issue to think about. You are going to be given the best chance in years to cross the line. What you get away with is less important than the principle of the thing. If there is no legal reason to stop you, and nobody is negatively affected, then why on earth would you not try to get away with something that frankly, is there for the taking?

The Full Moon in Sagittarius asks you to make a judgement call on a matter affecting the way you look, or are seen. It happens mid June and it is about your name, face, shape, style, reputation or profile. Please pick and choose very carefully as the ripples from this will flow out into next year, and the year after. Weigh things in your hand, so to speak. Is this going to be too heavy to carry in a year or two from now? Or, if not this, the decisions that emanate from it?


The situation with your former, current or potential partner will go backwards and forwards in June. Bear that in mind if you are making cast-iron arrangements with this person or doing some kind of handshake agreement. It obviously affects you with dating websites (that could be flakey, so be aware) and on a more serious note if there are legal documents, get the fine print scrutinised. If you have an enemy, rival or opponent the talking points will change, there may be a delay or the paperwork again requires scrutiny. This is so far from being fixed.


You can save or make money (or cash in kind) until July when your safety net disappears or the big opportunity is over. Along the way you are going to hit a deadlock or stalemate. There may also be mistakes or missing messages, or misunderstood communication. This is actually part of the process of improvement or problem-solving for you, so don’t sweat it too much, but youmay still want to have Plan B or cover yourself for any potential changes, delays.


In June you will be persuaded into making a pledge which will give you far more security and a greater sense of your place in the world. It will involve your daily workload and your work ethic, no matter if you are serving yourself or serving other people. What you get is a feeling of position and safety. What you lose is your own freedom to be your own person. Only you can really pick and choose here. Nothing is perfect but what is more important to you re: this commitment?




Capricorn: June 2014


Your space may be a castle, a bedroom in an apartment or perhaps a greater territory – your entire home town or nation. Be the change you want to be in your space in June. You will be pushed in the direction of change by fate. A situation which owes a great deal to accumulated karma from years or even centuries ago will return. It may even be spookily familiar to you. That is your cue to do things your way. To do them better. To innovate. This not only applies to your place it applies to your people as well, no matter if it’s a relative, flatmate or citizen.


You will remember this date, because it’s Friday June 13th. We have a Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius that day which rules the dark secrets you keep from other people, and any role behind the scenes where you get no credit. Normally this would not be a big deal but the Full Moon precedes a very challenging two years, commencing Christmas 2014, when I would prefer that whatever you are carrying is as light as possible. That is why you need to be super aware of who or what you are taking on in the name of secrecy, or perhaps invisibility (behind the scenes) around the time of that Full Moon on the 13th.


You are still amazed at how easily you got away with something involving the internet, the media, publishing or your other communique with the world. It happened last year, it was not your idea, but somehow it worked. Now you are becoming ever more adventurous and willing to see what is possible these days. Your time will come in June partly thanks to a person playing the go-between.


Juno is the asteroid we associate with wives and mothers and she describes the art of making a solid commitment, giving up freedom in the process. Juno is now circulating in your Fifth House, which rules pregnancy, your son or daughter, children’s charities, godchildren, young relatives and so on. What commitment will you make to the next generation in June? Or will you just walk away? You get security and comfort and status with Juno but you lose any real space.


Perhaps this is related. Mercury, the planet which rules discussion and paperwork, is going backwards in your opposite sign of Cancer. This rules your former, current or potential partner. Also your enemy, rival or opponent. Ultimately this little episode with him (or her) will work out really well for you by July, when you can draw a line under it and write ‘The End’. However along the way you are going to see one chapter in June being rewritten once or twice.


Your working day, no matter if you are a full-time mother or a full-on professional, is going to be in a total state of flux in June so be aware of that. Mercury is retrograde in June and July, so no matter how much you imagine the project, plan, position or schedule is there to stay, it is going to hit human error, transport issues, bad weather, computer problems and the other usual bull excrement you expect from this cycle. Back yourself up and cover yourself.





Aquarius: June 2014

Real communication, online or in a room, is no longer about the old way of operating. You must be shaking your head at how the past just concertina-squeezed itself behind you. In June you are given a bold chance to take everything you have been working towards with the internet, publishing, media or your voice in general – and to experiment with others who feel as you do.

Juno in Taurus tells you to commit to your house, apartment, home town, homeland, family or household in a very particular new way this month. If you don’t want to make that pledge you keep your space and freedom, and your spontaneity, yet you miss out on the obvious comfort zone being offered to you. This is your call. Some people really like this transit, others just reject it.

There will be changes, delays or even total reversals involving what you are discussing in terms of the children, godchildren or young relatives. The youth related project or job. The relationship which may bring pregnancy or step-parenting. Cover yourself and don’t just assume anything as by the time Mercury has retraced his steps in July you could be looking at a very differens story.


Your lifestyle, composed of the eight hours you play, sleep and work – is now under reconstruction. You will be beaming at the results in the second half of July and can sit back and review just how remarkable 2013-2014 has been. However, I have to warn you that you are going to hit more Mercury Retrograde along the way (see above for its effects) and although it all works out for you in terms of the big solution or opportunity you want for your lifestyle, you are going to have to deal with a state of suspended animation or a massive change.


Please make your judgement call about a group project, social network or old friend very carefully in the middle of June. The group may be a political party or a charity. The friend or the social network may be years old, even decades old. What we have here is a crossroads and the path you choose is crucial. Why? Because that leads to other paths of destiny which you must walk, the hard way, the long way around, in 2015 and 2016 so be a total realist about it.


Quite frankly you’ve already pulled off a couple of major achievements in this department which still stun and amaze those who saw them happen. How on earth did you make it work? But you did and people let you do it. Now you are up for something else. Chiron in Pisces is urging you to become what others say has never been done before; is not permitted; is inconceivable. Why not have a go, if it’s not breaking the law and you’re not going to do it in the street and frighten the horses?



Pisces: June 2014

When you first got onto this new path of yours a couple of years ago, maybe further back, there was no precedent. A few people may have experimented vaguely with what you were chasing, but effectively 2013-2014 has been about your own financial, business, property or charity discovery. And now you are being propelled to put some action behind the thoughts. Could be truly exciting!
The internet, the book world, the media or other venues for your voice, ideas or writing is on the line in June. Why is it on the line? Because you have to figure out the pros and cons of internet commitments, which cross over all these areas anyway. You are going to be offered something utterly seductive that would give you a certain something, in the community. Yet you would lose freedom. What will you choose? Because this is not the kind of commitment you can just ditch.


Your family, household, house, apartment, home town and homeland plans may be hurtling forwards at the moment, yet you are going to hit delays in June and July. One situation in particular will not move, then could actually run backwards. You are going to have to wait until the first half of July is behind you to know where you stand. So read the fine print to see what would happen if the renovation, property transaction, family diary date etc. did not go to plan.


The next generation born 20 years or more after you (or the relationships which bring it to your door) still spells excellent news for you. However you are also going to hit delays or reversals with one particular thing you are chasing, no matter if it’s the baby’s name on the certificate or the massive teen charity project. There are no givens or ‘sign off’ situations on this cycle so please allow for that in June or you will be tearing your hair out because you assumed something was in the bag when it just was not. Be particularly mindful of this with school paperwork or big-subject discussions with the potential father or mother of your child. This is a work in progress not the big final result.


You are up for a challenging career or university situation next year, and the year after that. Saturn is moving across the Midheaven of your chart which rules your industry, field, business or profession. Life is going to move very slowly. In order to give yourself the easiest possible ride, do not sign yourself up to something or someone which your sixth sense tells you would be very hard to live with long term, around the Full Moon. That’s slated to fall halfway through June.

This could be so enjoyable. Exhilarating, even. There is nothing quite like being a total maverick about matters of image, reputation, name, shape, style or profile. You have done pretty well with all your little experiments in the last two years but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Neither have they! By ‘they’ I mean the people around you; perhaps the system itself. Who are you, not to bend or break rules?


Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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May 2014

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Aries: May 2014


I am going to start your forecast at the end of the month because I can see the project, plan or new equipment taking over near Wednesday 28th May – yet with Mercury Retrograde in his shadow phase, I am concerned about potential changes or delays. Your voice across all mediums or media is a big focus after Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 7th May, but from Friday 23rd May the stage is set for a backwards slide with the discussion, the paperwork or the technology. You may want to factor that in when you are talking. This will straighten itself out eventually but leave yourself plenty of room for error, suspension or change.


Not for the first time in recent history you are seriously tempted to see what you can get away with these days, in terms of your dark secrets or hidden world. To this I would add your invisible role on a project, where other people are the stars of the show and you get precious little recognition. In all cases, what happens very close to Wednesday 14th May gives you carte blanche to see what you can pull off. The fact that Jupiter is trine Chiron at that point will make the so-called impossible entirely possible and this is going to make the biggest difference to what was covered up; classified; confidential or wholly uncredited.

The whole business of ‘me’ is so important at the moment and of course it has been a matter for ‘me’ as well – you have been making these changes alone. This changes quite dramatically after Saturday 3rd May when you realise there is a man who will share the journey with you in terms of your brand, image or look – or a woman who is different to you, is all too happy to co-operate very closely. The conjunction between Venus and Uranus on Friday 16th May can only happen once a year and the two of you can collaborate on quite a radical move then. It’s the kind of radical move that makes you realise how much room there is to move!


You can now put a rather soul-destroying episode from 2013 behind you and use the situation which ultimately sprung out of that. Even a Saturn cycle can benefit you eventually, and the week beginning Monday 19th May suggests a major turning point with your money, flat, house, business, charity or precious possessions. In a way, you were forced to make choices that would not have happened otherwise. As a result you are now fully in touch with what and who you value most. What you refuse to sell out for. What you are, perhaps, prepared to pay a certain price for. It looks like a landmark decision is coming.


You have until July to do more, have more and be more in terms of your people (the family, household or your countrymen) and your place (the house, apartment, home town or homeland). From that point forward the opportunities fall away, so time is of the essence at the moment. This is particularly true because Mercury will eventually turn retrograde in the zone of your horoscope which rules your property interests, renovations, close relatives, flatmates, home town and so on. In fact, June and July could be rather complicated. You will still benefit of course, even when you hit the inevitable suspensions or changes, yet if you want to nail things to your fullest advantage, you may prefer to act when Jupiter is on your side and Mercury is still behaving himself, namely near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May. Snap up solutions then.


Taurus: May 2014


Some fancy footwork is required in May, if you are to protect yourself on a financial and lifestyle level in 2015 and 2016. I say that, because from Christmas 2014 Saturn is poised to enter the zone of your horoscope which rules second and third party arrangements affecting your money, house, business, charity, flat and possessions. Do all you can to talk or sign before Friday 23rd May and keep an eye on the next two years. If you must go ahead after 23rd May then please allow for a stuck situation or a major change. Read the fine print on paperwork closely. Even that New Moon on Wednesday 28th May is too late; it will bring a new chapter for you but be prepared for this chapter to be re-written or stuck for a while. It will ultimately move forward but astrology is all about preparation!


Everyone has a punk rocker inside her (or him) and your own rather punk approach to life has manifested through social media, old friendships and group projects since 2013. Jaws have been on the floor as you have tried to get away with something rather audacious and you’ve done it more than once. What happens near Wednesday 14th May at the Jupiter-Chiron trine will allow you to experiment even more wildly with something which more traditional or conservative people find quite confronting. As long as what you are doing does not betray your value system (Taurus is all about values) then why not try?



Your ruling planet Venus moves into Aries on Saturday 3rd May which means a change in the atmosphere surrounding your dark secret or invisible role. April was interesting; it pointed you in an exciting new direction with whatever it is that you were covering up (or whatever secret seems to have escaped). Perhaps you have also been operating behind the scenes on a project where others get the credit; April was also pivotal in changing your pathway. What happens in May and particularly near Friday 16th May makes your mind up. You want to do all this differently, these days. So differently that you can’t sit still for the excitement.


This is hardly a picnic, but you must admit that being forced to take hard, sensible decisions about your partner puts you in a strong position for the long-term. This also applies to your former partner or potential partner too. The real action begins on the week starting Monday 19th May and there is an important horoscope pattern near Saturday 24th May which is the turning point. You are doing what you should, and must – not what is necessarily simple or easy – yet it will feel right on every level. If you have an enemy, opponent or rival then 2013 was horrendous in places, but you must admit that it made you take decisions which are now – obviously – going to shore you up and help you. Strange blessing.


Your way with words, images and ideas is also the path to fulfilment and satisfaction, and the more you can do in May, the better. Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May (allow a day either side, depending on your time zone) are absolutely ideal. Once you get to June and July you will hit delays, changes or technical issues which affect your internet life, computer commitments, written work – or voice – so try to sign off on as much of this project or plan as you can while the gods are in your favour.


Gemini: May 2014


Your ruling planet Mercury will move into Gemini, your own sign, from Wednesday 7th May and for the first time in months you can make your image, brand, profile and appearance the absolute priority. Important meetings, e-mails or news will appear shortly after this. Try to get the questions and answers (and signatures) out of the way before Friday 23rd May. This is especially important if the internet or printers are involved, or a form with a great deal of fine print. I know you’ll be tempted to think of what happens near Wednesday 28th May as the big new ‘me’ beginning, but it could go backwards and forwards for weeks.


Anyone looking at the way you’ve lived your professional, academic or non-profit life over the last year or so would be amazed. You have somehow got away with what is not supposed to happen – not supposed to work – and made it function very well. Now you are poised for your biggest punk rock moment yet. I say that because Chiron, the major player in your horoscope, was found in 1977 when punk rock achieved the unthinkable in Britain by getting to number one. You don’t appear too bothered about your actual chart position in your chosen field, industry or business – but you’re very interested in breaking new ground. What happens near Wednesday 14th May is a real vindication of your punk rock spirit.


The experiment continues. Every cell in your body keeps telling you to pursue what is new, different, unorthodox, challenging and so radically different. You can do it within your group or tribe, very successfully, as you will see once Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May. This applies to your friendship too. It will become more like a marriage, really, than just a social bond. The Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May will help both of you join, or begin, a revolution no matter if this is the art of friendship per se, or if you two are involved in a group effort to change the world in some small but potent way. It’s now or never.


May is a pivotal month for your daily workload, as not only are you poised to see what else you can get away with – you also seem ready to make a momentous decision near Saturday 24th May. In fact, that entire week, starting Monday 19th May is where you must stand between a rock and a hard place, but organise a secure situation for yourself. If your health prevented you from working or volunteering last year, then your body is obviously the top priority. That same week, from Monday 19th through Sunday 25th May, asks you to accept what happened, let the past go and use choices made since then, to make another one.


This is all bigger and better than you ever imagined when you set off on a very particular trail last year. You were doing more with the money, company, house, charity, apartment or possessions and exploring how to expand that aspect of yourself and your life. Now you know you were right. Yet this can only expand, believe it or not, and Jupiter’s patterns in your horoscope urge you to stay positive and keep using what is there to your absolute advantage – particularly near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May. One salient point is that the first three weeks of May is the best time to push priorities. Mercury your ruler will be retrograde in your sector of money, property and business all too soon, and the more you push things now, the less time you will spend unpicking the tapestry or re-stitching it, during June and July.


Cancer: May 2014


What other people do not see about you and your life – or even know – is a priority after Wednesday 7th May. This may be a role you are playing behind the scenes where your name or face is not properly recognised. It may also be a dark secret you are covering up which you would not even share with a lover. You have some thinking to do, and perhaps it should be behind closed doors. Thinking aloud in a diary, or to your mirror reflection, may sort things out. Do what you must before Friday 23rd May, though, as from that point forward what you are attempting to do as The Invisible Person or in secret, will go backwards.


Let’s put it this way. If you get away with some outrageous move you are contemplating, you will change a tiny corner of the travel business, foreign relations, the internet, the book world or academia forever. You stand an extremely good chance of doing the so-called impossible near Wednesday 14th May as Jupiter and Chiron are in perfect alignment in a pattern normally seen in pyramids. If you happen to be around people whose horoscopes also align, then you will have pyramid power behind you and what other people find so hard to accept or believe in, will come about with very little effort at all.


April was quite a galvanising month. I use that word advisedly, because the horoscope trends you had then, with your ambitions, match up with patterns last seen in 1781 when Galvani invented what he called ‘animal electricity.’ There is something utterly electrifying about the possibilities now with your chosen field, industry, business or passion. You have increasingly made it quite clear to the world that you have no interest in sticking to other people’s tired old ways of functioning. You are so far beyond some of the old norms of your particular profession or area that only those who are totally in tune can keep up. Someone like this will draw closer near Saturday 3rd May and I suspect something that looks rather like a revolution could unfold near Friday 16th May. Vive liberation.


You may be a parent, godparent, aunt, uncle or grandparent. You may work with children or volunteer with them. There may be a relationship which promises pregnancy, adoption or step-parenting ahead of you. In all cases, May is about the children, and the week beginning Monday 19th May is crucial, with a long overdue and useful decision near Saturday 24th May. You are in the kind of Saturn cycle when you do not have wide open choices. When you have to cut your cloth to fit. That does not make it too hard though; au contraire, ever since you made a particularly heavy decision last year, you have actually opened things up for yourself. Sure, it’s like choosing between a really tight, confined set of pathways, but I believe you will feel fulfilled near the 24th – utterly satisfied.


Make the most of Jupiter in Cancer while the cycle lasts. This is about me, me, me and your brand, image, profile or personal appearance. The cycle ends near your birthday and it will not return for 12 years, so May is quite important in terms of being proactive about your relaunch. Use the periods around Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May in particular. There is nothing random about the solutions or opportunities which appear then and they could make the biggest difference to how you are seen or how you appear. Acting any later than this will pull you into the Mercury Retrograde cycle. A lot of astrologers still don’t really understand the way this astrological pattern works, but all you need to know is – what begins in June or July about ‘me’ could easily stall or be subject to change. Be sharply aware of that if your image is a priority.


Leo: May 2014


After Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 7th May you will hear the year’s most important news from (and about) your old friends and group projects. The team or tribe will be at the heart of some crucial discussions or paperwork. Do as much as you can before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. There will be a new beginning with your group or friend near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May but please be aware that the talking points will change, the process will be suspended or there may even be a complete reversal later on. Read the fine print and see what scope there is for cancellation or alteration.


You are being coaxed into doing something audacious with your flat, house, money, business or charity. It has never been this easy to get away with what is supposed to be impossible or unthinkable. The trine between Jupiter and Chiron on Wednesday 14th May will show you why. Make your punk rock move that week. Chiron always turns up when there is the possibility of doing something that is not ‘supposed’ to happen. If you succeed with what you are planning then you will permanently alter the landscape for yourself and other people. So why not?


After Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May someone else will share the trip, the website, the book or the course with you. Two heads rather than one, for a change. You are at your radical best at the moment and the Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May will help both of you join, or begin, a revolution. The field is wide open at the moment as what occurred in April cleared the way for rather dramatic changes; the kind which allow you to be yourself and to operate without any of the usual limitations or restrictions holding you back.


The week beginning Monday 19th May puts your people or your place at the top of your list and a decision should be easy near Saturday 24th May. This is about your home town or homeland. Your house or apartment. Your family or household. Feel the full weight of the decision but make it anyway. What happens near those dates is the logical outcome of the impossible situation you were put in during 2013 but you can now put the recent past behind you. Being put through all those hoops of fire has made you clearer about what you need.


You have gone right off the radar since the middle of last year for a very good reason. You have either been heavily involved in classified, confidential matters – or you have been lured by a project where other people are the stars of the show and you are on the end credits (yet behind all the action). With Jupiter one sign behind you, staying behind the scenes actually works spectacularly well for you, as you will see near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May, Saturday 24th May. You can do more, have more and be more by being invisible.


Virgo: May 2014


It is time to talk about the top of your mountain – your personal Everest – no matter if you have a job, an academic commitment or a voluntary position.  After Mercury your ruling planet changes signs on Wednesday 7th May you really need to get the agreements or signatures out of the way before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. There will be a new beginning with your pet role, project, position or goal near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May but from that point forward, you can expect a protracted delay, a substantial change to the original discussion or even a reversal, depending on your chart. So time is of the essence. Or as Sooty once said, ‘Izzy, wizzy, let’s get busy.’ If you don’t know who Sooty is, look him up on YouTube. You will not regret it, Virgo.


The game is still on. You are still mixing it up to see what you can actually do these days, given the realities of love, sex, commitment and all the rest. Of course this may be about your former partner, in which case the rules of the game are a little different. No matter if this man or woman belongs to your past, present or potential future, I suspect you will need no encouragement to try something fairly jaw-dropping near Wednesday 14th May. As you stand a very good chance of succeeding, remember that maxim ‘Be careful about what you wish for.’ Some Virgo people have enemies, opponents or rivals who are a bigger emotional pull than a lover. If this sounds like you, then you are about to attempt your boldest move yet, in the middle of May. Just keep it legal, okay? There is also a small category of Virgo people more concerned with professional partnerships in general, than love and sex. For you, the issue is about your former, current or potential work partner and what you can pull off. So punk!


Two turning points are waiting for you with this ongoing revolution affecting your money, house, flat, company or good cause. Saturday 3rd May and Friday 16th May (allow a day or two either side, depending on your time zone) are crucial. So far you’ve been travelling in quite a radical and independent direction, breaking away from what he, she or they subscribe to. Maybe it’s The System or maybe it’s a particular company, department or person but you have increasingly been inventing a new, improved way to earn, own or owe. You will now have amazing new co-operation and collaboration with someone who sits on the other end of the see-saw from you, specifically near those dates. And you will be free. Yes.


The moment of truth for your voice, across all mediums or media, comes from Monday 19th May through Sunday 25th May. You are basically doing what is sensible and right, even though the circumstances that took you there last year were pretty hard. I have no doubt that you are restricting and limiting yourself very deliberately in order to feel safe again, having had a particularly rough ride with your projects, role or plans over the last few months. Don’t keep the reins too tight, though. Go for what also deeply satisfies you in other areas of life. That’s what this Jupiter-Saturn trine is all about. The rules and the rewards. You can be a songwriter or an internet citizen on this cycle and still find yourself ending May with a fairly tight outcome, but one that leaves you most content.


Ever since the middle of last year you’ve become increasingly aware of just how much vast scope a particular friendship or group involvement offers you. And it keeps growing like Topsy. Around Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May is the time to push things. Actually you won’t have to push at all. There is something so effortless about this Jupiter cycle. The main thing is, you do as much as you can in the first three weeks of May, before you move into the zone of delays, u-turns and complications that waits in June and July. None of that will affect the ultimate outcome, which is wonderful, but it will frustrate you. So if it’s about your rock band, your political party, your sports team – whatever the posse you are involved with – work it as much as you can by the 23rd.


Libra: May 2014


You will be in deep discussion or complex digital planning mode after Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 7th May as the trip, website, foreign connection, book, course or seminar becomes your top priority. Get everything out of the way before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. There will be a fresh start or big launch near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May but if you did precious little to nail things down before that date, you may find June is full of reversals or delays. This cycle is frequently underestimated, even by pro astrologers, but it begins much earlier and ends much later than you may see on some websites. As a general rule of thumb get insurance; read the fine print.


You’ve got away with some fairly jaw-dropping things in the name of work over the last year or two. You may be a full-time or part-time professional; a student; unemployed; a volunteer – in all cases you seem unlikely to stand still for long. What you want to do, is what others probably dream of, but why on earth should you at least not make the attempt? It’s about more than your work ethic anyway. It’s about your lifestyle as a whole. The way you sleep for eight hours, play for eight and work for the remainder.  The trine between Jupiter and Chiron on Wednesday 14th May will show you how far you can push things. The very project, role or professional change you need to allow you to experiment may appear. In other cases you’ll get what you were gunning for back in March or April.


It’s so tempting to look at the man on the other end of other scales with you, or the woman at the opposite end of the see-saw and assume that your situation is entirely about their personality, temperament and destiny. In reality, this ever-changing scenario is actually about you and the way you are still affecting the alchemy and the chemistry. The other person is your past, present or potential partner. Possibly an enemy, rival or opponent. After your ruler Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May it all becomes like an archetypal ‘marriage’ no matter what the actual nature of the relationship is. The Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May makes it a rather revolutionary ‘marriage’ in the sense that both of you are in a rare position to reconstruct the scales that balance you. Venus your ruling planet is a very traditional, old-fashioned archetype. She was the goddess who was married to Vulcan but had sex with Mars on the side. The discovery made Vulcan more passionate. She had a son called Cupid who made people fall in lust, often with the wrong people at the wrong time. She was jealous of women who were more beautiful than her. You get the picture. There is something really old-fashioned and a little bit 1950s Desperate Housewife about Venus, so one of the things I imagine you will be doing in May is playing with the construct of what love should be. What sex should be. What commitment should mean. And if this person is connected to you more through a professional or business ‘relationship’ there is a similar theme. Given that you are wedded or married to each other in some way, how the hell do you get freedom?


Because you were put through hell last year, even for a few months, you made some fairly weighty decisions recently to take the raw material of the situation and do something useful with it.  Monday 19th May puts the money, house, flat ,business, possessions or charity at the top of your list with a really fortunate break in the weather near Saturday 24th May. You don’t often see a Jupiter-Saturn trine in your horoscope and this one is solid. If you look back over your shoulder at life since the end of 2012 you should be able to see that, much as you loathed the situation at the time, what happened to your finances, lifestyle or security forced you to do something really sane and wise for your long-term future.


Do not waste any more opportunities or solutions. Those random texts from friends or Twitter posts have been accumulating since last year for a reason; you are supposed to move on up by July, in your chosen field, profession, industry or business. Just do it, near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May. People expect Jupiter on their Midheaven to do all the work for them so that the hot new position, amazing award, promotion or outstanding business success is dropped into their lap from a helicopter. Smart Librans already seized the day, not just once, since last year and have been seriously working their horoscope luck so that outstanding success in an entirely different field is quite possible. In other cases you can just do more, have more and become more in the profession or area of study you chose a few years ago. The key is to act quickly, Libra. Mercury will be retrograde all too soon and you will be spinning your wheels with this in June or July so do as much as you can, now – especially paperwork.


Scorpio: May 2014


What you sign or agree to in May, will help you so much with your money, house, flat, business, charity or possessions in 2015 and 2016. In those years you are going to hit substantial tests and challenges, so the more you can secure in the first three weeks of May, the better. After Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 7th May you will hear the year’s most important news or hit crucial discussions or paperwork within days. Do as much as you can before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. There will be a new beginning near Wednesday 28th May but it will hit delay or changes throughout June and maybe as late as July. The smart money is on wrapping up as much as possible in the first three weeks of May, long before that New Moon on the 28th. Bear in mind that you need to get yourself into as secure a position as possible with your bank, salary, debt, investment and so on before Saturn slides into Sagittarius in December 2014. Equally, be hip to the possibility that what you are being talked into, or arranging, could give you something heavy to carry in 2015, 2016 and read the fine print. Astrology is about conscious navigation of time and awareness is everything.


Anyone who peers into your life with the children (your own or other people’s) over the last year or two must be wondering how on earth you have wangled it. The word ‘wangle’ is a fine one, and it suggests the art of getting away with what most ordinary people find to be impossible, outrageous, audacious, oozing with temerity and so on. Some Jewish friends of mine in New York call this chutzpah. Your son, daughter, godchild, niece, nephew or grandchild is at the heart of this. Your plans involving young people are at the core. Any relationship which might end in pregnancy, adoption or step-parenting is also part of this pattern. Having come this far in just a year or two, with all your gambles, experiments and the rest, you are now in a position to go further. Chiron is a centaur in mythology. Half man, half horse. He lends his name to the horoscope factor now changing so much in your life. By his very existence he challenged traditional notions of what was possible, or acceptable. That is now the space you are in. Why hold back?


You will hopefully have collaboration and co-operation to partnership level, with your daily workload, at any point from Saturday 3rd May, as this project, role or goal becomes a matter for two people. I use the word ‘hopefully’ because much rests on your ability to meet this man in the middle, or to make sure this woman is in harmony with you. The wider agenda, though, is so tempting that you are probably poised to work hard on relationship building. For a start, you are being offered exciting new freedom and independence. A brave new world of possibility which allows you to do things better – in a different way – in a new way. Keep your eyes on the days either side of the Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May as at that point, you two could make this a veritable revolution. If your health has stopped you working or volunteering to date, then your body is at the core of questions about how free you can be; how differently you can do things; how much you can break new ground. A key person can meet you halfway.


After all this time you’ve come an awfully long way with questions about your physical appearance, brand, name or reputation. You have overcome the toughest cycle in 29 years and reached a point where you can plan for the future. So you should.  The days either side of  Monday 19th May put your appearance, identity or image at the top of your list, then very close to Saturday 24th May there is a landmark decision. When Saturn in in Scorpio, your own sign, you have to be utterly sensible. You have to put up with particular restrictions, but in a way that works for you. And this will. In a strange way, 2013 shoehorned you into the right place. You would have given anything to avoid what happened, but there is a logical progression in your horoscope which suggests this is a wise, next step.


Some remarkable horoscope patterns that will not be back for 12 years circle your chart near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May. Try to do everything as quickly as possible because you will be stuck with delays or changes later on. Even these waiting games or alterations will not affect your overall good fortune. Put simply you are in the right time, at the right place, to travel, publish, write, teach or study to enormous effect. There may be a specific Asian, U.S. or European connection involved online, or perhaps you are travelling in the mind instead, crossing new frontiers of thought and belief. You could certainly have something substantial to feel happy about by July when this cycle ends but so much depends on how you snap up opportunities in May.


Sagittarius: May 2014


The man or woman who matters so much is at the heart of some very new news – and important discussions – from Wednesday 7th May. Try to ping the e-mails, phone calls or post back and forth as quickly as possible in order to get answers. And do insist on chasing up different parts of the conversation or paper trail by turning things around as quickly as you can. The reason I say this, is that Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow from Friday 23rd May. So even if you think you’re seeing a big new chapter near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May, what you are actually experiencing is the first phase of a staggered queue of delays and changes, stretching through June and July. In order to avoid this, expedite the talk or signatures until 23rd May. Some of you have enemies, rivals or opponents who matter more to you than partners. If this is the case, the astrological advice is the same. Within days of what you’re told, or read, after 7th May, get it sorted.


The trine between Jupiter and Chiron on Wednesday 14th May is all the encouragement you need to continue your policy of ‘Let’s see what I can get away with this time’. You have been on quite a remarkable journey by the standards of more conservative or conventional people. What you pulled off in 2013 (or what you went along with) was definitely not something you would have even entertained, a few years ago. But by now, you are so used to bending your life out of shape, that what happens in May is almost a natural progression. Jupiter is involved so this is good for you. Good for everyone. You’re going to feel like a cross between Patti Smith and Joey Ramone when you do this, but the only way to find out if you can get away with something – is to get away with it.


This is so productive and creative. So endlessly entertaining. And it’s been a long time coming. When you think about your son, daughter, godchild, niece, nephew, grandchild, pregnancy, adoption, stepchild or youth project – what do you think of? After April, I would assume it is ‘thrilling but slightly weird changes.’ Now, in May, you are going to feel a different atmosphere altogether. After Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May someone else will share this pathway with you. It may even be the younger person in question. Or it could be a sympatico individual who understands why you simply have to things in a revolutionary new way. The Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May is key. Allow a day or two either side of that, but you’re going to be offered a radical way forward which very much involves the other person’s story with you. In fact, you two could make this atomic – to quote Debbie Harry.


What other people do not know, or see, is part of your life at the moment. How could it be otherwise, when 2013 was so damn heavy? There is still a secret, or perhaps a secret revealed. There may still be a background role where others shine and star and you are working the machinery from the wings.  The week beginning Monday 19th May through Sunday 25th May is when the decision gets made. You can’t really say the journey you have been on since last year is either good or bad. It just is what it is. You were forced to cope, in hideous circumstances, and you did cope. In fact, you were proactive and you used what you could not avoid or escape, to do something utterly sensible. The natural peak moment of this wise path occurs at the Jupiter-Saturn trine. Jupiter is your ruling planet too so this is personal. It’s hope meets restricted circumstances!


Jupiter in Cancer is working for you near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May but time is of the essence. Abundance is a flow. It is the ease and comfort of knowing ‘there is more where that came from’ and it is written in your horoscope around these dates. The reason I say time is short, is down to Mercury’s imminent move backwards through Cancer, so in this same zone of your chart. This happens in a long, slow spiral in June and July so if you can possibly get the agreement, arrangement or signatures out of the way by the third week of May, there is less clay to work with on the potter’s wheel later.


Capricorn: May 2014


Once a year, both the Sun and Mercury shine a light – and raise discussion – about your daily workload and routine. The way you use eight hours of your day to labour, rule, volunteer, study or otherwise practise your work ethic is now the subject of an extended discussion. It will start within days of Wednesday 7th May but do as much as you can before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. There will be a new beginning near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May but you’re looking at delays or changes with the paper chain, the meetings or the initial arrangements into June and possibly July, as Mercury is turning retrograde. Do as much as you can from the 7th through 23rd and make sure you get the answers. If your health has stopped you working or volunteering, then the subject of the month is your mind, body and spirit connection and again – those dates, 7th through 23rd – are optimal for obtaining the straight talk you require.


You could be a Twitter obsessive, an author, the subject of media fascination or a teacher (you are paid to talk). You may be a student (more words), a student of life (yet more words) or a film-maker (silence speaks volumes). In all cases, though, a life-changing Jupiter-Chiron trine near Wednesday 14th May could permanently alter the way you communicate. This may be about your medium (web, social media, paper, film, radio, spoken word) or it may be about your choice of tone, language and vocabulary. What we are seeing, though, is a stonking opportunity to cross the line. You have basically been crossing all kinds of lines for over a year, and getting away with it. What happens now is based entirely on how far you wish to go, in May 2014. Because you may just pull this off. Oh yes.


Your sense of place and clan is entirely personal, based on your experiences with your own family, or your feelings about a particular property, town or country. 
After Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May someone else will share the trip, the website, the book or the course with you. Two heads rather than one, for a change. You are at your radical best at the moment and the Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May will help both of you join, or begin, a revolution. The field is wide open at the moment as what occurred in April cleared the way for rather dramatic changes; the kind which allow you to be yourself and to operate without any of the usual limitations or restrictions holding you back.


The week beginning Monday 19th May makes your friend or group a priority and a decision should be easy when your ruler Saturn trines Jupiter near Saturday 24th May. You had a really tough time last year when Saturn lumbered you with a friendship or a network that felt more like some kind of obstacle course. From that point forward you had to make tough decisions – and now you have come full circle. Of course there are more reality checks and lessons ahead, and you know that. You almost expect the rest of the year to show you more truths about human nature, or the inevitable issues with the structure of a particular team, society, association, party – or whatever. The difference between May 2014 and 2013, though, is your state of mind. You’re ready. And you’re in a strong place.


Craft that set of scales between yourself and the other person near these wonderfully encouraging dates – Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May, Saturday 24th May. You two are made of different stuff. Yet despite this, your substances can be evenly balanced. Call it chemistry. Call it alchemy. This may be a very particular kind of understanding with a former, current or potential partner. It may even be a quest for harmony and symmetry with someone who is against you. Jupiter is an ancient meme for problem-solving, growth, expansion, hope and opportunity though – and now the time is here.


Aquarius: May 2014


Your ties to the next generation in May will be through your son or daughter, godchild or younger relative. There may be a relationship which could make you an aunt, uncle, step-parent. Finally you could have a work or voluntary project involving much younger people. After Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 7th May you will hear crucial news. Do as much as you can before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. There will be a new beginning near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May but please be aware that the talking points will change, the process will be suspended or there may a u-turn. Act early. If you must proceed with the paperwork or talk after the 23rd make allowances.


Time to prove to yourself and others that it’s possible to experiment and get away with it. The trine between Jupiter and Chiron on Wednesday 14th May will show you why. Chiron is about maverick decisions and any choice you make with a tremendous amount of chutzpah. In the last 18 months you’ve obviously been steered towards some arrangements which more conservative people might be amazed that you got away with. Now you are ready for the next big move. If your online and real-world research says it’s possible, then why on earth not? Given the raw materials at your fingertips why not mix things up a bit. New recipe!


This is a collaborative and intensely co-operative affair – no longer just a one-person internet, media, publishing or multimedia concern. Of course basic communication may also be the focus. After Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May someone else will share the project or the pathway. Your ruler Uranus is implicated in the exciting Venus-Uranus conjunction near Friday 16th May which will push all your buttons. It is also doing things to his or her constitution and the two of you should feel quite galvanised. Unless the connection between you is very restrictive, things are wide open at this point: invent, innovative. If, however, one of you needs more room to move, the 16th is a turning point.


Unavoidable situations affecting your chosen field, industry, profession or business gave you a very hard time in late 2012 or 2013 and it’s only in the last six months or so that you’ve really started to steer a straight course again. The week beginning Monday 19th May is really important. Quite clearly you’re on top of sensible decisions, made for the long term, and also made with all the current limitations and restrictions uppermost in your mind. When boxed in, however, it is also possible to feel at ease. In a perfect world you would have a far more open and easy scenario; more room to move. This is a temporary cycle when you’re going to have to make your best way forward with what you’ve got. It won’t last forever – that is a crucial point. I know it must seem as if this is the way your career or other role is always going to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. From Christmas 2014 things ease up and by 2015 this is mostly over.


Make a virtue of detail, routine, ritual, method and order in your life. Watch any high-functioning Virgo to see how it is done. There are some rewards waiting for you near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May, Saturday 24th May. Your work ethic, sense of duty to other people and natural instinct to serve will produce huge dividends around those dates if you can push it. These dates are also crucial to your quest for Body-As-Temple. Your body may feel like any kind of structure at all, but when Jupiter goes through your solar Sixth House, use all the expertise, offers and remedies that come your way.


Pisces: May 2014


You will be talking seriously about long overdue changes to your people or you place after Wednesday 7th May when Mercury changes signs and the Messenger of the Gods delivers what you needed to know all along. Do as much as you can before Mercury goes Retrograde Shadow on Friday 23rd May. Don’t be fooled by the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May as I don’t doubt a new beginning with the house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland kicks off near that date – but you are going to spend long periods of time over subsequent weeks, either going back to the drawing board, or waiting, waiting, waiting! Try to complete the talk or paperwork before the 23rd if you can. If you can’t, factor in X factors.


The trine between Jupiter and Chiron in Pisces on Wednesday 14th May is pretty personal. You have already left jaws on the floor – or at the very least, eyebrows raised – since last year. In fact what was suggested to you, about yourself, may have resulted in a rather audacious move that your old self would never have contemplated in a million years. Perhaps it is this loosening of the old rules that is guiding you towards a mid-May decision which sees you at your most experimental and least afraid. You really are going to give this a go and it will make the biggest difference to your old notions about what was possible in the ‘me’ stakes. This is about your look, brand, profile, package or advertising.


This is really about walking steadily on a tightrope, towards the other person and meeting in the middle – without falling off. The tightrope is swinging all over the place because these are wild and stormy times, but it is also true that you can hold your own, stay on course and keep this sense of collaboration, trust or co-operation going with the other person.  Saturday 3rd and Friday 16th  May (allow days either side) are turning points. You are being guided along a most revolutionary pathway and the further you go along that tightrope, the more of the past you leave behind. The old way of earning, owning or owing is so 20th century isn’t it, even if happened in the 21st! You’re heading for the 22nd.


Saturn in Scorpio is pretty busy in your horoscope for the week starting Monday 19th May and that means coming to terms with everything that has happened to you since late 2012 and what it means. Essentially, having been put in a fairly bleak situation in 2013 you had no choice but to make some epic decisions about the web, travel, European, American or Asian connections – books – and perhaps education or academia. This big-picture part of your life has increasingly become where you have to work very, very hard to dig very, very deep for answers. Yet in May, that historic Jupiter-Saturn trine should make you feel more certain than ever. You have done fantastic things with a cloud and found its silver bottom.


You don’t just have children with this cycle – you lead them. And even if you are child-free, there is a strong sense of being pulled to guide, mentor or other influence a younger generation near Tuesday 6th May, Wednesday 14th May, Sunday 18th May, Saturday 24th May. This is actually the key to fulfilment. Maybe you are catering for a younger demographic – those born 20 years or more after you. There could also be a burgeoning relationship with a person who could turn you into an aunt or uncle, or perhaps bring children or teenagers into your life some other way. For many Pisceans May is pregnant with possibility in every meaning of the word. There are also projects or initiatives which speak directly to a younger generation which could happily sweep you up near those dates.

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April 2014

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Aries: April 2014

What should have happened in February, with some finality, has not happened. There is a part of you that is totally unfathomable. You’ve either been keeping things secret; had a secret revealed – or you are deliberately pulling the strings from the wings, while others put on a performance. All of this and more should have been tidied away in your life by the middle of February, yet instead, the third week of March brings an odd rewind and replay. The new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April kicks off the real story, and by Saturday 12th April you will be trying to fit the unreal into the real. Why so unreal? Because this dark secret or invisible role is not remotely mundane, gritty, ordinary or normal. As Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia in the same chart zone, as she travels through your horoscope, it looks very much as if April is about waving goodbye to planet earth altogether. So…is this a good thing or a bad thing? It really depends on how good you are at staying anchored when you are, essentially, all at sea. Neptune and Salacia can work in a very subtle way, like the sea washing upon a pebble, and before you realise what has happened, things have changed. Tune into this. The Twelfth House of the chart often turns up as drug or alcohol issues (even prescribed drugs) and it rules sleep and dreams as well. It most certainly rules what you ‘bury at sea’ which is why nobody can fathom what is going on. And it has some connection with astral travel, mediumship and the psychic world. April is sending you on a voyage. Phone home. Find the rules.

Here are some diary dates for your ‘Hello world’ moments this month: Wednesday 2nd April and Monday 7th April (allow two days either side) suggest  some kind of now-or-never moment. You do, after all, own your internet image, your physical appearance and your general packaging. It may be a matter of role, box or title. In all cases you have zero interest in other people’s more traditional or stuck ideas about what You Should Be or how You Should Look. You may want to steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it though; the inflammatory Mars-Mercury opposition the following day is hardly soothing. The Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April are also very tough days to push too hard (or push back too strongly). I would suspect that your former, current or potential partner is a major part of the ‘me’ story this month. Maybe a rival, opponent or enemy is doing that work too. This person matters less than the process, funnily enough, and the process is about being the Aries we never knew. And probably the Aries you never knew, either. It’s ‘me’ time and it’s also time for a revolution. Who on earth could deny you the freedom to be utterly yourself?





Taurus: April 2014


You have had the most peculiar horoscope for old friendships, social media or group projects this year. I know we are only three or four months into 2014 but already there is a sense of total unreality about what has been going on. Why is there a flashback to your February ‘ghosts’ in terms of friends or groups? Partly because of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. But also because of the new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April. You have been through the most mysterious situation with these people from February 1st through 13th and that’s recently been replayed from March 18th through 21st. From that point forward it’s about the conversation changing, or the talking points altering; maybe there’s even a total rethink of what you thought you knew! Saturday 12th April feels like a merger, though. As Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia in the ‘no barriers, no boundaries’ sign of Pisces, nobody would be surprised if this old friendship, Twitter connection or group endeavour entered totally uncharted waters. There is a slight Mad Hatter’s Tea Party feeling about these people in April. Things seem all over the place, everywhere, all the time. If you can keep the potential for chaos at bay, though, you will thoroughly enjoy this utterly new sensation of merging seamlessly with those in the tribe. It may just be your social tribe; it may have a very practical reason for existing. In all cases, though, try to keep it real.

You have been using what you cover up and hide from other people – or what you do without any recognition or credit – as an excuse to experiment. This has been going on for years and I don’t think you’re about to stop now! As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction there is a vivid confrontation with yourself. It’s quite a moment, as you effectively look in the mirror and realise what is going on. This is a revolution. And there is no other way. After Monday 7th April it’s all about the communication you have with your soul. Why the soul? Because the Twelfth House (where Uranus now lurks) is about your spirit or essence; the part of you that goes wandering off when you dream. This really does feel like the most radical change in months and you will probably need more time and space to yourself, as so much of this change necessarily involves your private self, your hidden self, or even an MI6 level secret! There are times to push the accelerator, though, and times to coast. This month is loaded with demanding patterns. Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April; the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April are just three examples. Astrology is about steering your ship correctly. I feel that you’re below all our radar this month, because you’re either deliberately concealing things, or just refusing to take open credit. In any case, seize the wheel and steer yourself right away from those tricky periods I have listed above. Sure, you want change. You’ll get it too. But there are easier times.




Gemini: April 2014


Let’s face it, Gemini, your success sector is most unusual at the moment. We are probably talking about your career here, but of course you may interpret success as voluntary work or full-time study as well. What you thought you knew, for sure, in the first fortnight of February is quite wrong. By the time you read this you will be past the close of March, which is when the revelation and realisation takes hold. So much for binding discussion, firm agreement or absolute statements! You are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, information and negotiation and as Mercury has been downright flakey for weeks, I suspect that by the time you get to April you must be ready to throw your hands up in the air. Instead, April encourages you to explore a brave new world without boundaries or the usual rules. I wonder if this is a particular project you are working on? A new role? Or maybe it’s just a unique professional or academic relationship; the kind where you don’t actually have to speak to understand each other. Becoming successful and remaining successful are the chief concerns of the Tenth House, where we now find Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Salacia in your chart. I strongly suspect you are about to redefine your notion of ‘making it’ though. This is really about escaping. Finding the parallel world. Seeking the other universe; just as valid and authentic as the more familiar, ordinary one – yet something you can lose yourself in as well. With Venus in the mix, the relationship you have with your boss, lecturer, employee, colleague or client will enter into an entirely different phase this month. The usual rules of time and space will be bent; is anyone even looking at a clock or calendar any more? The usual rules of Normal Professional Life or the Real University World are also likely to be skewed out of shape. You have no interest in what you used to have, or the way things used to operate. You want something very, very different and it looks like you’ll get it. Just be aware that Neptune and Salacia can cast you adrift; leave you all at sea; find you floundering.

Shall we begin with the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April, the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April or the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April? I admit these aspects are all in the second half of April, yet the situation with your Twitter circle, old friend or team goal is set up almost as the month begins. The key to April is to understand that not everyone feels comfortable with a revolution. And perhaps there is a part of you which is also confronted by radical change. Can any of this be held back? Absolutely not. It is like trying to hold back the tide. Uranus in Aries was always going to send you hurtling in a new direction, either socially, or in terms of your old pal. Many, many Geminis are part of rock bands, sports teams, local councils, good causes, book groups and so on. It is here that the electrical storm will be unleashed. In mythology, the god Uranus was the great creator. He produced the wild, the weird and the wonderful. There is something about the creative process which is always bumpy. Take it in your stride. Read hearts and minds too. You are literally co-creating a new social life, group direction or friendship chemistry in April. A brave new world is calling, yet it is essential that your pursuit of it does not trample on sensitivities, nor fears. This will be a rough revolution; don’t make it too rough.




Cancer: April 2014


Okay, so the year really starts here, in terms of your foreign, travel, internet, publishing or academic agenda. You have been through a truly odd situation during this long Mercury Retrograde cycle, as what was apparently in place in the first two weeks of February was rewritten in late March. And now here you are in April and very quickly, it looks as though someone else is the key factor. The situation is rather like two tightrope walkers meeting each other in the middle. Or two people balancing on a see-saw. You two must find common ground, quite apart from your mutual but separate interest in the trip, the move, the website, the book or that vast academic subject. What you found out from March 18th through 21st results in a rethink and maybe a new discussion, possibly an agreement, by April 7th. Then Venus is in the frame, with all her famous timing – it now appears as if the outcome is going to be less about talking and more about ‘feeling it’ with this man who is so involved, or this woman whose destiny is so attached to your own. What happens near Saturday 12th April is quite remarkable. It represents a turning of the tide. The way you formerly travelled (for example) or used the web must seem like ancient history these days. In 2011 and earlier, there were set ways of operating; particular rules; habitual understandings. Now, you are far more inclined to dive deeply into an utterly alternative universe of possibility and the further removed you are from the everyday and the familiar, the better. This is a trip for some Cancerians but for many more it is a head trip, pure and simple. Just try to keep it real if you can.

Welcome to Star Trek. There is a stellium in your zone of achievement, ambition, mission and position. It’s unusual and it’s also demanding. It is also potentially very rewarding but you need to follow the rules of the astrological game. Quite clearly there are massive changes taking place either within your industry, or within a particular project. There may alternatively be big shifts happening with the personalities involved, no matter if we are looking at your staff, your boss or your classmates. You are ruled by the Moon so the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April is a cover-up job you need to be aware of. This is a Full Pink Moon, exact at 8.46am in London and like all total eclipses, what you are supposed to see – vanishes. What is meant to be a new beginning is not. This is such an odd situation you may want to steer well clear of the period around Tuesday for major judgement calls. The Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April around a week later can’t be ignored. Radical change is here. Just remember that living in revolutionary times also requires a few tactics. This is an uncharted mission and there will be bumps. There is also quite clearly the exciting and amazing potential of being first to explore, first to experience, first to enjoy – almost anything. I suspect the real prize for you is independence. Long after April is over, though, it’s the way you behaved that people will remember. Be compassionate, even in a revolution.



Leo: April 2014


Why is there a flashback to your February finances? Or the discussion about the flat, house, company, possessions, charity or business? You can thank the new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April. You have been through the most peculiar situation, in terms of the facts and figures from February 1st through 13th which have recently been replayed (once more with feeling) from March 18th through 21st. Knowing what you do now, it’s quite clear that a further discussion or signature has to follow, and it seems to be in the bag by April 7th. What is even more important than the Q&A session, though, is the symmetry and harmony you might achieve with someone else; he or she is very much the other half of the equation. In fact, what happens near Saturday 12th April feels like a merger. You are increasingly drawn towards scenarios where there are no boundaries any more; where the money, house, flat, possessions, company or charity is no longer fenced off or barricaded by walls between you and others. As Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia on her way through this zone of your chart, it’s also pretty clear that you’re in the mood to see what you can get away with. More and more, though, you are seeking to escape from reality through everything you own, earn or owe. You’re not interested in ordinary any more. April is bound to be quite remarkable in terms of the new, unreal reality. Just bear in mind that Neptune has a reputation for leading us into situations which are confusing and confused. You may want to ask an outsider for his/her common sense and expertise as you slide gently into these uncharted waters with this other person.


This is a new world and make no mistake. As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s clear to you and everyone else that a revolution is under way. After Monday 7th April it’s all about the debate and the discussion. Try to focus on that magic cure-all, communication, as the answer. Unless you put the listening/reading process first (not to mention, finding a way to articulate your ideas that others can understand and accept) this could be a tricky time. You may want to steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the inflammatory Mars-Mercury opposition the following day is hardly soothing. One thing is sure. The path to freedom and independence you are now pursuing as an internet user, traveller, publisher, writer, student or teacher is as challenging as it is exciting. The Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April remind you that times of great change call for greater tolerance all round. I’m sure you want to put freedom first, but unless you take others into account this could be like the French Revolution. And not the good bits.




Virgo: April 2014


Nothing has been as it was, for months. The other person in the equation (and you know exactly who I mean) has been at the heart of a strange, protracted period of unreality. This cycle is so subtle it may take a great deal of hyper-awareness to look back at the way you used to run love, sex and commitment in your life (prior to 2011 anyway) to play ‘Spot the enormous difference.’ Of course this may also be about a work partner. And some Virgo people have been in ‘partnership’ with an enemy. In astrology the Seventh House rules your husband and wife, just as much as it rules the person you hate. In astrology, the view is ‘It’s all alchemy. It’s all chemistry. And it takes two to tango.’ Now, Virgo, you move into a fascinating phase with this man or woman which alters the landscape forever. For a start, you now have clarity, thanks to developments in the second half of March, which corrected your mistaken idea of what was ‘final’ or ‘absolute’ in the first half of February. From here the process is pretty amazing. April will dissolve the boundaries between you and he, or you and she.
Saturday 12th April feels like the moment of truth (allow a day or two either side). Of course if this is a feud you need to keep it as clear and real as possible. You could be losing yourself in some very strange new territory with this person and if you find yourself flailing, you may want to extricate yourself from the game that is being played. In most cases, though, the period around 12th April is about your former, current or potential partner. Business or love. And what is going on has an unearthly, unworldly quality which you find irresistible. Neptune can be like that. So can Salacia. These two describe what you are pulled towards, as a great escape or great alternative in your life. Nothing to do with what is usually out there. Everything to do with what you are so tempted to explore. Beyond that, though, I suspect there is a very real risk you just want to lose yourself completely. Now – would you go scuba diving without the right equipment, the handbook and all the rest? It also behoves me to utter a time-honoured warning about Neptune in the Seventh House, paired with Venus. If you add alcohol or drugs, then you put another layer of Vaseline on the lens.

Is this your accountant, your bank manager or someone else taking an inventory of your budget? Near Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s really public. By ‘budget’ I mean the charity, the possessions, the apartment, the business, the house and so on. But on another level this is also a Life Budget because in April you will be evaluating the different components of your life based on freedom value. The price of independence. The swing tag that you attach to space, space, space.  After Monday 7th April it’s all about the debate and the discussion. This is very much your thing, as you are ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. As a general rule, just avoid the period around Tuesday 15th April for your big push. It’s really clear that you’re not going back. You’ve already gone too far in your life, in terms of what you earn, own or owe! You’re being pulled towards the new, the different, the progressive, the experimental. One thing is sure, though, that eclipse will conceal more than it reveals so steer clear, especially if there are numbers involved. Again, near the  Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April you are going to sail in choppy waters. There are easier times to press for the new world. People (and large corporations) can be funny about money. Hung up on stuff. You need to factor this in when you’re talking. Yet ultimately, the process is in motion, whichever way you play it. You’re going to be free and you can’t buy emotional and psychological oxygen at auction.



Libra: April 2014


Something most peculiar has been happening to your lifestyle in the last few months. You appear to have removed both Converse sneakers from the ground and gone off. Up, up and away. This may have been about your body (so, everything from your medical condition to everything you eat, drink or inhale). It may also have been about your work ethic, pure and simple, and the way you approach the job at hand. The really odd thing about 2014 to date is the total rewrite of what you thought you knew, back in the first two weeks of February. By the time you read this (I am writing your April prediction on March 21st) you will know that – basically – you knew very little indeed. However, April is here to sort things out for you, and now you’re up to speed with the reality of The New Unreality, you can make some informed choices. The talk, the news, the paperwork is in place byApril 7th. Then, what happens near Saturday 12th April feels like Bonnie and Clyde; French and Saunders; Marks and Spencer; Torvill and Dean. If you are a true Libran then you are famous for your ability to make a work partnership actually *work* and also for your unique understanding of the niceties of relationships, full stop. If it’s one-on-one then you know how to do it. What is so encouraging about April is that suddenly, the job or the body becomes a game for two players and as that is your raison d’etre I think you’ll feel pretty comfortable. What’s new and challenging, though, is the need to stay grounded when there is no ground to stand on any more. Escaping the real world is seductive; heaven knows we all get sick of too much reality. Nevertheless there are aspects of your lifestyle in April that just have to be anchored unless you want to end up feeling like Captain Nemo after a bottle of Bollinger. Look at what you’re putting into your body, Libra. If it puts you in an altered state then ask the most sensible-but-boring person you know for his or her angle.

Bang! Here comes April and as early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction you just know that The Conversation is coming. Or maybe the crucial piece of paperwork. Certainly from Monday 7th April it’s game on, in terms of the questions that have to roll.  Avoid pushing, pressuring (or being pushed or pressured) near Tuesday 15th April, Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. Even if the other person in the equation is holding your hand for the most pleasurable of all reasons, change can still be hard at these times. Of course, some of you are in disputes or feuds. Again, observe those dates above and the days either side of them; that is not the time to start whirling the vacuum cleaner above your head and shouting for a revolution. One of the key things to remember about April is that it would be very, very easy to pin the whole scenario onto the other person. And maybe you’re right. Maybe you have attracted someone into your life (past, present or potential lover; enemy; rival) who just creates this alchemy with you. Don’t be fooled for too long though; this is a red herring of the first order. What is happening to you is a long overdue act of creation. A new world of relating is forming through the earth’s crust. You two just won’t date, mate, relate or even stay separate the way you once did. There is too much at stake and what is at stake is your own freedom. They say you never know how trapped or confined you were, until you have this cycle. Whatever gets you to the point where you are at liberty, try to accept that the process has to happen; it has its own logic and momentum. The art of radical change, though, is to make sure everyone can at least live with the new world you’re creating.



Scorpio: April 2014



The Fifth House of your chart can rule the younger children at school if you are a teenage Scorpio. If you are a parent over 30 it rules your son or daughter, and perhaps more than one. Some of you are more interested in projects aimed at, and deeply affecting, the generation which comes directly behind your own. Then there are relationships which may take you into pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting – or friendships which lead to god children. In all cases, Scorpio, you are Walking Backwards for Christmas. In other words you are going to have to accept that what happened back in February was always going to take you back, back, back a few weeks later in late March. Now you know where you stand, though, you have to accept your April mission. Certainly, the final words will be spoken or signed by April 7th. Then we have this clickety-click moment near Saturday 12th April when I don’t think any of the usual rules will apply. It reminds me of a sandpit where all the children and adults are covered in sand; everyone lost their shoes; nobody knows who is who any more; everyone forgot what day it was; the usual rules have been lost under a sand dolphin sculpture somewhere. Is that too whack a description of the way things are going to be? Maybe not, if you began (gently) losing the usual plot a few months before. The thing is, April is about understanding the new reality with the next generation, and that reality is utterly unreal. If you are pregnant in April then there are no barriers with the baby. That’s just one example of how Venus, Neptune, Salacia and Chiron can affect you, when they pass through the Fifth House of your solar chart. The bottom line is, you don’t want ordinary any more. Or even, ever again! Consequently you up for all or any experiments with this generation, or the relationships that will deliver it to your door. I expect the sense of release and relief (who needs reality?) will be remarkable, but remember There Are Rules.

For the last two or three years you are fully aware that you have been rejecting what you see as old, tired, stuck, outdated ways of working, living or looking after your body (the temple). Along the way you have put noses out of joint. You have also been rejected yourself! And yet, now that this slightly dull part of the process is over, you have moved onto the next level. This is no longer about you being right, and everyone else being wrong. This is just about the process of freedom without compromise and space, space, space.  As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s clear and after Monday 7th April it’s all about the debate. You may want to avoid the days near the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April; the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. There are more straightforward times to get what you want. There is no doubt at all that you are fed up with situations or people who always confine you and keep you restricted, no matter if this is about your working life, your daily lifestyle or your body. Maybe your focus is an organisation; maybe it’s an individual. The art to getting the rather thrilling and liberating results you seek, though, is to see things as more dated people or entities view them. Get their drift. You don’t have to drift along with them but you will need to meet them halfway. This way the revolution is painless. And besides, it was never about the people or even the brands. It was always about finding new worlds to explore, under your own steam, in your own right. This particular new working world, or lifestyle world, is something else!



Sagittarius: April 2014


What does your soul require from your house, family, home town, apartment, household, homeland at the moment? Could it possibly be a total escape from the way things apparently ‘have’ to be? Judging by your horoscope this is all you actually want. In fact you have been cruising since the start of 2014. At first you were jolted; everything was so new, so different, so strange. Now, however, you are rapidly becoming used to the idea that there are other ways to feel at home in the world, or to belong to a clan – and the way it all works for other people is simply not your way! First, though, you must put February and March behind you. February misled you. March cleared it up. Now you have the new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April. A final discussion or piece of paperwork seems to be in the bag by April 7th and then around Saturday 12th April you’re in a position to ditch the usual rules, regulations, barriers, boundaries and invisible fences. There are so many ways to play this thing, Sagittarius. You can pretend a foreign country is your real home. (That is a common outcome in this cycle as so many Sagittarians are natural wanderers). That is a good example of what is going on right now, because you don’t want normal. You don’t want yesterday. You don’t want what everyone else accepts, or compromises over. You appear to be seeking some totally ‘beyond the beyond’ way of having a house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland. With Venus in the mix it’s clearly going to be about one other person as well and you two are about to move into territory that is best described as boundary-free. Just try to keep it relatively sensible!

You leave the legacy of your personality to those who come after you, born 20 years or more later. This is a fact of life, no matter if you have children or not. Somehow, somewhere, with Uranus in Aries, you have to establish a spiritual legacy, so that you can onpass bits and pieces of yourself, to those who inherit the planet after you’ve finished with it! Sons, daughters, godchildren, young relatives all qualify. So do babies to come. So do all the world’s children. As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s about the ‘Wow’ as well as the ‘Whoaa’ because that combination is as confronting as it is exciting. Then, near Monday 7th April it’s all about the discussion. You may want to steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April are more decidedly challenging times. Squares are stressful. Productive and creative, ultimately, but hard work! And as for the eclipse – would you really want to proceed without seeing clearly? Thought not. Ultimately, April will set you free in terms of the next generation, born after you. You will thrill to wide, open new spaces in your life; fresh terrains you are yet to make your own and explore – spiritually, psychologically, intellectually. There are just no limits any more. The trick is pursuing the ultimate freedom without forgetting that in any revolution there are always people who are left behind. Is there any way at all to persuade these souls that it’s a necessary change? Long after April’s radical change is over, it’s the respect and compassion in times of revolution that people will remember. You too.




Capricorn: April 2014


What you thought you knew in terms of the internet, your computer, the media, publishing or other forums for your voice was not final. February misled you. Then, from March 18th through 21st it all made sense again. And in April?  Knowing what you do, it looks like your last overdue question is answered by April 7th. From that point on it’s clearly about two heads, not one, and what goes down near Saturday 12th April is quite surreal. You’re usually such a creature of structure; you understand the hierarchies with people. You’re pretty good at the old systems, where people fit into their appropriate places. Now, because of this project, idea or particular slice of the web, it’s all gone wobbly, like a dissolve in a film. You are increasingly drawn towards scenarios where there are no boundaries any more; as Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia on her way through this zone of your chart, you’re about to lose all the usual barriers. Now, this may be about the project, the medium or the format itself. However, as Venus is involved, it looks like it’s the synching with the other person which is the key. It’s like the old Style Council song, Walls Came Tumbling Down. In matters of communication, particularly online, there are usually all kinds of cautions and safeguards. What goes down in April is basically communication without any kind of barricades at all. No moat, no drawbridge. If you are psychic then I expect the atmosphere near April 12th will lend itself to a breakthrough. If you are a writer, public speaker, singer, multimedia player – this is A Moment.

So where do you belong? The answer is, of course, you belong to nowhere, nothing and nobody except your own quest to be free. It’s been about space and nothing else, for around three years. And April just advances your cause because you are determined to pursue what is new, different – and better, in your opinion. No doubt this will change the way the family, house, apartment, household, home town or homeland functions in your life for months to come. This is a new world and make no mistake. For a transition to this new world which is relatively stress-free, do steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Mars-Mercury opposition the following day is hardly a walk in the park. You should also be aware of the tension near the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. To resist the ongoing revolution (and particularly this part of it, which is electrifying and substantial) is crazy, though. It’s like resisting any force of nature. This is a moment whose time has come. You are expressing the basic human need to be free, uncluttered, unencumbered, via a particular home or location. Undoubtedly, through the way a clan functions – be it flatmates or family. The trick this month is doing it your way and breaking free without also breaking ties and connections in such a way that they feel jagged to the touch.




Aquarius: April 2014


You reappraised the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment from March 18th through 21st as you were either misled in the first two weeks in February or just lacked the proper information. So now here you are in April and you have to hang onto the anchor at all costs. Literally, at all costs! Why so? Partly because of Neptune in Pisces, but also because of Salacia and Chiron, joined by Venus.  The last overdue question is answered by April 7th. From that point on it’s clearly about two heads, not one, and what develops near Saturday 12th April is certainly unusual if you think about the way you handled the financial or material world before 2011. Near April 12th you realise that this is about two people, not just one. You also (hopefully) realise that the further out you go, the more you require an anchor to hang onto. It is very common to lose track of time, deadlines, numbers, limits and all the rest on this cycle. The irony is, you actually do have a safe escape. You found it last year. So why have you lost sight of that, in favour of other escapes which are seductive, yet likely to lead you off course? If there was ever a month to get real and keep it real, this is it. The work involved in making a financial Glastonbury experience practical and manageable is boring. No doubt about it. You’re up for a departure from reality at the moment, not a return to it! Yet, with a little bit of accounting, accountability and all the rest – you can secure what can only be described as a corner of the bank, the property market, the business world or the charity universe which is a bubble ride. The more you tell yourself ‘This isn’t real’ the better it works.

Radiohead gave us OK Computer and Little Britain gave us ‘Computer Says No.’ So where do you stand on the issue of getting through, in an age of social media, blogging, vlogging and all the rest? The interesting thing is you are less interested in the technology than in the mental oxygen. So what you are really after, at the moment, is the freedom and space to be heard, read, understood and received without any of the pointless old rules. I am sure, looking at  your horoscope, that the last three years has been trial and error for you, no matter if you are deeper into the internet than ever before, or if you are separating yourself from the computer. This is a new world but in April, for a straightforward transition, avoid big moves with your project, plan or idea near the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Mars-Mercury opposition later on is also volatile. You should also be aware of the tension near the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. You are ruled by Uranus, the planet which is the star of the show in April. There is no way on earth you are going to turn away from these amazing invitations to do things differently; better; more progressively. At the same time, this is no walk in the park. To get to your personal finishing line, no matter what medium or media you are using, you are going to have to bump up against people or organisations (perhaps even technology) which is change-resistant. It won’t stop you. But considering that the whole point of what you are pursuing is a new kind of communication, don’t lose sight of the irony – in order to get it, you’re going to have to communicate.



Pisces: April 2014


You can’t really run too far from yourself – as a brand, as a face, as an entity – when you have such a large stellium in Pisces, your own sign. What’s been happening to you in the last couple of years has fixated you on the ‘me’ issues and that’s entirely understandable. Then, after a couple of false starts in 2012 and 2013, when you were given quite staggering escape routes, you have ended up in April 2014, with amazing means at your disposal to shun the real world altogether and dive into something wholly different. Your image, profile, label, role and title is the route to The Great Escape and even though February mislead you, or got you off track – you should be completely settled with the new realities as April arrives. Certainly Mercury will fill in the gaps for you by April 7th. And then you’re on the trip of your life, Pisces, as someone else wants to join you in the pursuit of the ‘me’ outcomes. How odd that this man should be so engaged with your image, or this woman should be so entwined with your profile! Yet there is something in this for them too, and by the time you reach the days near Saturday 12th April you are increasingly drawn towards scenarios where there are no boundaries.  It’s the seamless synching with the other person which is the key. You may have been experimenting with your hair, face, shape or wardrobe. With your name, byline online, biography or persona. You would not be a Pisces if you were longing to break right away from your pre 2011 self. Neptune your ruler is in Pisces, alongside Salacia, Chiron and Venus. There is no way you can resist the lure of this other ‘me’ world and in April someone will join you.


Boom, boom, shake the room, because near Tuesday 15th April,  Sunday 20th April and Monday 21st April you clearly have to ditch the old way of operating. The money, house, business, possessions, charity or flat is not so important in its own right. Don’t be fooled by the stuff or the cash! The real issue is how you buy independence and what you will pay for it. Because make no mistake, independence costs, at least with the horoscope you have at the moment. The line-up in the frank, fearless and forthright sign of Aries suggests you are in the mood to ditch people who bore you or cramp your style. It also suggests you are now confident enough to utterly reject an old or tired way of earning, owning or owing. There are plenty of Pisces people who have Aries planets (check at and if you are one of them, I think April is your version of Explosive Hits 75. You’re going to want to rip into the month and rip out anything or anybody which you are fed up with, after such a long time of put up and shut up. The sane alternative, if you are an Aries kind of Pisces, is to at least compromise. No matter what your chart says about you, though, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle just by steering clear of the dates above (and those adjacent) to do your thing. One way or another, you will have liberty by May. That’s a given. The question is, how much (in dollar, euro or pound terms) will you pay for it? This sum may be quite literal. The maths may actually involve some accounting, with the emotional sums in the margin. Bargain and get a good deal, either with him, her, them or the world in general.


Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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