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Your February Horoscope

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Aries: February 2015

Clarity In Your Inner World

It is so easy to forget what is real, and who is real, when you spend one of the most important relationships in your life with yourself. It is to your inner world that you turn when you seek escape, though, and given the pressure you are now under at work or university (January was relentless) it is quite understandable that you should want to seek solace by turning inward. The only issue with this is that occasionally a great wave of heavenly bodies builds up in this very sensitive part of your solar chart, and you end up feeling lost or all at sea. This is easily remedied once the Sun enters Pisces after Wednesday 18th February, as at last you will be able to peer through the sea mist of your life and identify what is leaving you in this situation (or whom). It may be that introspection is not always the best way. Perhaps you are even keeping secrets or operating at a great distance, for a very good reason. In all cases, the Sun should bring you out of yourself, just long enough for you to gain some objectivity about what has been going on, and what you are effectively doing to yourself.

Venus and Mars in Aries

Mars is your planetary ruler and he enters your own sign, Aries, on Friday 20th February joined by Venus, his traditional consort. Matters of image, name, appearance and reputation are to the fore after this and you will not be able to escape intensely personal questions about how you appear, and how you are seen. In many ways this has been a long time coming, as Uranus (also in Aries) has been urging you to change for quite some time. What has been missing in the mix is the sort of person who can truly motivate and inspire you, either by spurring you on – or gently encouraging you. Perhaps you need competition to carve out a greater niche for yourself. Maybe you respond better to soft seduction. We live in a superficial world when a great deal is decided on a one-minute perusal of Linked In or Twitter and you would be mad to ignore the exciting potential and possibilities of the last ten days of February.

Changed and Cancelled Plans

Your friends, and acquaintances within your particular group or circle, are at the heart of changed and cancelled plans throughout the month, so have a flexible diary and always have Plan B up your sleeve. Mercury must retrace his steps after he turns direct on Wednesday 11th February and although some astrology columns will purport that life is back to normal from that date, the reality is that you must now deal with others who took some false steps earlier on. This will in turn affect your own plans, right up until 3rd March, so decide now that you are dealing with Flakey February and keep your diary accordingly. If you have put in applications to join a group of any kind, then follow up and read the fine print as it may be that the computer or postal process is flawed, or there is an X factor in the text.



Taurus: February 2015

Your School of Fish

Your personal school of fish is social. It may exist solely on social media, or in the real world, but one or more friends swim with you, and it has all the firm direction of a lot of cod, looking for some plankton. Remember Pisces, the sign of the fishes, with its famous depiction of one kipper to the left, on top of one kipper to the right? That’s your social world in February. This level of confusion and uncertainty is perfectly fine if it’s just about cocktails in Williamsburg on Saturday night. If your serious projects and crucial goals also involve the school of fish, though, you may want to use the Sun’s ingress into Pisces after Wednesday 18th February to really check up on what is there, whom is there, and what you do and do not have with these people. I suspect either the structure of the group is pure marshmallow or the relationships within it simply do not come with any clarified walls or containers; thus the human goo. You may want to do something about that before it goes any further and you get in any deeper.

Nobody Knows, Nobody Sees

Nobody knows, and nobody sees, when Uranus is one sign behind you. You either let others take the credit or become the face of something – or you squirrel around in the undergrowth, doing things others never know about, until it’s all out there. Venus and Mars  joining Uranus will certainly intensify your normal level of secrecy, and accelerate any behind-the-scenes role you are playing. The only real issue with all of this is that it’s ethical. Some Taurus people have used this Twelfth House transit to go behind people’s backs. That wouldn’t be you, of course. You’re not like those people. Because those people are going to be given a hell of a wake-up call when they see the outcome of the sneakiness in April 2015. Best use of this transit? Become a saint. Work like hell for a good cause you get no public credit for.

Career Retrograde, University Retrograde

Mercury in your Tenth House of career, university life and unpaid work makes February so random it’s like Jelly Babies thrown on the floor. What to do? The key is the ‘re’ prefix in retrograde. This is a very good month to reschedule, rethink, review, rewrite, rehearse, reshape, reshuffle. It’s the worst time to make the mistake of responding to those potent New and Full Moons (like the one on Wednesday 18th February) as if there was actually anything finally happening. There is no final in February. There is only flakey. Spin your wheels then prepare to vroom vroom from March 3rd when life is straightforward.

One Last Thing

If you have not already moved or renovated, or completed a home exchange, pursue every opportunity you can think of between now through August. Even though Jupiter is retrograde and it’s all promise and no delivery, nothing will be wasted and what you chase near Wednesday 18th at the Jupiter-Chiron quincunx will set you up beautifully April-August when the house or apartment will substantially deliver.





Gemini: February 2015

Rules, Rights, Roles, Responsibilities

The further out you swim with your particular role or goal, the more deeply mired you become in peculiar circumstances which have nothing to do with the real world and everything to do with your deep desire to get away from it. The phrase ‘getting away from it all’ is more suited to a holiday than your job, though. Or indeed, your life at university, or as a volunteer. While it is perfectly true that people can treat their profession or their projects as some kind of eternal Glastonbury or Woodstock and get away with it for years, there comes a time in everybody’s life when Saturn squares Neptune, and although it is not immediate, it will come – and then you need to have the situation in decent shape. If it’s hopelessly flakey and wildly confusing and confused, then the comedown will be far deeper. So use February to wake yourself up. What happens near Thursday 26th February at the Sun-Neptune conjunction is very useful. It’s like a searchlight trawling the bottom of Loch Ness. That’s the level of enigma we’re talking about. Use your famous acumen to pinpoint who or what is your personal Nessie.

Venus and Mars In Your Social Life

Venus and Mars. Nothing to do with American relationship advice about men in caves. Everything to do with your social life, which of course you express through an informal group who all know each other, as well as through more concrete structures like teams, charities, clubs, death metal bands, book groups and so on. You frankly won’t know what’s hit you once these two planets change signs and form a conjunction on the weekend of Saturday 21st February. It is extremely common for Venus and Mars to manifest as real people, so the woman or rather effeminate man involved will be vain, seductive, prone to seduction, jealous and undeniably charismatic and attractive. Never a dull moment. The man in question will be an unreconstructed pre-feminist, rather like some hairy creature lumbering in from 1950’s Hollywood, who either has an action-man job or an action-man hobby, like yelling at football teams. Of course, this may also be a woman who is expressing her inner jock. What is the point of these two people? The point is, your friendships and your group involvements have been keeping you small for too long and you simply do not know how much thrilling freedom and excitement is on offer until you accept the revolution. These two are catalysts. Late February will  be impossibly lively.

Your Ruler Mercury

Your ruler Mercury is retrograde and retrograde shadow in February, in your Ninth House of travel, foreign people, publishing, the internet, academia and education. You could easily be duped by the Full Moon in the first week, and the New Moon in the final degree of your Ninth House, on Wednesday 18th February. Those lunar cycles seem to suggest a big dramatic decision or a tremendous statement. However, as the wheels are not turning (they are spinning and getting stuck) you may prefer to take everything with a tremendous grain of salt until March 3rd. Read the fine print on paperwork particularly to see what would happen in the event of a delay or cancellation. It’s that kind of whacko cycle.



Cancer: February 2015

Keeping It Real (When It’s Not)

Given the new, gritty realities of your daily workload, it is quite understandable that you should want to lose yourself on the internet; in an absorbing and vast subject; in a foreign place; with foreign cultures. Your own choices here depend entirely on just how big the holiday from reality must be. The more desperately you crave a complete departure, the more thoroughly you are going to lose yourself in February, and the bigger the intellectual, spiritual or literal journey becomes. Keeping it real, when it’s not at all, is a substantial challenge for you, yet you can only benefit. On six separate dates in February you will be shown just how far out you have drifted and just how deeply you could get lost. It’s at those times that you look for a lighthouse to take you back to the real world. Never Never Land is not you, no matter how enticing the website, blog, book, trip, relocation, course or workshop happens to be.

The People Are The Job

The people are the job in February, when Venus and Mars enter Aries together, in the final ten days, and you realise that the project or role in question goes far beyond a dry description in your Curriculum Vitae and well into soap opera (or opera) territory. It’s all very entertaining and it will accelerate the revolution which you need to have. Success is now defined by freedom and independence. Not by remaining stuck in a system or adhering to a structure. You have already come a very long way in the last two years, proving to yourself and others that you could blaze your own train in your chosen business, industry or field. Now you are pondering the next quantum leap but I shouldn’t think the hugely colourful personalities involved (and their weekly episodes with each other) will let you ponder much beyond late February. By June the revolution will be in the bag and extremely successful for you.


Mercury Retrograde and Shadow Retrograde will deliver delays, changes and perhaps complete reversals with a financial discussion in February. The issue may also be your house, business, precious possessions, flat or company. With Jupiter’s  benevolent eye on you in the generous sign of Leo you may well find that even the missing post, or the flakey meetings, end up being in your favour. Jupiter cycles can be like that. Still, nobody likes ripping documents apart with their bare teeth out of total frustration, so be sensible about this insane cycle they called Mercury Retrograde and bear in mind that your Plan B may need to involve a Plan C. Your ruler the Moon could utterly mislead you with so-called binding decisions near Tuesday 3rd February and Wednesday 18th February, but remember that when Mercury is out of phase, grand announcements can often turn out to be hollow later, or simply reversed. If you happen to be involved with Wall Street or sharemarkets in general please read the story on Mercury Retrograde on this website, in The Astrology Blog. Pebbles thrown sideways have wonky ripple effects.



Leo: February 2015

Anchoring Your Money
The need to anchor your money is acute, as early as Sunday 1st February and Monday 2nd February. This also applies to your possessions, business interests, charity or property. The message is repeated near Sunday 8th February, and particularly Monday 9th February when not only Neptune leaves you potentially all at sea, but Chiron could pull you too far out. There is a complicated relationship at the heart of the cash, the house, the company, the flat, the good cause or the valuable items. The square between the Sun in the confused (and confusing) sign of Pisces, and Saturn, will expose exactly which numbers you need to scrutinize more carefully near Monday 23rd February, and this will help you examine it all more deeply near Thursday 26th February when there will at last be some clarity about what has, to date, been so unclear. When everything is all over the place, all the time, or people are all over the place – even large institutions or departments – you simply have to be ruthlessly organized. You’ll be so much better off financially in the second half of 2015 anyway you may as well face whatever music is there. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover it is Miss P.J. Harvey and not the horrible doof doof you were expecting.

Travel and Travel In The Mind

You will undertake one of your most ambitious trips (or head trips) after Friday 20th February when both Venus and Mars enter the energetic sign of Aries, joining together in a conjunction on Sunday 22nd February. They join Uranus, the planet of radical change and exciting new freedom, in the Ninth House of your horoscope, which describes how you travel – literally – or intellectually. What happens near Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th February moves things along, so that you are in the perfect position to embrace the journey, relocation, web project, book, course or workshop later on in March and June.

Partners, Former Partners, Potential Partners

After March 3rd you will know exactly where you stand with your former, current or potential partner. Either his or her situation is in question, or the communication is not there between you. There may also be flawed transportation, problematic telephones or computers – or internet connections – obstructing what should be the normal game of verbal or written ping-pong that happens between two people. This is obviously annoying as the Full Stone Moon on Tuesday 3rd February calls for some kind of discussion or decision, but rather than waste your breath or have to rewrite your diary you may prefer to wait until February is out of the way before you can actually give firm plans the nod. Take mental notes at this time. The Sun’s opposition to Jupiter on  Friday 6th February is tremendously illuminating as you will see him, her or the nature of the relationship in total clarity, but so much of what was discussed or decided earlier on will be replayed or changed after Wednesday 11th February when Mercury goes direct in Aquarius, that calling judgement is far too premature. There is a New Moon on Wednesday 18th February in the final degree of Aquarius which is also far too premature; right after Valentine’s Day! Not so much a fresh start in your life with him or her, more a dress rehearsal for a firm new March direction.




Virgo: February 2015

This Is Not Your Mother’s Banking

This is not your mother’s banking. February brings the first hint of a wholesale revolution in your approach to money, property, charity or business. At a deeper level the great change that is occurring in stages, between now and June, is about your value system. What you will and will not sell out for. Who and what you consider to be precious; even priceless. This will bear very little resemblance to any standard model or accepted way of operating, and that is precisely the point. You have no desire to be stuck or confined any further, and that is why the final ten days of February when Venus and Mars enter Aries will be so important. You need a faster pace, to power the revolution. You also need to feel the value of a really complex, potent, layered relationship at the heart of what you are doing. That may sound like an odd description of your accountant, but given that Venus, Mars, Uranus and the Moon’s Node are all in your Eight House it is far more likely to be a family or personal connection in your life. Effectively this is a power based money relationship which is long overdue for a great change which would ensure your independence. It is coming, with a tremendous rush of energy, in late February.

Relationships and Responsibility

Your horoscope suggests you have to own your responsibility for the level of confusion or even chaos which now surrounds your relationship with a former, current or potential partner. This applies to enemies and great rivals too; one can be in a situation with them which is as complex as any marriage! Owning your participation in events is your first way out of a situation which your horoscope suggests has gone too far, or is about to do so. One of the reasons it runs so deep is your wholesale willingness to forget realities and practicalities and instead dwell in an alternative universe with him, or her, which bears no relationship at all to what is really going on ‘back there’ in the place where others have rather different perceptions and rules. Hauling yourself back may take some time but as the Sun will illuminate and expose the matter so extremely well, by the end of February you should see your way clear to making changes which would curtail things. If you do have a dispute in your life, or are attracting those who are jealous of you, be acutely aware of those who are deceptive, slippery or fraudulent. Not to the level of paranoia. Just with common sense. Don’t let just anyone past your usual boundaries, Virgo.

Mercury Retrograde

Like Gemini, you are ruled by Mercury, and he is now out of phase. Your daily workload or your relationship with your body  will be affected. As a general rule of thumb, February is the month to have alternatives ready and to not necessarily expect things to go according to plan. Be particularly aware of the potential for changes, delays or cancellations involving transport, travel, printing, computers, the internet, the post and your telephone or fax. These are classic turf for Mercury to turn his backwards somersaults on and a little awareness could save you trouble.




Libra: February 2015

Children and Lovers

The Fifth House of your horoscope rules your heirs and any pretenders to the throne. It rules the next generation – children, godchildren, nieces, nephews – and large-scale projects involving the young (the pretenders to the throne) who are influenced by the force of your personality. The Fifth House also rules lovers. Your mistress. Your Friend With Benefits. It also describes sexual relationships where the emphasis is very much on future pregnancy or existing parental roles. Now, at any other time of year, with a New Moon in the Fifth House, you would be looking at a fresh start. Perhaps the birth of a child or a relationship. The beginning of something utterly new with, or for, the younger people in your life. Because Mercury is out of phase, though, no matter how much outside forces may conspire to squeeze an epic decision from you, perhaps you would prefer to wait until all the dust has settled and the jigsaw pieces are on the board from March 3rd before you go making any big announcements or deciding where your heart lies. Mercury is withholding information from you and it needs to come out, piece by piece. As this is the time of year when children and young adults in particular are adjusting to a new school or university term, Mercury could have any amount of tricks up his sleeves for them; have Plan B. And in love? The communication is not there (yet). Do treat any Deep And Meaningful with a huge grain of salt.

Former, Current, Potential Partners

Along from the Fifth House with all its emphasis on your lover – and the children or young adults in your world – there is also the Seventh House, which is about the business of partnership, nothing more, nothing less. The conjunction of Venus, your ruler, with Mars, on Sunday 22nd February is an absolute eye-opener and announces an entirely new phase with the man who matters so much to you, or the woman who pushes all your emotional buttons. You can expect an accelerated pace. Mars will see to that. There will be an element of push and shove, with your former, current or potential partner. This may be because of entirely justified rivalry or even jealousy; these two archetypes have a reputation for churning up torrid emotion. Venus herself has long been associated with 1950’s soap opera antics (and morals) as she was never faithful; always seductive; prone to seduction; utterly and unapologetically devoted to the art and business of love. On a spiritual level you could say that none of what passes for love in February (the month of Saint Valentine’s Day) is actually the real thing. That may be true to some degree as Venus and Mars never penetrate very far below the surface to the soul. It is all about the sex for them, or the addiction of competition, or the ego gratification of being admired. What will utterly amaze you, though, is the way that this man or woman becomes a conduit to your own freedom. Not just what passed for freedom before. Exhilarating, enthralling new freedom, as close as March.

Routine? What Routine?

It is too ironic for words that Virgo, the sign that rules the daily routine in the natural zodiac, is opposite to Pisces. Virgo, with all its efficiency, rituals, method and order is the polar opposite of Pisces, that sign which has no interest in the real world, and every interest in escaping from it. In February, there will be a positive slew of heavenly bodies in Pisces, scuppering any idea of routine at all. Part of the issue would appear to be your body; your physical temple. Little by little, you have been slipping into an alternative way of functioning (food, drink, drugs, fitness, medicine, healing, surgery) which has become quite acceptable to you, yet is entirely at odds with the way the rest of the normal world operates. You even know this, yet it is unlikely that February will let you get away with very much. The Sun’s ingress in Pisces from Wednesday 18th is an alarm clock you needed to hear. Beyond your body, there is also the question of your daily workload, incorporating housework as well as your paid profession, course or voluntary commitment. If ever there was a need for boundaries, it is now. The clock and the calendar. The concept of defined roles and responsibilities on particular projects. February is Wakey Wakey time.




Scorpio: February 2015

Your House, Flat, Family, Household, Home Town

What is done could come undone. What is final may be changed or even reversed later. Work around this and keep a weather eye on anything that may cost unfeasible amounts of time or money. Your house, home town, flat, household, family – perhaps even your sense of nationhood – is under Mercury’s peculiar retrograde and shadow retrograde phase this month. February is a moveable feast and you may want to be aware of that when you are agreeing to particular terms or conditions, or scheduling firm dates in your diary. Flexibility is your special friend, even though you are a Scorpio and you shine most brightly when you are in total control. Sometimes you have to shrug and let mad Mercury control the agenda. Just read the fine print before you buy that house at auction. And nobody would be surprised if a relative or flatmate started acting out Mercury Retrograde for you. Unreliable information source? Check. Flakey commitment? Check. Just be gently aware before you tie up plans.

Children and Lovers

You will have a pair of goggles handed to you shortly after Wednesday February 18th so that you can finally see clearly, when operating under water. How do you operate under water? With your lover or mistress. With the mother or father of your children. Alternatively, perhaps, with your son, daughter, niece, nephew, godchild or large-scale youth project. The goggle are so useful because you need to see just how far removed from the real world you have become. There is nothing inherently wrong with using sex, parenthood or youth projects as a way out of dull old normality, with all its gritty edges, but at a certain point, your horoscope turns, and you have to get real. It is far better that you get real at the relatively soft Sun-Saturn square near Monday 23rd February, than the more serious Saturn-Neptune square later on. Nobody likes rules. Nobody really wanted Glastonbury to become all serious and corporate, with proper policing and fences. Nevertheless, unless you want the world of children, young adults or your sexuality to become a kind of muddy festival, you’ll contain and control this so tightly. If not, the general atmosphere is one of muddle and hazy perceptions. It’s so easy to get lost. To forget who belongs where, and why. Boundary crossing is a delightful activity for a while but this has gone on for too long. One of the classic manifestations of Neptune in the Fifth House of your solar chart is the total loss or denial of proper boundaries between parent and son – or daughter. Neptune is so easily managed, though. Is it time?

When The Hard Day’s Night Is Worth It

Working like a dog? Thinking of a Beatles song? This is actually the best thing you could possibly do. Consider Mr Kurt Cobain too, because Nirvana is in your chosen field, industry, business or profession in February-August.  You will develop an entirely new relationship with your own talent, expertise or skill set in the final ten days of February with further thrilling developments in March and June. The approaching Uranus-Jupiter trines are historic and important, and they fall in areas of your horoscope associated with outstanding achievement, rewarding service, fulfilling duty and tremendous prestige. You have been engaged in a rejection dance with your project, role, job, course or goal. You began by rejecting what (and whom) seems so irrelevant and outdated. In turn, you have been roundly rejected. This is a great beginning. The rejection disco is where all the best moves are made, because without it, you simply would not be gunning for the kind of radical change that excites you. Two key players in your story who emerge in the final ten days of February will help you write that revolutionary chapter.





Sagittarius: February 2015

Rattling Your Own Chains

You seldom have any idea how much you fence yourself in, or restrict yourself, until Uranus in Aries comes along to set you free. February is about rattling your chains. There is so much more to explore, experience and experiment with than you have allowed yourself – sexually – and that will be evident after Venus and Mars change signs in the final ten days of the month. From that point through to June, at the Uranus-Jupiter trine (and Jupiter is your ruler) there will be a sense of your time having come, in more ways than one. If you were to crystallise everything you were trying to achieve in 2013 and 2014, so sporadically and randomly, it would no doubt end in a mission statement about the need to usher in a new world. A more enthralling world. The Fifth House, where Uranus has taken up residence for the duration, describes your lover or mistress – or the love you make with the parent of your child. It also points clearly to the child in question, and perhaps nieces, nephews, godchildren or ‘all the world’s children’ if you cast your net that wide. February in its later stages is about accepting that life will move a great deal faster than you anticipated, and about being ready to say yes, as soon as you can. Taking a deep breath and reviewing and rewinding the last two years will help. You need to be utterly clear about what you were going for (or whom you were pursuing) all along, and why. A great deal is about to become possible very rapidly and a clear sense of the direction you were cobbling together will help. No more random attempts or vague experiments. Having found out who or what you want, you can get it. It may not be until June that you realise just how many chains you had attached to yourself. All pointless!

Communication, Information, Transportation

The double whammy in your chart in February is that Mercury the Messenger of the Gods who rules transportation, information and communication (as well as negotiation and train stations) is also in your Third House of words, ideas and images. Mercury is not behaving at all normally as he is hopping backwards and forwards and occasionally standing still, like a stunned kangaroo in the headlights. Imagining that Mercury is Random Skippy in February will help you plan your diary accordingly and work around the inevitable internet, computer, postal or telephonic issues. A reversal or retraction? Check. A completely withdrawn plan? Check. A hollow statement? Check. Technical problems? Check. Human error? Check, check, check. And that’s what you must do, to deal with the cycle. March 3rd ends it.

Residing and Belonging

Where do you reside and where do you belong? To whom do you belong, and where are your tree roots? If you are not even fully sure yourself, you know for a fact you have been swept away by Neptune’s tidal waves in your horoscope and February is the time to haul yourself back. The classic Neptune cycle, even when he is not accompanied by Chiron or Salacia, tends to be confused and confusing. Others are not entirely sure about your family situation, your domestic life, your house, your flatmate, your apartment, your home town or even your home country.  There are puzzles and mysteries. Every time you grope for an answer you end up…groping for an answer. Yet, because the Immum Coeli of your solar chart is where you ground yourself, and feel at home in the world, it is very important that you take small steps towards some kind of organization and order. It may seem impossible when there is so very little there to anchor you, or when you are dealing with people, places or organisations which maintain the levels of confusion! Nevertheless, a deepening whirlpool of aspects in your horoscope, generated in the sign of Pisces, suggests February is one of those months when you must arm yourself with information (hard facts being particularly welcome) and a more realistic approach to what, by your own doing, has become an increasingly unreal world. This is a parallel universe that is fine for as long as the bubble is kept afloat but when Saturn knocks the bubble around much later, you may want your sense of belonging to a place, or to particular people, to be in much firmer shape. Escapism is only enjoyable when it’s actually recognized as an escape; as an alternative. Your house, flat, homeland, home town, family or household is rather like that at the moment.




Capricorn: February 2015

Your Front Door – All New, All Good

Your house, flat, home town, family, household or home town will seem all new to you, in one thrilling wave of change after another, between now and June, when you can truly say you have turned your life around. Of course, you have been moving in this very direction since 2013, but sometimes you need to see events turn over rapidly, so that you sharpen your goals and really understand what it is you have been trying to achieve. This will happen when Mars, the great accelerator of astrology, changes signs in the final ten days of February. This is a moment whose time has come. Do trust the process, because you have been held back from taking full advantage of the most exciting places; the most enthralling people; the most remarkable plans. Now all bets are off and you must pursue what, to you, spells tremendous new freedom and space in your life. To be a free spirit is something many people never fully experience, as life is full of compromises and straitjackets. Now, thanks to a chain of developments affecting your neighbourhood, country, flatmates, relatives, property investments or home, you can go full-tilt. Capricorn is a cautious sign with a tremendous amount of safeguards, systems and structures in her or his life. The forthcoming Uranus-Jupiter trines which are back-announced by Mars and Venus in late February should alter all that. You would be mad to say no. Make it so. This is a brave new world.

Financial Shenanigans

You will go backwards and forwards with the money, business interests or perhaps the cash-in-kind (possessions, property) in February, as Mercury retraces his steps and occasionally comes to a grinding halt. The wheels will not go around as they normally should. From March 3rd normal processes will be resumed, but until that date you may come across some classic manifestations of Mercury Retrograde and Retrograde Shadow affecting your banking, company, taxation, shares, retail activity and so on. These include empty announcements; flawed communication processes; technical malfunction; unreliable verbal handshakes. Of course with abundant, protective, benevolent Jupiter in your Eighth House of money and security, you may well find that what reverses or staggers in your plans actually ends up being of tremendous benefit to you – yet take no chances. Read the fine print. Be aware.

Connecting With Others

Connecting with others is a matter for the Third House of your horoscope and with a stellium in Pisces there, it seems very unlikely that things have been operating as they should. Far from it – your communication online and also in the real world has kept you in a bubble of non-reality! Perhaps some of this is down to how you hear, read and speak (depending on your age and personal circumstances). It is even more likely that the internet itself, with all its confused and confusing currents, has seen you surfing without any leg rope to hold you. As February will only deepen the currents around your communication it is down to you, to sharpen your awareness of what has been going wrong, and to do something decisive about it. One of the issues may be those with whom you are in regular communication, or even the ISP you are dealing with – or your phone company. Perhaps the issue is the postal service where you live. If you are in a profession where you must speak (and be heard) then there may be all kinds of questions about how efficient and effective things actually are. What the mighty Sun does in February is turn a spotlight on all this, after 12 months of merely surfing, cruising and floating. Thus, communication becomes the priority it should always have been. If the media or publishing touch your life or you are professionally involved online, then it really is absolutely central to your existence.


Aquarius: February 2015

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

At any other time of year, your branding, profile or appearance would be a straightforward matter for discussion. The plans could proceed and the paper trail could be swiftly dealt with. As Mercury is meandering backwards and forwards through your sign, however, the First House of your solar chart, where you define who you are to the world – and project a particular image – is rather muddled and unreliable. It will not be until March 3rd that you can sign off permanently from one particular episode so if you can avoid adding more to what is essentially a scrambled sauce, you may prefer to do so. Conversations which you fondly assume will clear things up, or new decisions which you hopefully imagine will clarify one of your ‘Me’ issues are very unlikely to do this, unless made well after February.

Audience and Readership

Your audience awaits. Your readership is guaranteed. You have the keys in your hand and you can see all the new and exciting doors which might be opened. Now, what enables you to turn the lock? It may well depend on the final ten days of February when Venus conjuncts Mars, a most impatient combination, in the spontaneous and fearless sign of Aries. From that point forward you really should pay more attention to your own tastes, preferences and instincts, and less attention to what is so conventional and commonplace. You are on a far more interesting trail than that and as you see what is possible with the new tools and raw resources now around you, it should be clear that being true to your own voice and mind is the only priority. Your ruler Uranus is set to trine Jupiter twice before the middle of the year and that guarantees your plans and projects will be airborne. How high you soar depends on how consciously you use the closing days of February and opening days of March, when Uranus, the planet of revolution and new beginnings, makes a stunning aspect to Jupiter, the planet of golden opportunity.

Seeing What Is There

Seeing what is there, financially, and dealing with what is real – not fondly imagined or merely guessed at – is the challenge of February. You have blind spots and you know it. There is chaos and you know that too. Now you must get to grips with all of that and be a realist, even if you feel there are certain things you do not want to look at. The great irony is that you will be better off anyway, after August, when Jupiter changes signs to Virgo, and you begin to make tremendous gains from other people’s money, property, business interests or possessions. You can make or save a fortune in that cycle so why not be positive and firm, about what seems so wobbly and unclear? The stellium in Pisces this month draws your attention to the unavoidable and inevitable, after many months when you were inhabiting a most peculiar place, either in terms of the money, or perhaps the property, business and possessions. Use February or lose it. You have seldom been so well placed to curtail and control what is going on.




Pisces: February 2015

Business As Unusual

If you understand that the last two years was a kind of half-formed experiment when you were making occasional forays into a different, more interesting, more progressive way of handling money, then February will really serve you. To date your approach to your cash, house, flat, business or possessions has been a tale of unorthodox stabs in the dark. It has been random, though wholehearted, yet there has been no over-arching principle guiding you forwards. Part of the reason for this is that you were responding to the transits of Uranus, which tends to produce short, sharp, sudden and rather dramatic efforts. There has been no sustained or consistent approach to your banking, debt, taxation, company, investments or retailing to date, because the cycle simply has not served you that way. What you can do in the final ten days of February is review and rethink. Put the last two years in context. See what you were trying to do, all along. Label and describe it to yourself. Uranus can work through accidental discovery and perhaps this has been the case with your situation. You are now in a stunning position to take these discoveries and add them up – perhaps literally calculating the dollars, pounds or euros. In March and again in June, Uranus will meet Jupiter in a perfect trine, enabling you to use what you pursue in late February as a launching pad for what is the most emancipating revolution in years.

Random Muddle Alert

The usual Random Muddle Alert one expects with Mercury’s retrograde and shadow retrograde periods (covering all of February) does require some attention. You appear to be operating behind the scenes on something very important where others draw the exposure and you are virtually hidden behind the curtains. Alternatively you are dwelling in a world of the most intense secrecy where everything is classified and even your lover or best friend cannot know what is so utterly confidential. This is where the Mercury Retrograde cycle will really muddy the waters, and so you may prefer to keep life as plain and simple as possible. Normally the Full Moon and New Moon here would prompt some sort of milestone decision – the kind that would stick – but it seems very unlikely on this cycle, when there will be delays, reversals or errors. Knowing that, you can steer a clearer path, until March 3rd, when it’s over.

Who Are You?

The Who, in the later stages of their career, produced a brilliant song called Who Are You? This may as well become your personal soundtrack in February when Neptune is joined by the Sun in your own sign. You have put this off for a very long time. Avoidance and evasion do not achieve very much for your energy  levels or peace of mind, though, as running away from questions about how you look and appear is no way to make yourself feel better. If anything, you must face the music and hear what is actually there – not to mention read the hymn sheet. The maxim ‘Know thyself’ is particularly appropriate at the moment, and in truth, you have nothing to fear. You are confusing other people and have confused yourself; this is very common in a long-range Neptune transit of Pisces and you have simply succumbed to the rather subtle way Neptune operates. Like water acting upon chalk, it has an impact that is hard to see or measure – but it certainly has an impact. It is time to move away from what is cloudy or unclear (or who muddies the water for you). This applies to your reputation, personal appearance, brand and image. There is also a great deal to be said for forcing some people or organisations to be more articulate; to explain things better and more concisely and clearly to you. This is your best chance in months to find out who you are, and where you stand, and what you must do.


Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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January 2015

Your monthly horoscope for January 2015 written by Jessica Adams.

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Aries: January 2015

Friends and Groups

Keep your diary very flexible in January and February as at least one important plan involving your friend – or the group – will be held up, changed or even cancelled. There may be more, as Mercury (the planet which rules communication, information and transportation) is turning shadow retrograde so what you assume is final, fixed or finished could be flakey. People who have a strong Gemini or Virgo horoscope signature in their personal chart could create real issues for you, as these friends or group acquaintances may be unreliable, or end up in situations which send you back to the drawing board. Do insure or protect big plans.

The Pisces Factor

The Pisces factor in your horoscope is very potent in January – in fact, you will be dealing with Piscean themes of secrecy and invisibility right up until April. Mars will join a stellium in this rather mysterious, confused and confusing sign this month and you do need to take steps to control what is going on. Unless you want to end up floundering and feeling all at sea, this secret, private, classified or confidential matter must be reined in. Alternatively you may be operating behind the scenes as Miss or Mr Invisible, getting neither credit nor recognition, but very much involved. Here, too, you must try to contain and control things.

Career, University, Unpaid Work

You are about to be powerfully affected by a promotion, departure, takeover, merger, resignation or redundancy in your world – and maybe more than one. In other cases, people will stay seated in this game of musical chairs at your workplace or university, but there will be a massive shift in individual control and ‘ownership’ of particular roles and responsibilities. The issue is practicality. How can you play your part in working towards a practical new arrangement which will actually work successfully for yourself and others? You are famously competitive and combative, but set that aside. Negotiate terms instead.

Saturn in Sagittarius

The penny didn’t so much drop in December, as clang to the ground. You are now aware of a rather heavy new reality in your life, courtesy of Saturn in your Ninth House of travel, education, publishing, academia, foreigners and the internet. Maybe there is a Venn Diagram in your life which crosses over two or more of the items on that list. I hope you read your November and December horoscope and began consciously minimizing your commitment and giving yourself space to pull back, or even setting up a possible 2015 exit if you needed it. This will really help you, but yes – there is a new reality which does require research.


Taurus: January 2015

Career, University, Unpaid Work

It’s so typical that the new year should begin with Mercury turning retrograde, as the traditional disruption of holidays, promotions, departures and reshuffles will be doubled by Mercury’s odd behavior. Please do read the fine print on paperwork very carefully to see what might happen in the light of a cancellation, empty promise or delay. If you can get everything in writing with your boss, lecturer, classmate, colleague, client or employee then do so, as verbal agreements are particularly vulnerable to change now. Keep your schedule flexible enough to take one or two rewrites. Normal service will be resumed from March.

Friends and Groups

You seem to be part of a group (or affected strongly by a group) which is impossible to organize, without tremendous effort. Perhaps it is worth the attempt, though, as once Mars joins Neptune in Pisces on 20th January, there is no going back and March could bring a truly chaotic situation unless you take steps now. Perhaps you also have a friend who has Neptune and/or Pisces prominent in his or her personal horoscope. If so, this friendship is both confused and confusing for other people, according to your January astrology, and although you two got away with it last year, 2015 may bring real issues unless you rein it in.

Ceres in Capricorn

The potent little dwarf planet Ceres joins Pluto, her son-in-law, in the rather relentless sign of Capricorn this month. Thus, January reminds you why you must be prepared to change every detail of an existing travel, university, foreign, school, publishing or internet arrangement. The Sun in Capricorn for the first three weeks of January will illuminate the issue and expose what is most important in the mix. There is a tremendous sense of entitlement and ownership in the air; try to understand why one person or organization might feel like this, then move on. The key is to reach a harmonious, long-term agreement.

Money, Property, Possessions, Charity, Business

You can be as wealthy as Her Majesty the Queen or Bono and still have issues with your finances, house, flat, precious objects, good cause or business interests when Saturn is around. The trick is giving yourself enough time and space to come up with a way of coping that suits you. Don’t feel as if you have to come up with some grand solution right now. This rather heavy new reality only came into being just a few days ago and you should not expect too much of yourself. You need a knowledge base; expert advice and experience on your side and that may take time to gather. Above all, don’t over-burden yourself too soon.


Gemini: January 2015

Mercury Retrograde Alert

Mercury is your ruling planet and as he moves through his shadow retrograde in January, before appearing to turn backwards, you should insure your travel plans (he is in Aquarius, in your Ninth House of journeys) and protect – particularly – what you have in mind with education, academia, publishing (digital or traditional) and your foreign and regional connections. Classic outcomes of this notorious cycle include freak weather, strike action, flawed communication, lost objects, computer problems and so on. It really is a joy, as we all know, but keeping a flexible diary and having a back-up at all times will save you.

Career, University, Unpaid Work

Trends for your career, university degree or unpaid work in 2015 are dramatically different as the hard grind aspect of your daily life has vanished, and you have finally decided to ditch anything (or anybody) weighing you down. That sense of obligation has disappeared and you are far more interested in using your talents, skills and time as a way to explore, experiment and escape. The only issue is boundaries! You are among people who lack them, or you are locked into a system or structure which is fine if you can just cruise, drift or float  but may become problematic if others want something else from you. Try to rein things in.

Money, Property, Business, Charity

You are en route to a completely new arrangement with others and your house, flat, bank account, company, good cause or business interests will be parked in a very different place by February, thanks to the ingress of Ceres in Capricorn, alongside her son-in-law Pluto. Both Pluto and Ceres raise questions about who and what is in control, and how that control is to be shared. Even though there will be strong feelings, try to use your famous gift for communication to keep things utterly logical and simple. Even though a perfect win-win result is not possible, at least you, she, he or they can negotiate something practical.

Saturn in Your Opposite Sign

Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius points to your opposite number, and also your opposition. This important new cycle thus impacts the alchemy you share with a former, current or potential partner. It also describes the chemistry created with opponents, rivals or enemies. The final six months of 2014 introduced you to the new reality. You must now accept what you cannot change and avoid falling into the trap of hoping and imagining that someone – or something – will transform. Instead, what you need is a management plan. See how others have coped before you. Read widely. This is all so new; give yourself time.


Cancer: January 2015

Money, Property, Business, Charity, Possessions

Your ruler the Moon will conjunct the Sun on 20th January, and by rights this should be the moment for a new loan, sale, purchase, contract, donation, settlement and so on. Instead you have Mercury Retrograde to deal with, so be fully prepared for the usual delays, changes or rewritten situations, which could come at any time in January and February, right up until 3rd March. You will be protected throughout as Jupiter is on your side, but it may help to read the fine print very carefully and not to necessarily expect fast or smooth results. The sharemarkets are likely to see chaos in January and February; be aware of that.

Travel, Foreigners, Internet, Education, Publishing

One item on the above list, or perhaps two tied in the same story (for example, enrolling at a foreign university) will dominate the opening months of 2015, as a stellium is beginning to build in the sign of Pisces, which rules your approach to journeys, foreign cultures, the web, teaching, studying and writing. The Mars-Neptune conjunction on 20th January is pivotal because it will show you just how messy life can become if you ignore the need for rules and regulations. Perhaps it is a particularly vague, forgetful or chaotic person or organization at fault – maybe it is a porous or leaky structure in your life. Time to take it on.

Your Opposite Number

If you are involved with another Cancerian or a Leo, major decisions will affect the relationship by February. No matter which sign your former, current or potential partner is, though, you must carve out new territory with him or her, over the next few weeks. Should you be more emotionally engaged with a rival, opponent or enemy, that person will be at the core of a redistribution of power. Ceres in her new sign of Capricorn asks you to be practical in emotional situations. What is going to work with you and him, or you and her? Above all, do not burn any bridges. Make it easy for a compromise to be figured out.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in his new sign of Sagittarius has taken up long-term residence in your house of work, service and duty. As he only made the ingress at Christmas, perhaps you accepted a reshuffle, new job or new set of responsibilities then, or have found yourself in changed professional, voluntary or university conditions. Perhaps the new sense of heaviness or hard work comes from a specific person who has recently entered your life. In all cases, expecting people, industries, workplaces or businesses to change is a little unrealistic. Acceptance of who or what you cannot change is a much better tactic with Saturn.


Leo: January 2015

Your Opposite Number

Your opposite number will preoccupy you in January and February, until you are finally able to accept a decision or make a firm plan, from 3rd March. Your former, current or potential partner is revealed by heavenly bodies in your opposite sign ofAquarius, which also rules any opponents, enemies or rivals. Tempting though it might be to charge forward into a major choice for, or about, this crucial person near 20th January, there will be changes and delays for weeks as Mercury is in his retrograde cycle. If signatures are required, then please factor in possible cancellations, alterations or waiting games before committing.

Your Money, Property, Possessions, Charity and Business

Everything you own, earn or owe is a far bigger priority after Mars changes signs to Pisces on 12th January, when a person or organization which is low on tolerance or patience will affect your plans. This only serves to emphasise just how unclear one situation has become, as the Mars-Neptune conjunction on 20th January will reveal the lack of firm boundaries in an arrangement which is, frankly, all over the place. Once Venus changes signs on 27th January the accent is on relationship building. From then on, the situation is not so much about the cash, house, flat, company, charity or possessions, but about winning hearts and minds.

Your Workload

After Ceres changes signs to Capricorn on 8th January your daily workload will raise questions about ownership, control and power. Ceres and Pluto will now be occupying the Sixth House of your solar chart, which describes your work ethic, your sense of duty to others, and your ability to serve, rather than lead. There will be a new arrangement by the time Ceres has done her work in January, possibly due to a reshuffle (promotions, departures) or just a psychological shift, when the old roles you all played in 2014 no longer apply. Be open to compromise and avoid emotional people and situations; life will be easier.

Your Body

The relationship between body, mind and spirit becomes far more important when your ruler the Sun conjuncts Pluto on 3rd January and Ceres changes signs from 8th January. By the time Mars sextiles Pluto on 30th January you should have adopted three or four crucial changes and made them part of a new understanding of your body and the business of eating, sleeping, drinking, using prescribed or unprescribed drugs, fitness, healing, surgery and medicine in general. For some reason you have been giving your power away to particular people, organisations or situations for months. Now you can take full control.


Virgo: January 2015

Children and Serious Relationships

You will move towards a completely different arrangement with (or for) your children, godchildren or young relatives by February, following an emotionally charged situation which begins from 8th January. If you are in a serious relationship where you might become pregnant or acquire the status of aunt or uncle one day, there will also be new emotional and psychological territory to carve up – perhaps sexual, too. You are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so keep talking throughout, as clear understanding of individual needs, rights, roles and responsibilities will help you, he and/or she to a new arrangement.

Boundaries With Partners

Your former, current or potential partner will become your top priority near 20th January at the Mars-Neptune conjunction – unless you are more emotionally engaged with an enemy, opponent or rival, in which case please read the next paragraph, below. The situation which built in 2014 desperately needs reining in, as although you have held things together so far, there is no point in ignoring that angel on your shoulder who has been telling you to contain and control the situation for months. You have accepted a version of reality, rather than reality itself, and it has been going on for far too long, according to your horoscope. Enough.

Enemies, Opponents, Rivals

The Seventh House of your solar chart also describes enemies, opponents and rivals (see above) and if you are in a ‘relationship’ with someone who is against you (rather like a politician and his opposition) then this will be at the core of questions about boundaries in January. You need a moat and a drawbridge – however you construct that. Be particularly aware of who and what you let into your life this month as anyone who is jealous or has a long-held grudge may surface if Mars opposes your Sun. One possible outcome now might be your decision to ditch a feud from 2013 or 2014 which took you away from the real world.

Your Workload

Your daily workload will present plenty of questions which need to be answered and some paperwork which must be signed, yet the timing is wrong. This applies no matter if you have a career, a university course of a non-profit role to deal with. Your ruling planet Mercury will be in his entire retrograde phase (including the shadow) for all of January and February so be aware of the potential for false assurances, mistakes, printing errors, computer problems and other typically messy Mercury scenarios. It may not be until March that you finally know where you stand so have Plan B up your sleeve and keep a flexible diary.


Libra: January 2015

Children and Serious Relationships

We have a New Moon in your Fifth House in January, which classically produces a new beginning for you with  children, youth, teenagers, babies, godchildren, nieces and nephews. It commonly coincides with the birth of something new in your sex life as well – particularly if this is a sexual relationship where pregnancy is possible, or where eventual marriage would deliver aunt or uncle status for you. Just remember that Mercury is shadow retrograde throughout so you will not have a standard flying start in January. Instead, you will have a backwards-and-forwards process with changes and delays until 3rd March.

The Pisces Stellium

You have stumbled, step by step, into a situation affecting your daily workload which is now so confused and confusing that you must be proactive. The Pisces stellium looks like an explosion in a fish and chip shop, spread right across your horoscope, and unless you take conscious (new) steps to sort things out, you may be knee-deep in an even more cosmic cod by March. It looks as if your interpretation of duty, service and work has become so wildly removed reality that only drastic measures (by you) will help – and now is the time . This is particularly true if prescribed or unprescribed drugs (or alcohol) is also part of your story.

Ceres in Capricorn

Perhaps you already know this, but there will be a completely different arrangement with your relative, house, flatmate, council, flat, tenant or builder no later than March and the negotiation process starts in the second week of January. Basically, this is about power and control, so don’t even think about interpreting this as a straightforward question about kitchen tiles or a flatmate chore roster! There may even be questions about one’s homeland or national identity for some Librans too. On the smallest domestic level or on the deepest level of patriotism, your sign is now superbly placed to co-create a very, very new year.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Do you have personal planets in Gemini? You can check at or – if so, your internet, media or publishing life will be powerfully affected by the new Saturn in Sagittarius cycle and you must start your research now. No matter what your personal chart looks like, your communication with the world will be affected by potent new realities which you woke up to in December. Saturn does have a rather dramatic way of announcing his presence, no matter if the issue is your computer, voice, hearing or any other communication-related issue. Read widely on how others have managed things before you.


Scorpio: January 2015

Turning The Tables Online

Turning the tables online is a major theme in January, when you can finally get to the bottom of whatever (or whomever) has been such a communication issue for you. Your ruler, the dwarf planet Pluto, is conjunct the Sun early in the month so at last light will be shed and the guesswork about your social media, blog, website, e-mail, writing, media or publishing situation will vanish. If nothing else, the last few months have taught you never to take good communication for granted. What you have lacked, though, is clear information and better still, an answer that actually works. With willpower this can now be applied.

Money, Business, Property, Possessions, Charity

You can’t say you were denied several chances to either shrink your involvement, or get right away from it – yet here you are with a rather heavy, non-negotiable new situation in your life. One might even speculate that you’ve been pulled towards it, as sometimes Saturn can have a magnetic effect, even if you know very well that hard work will be involved. The issue now is staying with just the right amount of commitment – one that is not too big an ask, given the realities of what you are now dealing with. You should also be doing your homework about what came to light just before Christmas Day. Ask questions.

Children and Serious Relationships

There is a stellium in Pisces in January. This sign rules serious relationships in your life (the kind which could make you a parent, aunt or uncle one day) as well as the world of babies, children or young adults as a whole; the connection can be personal, professional or entirely voluntary. You have got away with your alternative universe for months, drifting further and further away from what used to be normality or reality. It would be great if this altered state could exist forever, but of course, every Neptune cycle has its limits. You know very well that only you can contain and control what is going on, so why hesitate?

Mercury Retrograde

There will be a rather convoluted process involving your relative, house, town, flat or flatmate in January and February, so don’t be caught out. Tenants, builders or landlords may also be involved. Mercury will begin the retrograde shadow cycle almost as soon as January gets underway, so what you might assume is a process in motion, is actually a process which is set to move backwards and forwards until March 3rd. Make common-sense provisions for people to change their minds, or for anything from missing post to computer issues to affect outcomes. Try to get everything in writing and then read the fine print.


Sagittarius: January 2015

Communication, Information and Transportation

You have had plenty of warning about the Mercury Retrograde cycle which begins its shadow phase in January, so thanks to your horoscope you have already made allowances for the inevitable delays, changes or u-turns which will particularly affect commuting and short-haul travel. As this cycle also has an impact on computers, the internet, the post and communication in general you may also want to allow a wide margin for error and plenty of flexible diary space for rescheduling. Don’t buy a telephone or a laptop (or switch your ISP) without reading the fine print, terms and conditions with a great deal of special care.

Running Your Money

It is really not your fault that you have been unable to run your money, business, property or charity properly, as you have been unable to get the full story or obtain a clear picture for months. What you have needed all along is the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, a rather practical sign, so that you can gain new angles and see the situation from others’ point of view. There will be a carve-up in the weeks ahead as you, he, she and/or they have a tremendous vested interest in controlling things, yet no one person or organization can dominate. There must be a redistribution in the balance of power, sooner rather than later.

Saturn in Sagittarius

You can still walk away from a very new situation in your life, certain to affect how you handle your image, reputation, profile or personal appearance for months to come. However, Saturn in your own sign can be curiously compelling and perhaps there is a lesson you need to learn – and even wish to learn. Just be aware that Saturn is relentless and you should not take on more than you can realistically handle. You are also rather new to the situation which now surrounds you, so the more knowledge you can acquire, the better. This is particularly important if your brand is also your career, for the most obvious reasons.

Home, Family, Property, Home Base

The semi-chaotic Pisces stellium cycle could become a real issue by March unless you take firm steps now, to put some boundaries in – especially with flatmates or relatives who lack them. This also applies to builders, landlords, tenants and anyone else who affects the quality of your home life or property investment. This cycle also has an impact on your house or flat as physical structures, and on your home town or country (your home base). Bring order to what could so easily become disordered, right now, while you can. If you leave the situation to just run on unchecked, January’s Mars-Neptune link will be tricky.


Capricorn: January 2015

Owning Yourself

If you are like Kate Middleton or Kate Moss and have become a brand, then the issues of ownership of ‘Me’ which arise in the last three weeks of January extend beyond your own self-esteem and raise issues about your career as well. Even if your name is not your brand, the arrival of Ceres in Capricorn, your own sign, suggests major questions about how empowered you are (or not) when it comes to your personal appearance, internet profile and general reputation. There is a substantial process of change taking place in the opening weeks of 2015 which will park your packaging in an entirely new place. Try to compromise.

Secrecy, Invisibility and Mystery

Saturn, your ruling planet, is settling into his new sign of Sagittarius, which rules the Twelfth House of your horoscope. The Twelfth House describes secrets you cover up from partners and best friends – as well as confidential information and classified projects. Saturn here is bringing the unavoidable and inescapable into your life and wishful thinking about improvement or change may be unrealistic. A coping plan would be a better strategy, especially for a sign as practical as yours. Perhaps there is also a rather new mystery in your life? Or an invisible, uncredited role you are playing? Again, a practical answer helps.

Internet, Media, Publishing, Communication

Your horoscope is so profoundly affected by the forthcoming Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces that you may want to make a pre-emptive strike on your internet life, media commitment, multimedia projects, publishing goals and all aspects of communication. To be blunt, you have been avoiding the real world for too long and must tidy things up – at the very least – before you end up in a rather chaotic situation by March. Perhaps your telephone, voice or hearing is the issue? Maybe it’s just the worldwide web as a whole, which has no boundaries. Make a list. Tick the boxes. Make your way back to the real world!

Money, Property, Business, Charity, Possessions

With Jupiter in Leo until the middle of 2015 you can’t go too far wrong with your finances, house, flat, company, good cause or valuable possessions. You’ve already walked effortlessly into two rather useful situations and there will be more. Just be aware that the new beginning you make in January will be affected by delays, changes or perhaps a complete turnaround. Read the paperwork very carefully. Try to get everything in writing, and then pore over that as well. We are entering Mercury’s retrograde shadow cycle which fools an awful lot of people into thinking something is firmed up when it’s not. Plan B calls.


Aquarius: January 2015

Reputation, Image, Appearance, Role

Under normal circumstances the opening weeks of a new year would bring a New Moon in Aquarius, your own sign, and the straightforward business of a new beginning for you in image, reputation or appearance terms. Instead we have the complicating factor of Mercury retrograding in Aquarius, and as his shadow phase (at the start of January) could find you innocently setting up plans, only to see them delayed, changed or reversed later – be savvy about your timing. Anything from a printing error with a new business card, to a pharmaceuticals hack of your website, could be an issue. You get the picture. Have back-up.

Money, Business, Property, Charity

A Mars-Neptune conjunction in the financial sector of your horoscope is a landmark event and it may coincide with a rather chaotic situation unless you make a concerted attempt to streamline, organize and control what is going on. You have consciously avoided some really pressing issues in the last few months, in favour of a rather escapist approach. It’s been interesting, given the total reversal of the situation you were stuck with in recent years, but it’s also unhelpful, given the potential for muddle with your cash, company, charity, house, flat or possessions. Face the music and do what is required. The sooner the better, Aquarius.

Friends and Groups

You have actively encouraged a new friend or group in your life, despite the rather serious implications. Alternatively, you have pursued a different version of a very old friendship or group involvement, confident that you can handle anything or anybody. You may not get the full measure of what or who is involved until you settle into a rhythm, but do be a total realist about what you are up for, as it is still early enough in the year for you to pull out. In fact, you already appear to have tried minimizing your involvement – and maybe you did try to walk away. The fact is, if you’re still here with him, her or them, it’s karma. And it’s heavy.


You are going to find empowerment in January if you own your life in a more conscious way. One of the biggest issues in the final months of 2014 was feeling that something, or someone, was taking over – effectively, was the boss of you. This is such a grand illusion that you will be kicking yourself (gently) in a few weeks when you realise you were actually giving your power away the whole time. In fact, the reins are already close enough to take, but the only thing that will put you in that position is knowledge – and action. You took some steps to try and fix the issues, but now you must take more. And truly, it will work.


Pisces: January 2015

Owning Your Social Life

Owning your social life, being the boss of your own friendships, running your group commitments – does it seem like an elusive fantasy? Perhaps this always seems to get away from you, because you have been stuck with a difficult Pluto cycle in 2014. Now, however, not only Pluto but also Ceres will inhabit Capricorn, a sign associated with hard-headed thinking and a down-to-earth approach. You are the only person who can make the change happen. There is also one piece of information you need to know – and it’s coming. Inexperience or a lack of solid knowledge thwarted you before, but January is very useful.

Success and Ambition

Saturn in the Tenth House of your horoscope emphasizes the price you must now pay for success, achievement and ambition. If you want something solid, then you can have it, but it’s solid in the same way as lead – it’s heavy too. Only you can judge what feels like too much of a load to carry in 2015. The situation which has sprung up around you is relatively recent, so there is still time to try and scale down your commitment or even ditch it. Pisceans are tremendous escape artists but try not to evade or avoid the rather pressing new realities. Instead, find out more. Ask as many rude questions as you can get away with.

Mars and Neptune in Pisces

When it comes to your profile, appearance, brand, reputation or image – try to keep it real. Better still, make it real in the first place. This might be hard to see, as you have inhabited a different parallel universe for such a long time. Without an effort to do the dull, sensible thing, though, you will ultimately run into situations which are confusing at the very least, and downright chaotic if they go too far. Take a few steps back from your brand, as  if you were baked beans or beer. What do you represent to the world and how does it affect other aspects of your life too? Now is the time to haul everything back to normality.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

If you have planets in Aquarius, as many Pisces people do, then Mercury Retrograde will affect the smooth running of a group you belong to, so be aware of potential reversals and delays until the first week of March. Whatever your horoscope looks like, January and February will bring a higher or more dramatic global occurrence of freakish weather, strike action, computer viruses, airline issues and other typical Mercury Retrograde effects, starting with the shadow phase at the beginning of the month. Mercury rules the internet, information, commuting, travel, post and telephones so allow for a chain of changes.

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Your December Horoscopes

Your monthly horoscope for December from Jessica Adams Psychic Astrologer

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Aries: December 2014

The Realities of Books, Websites, Courses, Travel

If you read your horoscope all the time then you have had plenty of messages about your 2015 book, website (or blog), course, trip or relocation. There may be a regional or foreign connection tied in with your priorities on that list right now. Having been forewarned, you are very unlikely to be going full-tilt into that same commitment or plan you were talking about back in September or October. Good. You had a few uh-oh moments and it’s worked. Now you’re pulling back.

Astrology refuseniks born under your sign will not be so fortunate as they will be plunging into insanely demanding, heavy, difficult and slow situations in 2015, as the realities of publishing, academia, education, the internet, the travel industry – or particular cultural differences – will really hit. You have three weeks in December, right up until Christmas, to further reshape what you are doing. By ‘reshape’ I mean, lighten the deal. Some timely questions will reveal just why.

The people who have the most trouble with Saturn are those who just plunge in, and of course Aries is a sign well-known for her action woman or action man approach. In fact, you get kudos for it. Not on this occasion, though. There is no way you can avoid the rather demanding cycle ahead, but you can make it matter less to you; tie up far less of your time and energy; sidestep things before they become a burden to you. Astrology is about being proactive so do use it.

Your Social Status and Success

Your social status and success is ruled by Capricorn in your horoscope and it usually describes your career, university commitment or non-profit role. Unless your second name is Kardashian it’s very unlikely to be about your husband. Your situation has been increasingly relentless since Pluto moved forward and in December you will hit the point of no return. A couple of situations will make your situation perfectly clear and a dramatic decision with 2015 in mind follows.

What Excites You About Yourself

What excites you about yourself – the way you look, the way you appear to the world – is also what excites others. You only have to look at the way Twitter and the mainstream media have jumped on your Aries colleagues Caitlin Moran and Dame Vivienne Westwood in 2014. The truth is, you haven’t even hit your straps yet. The radical revision, of your radical revision, is just waiting for you. The issue for you is sorting out your career or other role so you have time to chase it.

You know you are on the right track if you have been steadily rejecting old, tired, stuck notions about how you should look and present yourself in 2013 and 2014. The true sign of progress is being rejected for this trailblazing approach to clothes, hair, face, shape, body, shoes, persona, social media profile and the rest. Of course, by now, those who were sniffy about the changes you were making have been converted. But yes, it was a good sign you were on track.

Now you can free up your life and actively chase the most exciting innovations in terms of yourself. You have been blocked from this by the intense and frankly inescapable situation dominating your career, non-profit role or university course, but now wheels are turning. One rather enthralling episode in December convinces you to be even more radical next year, so lock down the plans and set yourself free right now, by finding the time to take the very first big step.

The End of Financial Stagnation

The end of financial stagnation comes with Saturn’s exit from Scorpio, which has driven a large percentage of Aries people mad since 2013. Perhaps the issue has been your business, house, apartment, tax or possessions. Maybe it’s just the global economic slump which has hit you personally. In any case, clap your hands and sing your favourite Ramones song, because within 48 hours of Father Christmas appearing in your kitchen, the heaviest cycle in years is over.


Taurus: December 2014

Defining Boundaries with Friends and Groups

As 2014 ends you are in the mood to define boundaries with friends or groups (teams, societies, bands, clubs and other networks). There may need to be a demarcation line firmly applied. The truth is, you have been dealing with people who are strongly Neptunian or have Pisces influence in their horoscopes. They have been absent-minded, vague, woolly, wafty or just missing – all too often. You have had quite enough of this and so December looks like decision time.

Knowing Your Power

You need to know your power and own it too, or you will never get the rewards you deserve from your book, website, blog, course, workshops, teaching, trips or foreign involvements. Just by expanding your geographical and intellectual horizons in the last two years, you have become increasingly influential. This is a good sign you are on the right track, but you have also been stuck with people who are keeping you small. Are you afraid of your own power? Ask the question.
Pluto the planet which raises issues about empowerment, especially for women, is at large in your horoscope this December, thanks to a New Moon also in his current sign, which is Capricorn. The end of the year is traditionally when you have some free time to look back at the last 12 months and give yourself a mini life review. Well, this December it will more than that. The fact is, you need a whole new way (a better way) to pursue travel, publishing, the web or education.

Using Astrology To Steer Finance

Your finances, house, tax, apartment, charity, business interests, possessions or company will be strongly affected by Saturn in his new sign of Sagittarius, from December forward. The cycle will take you through many layers and levels in 2015 and 2016 so use astrology to steer your destiny now. Hopefully you were reading your horoscope back in June so you were aware of who or what the issu would be. Well, now you know. Listen – even with signatures you can pull back.

You may even want to pull out, which would be dramatic, but despite the strong hold this rather new chapter in your life has on you, don’t worry too much about redefining terms or rethinking the arrangement. That Full Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius a few months ago was powerful stuff. You set yourself on a course which now, in December, you must realistically appraise while you still have time. Just be aware of what you are getting yourself into before it’s too late.

Goodbye Saturn, Goodbye

Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio can describe difficult episodes with enemies, rivals or opponents. Perhaps you have had one or more feuds or conflicts in 2013 or 2014 as a result. If so, the hangover finishes within 48 hours of Christmas Day. There may be a flashback in the middle of 2015 but apart from that you can leave this behind. It may have been a professional spat, or a more personal issue involving your love life, but this is so over, it’s ovaaaah.

The other scenario, common to this transit, is one challenge after another with (or for) your husband, boyfriend, ex partner, potential lover, wife or girlfriend. Nothing has been nice and easy. Everything has been a drag. The trouble is, Saturn cycles accustom you to putting up with him/her/it for such a long time that you forget you ever had an enjoyable love and sex life. Truly. It should not take too long to adjust after Christmas Day, though. New year, new era, new love life.

When New Means Better

When does new, automatically mean better? When you are operating in secret, so far below the surface that nobody sees or knows what you are doing. That is one avenue to exciting new discoveries and experiments this month. In fact, you will be forced to do things differently, as a result of unavoidable circumstances – yet you will thrill to what you are exploring, then acting on. If this is not about a secret, then it is about an uncredited, unacknowledged role. Same story.


Gemini: December 2014

Preparing for Saturn in Sagittarius

Take a long, ruthlessly realistic look at your partner, former partner or potential partner right now. Thinking about 2015 – minimise the commitments, shrink the arrangements, slash the time and energy you were going to spend. If your enquiries reveal a real problem up ahead by December 21 (this gives you three weeks, assuming you’re checking this on December 1) then walk away, Renee. Saturn will slow down the pace with this person and bring substantial obstacles.

The trick is keeping the agenda very light-on, so that the crawling pace of the next 1-2 years does not drive you mad. Also, reduce the stakes or the investment so that when you hit the ‘learning experiences’ (this is hippy astrology speak from the Eighties for Saturn’s obstacles) you are not so deeply affected. It’s a very big deal for Saturn to change signs to Sagittarius, right opposite you. If you’re around 60 it happened when you were around 30.

If you are single, a person may have crossed your path or come back into your life, in the second half of 2014 – who is heavy going. Sure, there are good things about him or her, but this person has Saturn or Capricorn themes in his/her natal chart or may be going through a Saturn transit. Clues – nothing is fast or simple. Everything is the long way round with this person. You’ve already hit an uh-oh moment. Gemini, you need to know a lot more about this person before you act.

Enemies, Opponent, Rivals

Every Angelina Jolie has a Jennifer Aniston. Every Nicole Kidman has a Tom Cruise. Gemini, you can manage your future adroitly and expertly in the three weeks preceding Christmas Day, if you extricate yourself from anything major, heavy and committal you were pursuing a few weeks ago. For heaven’s sake don’t sign or promise anything unless you are 100% sure of the outcomes and implications next year. And even the year after that. Pull this back or get off it.

Can I Have My Lifestyle Back?

Every Gemini wants to know, ‘Can I have my lifestyle back?’ as it has been well over two years since you were in a comfortable space. You have either been dealing with serious medical issues, tedious health problems that never go away – or really demanding situations in your working day. I am sure you have been fencing the most boring, stuck, slow-moving people, systems or organisations in the line of work, study or volunteering and have honestly had quite enough.

The good news is, you will get your lifestyle back and have an entirely different career, university or non-profit sector experience in 2015. You have already seen the potential for improvement, just in the last few weeks. You have been getting ready for the change. Now, you have December to gain some closure. IT may be that there is still one painful episode from 2013 or 2014 which you need to settle, one way or another. I recommend waiting until the second half of 2015.

Why the wait? Because much as you are tempted to take a really good swipe at a situation, person or organization which truly upset your path in life, you have Saturn returning June-September 2015 and the last thing you want is round two – especially if you thought something was resolved. So fast-forward closure, despite the fact that you long to wrap up the year with a neat bow and move on. You would be far more successful pursuing this, post September 2015.

Your Wild, Weird, Wonderful New Social Life

What thrills you, also thrills others. It’s like a community plug-in session for your Twitter network, club, team, society, charity, band, political party or group. You have come an awfully long way (practically unrecognizable) in your social life and friendships – and tribes – in the last few years. Now you get to take yourself to the next level. I would almost describe this as the peak moment of what you have been preparing for. And you can be revolutionary. You’ve barely begun.


Cancer: December 2014

Saturn Quits Your Sex Zone

In astrology, the love you make in the Fifth House (where Saturn, the planet of delays, now resides) is very different to the love you make in the Seventh House (where Pluto, the planet of power issues, now resides). Fifth House love is basically recreational sex or procreational sex, and it’s either entirely dictated by the contraception, or the need to have heirs and spares. You can’t really get away from this issues when you’re shagging on a Saturn in Scorpio cycle.

Zero sexual choices, boring/slow/stuck sexual choices, bedtime fears and all the other lovelies that Saturn brings, may have affected you profoundly in 2013 or 2014. You may actually have been in bed with Saturn; so trying to find intimacy with someone who self-sabotages. This person has a welter of Saturn or Capricorn aspects in his/her chart or may be going through a major Saturn transit. In any case, relief is coming. New year, new sex life, new choices.

The Fifth House is ruled by Leo in the natural zodiac, the symbol of monarchy, and so adulterous affairs or mistresses are common outcomes of this cycle (royal sexual privilege and all that). Leo, most of all, rules children and so we come back to the idea of sex being about procreation or recreation. Seventh House love is totally different; it’s about equal partnership, although this is tremendously difficult at the moment as Pluto keeps raising control issues.

The sexual aspect of your life will be easier, lighter, more relaxed, more comfortable, less of an (insert expletive here) waiting game. You will see the change almost as soon as Saturn makes the ingress into Sagittarius, within 48 hours of Christmas Day. As we also have a New Moon in your opposite sign of Capricorn, which rules your Seventh House of ‘scales-based’ partnerships, December looks like D-Day. Decision Day. Destination Day. It’s nearly over.

Pluto Intensifies Partnerships or Feuds

How are you channelling Pluto in the Seventh House? There are two choices. You can either do a Prince William and get yourself intricately involved with a former, current or potential partner who is going to suck up huge amounts of energy – or you can fight. If you fight, then you attract rivals, enemies or opponents who threaten you; who are jealous of you; who compete with you. This is textbook stuff when Pluto is in Capricorn so now you have a reason.

The New Moon in Capricorn and the stellium in that sign (an intense little cluster of heavenly bodies) hammers home the point to you in December and January. You are either going to have to dive in, boots and all (and you need to be so ready for this; so well researched)…or make a decision to leave things alone. Truly, what are you going to get from winning the war? Or, more crucially, what will happen if you lose it? Astrology is a proactive business. Steer your fate.

Saturn Enters Sagittarius

Just to repeat, astrology is a proactive business. You steer your ship of destiny by seeing the map way before everyone else. Fortunately you read your horoscope regularly, right (right?) so you consciously started playing down promises and commitments at work, university or in the non-profit sector a few weeks ago. Even without astrology you may have done that. Something or someone was ringing alarm bells. So you tried to end it, or at least minimize it.

This is A Good Thing. Now continue the work. Because the reality is, you have the first three weeks of December to avert possible issues in 2015 – those issues being mostly about rocks the size of The Alps strapped to your back. Saturn is heavy nova. The archetype is lumbering, relentless, stuck. You can completely help yourself ahead of time by having the least to do with people or organisations like that. Even if you have to back down on what you said; fine.


Leo: December 2014

Serious Sexual Relationships and Saturn

Saturn moves into Sagittarius on Tuesday December 23rd at 4.33pm in London, starting a slower, more serious phase for sexual relationships. You will feel the impact immediately if you have a partner or are serially monogamous. If genuinely single, be aware that a potential lover is on the way in 2015, yet there is nothing fast, easy, fun or frivolous about this intimate liason, as Saturn slows everything down and gives you learning experiences, not champagne sex.

If you are in an existing relationship then remember you have three weeks to pull back, downsize commitments, shrink the situation or even walk away. You have to be a realist with Saturn cycles and understand that who or what you are signing up for, in the first three weeks of December, will be with you (locked in) for a long time to come. Therefore do your homework; pursue answers to even the most sensitive questions; find out what others have experienced before you.

For Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Godparents

Saturn’s ingress into the Fifth House of your horoscope triggers concerns about how easy or difficult life will be for you as a parent, aunt, uncle or godparent in 2015 and 2016. Again, because you are reading this in the first week of December, you have 2-3 weeks to either tone down the promises, shear away the heavy commitment or even walk away if you have warning bells clanging in your head. A classic example of this is a pregnancy risk with heavy implications.

Saturn is not gloom and doom, but astrology is a proactive business and you can honestly make your life a great deal easier next year, and in 2016, if you become supremely conscious of what you are locking yourself into now. Some Leo people skip children and prefer professional or large-scale commitments with children or young adults. If this sounds like you, the message is the same. Don’t just walk into something you could find far too demanding within months.

Home At Last, Leo

Saturn in Scorpio is nearly over. He departs your home zone two days before Christmas and you will feel an enormous difference between December 2014 and December 2013. If you are typical of your sign then you have been dealing with tenant problems, frustration with your home town or homeland, difficult family members, hard situations affecting a relative, endless renovations, property price concerns, bad real-estate agents and so on. Well, it’s over.

New Year, New Body

The New Moon on Monday 22nd December at 1.35am in London falls in your Sixth House, ruled by Virgo in the natural zodiac. Did you know Virgo is the only zodiac sign to be defined by her physical state? This is why your body is the focus in the final week of December. Your ruler the Sun will transit this same horoscope zone for the first three weeks of January, so what you are experiencing is your annual maintenance check or perhaps a total overhaul.

Mars in Aquarius Alert

Mars the Roman God of War enters your Seventh House on Thursday 4th December at 11.56pm. The Seventh House describes your former, current or potential partner. It also points to enemies, rivals or opponents. On no account start an argument or respond to any heat in December. Why? Because Mars may fool you into thinking this is a brief flare-up, but Mercury will retrograde through this same chart zone in the opening months of 2015. Don’t go there.


Virgo: December 2014

The New Order With Him (Or Her)

Only you can create the new order with him (or her). The former, current or potential partner. The enemy, rival or opponent. As you read this you have had quite enough of the flakiness, the vagueness or what you suspect is the outright dodginess – either of the person or the situation. You are not getting what you want. And the reality is, this is the month to change it. Part of the problem is that common-sense boundaries with him or her just do not exist. It’s all too fuzzy.

Neptune, the planet behind this transit, rules Pisces. Images of oceans and fish spring to mind, and this person has been piscine in nature. Wriggling, evasive, hard to pin down, semi-chaotic, elusive, and often – now you see him/her and now you don’t. Seriously, you need a different dynamic in your relationships and associations – even your battles – so this is the month. If you are pre-emptive and proactive you will sidestep an even more chaotic situation in early 2015.

Neptune always produces a fog – nothing is particularly clear – and often you have the suspicion that something fishy is going on. This may or may not be true, Virgo, but if you don’t have a situation which feels like a rock (more like shifting sand) then you have to ask yourself, how you might change that. In extreme cases some Virgo people are ready to sack the rock-which-is-not-a-rock in favour of someone who actually has their life together, offering support.

Should you have been unlucky enough to attract one or more slimeballs who are jealous of you (you’re more successful than them), or who are playing the baggage role in your partner’s life (those are just two examples) then it is time to seal the windows, lock the doors, pull up the drawbridge and fill the moat. Whatever leaky, porous structure in your life allowed these people in, just have to be secured. It’s a way to protect the future, but hopefully this is the last time!

Your Most Exciting Experiments

Your most exciting experiments are yet to come with the money, company, business interests, house, possessions, charity or apartment. You have not been radical enough, actually. Far from congratulating yourself from pursuing what is brilliant (at the same time that more timid and conservative people consider it whackjob) you must be realistic. How much further could you actually take this in 2015? Your grand plan? Especially given the ever-changing updates.

The fact is, you may as well go all the way. You want total independence and freedom perhaps more than you ever admitted to yourself. Being a sole agent or lone operator can sometimes be the fix. Beyond that, there is the sheer thrill of inventing new, better ways to operate. To earn, own or owe money. And cash in kind. All of this has been evolving for years, step by step, but now you are at the point where you can actually go even further than you considered, months ago.

Saturn’s Sign Changes

If you read signs other than your own (your lover’s for example) you will know that we are all going to be affected by the dramatic cyclical change of Saturn in December, as he leaves Scorpio, where he has been affecting your life online, and moves into Sagittarius. This occurs in a peak moment of intensity in the 48 hours before and after Christmas Day, partly because of the inevitable crossroads moments with family members, flatmates, live-in partners and so on.

I have been banging on about the need to pre-empt your new cycle since June because we had a Full Moon in your zone of family, home, home town, homeland, property, flatmates, the household and so on. This set certain situations in motion and you galloped towards them. Because your chart says you would be crazy to do this (and to continue the galloping) in December, now is the time to stop. Slow down. Ask more questions. Do a bit more research.


Libra: December 2014

Micro-Managing Saturn in Sagittarius

There is a fatalistic belief among some astrology followers (and embarrassingly enough, some astrologers) which results in the peculiar notion that Saturn cycles are some kind of inevitable, clanging karmic payback from a universe which has you so tightly in its grip, there is no wriggle room. This is utter nonsense, and if you want your life on the internet to be as simple as possible in 2015 and 2016 you are going to have to issue some pre-emptive strikes.

Micro-managing a cycle before it starts is crucial. So you now have three more weeks to pull out of an arrangement which you have known for months would tie up your internet, media, writing, public speaking, singing, songwriting, multimedia or publishing life in 2015. We might also add languages or speech therapy to that list. You’ve been concerned, just recently about who or what you were actually dealing with. Pull out or just cut and trim this, if you can. Phew!

Goodbye Saturn in Scorpio, Shut The Door On The Way Out

The exchange for the arrival of Saturn in your zone of communication and information, is the departure of this planet from your cash zone. This has also, as you well know heavily affected your loans, tax, mortgage, investments, possessions, house, apartment, business interests or company. At least you’ve had the light at the end of the tunnel for a few months. Now the light is drawing closer. Stop putting up with things. Start dreaming bigger. From Christmas.

Partnerships and Feuds

Forget the actual person. The enemy or partner. The rival or ex-partner. The opponent or potential partner. The name or face is less important than the process. Does that sound wildly impersonal? Actually, astrology is based on the idea that people can be players (‘All the world’s a stage’) and that the drama is actually the thing, not the actors. The drama now is about you being radical (well, you were getting ready for that) but also revolutionary. That bit is new.

Farewell Fuzzy, Vague and Foggy

I realize that Fuzzy, Vague and Foggy sounds like a legal company you never want to telephone, anytime soon. It also describes your contacts at work, university or in the non-profit sector where you volunteer. These are the kind of people who have Neptune and/or Pisces overloading their horoscope, or a poor reality function owing to alcohol, prescribed or illegal drugs. Do you honestly think the situation will magically improve by itself? Has it, in the last 2-3 years?

If you feel that things have just become more haphazard, mystifying or just full of big holes (a classic Neptune transit symptom) then ask the right question. The right question is the hard question that occurred to you a few months ago. You never put it into words, but now you can and should. The time is absolutely right due to other factors in your chart. If you need to reshape things you can. And if you would rather just walk, you can. You have uber choices right now Libra.

The Key to Superpowers

The key to superpowers is your understanding of what makes you so influential and so potent out there. And quite frankly, for the last year or two, it has been your devotion to your house, family, home town, apartment, homeland or household. That’s your key. If you have heavenly bodies or angles in Cancer, it comes naturally. You are a born homemaker, family lynchpin or patriot. Even if you don’t, you’ve learned to fake the ability to belong to a place or your people.

Crank this up in December, when the New Moon in Capricorn, in your Fourth House (ruled by Cancer in the natural zodiac) gives you a natural starting point. Blood is thicker than water so pursue that again. And home is where the heart is, and also the soul and psyche – so recommit. You will be doing this anyway, regardless of what your chart is telling you. If you want to be superman or superwoman in 2015 though start now and make this part of you, hyper-function.


Scorpio: December 2014

Living With Yourself Again

Living with yourself again, almost as if you were a brand or commodity, with particular packaging and labelling, is part of the appeal of 2015. You know the change is coming because you made smart decisions a year or two ago, and you began cranking up the plans a few weeks ago. Things are coming around. Things are on the turn. One very important point, though. It is common for people to want to make one grand-slam final gesture on a transit like this.

Some way of perhaps drawing a line under the dismal episode in 2013 or 2014 that so affected the way you looked or appeared. Some gesture that closes the door. In actual fact you are operating under an illusion, because although it’s possible that executing this by Christmas may draw the line you want – Saturn returns to Scorpio in the middle months of next year, so you truly do not want part three of this story. Do this, instead after October 2015 when Saturn has left.

The No-Nonsense Approach to Communication

Pluto has a way of forcing you to be no-nonsense and ruthlessly can-do about what does not work for you online. This also applies to writing, publishing, media, multimedia, singing, poetry, songwriting and all the rest. You have been put through such a mill this year that you have ended up with no option except to do what you want, as you wish, in a way that works for you. Not for other people, nor particular corporations or departments. It’s come down to this. Be yourself.

Owning your own control over the way you are heard and read is part of the story in December. The New Moon in Capricorn will set you on your way. You have already done something fairly drastic, in terms of clawing back the reins to steer your own internet life. Or was this about languages or public speaking? Or even just the telephone? Communication is different things to different people, but having taken back some power, you can now grab a whole lot more.

Preparing for Saturn in Sagittarius

You trust astrology as this almighty alternative timing device, and it will work for you, if you understand that your real-life, common-sense experience has been tallying with it anyway. In other words, you began a whole new chapter with your money, business interests, house, charity, flat or possessions in the second half of this year. Then you had misgivings. Then you hung in there. But now you are waiting and wondering. What you actually need are some answered questions.

No matter what it takes to find out what you absolutely need to know, make no promises, commitments or arrangements for 2015, and possibly 2016, until you are absolutely up to speed with the way things are going to work. It’s the nagging voice in the back of your mind that is the one to listen to, before a Saturn transit begins. If you feel you’ve made a mistake, then walk away. If you think this is redeemable, great, but cut, trim, chop, change and lighten your load.

For Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Godparents and Wannabe Parents

Neptune in Pisces has gone too far. Or, more specifically, the situation with your son, daughter, niece, nephew, godchild or pregnancy-potential relationship has gone too far. It’s like getting into the sea at Dover and finding yourself drifting off Calais without any idea whatsoever about what is going on. Or who is where. Or when X will be at Y, or even at Z. The reality of your chart is that unless you nail people down and get hard answers to firm questions, nothing is going to alter.

Sexual Relationships

Neptune is in the Fifth House of your solar chart which rules the sexual relationships where the pill or condom are very big issues, or the affair is adulterous. The Fifth House also rules the kind of sex you have, when creating an heir or spare is a big deal. Once again, you have to ask yourself why you are operating in such foggy and unclear conditions. It’s all a bit…random. Trace the situation back all the way to its primary source. And yes, this is yours to fix.


Sagittarius: December 2014

The New Me Realities

Saturn is about to enter Sagittarius for over two years, and fully occupy your image and appearance zone. You have been getting deeper and deeper into a new arrangement for 2015, maybe into 2016, which would affect how you are seen and appear. Hmmm. A quote from Dad’s Army comes to mind. Is that wise? Clearly some person or organization has an agenda, but…wise? No? Good. Well maybe you can micro-plan the new year a little more carefully.

As we go into December you are still here, immersed in your own future new image or appearance episode. The trick with Saturn is to either walk away from the whole thing while you still can (before it goes any further or commits you any more deeply) or just to minimize it all by 50% so when you hit delays and obstacles with Saturn, it just won’t affect you that much. So Miley, if you’re reading this, you may want to twerk off in another direction. (She’s Sagittarius).

Sagittarians choosing cosmetic surgery, corporate weight loss or fitness training, new professional roles (which are all about your brand), upfront new positions (on camera, or heavily online) and so on, are the target for Saturn. Oh, you’ll know very well what you’re up for and in for, because there was something so irresistible about the offer, organization or person before. And now you’ve reached a point where unless you do something, you’re in this. As in, really in it.

Home, Family, Household, Home Town

Once upon a time you had a rock-solid arrangement where everything and everybody was in place. And the last few months have revealed how utterly wobbly and unsatisfactory things actually are. Do you honestly think this will correct itself without intervention? Good luck with that one. A close relative, flatmate, particular house or flat arrangement, home town or homeland concern is showing huge holes. Plug them while you can or just ditch an arrangement.

Distance and Perspective by 2020

You have been struggling with a very difficult secret in 2013 and maybe 2014 but distance and perspective will come by 2020. If you feel guilty about covering something up, or just doing it in the first place, you will be astonished to see how much you truly don’t care, within five years, as the Saturn cycle moves on and so does life itself. What changes out there in the world will make you feel completely different about yourself and your soul and what actually went down.

Some Sagittarians have kept no secrets; lied to, or evaded nobody. Instead you have been plugged into a situation where everyone else is the name or face and you are right off the radar. It is a truly peculiar situation to be in and it has been very, very dull to live with. At one point it was actually painful. Now it is just a drag, but the good news is, you saw light at the end of the tunnel in October and it was real. Life just gets brighter and shinier from Christmas. This is so over.

Your Thrilling New Year Starts Here – The Next Generation

Actually, your more daring and thrilling experiments with (for or through) children have already been an astonishing success and you have the smugness of knowing you were right when more staid and stuck people or organisations were wrong. Beyond this though you are actually not being radical enough. You could call a 100% revolution, rather than just a 50% one. The odd thing about a Uranus cycle is that when you think you’ve ‘made the changes, there are more.

Sexual Relationships

The kind of sex where you could get pregnant, or you spend a lot of time dealing with contraception realities, belongs to the cycle you are in now. As before, you have already come an unrecognizably long way from where you were in recent years. Whole new ballgame, so to speak. Ahem. What you may not realize about your approach in December, though, is that you could go even further. If you’re open to radical suggestions from others, then make it clear. Then listen.


Capricorn: December 2014

Secrets and Invisibility Cloaks in December

If you read your horoscope regularly you will have been aware of the need to pull right back from the commitments you were making to yourself (or others) regarding what you must cover up, hide or keep secret. Why? Because shortly after Christmas, you will see just how onerous that situation could become. Far better to minimize things now and lower the stakes so there is less to deal with. There is also the radical option of walking away altogether; sure you can.

The invisibility cloak is the other side of a Saturn transit through your Twelfth House. Long associated with Neptune and Pisces, this cycle rules what is submerged, in the depths or impossible to detect below the surface (just like the ocean itself). You are moving into an invisible role where others are the name or face. As you have already had a few early warning signs about who or what you might be in for, take the time to weigh the implications; pre-empt any problems.

Money Accelerates

Money, property, your business interests, your possessions or company is a green light area in December as Mars changes signs to Aquarius and the Second House of your chart. There will also be a noticeable lack of tolerance or patience over one burning issue, yet with other people’s cash, houses, apartments, shares, stakes, precious objects and so on – you only stand to gain. Do expedite decisions before January though to avoid delays, mistakes, u-turns.

Greetings to the New Capricorn

I’m borrowing the Billy Bragg song Greetings to the New Brunette for this part of your December reading. And you may in fact change your hair colour. Or your shoes. Or your glasses. Or your entire face and body if you live in Los Angeles. Monday 22nd December (allow 24 hours either side depending on your time zone) is the flagfall. Your name, title, social status, role or other box that the world puts you in may also be brand new, near that date. You’ll be more potent.

Your Single-Digit Farewell to Saturn

Nobody likes Saturn. Even you, and he is your ruling planet. He has been lumbering through your zone of friendship, social media, groups, teams, societies, charities, associations and social life for over two years, so you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to actually relax and enjoy any of this. You will be woken up from your false assumptions within 48 hours of Christmas Day. You may even acquire a brand new social circle or network if you’re very lucky.

Doing It Your Way – Home and Family

You obviously grew up with a particular way of seeing your family, or your home and home town – or country. This seems to have been sheared away in recent years as one Eureka moment after another has confronted you, excited you and then both confronted and excited others. Now, as you turn the corner into 2015 you have the option of an entirely new way of interpreting what your people should mean to you – and who they are – and where or what your place can be.

Empowerment Through Branding

Pluto in Capricorn is fairly well-known to you, if you read your horoscope regularly. You are aware that over the long haul, since 2008, there have been mounting questions about who and what is in control of your brand. By brand, I mean your name, label, internet profile, social media standing, and so on. Everything is coming to a head in December and by January you may well decide to leave behind anything or anybody that has been disempowering you.

The reality is, simply by pushing yourself first, and putting yourself first – almost as if you were a product – you have woken up to find yourself with increasing amounts of influence and clout. Who knew that would have worked so well for you? After all you’re a Capricorn not a self-promoting Aries. Don’t knock the formula, though. And do realize that you can trade on this next year, but you will only hit your true potential if you farewell anyone or anything holding you back.


Aquarius: December 2014

The Last of the Big Career Realities

They call Saturn the Lord of Karma and if you are prepared to stretch the story a bit, it is true that whatever was done to you by your boss, employee, colleague or client in 2013 or 2014, you also did to someone else. In a manner of speaking. Look back, back into your past and you will see. This applies to university life or non-profit work too. Saturn brings all your chickens home to roost. Yet December is the last of the big career, university or non-profit realities.

Farewell Flakey Finances

If your business interests, house, flat, tax, money, charity or possessions is all tied up with another Aquarian or Leo, then the flakiness is double-coated and Cadbury could not even attempt to make it. No matter what signs are involved, though, you can farewell all this, within four weeks. There is actually natural timing involved, if you wish to depart. Or just to fix the problems. Avoiding the issue is playing along with those who are natural avoiders, though. Nail them.

Neptune in Pisces reveals that part of the problem has been a big mystery patch you don’t even know about. In other words, these people, or this organization, has had its own chaos to deal with. The knock-on effect has impacted your own life, so that you open up a discussion (or they do) and then it goes…dribble, dribble, nowhere. This dripping effect is typical of any Neptune transit and it could intensify in March 2015 so you may as well fix this or ditch it right now.

The Worldwide Web

The most revolutionary thing you could do about the WWW is to sack it and operate without any digital in your life at all. Some Aquarians are about to do just that. In the vast majority of cases, though, you’ll just start what you have been experimenting with for a year or two – and in fact, restart it, because your chart reveals you already had one attempt. Beyond that, look at the wider implications of what you are doing, because Uranus in Aries says you could go even further.

Saturn in Sagittarius and You

You are well-known for your friendships and your group commitments – your tribes. You shine brightest as a true friend, or a team player. Saturn’s entry into the Eleventh House of your chart, which rules all these things, is consequently a very big deal. If you were reading your horoscope back in June, you will know that you were about to enter into a whole new phase with your friend, or a group, in the second half of 2014 which you would have to monitor carefully. Here it is.

The payback for any hasty decisions or any over-committed choices will be pretty obvious from Christmas Day, and it will linger in 2015 and even as late as 2016. So here is the thing about Saturn. You take decisive action to minimize the involvement, to pull back the time or energy, to actually betray an earlier promise if you must, and to secure your situation so that the stakes are suddenly a great deal lower than, say, in September or October. Proactive is pre-emptive.

Saturn always gives you a serious offer; a big ask; a mature proposal. Saturn people (and your friend, or this group member is one of them) want to know where they stand, before they even stand there. And you too. There is something awfully solid and rock-like – sturdy, you might say – about Saturnine types, whose horoscopes are loaded with Capricorn placements or Saturn aspects. Yet, as time will prove in 2015, they can be heavy weather.

The Capricorn Stellium

The Capricorn stellium is building in December and January, and so the year’s end really will be an ending. You have come to the final page of the calendar which is classically the time when people shut the door. It’s just easier to say goodbye when it’s Christmas, New Year and holiday time – the gap is there. Of course you may change your mind. However, it very much appears that December is curtains for one situation that you should have ended ages ago.


Pisces: December 2014

Inventing a New Way to Earn, Own or Owe

Your finance, property, bank, tax and business chart never ceases to amaze me, because every time you seem to have called some revolution, it’s never enough for you, and you just go further and do something even more radical. It’s almost as if your success clearing each hurdle leads to ever more extreme moves. You are already pursuing something new and different again in December-February (because you have to) and yet you’ll take it further still.

If you’re going to reinvent the wheel, which is basically what you’ve been trying to do for the last year or two, you may as well find a new pony. Just take this to its logical conclusion. Why are you doing, what you are doing? Should you saddle up to something or someone that would actually deliver the results more effectively? Cutting to the core of what you want – and it looks suspiciously like the kind of change, that will change your year – is what December is all about.

Getting Back To Normal

You have actually lost sight of what normal is. In fact, purely to survive, you have accepted the least desirable, the least satisfactory and the least deserved as ‘normal’ when in fact, as Christmas will prove, you were miles away from the truth. You will be using the internet, travelling, publishing, writing, teaching, studying or pursuing your beliefs just as you once did, by January. Oh, it will be different. The last two years have left some scars. But normality is calling you.

If you were clever then your response to the most hideous situation in 2013 (probably) or 2014 (possibly) was to get real, be drastic and make tough decisions. Now you are in such entirely changed circumstances it is hard, perhaps, to accept that you could ever get back to that state of escape, bliss, comfort, relaxation, security and all the rest that you once had with the web, publishing, travel, academia or education. You will prove yourself wrong.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Smart Moves

Your June horoscope warned you, so now you have taken steps to manage Saturn in Sagittarius before it snares you. Smart moves now involve cutting back the career promise you made; minimizing the university commitment which (privately) worries you; shrinking the non-profit responsibilities you walked into. I am sure that you made grand declarations or heartfelt promises, especially in September-October, but it is not too late to either pull out, or to pull back hugely.

Saturn always brings heavy people – something is stuck or slow inside them and it’s so hard to shift. They are solid but they are inflexible or operate from little systems or structures in their lives which you have no hope of penetrating. At least not quickly or easily. This also applies to organisations, departments, corporations and perhaps entire industries. I would blanket-term all these people and entities as lumbering dinosaurs and warn you accordingly. No Jurassic!

You can deal with Jurassic – in fact you are already deeply involved – without actually having to chain yourself to a promise or situation which is going to feel like an obstacle course next year. That’s the key. And in a very few cases, perhaps for those of you born in late February (Saturn will square your Sun in Pisces first of all), there may be an instinctive desire to pull out. That’s okay. But don’t lob back in, during 2015, in a moment of weakness. Not without thought.

Getting Clear and Getting Real

There are people, organisations or situations affecting your brand which are just full of holes. The same applies to those (or that) which affects your reputation. There are too many gaps, absences, question marks, mysteries for you to get what you want. These Neptunian individuals or entities are often away, missing or just Auto Reply Out Of Office. Alternatively, they are just vague and wafty and you never really get accountability or responsibility. Get some or maybe say bye.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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Your November Horoscope

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Aries: November 2014

Developing a new sense of security is what Saturn in Scorpio is all about. You basically lost, or sacrificed, what you had in terms of the money, business interests, house, possessions, flat or charity – maybe in 2013, maybe more recently. In any case tough decisions were made and you fronted up and did the work. You have also been unnaturally patient and stoic about financial, company, corporate, property or non-profit sector situations that have stretched you for months. What happens in November is intense, because we have a cluster of heavenly bodies joining Saturn in Scorpio in a really tight traffic-jam. So it feels as though you will be doing an awful lot, frightfully quickly. And most of all, what you need to do is live in the real world. Accept what is there, and what you have, and the way things actually are. The advantage of doing this and adjusting as you must, is that from Christmas the constant sense of having to wait, and work, will vanish. Oh yes.

The issues began at the end of July, but you may not have realised the full enormity of what was happening with your chosen job, field, university, business or industry until October, when it became quite clear that something (or someone) was taking over. You may even have had a couple of examples of this, as Pluto in Capricorn can sometimes labour the point. In mythology, Pluto was the god of the underworld who had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. He took, and took over, which is exactly what you have just been through in career, uni or even non-profit sector terms. So what was the point? The point was, to force you to take some control, because unless you use your self-discipline to turn things around, you will either remain stuck with things, or even slide backwards. Yet the irony is, if you were to change X, Y and Z, you could transform your life. The potential you have with the next generation, or relationships, relies on it.

In mythology and astrology, Jupiter and Pluto share a story together. Basically, Pluto took over, and Jupiter fixed things. In your own horoscope at the moment there is also a story taking place. You have been handed something (or someone ) absolutely amazing, since the middle of the year, and it all accelerated in September. This involves children, godchildren, young relatives. A partner who might bring his/her nieces, nephews, children or godchildren into your relationship. Alternatively it involves the most high-potential plans and plots, all involving the next generation, born 20 years or more after yourself. The key to turn the lock is your willingness to change the way you work, study or volunteer. Unless you do that, then you will not get very far and the opportunity will fly away.

As you’ve seen (above) sorting out the basics with your money, business interests, possessions, house, flat or charity is what November is all about. The good news is, once you have taken a deep breath and put your shoulder to the wheel, 2015 is going to be so much more comfortable and relaxed. And with the basics in place, you can then finally look at some madly exciting possibilities for your label, personal appearance, reputation, name and profile which were first suggested to you in September and October. You’ve been nodding enthusiastically enough but not actually thinking any of this could become real. The reason for that is the long, drawn-out delays with finally sorting out the financial, material or practical side of your life. This will be in place by Christmas, though. So keep entertaining the most radical and thrilling options; by 2015-2016 it could be real.

Future minding is a lovely phrase which is a bit like dog minding or child minding, except you are taking good care of 2015 and 2016. Now, there is absolutely no way you can avoid a new story in your life, concerning travel, foreign people, publishing, the internet, foreign places or education. This new story will gather in speed, importance and intensity in the second half of November. What you can avoid, though, is locking yourself into a commitment where the stakes are too high. In other words, where the ramifications are too great, should something not go as you wish. A good example of this might be emigrating to a country you have never even visited, with the intention of taking your Master’s degree. Imagine how tough that could be, if the gods were not smiling upon you! No matter how your life is laid out, do look at the website, the book, the trip, the relocation or the course in question with tremendous cynicism and even a little pessimism. I don’t want to be a downer, but Saturn in Sagittarius is *such* a downer that I would rather you erred on the side of negativity than just stumbled into something which (by 2015-2016) would prove to be so damn difficult for you. Saturn will teach you something. It has to teach you something. And it won’t be easy. But the ‘what’ of the teaching depends on you, right now, in late November, as you make choices


Taurus: November 2014

Over the last two months or so, you have put up with an invasion of sorts. Your normal life as an internet user, publisher, student, writer, traveller, teacher or global citizen (across regions or countries) has been thrown out of balance. The person, group or entity which took over may be affecting you still. Alternatively it was not so much a face or a name attached, but a situation which just seemed to move in on you, and utterly disrupt the way you were headed with your course, trip, relocation, book, website or foreign concerns. Taurus, it takes great insight to appreciate that this could be good for you. But perhaps on some level you are coming to terms with this. The fact is, you needed motivation, even if it was uncomfortable, to make you shift your position. And now, at long last, you can. There is no reason on earth in November why you should not drastically alter the way you set about these things. Just try not to offload personal responsibility for changing your own life by targeting him, her, them or some nameless ‘it’ as the problem and becoming distracted by that. Just set to work and do what must be done. In fact, it is what you should have done in ’13.

The Jupiter and Pluto cycles are so linked at the moment, that you do have rewards for changing your life, as Pluto demands. Jupiter brings the glittering possibilities. And you have had a decent enough taste of the way life might be, in terms of your house, flat, home town, homeland, household or family – since July. It’s still not enough, of course, and you want more. Yet the reality is, until you dramatically transform the way you write, teach, study, publish, use the web, travel or deal with other nationalities and cultures – nothing will be delivered. At least not at the level you deserve.

Your final task with your former, current or potential partner will take you all of November and December, but then you will be on your way. This also applies to enemies, opponents or great rivals. You are now in a good place, in terms of the end of the road being in sight. You can see how this might end up for you, and you can banish 2013 to the pit of lost memories, as we all go through episodes we would rather just throw in the trash. Of course you have been pushed and shoved by destiny to take the path you are on now. But in October you realised just how right that path could be, despite the hard work ahead. Don’t do it all at once; give yourself the luxury of time. Lord knows this has taken long enough anyway. ‘This’ being the sense of closure and completion you need on what has been a pretty arduous journey to proper partnership, or a balanced set of emotional scales, or an equal result – or the right kind of relationship with a former or potential partner.

You thought you were headed in a certain direction with your invisible role, your confidential concern, your secret plan, your unacknowledged efforts, your classified information. Then, in September or October, everything was spun around in an enthralling new way. You can’t really complain about this, even though it has utterly challenged the road you assumed you were on. There will be time to absorb, though! You don’t actually just have to drop everything and get onto this new path. You will be given the time to think, meditate and process in November and you so need it. Of course, the reality of your life is this – until you sort out the situation with your former, current or potential partner (or your enemy) once and for all, by Christmas, nothing can really move forward. But you will, and yet this takes time, thus the reminder that you have weeks and weeks to absorb.

This is your regular Saturn in Sagittarius warning. Be extremely cautious about what you enter into financially, with property, in business, or with a charity in the second half of November. This new Saturn cycle will bring some learning experiences and waiting games for a year or two, so you don’t want the stakes to be too high. An example of this might be borrowing a huge amount of money in the second half of November, which you expect to pay off quickly by 2016 – with an interest rate that can go up and up. You get the picture. Don’t sleep walk into arrangements, especially on paper, if your common sense and the experience of others tells you, this could be too heavy.


Gemini: November 2014

You had absolutely no idea this was coming, but back in September or October, a particular person, group or situation turned all your existing ideas on their head. You can now see how very different and exciting 2015 and 2016 (maybe even the next few years) might be, in terms of your social life, old friends, new friends and particularly your groups. There is a caveat to this though and it involves doing the donkey work to get the thrilling new carrots. The donkey work is really about your body, but also about the daily workload you have. The two are connected. You cannot be of service to others, or do your duty at work, university or in the non-profit sector – unless your body is running as it should. This has been a constant theme of the last two years and now you are turning the corner at last, but there is still more work to do, and effort to apply, right up until Christmas. So that’s your donkey role, right there. Beyond that, the actual structure of your day, from the time you start work or study, to the extra housework and chores you have at home, needs to be firmly and fully addressed. Once the basics have been bolted down in your life, by January, then – and only then – will you be in a position to see what remarkable new adventures you might pursue, socially.

Your former, current or potential partner? Your great rival, enemy or opponent? One of these people is firmly on your radar in the second half of November. You appear to be sliding into decisions which will affect your life for the next year; maybe the next two years. Do not slide. Consciously study and research the person, yourself and the situation. Entertain all outcomes including those you would rather not face. Be a total realist about marriage, divorce, separation, love triangles, de facto relationships and the rest. Be a maniac for the facts (just the facts) about legal battles, and even without the legals – the way anyone who is against you might function, in the next 1-2 years. I am being paranoid on your behalf so that you can keep the situation really low-volume which means making 100% clear choices from late November through to Christmas, when Saturn moves into your opposite sign of Sagittarius. By then it may be too late to undo certain things which you wove into your life, back in November. And it will be a hard tapestry to unstitch.

The big change with your money, house, business interests, charity, possessions or apartment has to be absorbed into your life as if it was going to become part of your world for 2015 and 2016. Not just a short-term attempt to fix things. Why so? Because Pluto in your financial and lifestyle sector certainly isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. And also because your horoscope suggests you tried short-term answers before and got nowhere. If you measured your progress since 2012 it would be little slides forward, then more slides backwards. What happened to you in September and October forced you to realise just how precious control was. How absolutely essential it was to you, to feel that you had power in the situation. Now your horoscope tells you to use the right time and right place you find yourself in (at last) to seriously address what needs to alter. If you make this a way of life it won’t be such a big deal next time. And what is your reward? Well, for a start, it is ‘problem solved’ and there is no reward like that. But beyond this, Jupiter in Leo is telling you, that if you can only sort out your money and security, you will immediately be in a position to enjoy the rewards of projects which use your way with words, or plans which use your gift with images. Some may be digital, some may be old-fashioned (singing, public speaking, languages, poetry) but in all cases if you really want to milk what (or who) happened to you since July, you’ll do the maths.

Keeping it real in your career, or with your other roles and goals, is about constant vigilance. It looks as though you slipped into a situation back in September or October which was all too easy to wade into, yet was utterly misleading or even life-complicating. What actually happened with your job, university commitment or voluntary role was a simple case of Neptune in Pisces. This cycle is notorious for lulling us into believing in something or someone that is illusory. It’s like a little slide show or a short film. When you actually get to experience the full-tilt reality, unfortunately the reality seems all too…real. Well, as you go into November you’ve had your moment with all that. But this cycle is long-term and if you are dealing with people, projects, positions or situations which don’t really inhabit any kind of reality, then you need to be continually ‘on’ this like a tight-fitting suit.


Cancer: November 2014

Cancer, for the first time in 29 years, Saturn moves into your body zone at Christmas, and he remains there in 2015 and 2016 as well. I mention this now because whatever you are dealing with from January next year, you will be setting up now, in the second half of November. This is worth mentioning, because you do have freedom of choice. It may seem as if astrology is like some heavily fated life map, but in actual fact it is more like the London Underground. You can take any coloured line you want. You can get off anywhere you like. You can even get out of the station, walk back the way you come and start again. Make your ‘body’ plan very carefully at the end of November because you will have to deal with the primary or secondary results of this, for longer than you expected, and with more obstacles than you may be anticipating now. Do some research. You need to look at the exercise program, the doctor, the drugs, the food, the drink, the health insurance factors, the alternative practitioner and all the rest – almost on a professional level. Compare notes, seek out forums, do the work. That way you will choose a far, far better option now.

There are a couple of things to say about your job, course or voluntary role. What happened to you in September or October was utterly unexpected. It took you about five minutes to say yes – or at least to admit you were prepared to entertain previously unheard-of notions. Some things, of course, seem too big, too radically different (and just too much) to truly let into your life in any real way. But as November rolls on, you will realise just how real this could all become – ‘this’ being an electrifying, thrilling, extraordinary new way to work, study or volunteer. What you must do, though, is put in tremendous effort with the next generation, or the relationships ushering it into your life. In other words, you have to do the basic stuff, which means sorting out and fixing all the elements of parenthood (for example) that you know must be completed. Beyond parenthood there may be a youth demographic; a young people’s project; a whole generation born 20 years or more after you which has been such hard work for you, for such a long time. Cancerians with godchildren, children or young relatives have been most affected by this cycle but there are also those of you with stepchildren, fertility, adoption, fostering or other complex issues. And then there are sexual relationships with people who already have nieces, nephews, godchildren and so on, which have to be factored into your world. In essence, Cancer, you have an eight-week sign-off on this very long and demanding cycle, but once you sign off, you can think about a wild, experimental 2015 or 2016.

Whenever you get an outer planet like Pluto going through your Seventh House, you are really manipulating the see-saw with the other person. Your wife or husband is the likely suspect. However, this could also be your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your ex. Some Cancerians have long-term crushes on the Man Most Likely or Woman Most Likely, and these prospective lovers are also candidates for the see-saw. Other people born in June or July use a work partnership as their ‘marriage’ and work out the balancing act that way. In a minority of cases, Cancerian people go straight to an enemy, great rival or opponent for the see-saw challenge, because just as two people who are madly in love can carefully manipulate their side of the situation to suit each other, two people who are completely up against each other, also need to realise they are on a two-way structure that needs just as much weighing and measuring as anything else. In November, Cancer, you have to change the see-saw. Even get a new see-saw. Unless you do this, you will never get the extra money you deserve. And if it’s not about money then it’s about cash in kind. A lovely house. A great apartment. A stunning business resource. Precious possessions. A stupendous charitable  or philanthropic involvement. Back in September or October, either the person I have listed (above) or a third party, was at the heart of an intense, difficult, relentless lesson. The message coming out of this lesson was basic. “You *have* to change.” Well, now you can. And if you don’t? What a waste.

In November both Chiron and Neptune will resume direct motion in your Ninth House, which describes the relationship you have with people from other nationalities and cultures. This segues into websites and books for some of you, and in other cases, academic or less formal courses, workshops and seminars. Beyond this, the Ninth House is very much linked to the idea of expanded spiritual, religious, intellectual or cultural horizons, and given the scope of the internet these days, you can play that any way you like. The challenge for you is to put in boundaries, or just firm them up a little. You had a reality check about the place, project, person, plan or organisation in October which really showed you how out of touch you had been. None of this was your fault. It was perfectly lovely to coach yourself into accepting a version of reality, rather than to make actual hard enquiries about who or what you were truly dealing with. Well, now you know. And yet all is not lost. Far from it. Just shape this. Manage it. Make it work for you. But try to keep it real.


Leo: November 2014


Your clan, even if you are not Scots, is your immediate family; your household (including animals); your countrymen and countrywomen; the other locals. It is the people you belong to, and it is described by the sign of Scorpio at the moment, which is where we find the greatest instability, but also the greatest promise. Why promise? Because once you are past Christmas Day, you will know for sure that life is back to normal. And by normal, I mean life in 2011 and earlier. Before you hit one, two or even three life chapters affecting your house, flat, home town or country which to you have resulted in some of the hardest decisions for years.

Beyond the clan and the sense of belonging to a region or country, and all the tough reality checks that have come with that, you have also endured issues with a family member, flatmate, house;, block of land, property agent, tenant and/or apartment. Some are a wince-making memory from 2013 others go on reverberating. What you will experience in November is a state of flux, in the first half, which settles down in the final half of the month, leading you to a real sign-off moment. It’s a really good idea to get closure by the second or third week of December. And then home will be home again to you.

This cycle may have been about people individually or a particular place. About your council or local government. You can add any number of issues to that list, but you want, need and deserve a space and sanctuary to call your own without the issues. It’s close. You really just need to get through this fairly intense, dense patch of final decision-making, Leo. The Full Frosty Moon on Thursday 6th November is a case in point. It will not be until Mercury retraces his steps from Saturday 8th-10th, though, that you will finally know where you stand. The big reality check to help you draw a line under the last two years will come very close to Tuesday 18th November when your ruler the Sun conjuncts Saturn.

I really can’t repeat this basic message too often. Be awfully careful what new territory you are entering in terms of your daughter, son, godchild or young relative. Likewise with projects or plans which are all about youth and the young. Beyond this, there may be new territory ahead which brings in issues like adoption, pregnancy, fertility and step-parenting. Your lover’s nieces, nephews or godchildren may also be on your agenda.

This may be about your heir and your spare, or other kinds of pretenders to your throne; maybe children or young adults as an entire demographic. Just be hip to what you are getting into, before you get into it. On no account expect this to be straightforward and simple. Don’t assume a fast, easy result from any of this. Be a realist, even a pessimist! That way you cover all eventualities and cover your bases, and 2015 will be a far easier ride. You will know exactly what you are getting into after Venus enters Sagittarius on Sunday 16th November when everything becomes about a two-way street. Pay particular attention to who (or what) you lock into your future near Saturday 22nd November at the New Moon in Sagittarius. There will be further discussion, news, paperwork or meetings from Friday 28th November when Mercury enters Sagittarius and you must do your level best to avoid committing yourself to future burdens, Leo. Some really good examples of this would be an adoption application or a conscious unplanned pregnancy risk. Can you deal with it in 2015?

With Neptune still bobbing around in Pisces, going direct in your Eighth House on Sunday 16th November, you need constant background awareness of the potential for a really confused and confusing situation with your house, apartment, possessions, money, charity and/or business interests. Why? Because you appear to have attracted a situation (or person) which is everywhere, all the time, without any boundaries or controls. Things are vague or fuzzy. Nothing is really spelled out or defined. Keep a watchful eye on Neptune because you can end up all at sea without an anchor to hold you, if you go out too far. Neptunians may be around you in this cycle; individuals or organisations who are escape artists; who do not inhabit the real world; who do not have their feet on the ground. Don’t be lured by them unless there is some kind of agreement about a return to reality every so often. Once a week should do it.

Pluto in Capricorn has really put you through your paces with your food, drink, drugs, health, doctors, alternative practitioners, exercise or hospital care. Ever since the end of July you have been set up by the universe, so that nothing less than conscious transformation will suffice for you. This cycle will operate on any level it can. However it has manifested for you, the basic message is, unless you alter the habits of a lifetime and really run your own body, you will get away with nothing. There is just no way to cheat things any more, or to wriggle around. Just deal with this Pluto and Mars cycle through the uncompromising sign of Capricorn and change your life.


Virgo: November 2014

The crazy amount of delay and endurance-testing you have been put through with the internet, media, publishing or other forms of communication is nearly over. Since late 2012 when Saturn moved into Scorpio, into an area of life naturally ruled by your own planet Mercury, you have had to wait…and wait…and wait. As you are now aware, November-December is time for one last burst of hard work and sheer effort, and then there will be closure. Following this, or maybe dovetailing with it, there is a new beginning. So you are either entering a fresh phase with your role, plan or project (or the technology) or you may even cut something right out of your life, ahead of a new start for 2015. I mention all this hard work in November and December because you need a finishing line, and Christmas is it. Beyond this, the reality is, you won’t get the amazing, exciting new options you were shown with your money, business interests, house, apartment or charity unless you do the work. Those options which came your way in September or October may have seemed unlikely at the time, but you still kept nodding and smiling. Quite right too. You could actually have this  thrilling and totally unprecedented future by 2016, but oddly enough, it begins with your commitment to sign off on this never-ending communication, internet, writing, publishing, media, languages, phone, computer cycle – with an intense burst of focus and energy in November.

Be a total realist about the decisions you are making in November and December. Property paperwork and the fine print on tenants, landlords, renting, owning, mortgages, sales, auctions and all the rest can be painful to look at, but if you can’t be bothered, at least get the best expert recommended to you and seek out some good opinions. Ditto council regulations and planned local government decisions for your area – or even wider decisions politically which will affect the country you live in. If you’re going to make big household or family decisions, spend more time inside the head of the other person before you commit. I could go on with this list, but you get the idea. Essentially I am trying to get you to head off potential obstacles in 2015 and even 2016 by pre-empting a situation now. This is the worst time in the world to be making flip, instant, lazy judgements and choices about your home, property investment, flatmate, close relative, home town or homeland. Saturn can be really hard to shake off, so even though I know some kind of choice is unavoidable in November-December, at least make that choice something that is relatively easy to live with. Become a total master/mistress of property prices, mortgage interest rates, council rates and the rest before this cycle starts. Research, research, research! Find out who your builder is and what others say. On it goes. I don’t mind a little paranoia before a big new cycle like this.

Basically, if you want to actually see the full rewards of that new story in your life (the one involving what you cover up from other people, or the one where you don’t get any credit) you need to put in the effort. Where is the effort now required? With children, godchildren or young relatives. With a younger generation born 20 years after you, who is connected to you for personal or professional reasons. With a lover whose younger relatives or godchildren may become part of your life. Why does all that take effort? Because Pluto is just so relentless in your horoscope right now, and what happened to you in the last eight weeks was pretty tough. Tough yet necessary. You are now finally in a position to make those changes you know you must make – or face the consequences. So just get on with it, while you have the opportunity, and bear in mind that there will be rewards. That tremendous, glittering promise attached to an invisible role or a secret pursuit can be delivered.

How do you pin the real world down? Well, you may want to remove any alcohol or drugs from the story. That works for a lot of people, when it comes to love, sex and commitment! There are other ways, too. Not allowing the internet to become a substitute for reality. And not allowing other fuzzy representations of the truth – the media, wishful thinking, imagination, self story-telling – to function as ‘real’ when you know very well it’s just a way of escaping. At the moment, Neptune and Chiron are preparing to turn direct in your Seventh House, which rules your great enemy, rival or opponent. This person can be a ‘partner’ in a dynamic with you, just as much as a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. And other ‘partners’ can be work or business based. And even be the ghosts of relationships past, or the spectre of relationships (future). The person matters less than the process, Virgo. That might surprise you to hear, but the personality and psyche of this man or woman is really less important than understanding that you must pin the real world down. He or she is just part of the hologram of recent non-reality and you need to decode what has been going on. I imagine you were really confronted by the wake-up call you had about them, or the situation, in October. You just had no idea, did you? Well, now you do. So continue to keep this real. And if it’s just reached a stage where it’s all too unreal to actually cope with, ask some hard questions.


Libra: November 2014

Okay Libra, so this is the last financial knuckle-down. Or is this about your house, business interests, apartment, charity or possessions? November will be intense and relentless at times. Yet you now have solid evidence, for sure, that you can gain closure on a difficult past episode by Christmas, if you do your research and proceed with tremendous care. Beyond that, you also have something so different to look forward to. It is not what you had. But it works, and it will go on working for you, so that you never again have to be put through the insane stress of 2012, when one particular story about the money, house, company, bank, tax office, apartment and so on, really tested every fibre of your soul. The reward for knuckling down in November and December, when everything will feel like shifting granite, is pretty simple. You get to move much, much closer to enthralling possibilities involving your former, current or potential partner. Maybe even your great enemy, opponent or rival. By ‘enthralling’ I mean totally galvanising; as if you were wired up to lightning and about to break every leather strap on your wrists. Apologies for drawing on the Mary Shelley reference – it’s not personal – but we do associate the transit of Uranus with the electrical storms and also with the idea of tremendous liberation. What was floated under your nose in September or October was real. Do not think it wasn’t. You could literally have this brave new world, involving this man who affects you so much, or this woman who pushes all your buttons. First, though, your horoscope says, do the work. Get that cash, property or business story complete.

Don’t overload yourself with too much internet or computer-related stuff in November, Libra. Especially if it would weigh heavily in 2015 and 2016. This also applies to media, publishing, or multimedia commitments. Keep the stakes low and keep the ‘ask’ factor really low as well. You do have freedom of choice here. You don’t actually have to take what is obviously luring you, or apparently forcing your hand. There is still time to navigate, and you urgently need to find out exactly who and what is involved, in the November pathway now suggesting itself. That pathway involves your way with words, images and ideas. I am assuming it is internet based but it may be real-world. Just don’t sign your life away. Or say yes, when you should be saying ‘Give me time to think.’ By extension this involves writing, public speaking, songwriting, signing and all other ways of being heard and read. I don’t know what you are being pulled into in late November but before you wake up in January realising what on earth you’ve gotten yourself into, do some research now.

Actually, there is a miracle on offer. The person, the group or the situation walked into your life some point after July and it all got really wonderfully real in September or October. The miracle has not gone away. You can experience friendship and teamwork at the biggest and best level in 12 years. Your social life and social media can be extraordinary. People power can move mountains. Good friends can be better than the best lovers. And yet…there is hard work to get what you want, Libra. What kind of work? Well, you already know. What happened to you in the last eight weeks made it really clear you would have to change your attitude towards your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland. In a way, you were taken over for a while. Someone or something tried to wrench your hands off the wheel. Knowing this, and experiencing it, made you realise that by November you probably would…have…to…change. Now you are in the right time and place to do this, Libra, just think of the bigger picture and the larger reward. Your friend or group.

You just need to get some rules, basically. You didn’t have them with your daily workload, or your body, and you went totally off track in September and October, with a very recent moment of truth to wake you up. Now you may feel rather deflated or even anticipating more disappointment, but it does not have to be that way. You just need to take whomever/whatever lacks that reality function and make it function! This is very much about the work you do on a daily basis, from housework, to your job, to study, to volunteering. It also incorporates your food, exercise, doctor, drugs, drink, sleep, alternative medicine and so on. Your horoscope shows Chiron and Neptune lurching forward and so there is no better time to consciously contain and control what is going on. Rules!


Scorpio: November 2014


November is a good time to accept that a substitute for reality, especially with children, does not actually serve that purpose at all. Beyond children, the last few weeks might have been about godchildren or young relatives. Youth projects or young people’s needs. Relationships which could easily bring your lover’s younger family members or godchildren into your life. Neptune, Chiron and  Salacia have been in this zone of your chart all year, and what happened to you in September and October really muddied the waters. In other words, you were plunging into a little episode with zero reality function and an awful lot of guesswork or supplied imagination. As you were uncomfortably shown the way things actually were (or the way people actually were) in October, you are now in a position to make sure some things never happen again. For a start, you should be far more enthusiastic to pin people and situations down. Ideas and notions are great, but what nails them to planet earth? We all like to dream, but what is it that actually makes dreams come real? Some Scorpio parents have issues around children, drugs or alcohol and this is the right time to jump on them. I mention this because Neptune rules substances, and substances alter reality. I don’t know how this cycle has manifested for you, Scorpio, but you do need to really rein in what has been going on and this time, keep it firmly in check with a constant reminder that This Is Not A Reality Substitute. This will help anything from a next-generation role you have, to a relationship with a child.

What was suggested to you, or even outright offered, in October, has enthralled you. This could make an exciting difference to the future, in terms of your working life, but also your lifestyle, incorporating all your body’s wants and needs. Uranus in Aries and his recent link with Jupiter in Leo has made so much more seem possible for 2015, 2016 and beyond. You really are bargaining with the future, though, because if you want this new arrangement to become a reality, you have to do some serious hard work for the next eight weeks. This will involve long overdue work on the ‘me’ issues which cover your label, reputation, personal appearance and brand. Of course I am not telling you something you don’t already know. But it can be useful to know that your horoscope is synching up with your own determination. Try to create time and space in your life so you can focus completely on what needs to be fixed up, sorted out and finalised about yourself. Then you can really start seriously speculating about what how this thrilling change in direction would manifest.

Are you being bullied or being guided? Probably both. Clearly, you have a long way to go, if you want to get on track with your internet life, writing, media commitments, public speaking, language skills, publishing involvements, and the rest. For most Scorpios this relentless Pluto cycle has been  about computers and the web, full stop. However it is showing up in your life, you were subjected to someone or something, in the last few weeks, which felt like a takeover. You were corralled or herded into a situation you went along with – because you suspected it would be good for you – but now you are at the next crucial stage, you have to sort out some issues. Those issues revolve around natural resentment at being controlled or pushed. Beyond that, an equal serious concern came up, since late July, which means you now realise just how precious it is to be heard and read. To get your message across as you want and need. And how you must never take that for granted. Try to move beyond the idea that the universe (or its representatives) are bullying you or even guiding you. You are actually guiding yourself. Your soul got you into this. So get on with it.

Saturn is going to land you in financial, business, property or charity situations in the next year, possibly even the next two years, which are hard to extricate yourself from. As you are being put at a crossroads in November please choose your future carefully. Don’t be blind to what others have gone through in your situation and if you have to err on the side of pessimism or cynicism, great. Far better to take a hard-nosed approach to the bank, your income, your debts, the property market, the realities of the economy/your tenants/your landlord than to just be Pollyanna. Be particularly hip to whatever goes in writing in the second half of November and read the fine print; get an expert second opinion. Hop onto internet forums regarding tax, loans and so on. Be prepared.

Your November horoscope might seem a little hardline, because of the impact Pluto and Saturn are having on your life. Yet there are rewards. Promotion, awards, business breakthroughs, outstanding personal success, exceptional results – all is possible. You even had a taster already, since Jupiter moved into Leo mid-year. You know you’re better off, and you’ve gone up a few notches. Trust your horoscope. There can and will be more. As in more, more, more. But to get what you want and deserve, you must utterly transform the way you communicate. That means looking not only at your life online, but at your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media. It’s time.


Sagittarius: November 2014

You might have thought the end of the road would be a final sprint. Instead, it seems you must spend November trawling through the last challenges involved with your cover-up job, or your invisible role. Your big secret or your classified file. Your uncredited, unseen, unacknowledged role or your intensely private world. This has been such an epic story for two years now. You are miles away from where you were in 2012 and it has changed you. Despite this, you have achieved an awful lot. And now you can have some completion. With any kind of completion like this, there is also a new beginning, and it must seem that as you are nearing the end of one road, you can see the new one stretching up ahead of you. November requires maximum effort and December too, yet from Christmas you will be able to say ‘Well, that was history’ and close the book.

The trade-off in November is pretty simple. If you sort out what lies beneath – what nobody else can really see or know about you – then 2015 and 2016 could take you on a really exciting new journey with children. This also applies to godchildren or younger relatives, like nieces or nephews. Your lover (or future lover’s) younger family members or godchildren could also become part of your world. There are also purely professional or part-time involvements with the next generation to pursue; those born 20 years or more after you. Uranus in Aries is promising you all this, since September, when a particular vision was first suggested to you. You know for a fact it could all come true, no later than the end of 2015, but you also have to make the trade. So the trade, in November, is dealing with the psychological or emotional challenges of actually drawing a hard line under what went down with your big secret or your invisible role since 2012 and finishing up.

November accelerates the new beginning for your name, reputation, personal appearance, label or niche in the world. Don’t go too fast though. Compare notes with other people. Do your research. Saturn in Sagittarius will be around a long time and you do not want to make a mistake now that would involve a very long, drawn-out process next year. Or unnecessary learning experiences that you would give anything to avoid! Saturn is not the bogeyman. It’s basically just a cycle where everything is frozen. Nothing changes, moves or progresses. It sits there. Consequently, because this is about the way you look or appear, you may want to be super-sure that what is sitting there, immovably, is something you can live with. If you can’t live with cosmetic surgery you dislike, or some kind of public relations relaunch you are not happy with – or anything else – don’t go there.

Just to reassure you – the big global picture is still out there, waiting for you. You were quite right to have faith in the person, place, plan or organisation which appeared from mid-year and is now such a wonderful part of your potential future. This completely *will* see you travelling, studying, publishing, writing, teaching or just living in a much better way. As you just found out in October, though, you are going to have to profoundly alter the way you earn money, spend it or save it. And beyond that, your approach towards your house, business interests, possessions or apartment. This is such a drastic rewrite of your life story it’s insane but let’s just say you already had a little practise in the last few months and those small but certain steps are the right ones. Keep going.


Capricorn: November 2014


You’ve had a couple of doors open to expansion since October. One was forced and not that comfortable for you. You probably feel as if you have to take a giant leap to get out of a situation you are not happy with – yet ironically it could help you grow financially, or in terms of your business interests, house or flat. The other situation is just so easy to love. You are basically being given unconditional, generous largesse from a person, group or organisation which is there to help you have more, do more and become more. Just one rule. Until you transform the way you look and appear (and you know you want to, deep down) nothing will really happen as it should. There seem to be some fairly high stakes there, with your image, as Mars and Pluto go through Capricorn together. Yet once you make these required changes, doors open all over the place.


You entered into a fairly special space online in September, and quickly became used to inhabiting this other world. It may have been YouTube, Twitter, or some other corner of the web. Now you realise how inappropriate it is to treat online communication as a real connection. It is just a version of it! This also applies to the media and publishing, which for some Capricorns have served the same function; throughout September and most of October they functioned as a lovely escape from reality (yet, to your cost, you may have fallen for the illusion that they were ‘the world’ rather than just an approximation of it). Since the big wake-up call in the second half of October you are now far more savvy and clued-in to the way communication should work in your life. And it really begins with some parameters, rules, regulations, boundaries, checks and fences. And just keep pinching yourself because words are words, and pictures are pictures, but reality is so different.

This Mars and Pluto transit through your own sign is pretty relentless, Capricorn. The stakes are now really high and you cannot afford to go too much longer without drastically altering your approach to your wardrobe, hair, reputation, label, name and so on – these things are just packaging or profiling, but your horoscope says October cranked up the importance of what might, at other times, seem so superficial. The ‘me’ stuff is actually a thing. And it’s a thing you now (finally) have the time, space and opportunity to transform. It just wasn’t right before – nothing came together – yet in November you have zero excuses for not knuckling down for something of a rebirth.


You may (or may not) be part of Google Circles, but the principle still applies to your horoscope this month. You have an inner circle of friends. Another circle overlaps that – including acquaintances and potential new friends. Another circle sits on top of this one, and it concerns the groups, clubs, teams, bands, associations, societies, associations and all the rest that bind you to the collective. You are now required to do some more work, so that you can get to Christmas Day and realise that 2013 and 2014 are now receding into the distance and the tremendous stoicism, patience and endurance are no longer required. Believe it or not, there will come a time early in 2015 when you realise that there is no big deal about friendship, groups, your social life or social media. That you no longer have to suppress certain feelings just to get by. November is the signing-off process.

You have one final situation to ditch where your house, flat, home town, homeland, family or household is concerned. By December this will  happen if you apply the necessary effort and it will be worth it, Capricorn; you will be free. Another, quite different, story is far more enticing and exhilarating. This involves taking various daydreams and discussions from September and October much further. The end point might be late 2015, 2016 or beyond, but there is no time like the present to make solid steps in that direction. Your sense of ‘my people’ or ‘my place’ is being reshaped with every day that goes past, yet it is the thrilling possibilities ahead, thanks to some recent and remarkable developments, that keep you on the path. Just remember that the occasional act of revolution, rebellion or maybe the need for radical reform is part of that path. You can’t really have it both ways, Capricorn. If you want to relocate, renovate, reshuffle the family, rearrange the household, reshape your home town or homeland – you absolutely have to deal with instability too.


Aquarius: November 2014

It may seem like the last labour of Hercules to you, but you can get there from here. You will hit the end of a long, long cycle when your career, university life or voluntary role was just one big stretch after another. The cycle just doesn’t pop into oblivion, though. The ending begins with the hard work you do in November, when some fairly relentless aspects, or patterns, start to build in your chart. This is really a case of ‘head down, get on with it’ and if you just slog through, doing what you know is wise, and well-advised, you will wake up on Christmas Day feeling very, very differently about your position in the world and also your ambitions. Of course, the universe throws you little encouragements along the way. For example – back in September or October you were shown what might be possible on the internet, with publishing, the media or other channels for your voice – or platforms for your words. This excited you though it seemed wholly and wildly out of the box. After all, certain outcomes were never on your agenda. As you slowly get used to the idea, though, you should be able to join the dots. Basically, if you sort out the career, university or volunteering question and plough through what is required, you will then be in the right space for 2015 and 2016 to pursue what was floated past you, regarding a thrilling new way to be heard or read.

Look, you can’t avoid Saturn in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. But you can minimise the issues. How do you do that? By refusing to become all bound up with something (or someone) which could end up weighing far too heavily on you, next year. You will be drawn in a particular direction with this group, friend, social media or other circle in the second half of November. It is really important that you are a total realist about all the scenarios, though. Some friends come with real  emotional or psychological demands – it is more than a friendship. Some groups really do restrict you, and test you – no matter if they are political parties or ukelele orchestras. So be a realist, to the point of being an arch pessimist, and see where things might take you. Then avoid, avoid.

Everyone wants the perfect partnership, don’t they? Except you. You are smarter than that, because you know that a friendship or the people power within a community, can be just as ‘perfect’ if such a thing exists. Weirdly, now that you are up for a more demanding period with your social life or old friends – not to mention your tribes – the universe is compensating by telling you, that by 2015, you really could have a fantastic double-act in your life. There are so many ways to build this. You can choose a marriage or de facto relationship, or a business duet or a professional double-act. You can select a partnership where neither of you lives full-time with each other, but still feels the love. You can also have a partnership, of sorts, with your ex – or a relationship with someone you never shag, but ultimately may! Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, the planet of the wild, weird, wired and wonderful so you never try to box in their emotional lives as an astrologer; it is a grave mistake. Jupiter in your partnership zone is definitely selling you the message, though. If you want this – or him – or her – you can have it all. Truly. You are already several kilometres down the highway with this one. What will it take, to go further? Well, you need to utterly transform a part of yourself or your life which is secret, hidden from view, submerged, mysterious and all the rest. And only you know what that is. And only you can change it. Lord knows you now have enough reasons. October was relentless; it was the month you actually longed to transform. And now you can.

Avoid the flakey, run from the fuzzy. This is your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment after all. It is your security and your wealth, one day. You appear to have been lured into the most enticing escape from reality in September and October. With a sharp wake-up call, just in the last 2-3 weeks. It seems you were dealing with someone who did not inhabit terra firma. Their feet were not on the ground. Their head was in an altered space. Or maybe there was a whole organisation (like a bank, or a tax department) like that. Even more commonly in this kind of Neptune transit, you may have been blindly entering into a set-apart space in life, where nothing was remotely real-world. It’s typical of Neptune that you don’t realise this at the time; the person you are speaking to about big property moves turns out to be a different kettle of fish later; the dreamy new business possibilities being floated don’t actually have anything to do with normal life. Aquarius, you were right and royally caught out by things, but it can be different now. Just be hip to the pattens of others, especially if those patterns involve departing reality. And visualise concrete. Truly. You also need to zero in on boundaries. Those fuzzy, hazy, ever-blurring lines between what is yours, theirs, his or hers need to be nailed really clearly and those boundary lines, adhered to. This is textbook advice for Neptune turning direct in Pisces, in your Second House of cash/ownership. Sure, you can float, and drift, but you know from October how hard the dry-land crash can be.


Pisces: November 2014

You, of all people, are the ultimate non-real, unreal citizen of the zodiac. Yet you must insist on ‘real’ when it comes to the way you look or appear. Understanding what you learned from September and October, and how confusing and confused matters of image can become, is helpful. You were led into an odd, though enticing, chapter in your life where your label, reputation, personal appearance or name meant reality left the room. Just in the last few weeks you have been slapped with what that reality actually was, all along, where you were concerned. And by ‘you’ I mean, you, you, you in the most intensely personal way, because this is about your profile or your packaging. How do you stop it from happening again? Easy. With yourself and others, insist on real, every time you get that creeping sensation that it’s on the way out again.

From Christmas, you will travel without angst. I mean literal travel, but also travel in the mind. That involves using the internet, writing, publishing, teaching and studying. It also involves the intellectual journeys you take when you deal with different nationalities, cultures or regions to your own. Anyone looking at your chart since 2013 can see why you still wince on the inside over a particular episode. And you could hardly say you’ve been able to travel – geographically or mentally – as you once did, without giving it a second thought. This cycle is now rapidly approaching its end, though. And if you want that clear, easy road next year, you must now make a list of tasks and cross them off. You have about four or five things to do, by Christmas, and maybe some late chores in January, but as conditions will be so much easier then anyway, any late completion won’t drive you crazy. Just get out the notebook or the computer. Make the list. Do the homework. Find out the realities. Cross one thing off after another. This is such an un-Pisces thing to do, it’s insane, but it really, truly is worth it. Why? Apart from anything else, you were shown a really thrilling new financial, property, business or charity possibility in the last few weeks which you know you want to pursue. But you can’t pursue any of it, until you’ve truly nailed this foreign, regional, internet, publishing or educational concern in November and that means w-o-r-k.

Your success in life may involve your career, or your life as a student. Alternatively you may define success by a voluntary role, or through work that is unpaid. You need to be highly strategic about all this in the second half of November, because around Christmas, Saturn will move into your success zone, bringing his usual round of hard learning experiences and delayed processes. How do you soften that? Easy. You make highly conscious choices in late November so that you do not just stumble into something that will be too hard for you, next year. If you are going to quit a job, or take one, do some research. Compare notes, ask around, get things in writing and fully explained. That is just one example. You can’t really run from Saturn. Either way you are going to have to be utterly stoic about some aspect of your work or study next year. However, you can micro-manage the cycle so that the stakes are as low as they can possibly be and what you face, is really not that great.

Your fabulous new lifestyle is not a given. It is a promise. But you have seen and heard enough since September to know this could be real. It would vastly improve the way you work and live, and also take your relationship with your body into the most wonderful new phase. So how do you get the treasure? You dive for it. And you dive for it by doing what you know you oughta, shoulda, coulda. This directly involves a group or a friend. Maybe even a group involving a friend. You were pushed and shoved into making an attempt at change in October. You no doubt disliked it. But you also knew it was right, and proper, and so you put one foot in front of the other with this person, or this network, and did what was required. Way beyond that, though, you must do more. Unless you do more and go for what would actually give you control over your own life, nothing will really pan out as it should. Oh, you’ll get some kind of result in terms of your lifestyle, body or workload, but not the wow factor reward Jupiter wants you to have, by mid 2015. So accept the challenge in November and really do this thing, Pisces. Transform yourself, the friendship and the circle of people. Understand how much power you potentially always had access to and don’t kick yourself for leaving it this late, just get on with it and become who you are meant to be. At last. You’ll see small, satisfying results for every week you get on with it, then by January it really could be a new year.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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Aries: October 2014

Welcome to October, Aries. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea  on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner

Sometimes your relationship with a key man or woman in your life, really can resemble Pride and Prejudice, with all its pitfalls, delays and communication errors. Of course you are not relying on horseback messengers, or even a Mr Darcy or Miss Bennett – yet you must allow for a really circuitous pathway with your former, current or potential partner now. Your internet, media, publishing, phones and computers will be affected most and of course this has a domino effect on the discussion or paperwork with this person (or concerning them). From 14th September, onwards, you have been setting up a discussion or a paper chain, which is very likely to stall, change or even reverse after 10th October and then again, from 24th October through 8th November, when again you will see exactly why this was always a dress rehearsal, not the final production. A common example of this would be internet dating, when you just don’t have all the facts – but find out information that decides everything, in early November. Another example might be the pursuit of a separation, but with flawed paperwork that demands a second attempt later.

If you want the full story and a clear picture, then avoid the eclipse period near Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when you just won’t have every piece in the jigsaw in front of you. In fact, half the jigsaw puzzle will be blacked out. Be really aware of that.

Your former, current or potential partner is sometimes not the issue on this cycle – yet an enemy, rival or opponent is. Aries, please use astrology to help yourself, by relying on an unreliable story at this time! You just know the story will change, be held up or even be scrapped with this difficult person (or around them). Why? Because nothing was in the bag in the second half of September, and nothing will be in the bag in October either. Allow for backwards-and-forwards discussion or paperwork, right up until 8th November if necessary, but from that point – it’s time to decide.

Your House, Flat, Money, Business, Possessions and Charity

First up, avoid the period around October 23rd through 25th for major decisions about your financial and material world – and if you can wait until you are well into November to make or accept signatures, so much the better. We have an eclipse near the 23rd which blots out the full story. Furthermore Mercury is backtracking through the sign of Scorpio which rules everything you own, earn or owe.

For this reason I would suspend final judgement as the situation is far too early to call; you may not have all the details you need to make wise decisions until you are romping into November with a calculator in your hand. From that point forward, though, the light is at the end of the tunnel. From Tuesday 23rd December, toughest cycle in three decades is behind you.

One could conclude that the discussion or paperwork in October is part of that slow progress through the tunnel, but do allow for delays or u-turns along the way. Be practical about it; copy your documents; back up copy on USB sticks; get everything in writing if you can; allow for a state of flux to affect what is under discussion; don’t necessarily trust the ‘news’ about your tax, insurance, house, apartment, good cause, company and so on. The first version of the narrative is very unlikely to be the final version this month. Factor that in. And read the fine print with a microscope; be a realist about the outcome, should anything be delayed or altered in an agreement.

The Aries Mission

The Aries Mission sounds like a film with Russell Crowe (who is in fact an Aries, like you) but it’s actually a way to describe the impact of Pluto in Capricorn upon your life. Shortly after your ruler Mars changes signs on Sunday 26th October, you will have big decisions about your career, university life or volunteer role looming for December 4th and again, near December 15th.

For months you have been full of good intentions about your ambitions, position and mission. For months very little has changed and you have slid back into a situation where you constantly feel just a little bit out of control – or as if someone or something, has full control of YOU. This is deeply uncomfortable and it is down to Pluto retrograding and stationing in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. Well, Pluto is now moving forward and there is no holding change back. The only thing I would say is, given that you are moving towards an inevitable reshuffle in your chosen workplace, field, university, business or industry (and it may be a literal reshuffle, or just a psychological shuffle of the powerful cards people are playing) try to keep it simple.

You can keep it simple by refusing to let even the tiniest hint of irritation, aggression or pushiness enter the picture, from 26th October and being utterly vigilant about that in November. Why? Because if you are all going to come up with some new arrangement for yourselves – and it looks like January is the moment – then you need it to work long-term. And you do not need memories of a feud or spat to taint what comes next. You are ruled by Mars and although so many Aries people control the natural aggression and fight instinct of the sign extremely well – let’s face it – when Mars is at large, you’re always tempted. Long walks, meditation sessions or listening to Hole may help.

Publishing, Travel, Foreigners, Education

Talk about an agenda change. I realise this has been sliding up in importance throughout September, yet it is not really until you get close to October 5th and 8th that you realise the moment has come – with your book, website, trip, relocation, European/Australasian/American connection or course. Maybe even more than one item from that list is on your radar then, Aries.

You need to slow down and cool down. It would be tempting to give in to impulse near the 5th and 8th but you must be a total realist about what the next two years will bring. From November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, once Saturn is in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December, you have at least 24 months of challenges and learning experiences.

Be fully conscious of what you are setting up in the first ten days of October and ask yourself if you can live with the outcomes for one or two years. A common example of this would be emigrating to a foreign country. Or booking a year’s world tour. Committing to an export scheme. Enrolling in university, or agreeing to take on a teaching commitment. Publishing a book or signing up for a website or blog is another common example of this transit.

In all cases keep the stakes small. Don’t pour everything and everybody into this unless you want extremely hard work next year. And the golden rule is, do your homework. Find out what others have gone through before you. Do your research. Ask around. Consult people who are older and wiser than you are. Experienced voices now can save you an awful lot of merde in 2015-2016.

On an intensely practical note, Aries, as Saturn is looming in your Ninth House of airlines and air travel, if you are looking at that for 2015, read widely around the subject. Update yourself.


Taurus: October 2014

Welcome to October, Taurus. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Lifestyle and Your Diary

Your lifestyle, which covers your daily workload, as well as your food, drink, exercise, doctor and alternative health care – needs to be pencilled into your diary rather than inked in. Why? Because Mercury is retrograde and internet, media, publishing, phones and computers will be affected by delays, reversals, errors or technical problems and what you assumed was in motion from 14th September, onwards could be replayed, held up or scrapped from 10th October and again from 24th October through 8th November.

I would be particularly wary of the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, as the facts you want will not be fully revealed to you.

None of this is any more than common-sense planning. Allow for a state of flux; cover your bases; don’t pin everything on just one date, one commitment or one outcome as history and astrology tell us that when Mercury is retrograde, things revert, or are recalled. (Apple’s iPhone launch, a modest failure, is under way as I write this, in the full thrust of Mercury retrograde). I don’t think that the overall implications are serious for you, as you don’t have any outer planet transits in Libra, which rules your lifestyle, and thus whatever you are dealing with is short term. I would be wary of that eclipse, though. October 7th, 8th, 9th is not the time to make sweeping decisions about your job, your course, your volunteer role and/or your body.

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner. Your Enemies.

Choose another month to deal, if you can. And make it the second half of November, or December if you really can’t wait. The partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th of the month, is unlikely show you anything true and real about this person, or their situation. If you can possibly delay the really major decisions until after 10th November you will avoid the rewrites, reschedules and other ‘re’ situations that Mercury Retrograde is famous for. A common example would be a separation agreement with your husband; read the fine print; allow for ongoing debate; don’t just assume it’s all in the bag. Another common example would be your decision to fight an opponent, enemy or rival; this could be a real energy suck in October, through early November, as you are going to hit so many diary alterations or other x factors along the way.

By the time Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, the constant challenges are over. This man or woman has been at the heart of the most stuck situation, for so long, that you will be astonished at how much lighter and easier life feels. But make the journey to get there, lighter and easier, by treading very carefully in October. Would I advise you to enrol on a dating website this month? Nope. The communication vortex would drive any romantic Taurean nuts. You’ll hit communication issues, flakey phone or e-mail situations, or just unreliable dates.

I would actually rate the importance ‘high’ in terms of former, current or potential partners. Or enemies. Why? Because Saturn is also opposite your sign. So don’t lumber yourself with something you could have avoided, by just plunging into discussion or signatures with him/her, or regarding him/her. And if you can fast-forward the whole enchilada until the second half of November, you will be skipping a whole lot of wasted time and crossing-out.

The Taurus Foreign Agenda

Your foreign agenda may only take in other regions of your own country, or it may literally be about travel, export, or those from other cultures and nationalities. In any case it’s time to act. Mars changes signs on Sunday 26th October, and by the time you reach the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th, you are on track for a total change. To date you have been pretty powerless to control what is going on. This foreign or regional connection has either been locked into your relocation, export or travel plan – or you have been pursuing a book, a website, a blog, a course or some other educational incentive. Despite your best intentions you are stuck where you were months before with very little improvement.

Now, at least, wheels are turning. Yet from the final days of October they turn even faster. At this point you need to be savvy. If you know very well that you will be heading for a new arrangement (it has to happen; the way power or control has functioned in your world has been too wrong, for too long) then keep life simple. Avoid the potential for conflict. Keep the connections civilised and sane. The bottom line is, there will be a totally different (better) way to teach, study, travel, export, publish or write next year, but you must minimise the potential for hassle and not buy into power tripping others, no matter how tempted you might be to manipulate a situation. It is entirely possible that by December, you will just pull out of certain arrangements altogether. And that could be a good thing.

Money, Business, Finance, Property, Charity

Be really careful about what happens around the 5th and 8th as you are setting up the future, in terms of your cash, company, bank, money, house, flat or good cause. Think before you act. Research before you talk. In 2015 and 2016 you will be subject to delays and life lessons, only possible every 29 years in the Saturn cycle. Saturn freezes up the usual flow in your life so do keep the stakes extremely small near the 5th and 8th. You are creating tomorrow.

Things move faster from November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December. One common example of what could go wrong, is your determination to push for money from an arrangement that you should actually be dropping, or at least ceasing to pursue. You could end up in the most ridiculous energy or time suck over the next year or two, unless you ask people who are older or wiser than yourself, for advice. Another example might be lumbering yourself with a loan, credit card or mortgage on impulse, in early October, only to find things escalate in November-December and then you are stuck for another 24 months.

You cannot avoid ‘issues’ as they say, but you can keep the amounts of money small, or the nature of what is at stake, very minimal. I do realise that with Jupiter in the Fourth House you are in a good place, in terms of buying, selling or leasing property. You are certainly in a good place with a family member, or someone in the household. Thus, you may want to capitalise on that in October, yet you must be a realist about the next two years. What expenses might you be up for? Where is your income going to stem from? How secure is it? These are all timely questions.


Gemini: October 2014

Welcome to October, Gemini If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Babies, Children, Young Adults and You

Your relationship with the world of babies, children and young adults will be affected by your ruler Mercury appearing to move backwards in October; what may have seemed like a done deal from 14th September will reveal itself as a work in progress instead. Hitches, reversed opinions, new information, missing communication and more, could affect the narrative. This applies to parents, godparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. It applies to those of you who are in love with (or hope to be together with) partners who come with children, godchildren or young relatives. Finally it is very much about Gemini people who have professional or part-time involvements with youth.

From 10th October when Mercury backtracks over his original positions from 14th September and particularly from 24th October through 8th November, you could be affected by changes or delays so do keep your diary flexible and open. Treat this as a first draft not a final story in your world. I would imagine that school arrangements (for example) are one area where x factors may occur. Other issues, like the correct names on a child’s Christening paperwork – or just the love-life arrangements you are making with a single parent – are other common examples in this cycle.

Don’t make dramatic decisions about the world of the next generation (born 20 years or more after you) or the relationships which bring it closer to you – near Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when a Full Blood Moon obscures the facts. You’re just not seeing clearly then. It’s a low visibility time for all issues surrounding youth-related projects; your son or daughter; lovers who  could bring stepchildren into your world; IVF and so on.

Your Daily Working Life and Your Body

Your ruler Mercury is retrograding or muddying the waters, when it comes to hard information about your daily working life, and also the relationship you have with your body. We also have a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th – and in fact, it may not be until after 10th November that you know where you stand. Everyone in the zodiac has this flakey Mercury cycle to deal with. And it is made flakier by the fact that so much misinformation exists on astrology websites and in horoscope columns; stargazers tend to ignore the shadow period, before and after the days that Mercury actually goes retrograde then direct – history shows that this is a mistake!

So tune into the shadows before and after, and think of this story in your life as extending from September (when things were set up, only to be held up or changed later – as you will see in October) and also extend your thinking to 10th November, as it may not be until then that you can finally say you have all the details and that arrangements are fixed. Classic examples of this are work, university or non-profit roles and associated negotiations and paperwork. This may be affected by anything from strike action, to computer problems, to unreliable information sources.

Your body is another matter, though in astrology, your physical health and wellbeing is directly affected by your feelings about work; the body will often manifest what the soul requires, and it may help you to be highly conscious of what you are creating physically, that serves some other purpose for the rest of you! Work is often the likely culprit (mixed feelings about work, for example, can sometimes result in physical conditions that require time off). However any aspect of your daily workload (walking the dog, doing the washing-up, going to the gym) may also be a prime suspect.

You will no doubt be dealing with doctors, diet questions, drink questions, exercise/fitness options or alternative health experts in October.Do suspend final judgement yet trust the (wonky) process. Once November is here, things will feel more certain and firm. And then Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, and the toughest cycle for your working life and your body in 29 years will also depart. In the meantime, factor in delays, changes and even errors in your overall journey.

Your Money, Property, Possessions or Business Interests

Once Mars changes signs on Sunday 26th October, you are in a new cycle which peaks in major decisions near December 4th and again, near December 15th. This is quite clearly about who (or what) controls your house, flat, money, possessions or business interests. You have been in limbo about this for months as Pluto has been stuck in Capricorn, not moving forward as he should. Instead of taking the reins and really driving your finances or material concerns, you have been stuck in limbo, with no real action or result. Pluto’s direct motion in September has changed all that, and by the time you reach the final week of October, it’s game on.

The only issue is keeping it relatively harmonious and workable with others – either individuals or large organisations like banks. Mars is notorious for lowering tolerance and patience, and turning up the emotional heat. This will help nobody, so even if you are pushed or pressured in the closing days of October, ignore it, and choose your own pace, timing and approach. In any case, the end of this year is very much about creating a new set-up in 2015. There may be an actual reshuffle affecting what happens for you with the money, property, business or possessions. Alternatively everyone will stay in their places, but it is a deep psychological shift in control which alters your course. The aim is to become empowered. To run your own life. And you will get there.

Former, Current and Potential Partners

Made you look, Gemini! I do realise it’s been a very long time since your horoscope was about husbands, wives, former partners and potential lovers for the future. What happens around the 5th and 8th accelerates things, as Mars forms trines (flowing patterns) in your horoscope which can classically make things happen very quickly indeed. The Seventh House of your horoscope is ruled by Sagittarius, and it is this sign which will dominate your life in 2015 and 2016. It is not just about October. Slow down and cool down near the 5th and 8th as you must be utterly practical about what the next two years will bring. No snap judgements with this person (or about them) please. You two are co-creating a very particular kind of future and as there will be no easy options or shortcuts next year in particular, you must be utterly conscious of what you are doing – sexually, emotionally, psychologically.

Classic examples of this would be entering into a new relationship with someone who has baggage. Or choosing to separate but not really thinking it through. Things will roll even more quickly from November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius (from Tuesday 23rd December, and he will remain there throughout 2015 and 2016, bringing the usual obstacle course! You cannot avoid the obstacles. But you can choose what kind of obstacles they will be. You can select their size and shape. And conscious decision-making from now through Christmas is the key.

The Seventh House also rules enemies, rivals and opponents. If someone who is obviously against you is an issue near the 5th and 8th, take it as read, that the next year or two could be very hard work indeed, unless you are highly strategic with this person. By that, I mean you need to do your research and your homework. A common example of what-not-to-do might involve rushing into a legal battle with someone you quite rightly detest; ending up with tremendous costs, financially and emotionally, one or two years later. You get the drift. Ideally, of course, I would suggest that you avoid any pitted battle at all. Nobody really wants that, with Saturn hanging around in your opposite sign for the next two  years. If you are combining all these transits together and pursuing someone who is married or in a relationship (thus making an enemy of the third corner of the triangle) you must be utterly practical and realistic about what and whom you are inviting into your life, Gemini.


Cancer: October 2014

Welcome to October, Cancer. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your House, Flat, Home Town, Household, Family and Homeland

You have been involved in discussion, paperwork or a digital e-mail chain about the house, flat, home town, household, family and/or homeland since 14th September, yet it will slide backwards and forwards from 10th October when Mercury backtracks and from 24th October through 8th November, the saga may change again. Keep the stakes small, Cancer. Try not to make this the time you buy or sell a property, or command total renovations of the house, or restructure the family, or fire/hire new flatmates.

You are ruled by the Moon. Thus you must be particularly wary of the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when your vision will be obscured. This, on top of the Mercury cycle, suggests October is a hugely flakey month. It’s not a big deal in the overall narrative of your life, because very little else occupies this zone of your horoscope, but if you want to save time and money, treat the period from now through 8th November as a process, not a final story. Treat it as a process full of flux, and pronounce that word very carefully. Read the fine print. Have alternatives. Get things in writing. Be a realist about all the outcomes. Property prices may slide all over the place. Auction results may be odd. Builders may tell you untruths. Your mother may have e-mail or phone problems. A flatmate who commits to moving in, may go off the radar. These are all common examples of this cycle. Extending this to your home town and homeland, your local council may make a big announcement and then scrap it weeks later. Your citizenship test may get lost in the post. Yup. It’s Mercury Retrograde.

Your Relationship With Millennials, Gen Y or New Babies

You are ruled by the Moon as you know, so the partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th of the month, is a really unsuitable time to draw big conclusions about your relationship with the next generation. They may be Millennials, Gen Y or brand new babies waiting to be born, but withhold judgement. Right up until 10th November you will have rewrites of the situation for you as a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or godparent. If you are in a relationship which may end in pregnancy, step-parenthood, adoption or the acquisition of young in-laws, this also applies; don’t accept what you are told or read first up, as it is very likely to be delayed or altered. Some Cancerian people are involved in career or voluntary schemes with younger people. Again, you will hit delays and changes now.

By the time Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, the constant challenges are over. This applies to those of you who are wrestling with a bad marriage and issues about your son or daughter (a common outcome of this transit). It also applies to those of you who are confronted by working with the next generation, or working for them; from Christmas the obstacles have gone. Then there are Cancerians who have child custody problems to figure out; again, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel itself is crazy, but you’ll get there if you are patient and have Plan B. Read the fine print too.

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner

You now have the control back over the situation with your former, current or potential partner. Life feels normal again, after many weeks when you simply could not put changes into effect. Following this, the tempo of change increases from Sunday 26th October, with more to come at the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th. It is important to remember that he or she who matters so much, is your teacher in disguise. And the lesson is about empowerment; driving your own truck; running your own life; refusing to accept that he, she, they or some kind of nameless ‘it’ is in control of you, when it comes to love, sex and intimacy. The only issue is that you cannot afford to have a lack of patience or tolerance in the mix, as you must both agree to a new arrangement or deal – psychologically or in practical terms – by January. Thus, skip the arguments or aggressive sub-text as Mars will be opposite you, and he is the Roman god of war. Just get a strategy. Mars likes a strategy. Play this like a chess game, Cancer.

If you have an enemy, rival or opponent it could easily become war between you in the closing days of October, but you don’t have to go there. Basically, you two must figure out a new way to share, or compromise, and the less hassle there is now, the easier it will be to figure out the basics in December or January.

It is possible that you will be tempted to rush into a new relationship at the end of October. If so, there may be an element of competition with another woman or man. Or do you you feel you are competing against the clock or calendar? Do put more thought, feeling and emotional exploration into this new coupling, as you are dealing with major questions about the balance of power with this person, or perhaps a third party, that must be taken into account before you plunge in. With Saturn in Scorpio and Mercury Retrograde there, I would also be very wary about unplanned pregnancy and unwanted babies. This is a common-sense reminder that applies to this transit.

Your Lifestyle

For some weeks now, you have been aware of utterly new issues on the agenda. One of them is your daily working life. The other one is your body. The reason for this is the gradual influx of planets into Sagittarius, which rules your work ethic, your service and duty to others – and your health, wellbeing, food, drink, exercise, medicine and healing processes.

Mars is at large. What happens around the 5th and 8th accelerates things, but you must slow down at that point – as this is a story which extends from now through 2015 and 2016. It is not just about October. You need to be utterly practical about the next two years, Cancer.

After November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and after Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December, it’s game on. This is a new era. It will not be easy. It will not be smooth. So please do all the research you can before you go plunging into decisions about your body or your job (or other role in life). You are far more likely to give in to impulse near the 5th and 8th when Mars trines other planets. And why not? It seems natural and timely. The reason why not, is simple. Saturn has not yet arrived, but he will, and when he does, he will slow down areas of life which should flow naturally, and bring a loaded, weighty atmosphere that was not there before. For this reason please keep the stakes low with what you invite in your life (or whom you invite) and above all else, ask around. Compare notes. Do your homework. What are you setting up here? A common example might be pursuing a new job or project, or ditching one, in early October. Or committing to a particular way of eating or exercising which becomes a burden to you later on.


Leo: October 2014

Welcome to October, Leo. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Internet, Media, Publishing, Phones, Travel, Commuting and Computers

Your internet, media, publishing, phones and computers will be affected by delays, reversals, errors or technical problems in October, as Mercury the Messenger of the Gods (the planet in charge of information and communication) will influence what you assumed was in motion from 14th September, onwards. Mercury is in the Third House of your chart which rules travel and transport as well (cars, trains, planes) so make sure you have insurance and some common-sense back-up plans to cover yourself for strike action, internet problems, flakey phones, unreliable people, computer error, bad weather and so on.

I would expect the issues to turn up from 10th October when Mercury backtracks through the same place he inhabited from 14th September and you will realise what was ‘in the bag’ was not in the bag at all. There is a second odd period from 24th October through 8th November, when again you will see replays, reversals or delays. The sky is not going to fall on your head Leo, but do cover yourself so that you are not stranded or paying out a lot of money to compensate for what is to come. Smart Leos will use October as a dress rehearsal period for projects which rely on their way with words, images and ideas. They will deliberately push plans around on the table, yet not expect anything to really come together until after 8th November when normal transmission is resumed.

I would be particularly wary of the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when a Full Blood Moon will blot out what you need to see or know – specifically about your digital life, or perhaps in terms of the media, publishing, your computer or phone. You are ruled by the Sun so you are more affected than the other signs, okay?

Your House, Flat, Family, Household, Home Town, Homeland

Okay, Leo, this is a bigger deal than you might expect, as not only is Mercury retrograding in this zone of your chart, but we also have a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th of the month. If you can possibly delay the really major decisions about your place (or your people) until after 10th November so that you are not constantly making plans then changing them, or watching them stall. I am especially concerned that you also have Saturn in this zone of your chart, which rules your mortgage, lease, flatmates, renovations, property purchase/sale, family members, council, and so on – right down to issues about emigration or citizenship status. Saturn tends to slow down and obstruct, and here you are, dealing with a lack of full insight (the eclipse) along with the usual communication and information issues that Mercury Retrograde brings.

For this reason I would suspend final judgement as the situation is far too early to call; you may not have all the details you need to make wise decisions until you are well into November. From that point forward, though, it feels as if you are racing towards closure on an issue concerning your house, flat, home town, homeland, close relative or flatmate. In fact, by the time Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, the constant challenges are over. Home will feel like home again. The family or household members will no longer demand so much stoicism.

The Leo Lifestyle

The Leo lifestyle, incorporating your daily workload and your health and wellbeing, is completely overdue for change. Shortly after Mars changes signs on Sunday 26th October, you will be on track for a total rethink of your working life, and also the way you manage the 24 hours in each day, as there are eight hours to sleep, eight hours to work, and eight hours to enjoy yourself. On top of that, your body is not disconnected from your mind or spirit, and the final week of October will remind you of that. In many ways, you are proceeding towards a new set-up for 2015, with lifestyle questions demanding your total energy and interest, right through December 4th. By the time you reach the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th, it will become very evident that next year is a totally different ball game. The person, people or situation which has taken your power away for such a long time, will no longer be in play. Despite the intensity, your new lifestyle is waiting, and that incorporates your work ethic, sense of duty and service to others – and your own body too.

The Next Generation

Suddenly, the next generation (and relationships which usher it into your life) matters a great deal more. What happens around the 5th and 8th accelerates things with, or for, your children, godchildren, grandchildren, nieces, young in-laws or nephews. These dates are also important if you are pursuing pregnancy, adoption, or step-parenting. Many Leo people also have professional or part-time commitments to babies, children or young adults which far exceed their personal lives. If so, around the 5th and 8th the lights will be green.

This is a story which extends from now through 2015 and 2016. It is not just about October. As Mars is in your Fifth House, which rules the next generation – to whom you leave the legacy of your personality – you need to slow down and cool down. It would be awfully easy to put action before thought near the 5th and 8th but you must be a total realist about what the next two years will bring. An example of this might be rushing into pregnancy, or sailing into a battle over child custody.

Things will roll even more quickly from November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius (which rules the next generation in your life) from Tuesday 23rd December, and he will remain there throughout 2015 and 2016, bringing the usual tough life lessons, waiting games and obstacles. This is why I am so concerned about what you are setting up in your life in October, when it is so easy to just sail into instant responses, reactions and decisions. Do some homework. Further your research. What have others met before you, in terms of the choices you now feel you want to make? What are the pros and cons? A good example of this might be the pursuit of adoption. Of course the reality of having children is that they hit their terrible twos – or their awkward adolescence – and there is not a lot you can do to avoid that. Yet you can manage things, using astrology, so that you do not set up future problems in October 2014, that by 2015 you are regretting. This is what astrology is about. It is you, being proactive.


Virgo: October 2014

Welcome to October, Virgo. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea  on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Money, Business, House, Apartment, Charity and Possessions

Your ruling planet, Mercury the Messenger of the Gods will alter the message and hold it up (perhaps more than once) in terms of what you figured was ‘final’ or even ‘pendng’ from 14th September, onwards. This is basically about your cash, company, home, property investment, good cause or precious items. And it’s also about timing. Read the fine print and have some common-sense back-up plans to cover yourself for x factors. Get everything in writing if you can and be utterly aware of the potential for a holding pattern; a reversed decision; a change of mind; a patch of chaos. In the long run I predict tremendous freedom and independence for you, which you cannot purchase – you will be liberated from whatever or whomever traps you in terms of money, materialism, property and so on. For now, though, do be very cautious.

From 10th October when Mercury backtracks in Libra, and again from 24th October through 8th November, when he shilly-shallies around your horoscope again, you are going to see why weeks before, something was just a dress rehearsal. From 8th November life is normal again.

Avoid big decisions near the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when you just can’t see what you need to see. In a perfect world you would fast-forward all the big banking, property, purchase or sale stuff until well into November – if only to avoid the usual bollocks (a fine British word) which Mercury Retrograde brings. You can double that message if another Virgo, or a Pisces, is involved.

Your Internet, Media or Publishing Life

Mercury your ruler is retrograding in the communication and information zone of your chart, but we also have a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which will affect you from the 23rd through 25th of the month. Can any of this wait until after 10th November? I’m talking about your internet life, media or publishing commitments, your computer, your telephone and so on – also your fax machine, your spoken or singing engagements – and all Virgo Communication H.Q. I would basically prefer you waited so that you are not in a stop-start situation. You also have Saturn having around affecting the ease with which you are heard or read. Saturn tends to bring obstacles and obstruct the normal, healthy, natural flow of events! Not what you want.

By the the time Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, you will be well and truly over this cycle. And it will be business as usual for you, online and in the real world. Just remember the delays and changes to come. Read the fine print if purchasing computers or phones or fax machines. Be aware that the post can go missing or be held up; customs can sit on objects; your e-mail spam tray can hide important messages; all the usual Mercury Retrograde shenanigans! If signing a contract concerned with communication, be aware of what is pending.

The Third House of your chart also rules commuting and short-haul journeys so you would be reckless indeed, from an astrologer’s point of view, to go out uninsured or without Plan B. Be super-aware of the realities of the internet; hacking, viruses, bung computers and so on. I would be extremely cautious with members of the media who turn up now – are they a reliable source for you?

The Next Generation

Game on. Change is now possible. I am talking about your children, godchildren, nephews, nieces, grandchildren or stepchildren here. Also professional or part-time projects involving the next generation. Beyond that you may have a relationship where his/her much younger in-laws or godchildren could become part of your life.

Mars changes signs on Sunday 26th October, and the tempo will pick up, then there is a major crossroads choice near December 15th, leading you to a different set-up for next year. I have no doubt at all that pre-September 2014 you were all over the place, in terms of your ability to really be on top of issues about the next generation. Where you needed to be in control, you only had patchy, occasional mastery of the situation. Where you needed to feel in charge of your own life, you were probably in a state of flux. One of the functions of this, of course, is to have shown you so clearly how utterly invaluable it is to have a firm, leading role with younger people – or to take a leading role in issues connected to your influence on the next generation – probably through a relationship or marriage. You’ve seen what life is like when you are not in that rock-solid leading, mentoring, guiding role (Queen or King of the situation) and I am sure you want to make sure you are now steering your destiny.

Just make it easy by refusing to let a lack of tolerance, time or patience in the door, from the 26th. Mars is notorious for raising the heat in the room and for setting up potential conflict. None of this will help you, he, she or they to reorganise the situation for January – you need communication and co-operation, not drawn swords. So just use your horoscope to be aware and shape your life.

If you don’t want to get pregnant then be aware that Mars is moving into your Fifth House, which rules childbirth and fertility, and this planet – which is all about speed, heat and haste – is alongside Pluto, the planet which transforms your life.

House, Flat, Family, Household, Home Town, Homeland

Take your time around October 5th and 8th because you need to be on high alert for what you are creating next year, and the year after that. I could give you so many examples of this Virgo. A dramatic decision about a flatmate or close relative is one example. A major choice to buy or sell property,  or renovate, is another. It is so easy to move swiftly into action as October begins, yet you will be living with the consequences for 1-2 years, Virgo. Do some homework.

It would be a snap to put action before thought near the 5th and 8th but as life zooms forward from November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then freezes up, from Tuesday 23rd December, you would be reckless indeed to think short-term about any of this. Saturn will slow things down for you with your house, flat, family, household, home town and/or homeland next year, and there will be get-real learning experiences.

A common example of this might be racing into letting your flat to tenants you know nothing about, trusting your property agents. Please go online, especially if you are in Britain, and see what landlord forums have to say! Another example might be your quest to save a local building or deal with council or local government – you must realise what you could be up for. Finally, there are your parents or other close relatives to factor in; who and what are you taking on here? What are the well-known realities of life that others have experienced before you? Family forums online may be an eye-opener. Keep the stakes low Virgo. Of course you have to proceed with something, in terms of your people or your place – your chart commands it – but make sure that the ‘something’ is not going to be a problem for you in the next year or two. I would extend this to issues about your citizenship and homeland, if you are the emigrating type.


Libra: October 2014

Welcome to October, Libra. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Name, Reputation, Personal Appearance, Profile and Persona

So much of you (as in You, You, You) exists on the  internet, in the media, and woven into technology in general, from the television to the digital photograph processing shop – that you will be affected by delays, reversals, errors or technical problems in October, as Mercury the Messenger in chaotic mode, will influence what you assumed was in motion from 14th September, onwards. Life will not be entirely back to normal until 8th November, so please do factor in replays, reversals or delays. This is no big deal. You don’t have outer planet transits in Libra, affecting your image. It is, however, a question of time, energy and money when things change, or are delayed. I could give you the common example of going to have your teeth fixed, or organising a new website, or pursuing a business card. Beyond that you may have something really big for yourself lined up. Be a realist, especially about technical failure or other S.N.A.F.U. situations. Check they spelled your name right on the posters. That kind of thing!

I would be particularly wary of the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when you must utterly refuse to put yourself out there or make big decisions about your Me agenda. An eclipse conceals, it does not reveal. And what it conceals can affect you for months, Libra.

Your Money, Business, House, Apartment, Charity or Possessions

Another eclipse, near Thursday 23rd October, is best avoided (allow a day or two each side) if you want clarity about everything you own, earn or owe. I would not normally be so concerned about this eclipse, but because you also have Saturn (obstacles, delays) in the same horoscope zone, you may want to choose another part of the month, and indeed, the year, to make serious judgement calls or sweeping decisions. An eclipse does not show you enough. In fact it shows you very little at all. And with Mercury Retrograde as well, in the same area of your chart, there is a real issue with the communication and information flow, Libra. This applies to anything from an eBay purchase to a major property decision, or a share market call. October is flakey, in astrological terms. No doubt about it.

If you can possibly delay the really major decisions until after 10th November you will at least know where you stand. The paperwork should be scrutinised until then. The verbal promises arranged in writing. The diary kept flexible. The Plan B firmly in place.

Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, and you can wave goodbye to a really tough two-year period when nothing worked as it should (remember when it was all so effortless and natural?) and even the richest Libran had a heavy emotional or psychological burden to carry, as a result of her or his wealth. For so many of you, though, since late 2012 you have been dealing with financial shortfall, expensive situations, and an insane world economy that has, in its own way, been having a Saturn transit! Christmas is a relief and a release. You can make the process so much simpler, though, by remembering that October through early November is about changes, delays and even reversals in your affairs, and factoring that into your plans.

Your House, Flat, Family, Household, Home Town and Homeland

Your people or your place?  Either are major issues from Sunday 26th October, when you are in an entirely new position. Control has been a long time coming. In fact you have spent a large part of this year not being in full control at all. It is easy to point the finger at him, her, them or some nebulous ‘it’ in your world, but the reality is, if you had iron willpower, you would have been running the house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland issues far more powerfully to date!

Of course willpower is hard when Pluto is moving backwards, or getting stuck. But I think the final week of October will put a rocket up you, all the way to the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th, when you realise how very different 2015 is going to be. In many ways you are about to fake being a Cancerian. And a very good Cancerian too! That means you cherish your home, and weight up your renovations and real estate, and bond with your village or neighbourhood, and powerfully identify with your country and countrymen and countrywomen. That means you rate your close relatives above everyone else, no matter what, and believe that blood is thicker than water. Go on, be a fake Cancerian. That ways lies power. And you have no idea just how powerful you could become, next year.

The big change comes in December or January, but the pathway to that change is just as important. You simply must avoid any suggestion of conflict or argey-bargey, as it will only get in the way of the new arrangement to come. A common example of this would be alienating a close relative on the way to a new arrangement with the family. Or arguing with a builder, so that the deal you make on the new kitchen becomes a pain. You get the picture. All the players in this scenario are going to have to compromise with each other in December or January in order for this new era to actually work; so despite the possibility of pressure or provocation after 26th October don’t give in. You slow down and cool down. Create space for others to cool down and slow down too.

Internet, Media, Publishing, Multimedia, Communication

Mars is the planet we associate with speed and heat, and it would be so easy for you to rush into decisions about your internet life, media, publishing, multimedia, phone, computer, singing, public speaking and communication in general near the 5th and 8th that I should hold up a red flag. Basically you would be plunging into a domino effect or chain of choices, which would end up being a burden next year, and even as late as 2016, unless you are totally savvy about what is involved. The reason I say this is that Mars is preceding Saturn into your Third House of word power and communication. We associate this with Mercury and Gemini in the natural zodiac, which are in turn associated with short haul journeys, couriers, the post, the internet, commuting and so on. The astrologer Sue Tompkins describes this as ‘connecting people, places and ideas’ and although I am sure early October is dynamite in terms of the impetus to do this – be really careful.

A common example would be the impulse purchase of a car which is a pain for you, for the next two years. Or a computer, or a website provider, which you are lumbered with next year. On a more serious note, a contract which binds you to a particular outlet for your voice, across all mediums and media, may involve more than you expected, way back in early October. Learning a language, or being forced to learn a language, is another example. This is a story which extends from now through 2015 and 2016. From November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, from Tuesday 23rd December, the new reality is here. And it owes a lot to what you did, or did not, accomplish in the first ten days of October.

Be a realist about the internet. It can be hard work. Be a total realist about the media and publishing industries and the state they are in today, seriously challenged by independent web media and publishing. Jump straight on any issues about hearing, reading or writing – no matter if they are felt in the physical body, or if the concern is about the way your senses function. I don’t mind a little bit of healthy paranoia before a Saturn cycle. It means you keep the stakes really low and sort out things before they become an issue for you. Let’s face it, communication (one way or another, online or offline) is bound to test you, at great length, in 2015 and 2016. Yet it’s all about the stakes. Try not to make this a large-scale thing in your life. Keep it as small as you can.


Scorpio: October 2014

Welcome to October, Scorpio. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Dark Secrets, Your Invisible Role

Nothing was in the bag from 14th September, onwards. Whatever you are covering up, or doing behind the scenes, or being sneaky about, or doing without credit is affected! You will see why from 10th October when Mercury backtracks through the same place he inhabited from 14th September and from 24th October through 8th November, when you realise everything was a dress rehearsal or first draft. Be very hip to issues with phones, the internet and computers throughout. Also other Mercury-ruled areas like the media, paperwork and so on (you can read more about Mercury in my blog, on this website – I have written extensively about the Mercury Retrograde period over the years).

Don’t make decisions in the eclipse period from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when nothing is clear. Basically, when it comes to your dark secrets or your invisible role, you are up for several weeks of flux – a lot of static, change and delay – and nothing is really controllable or fully known until you get past November 8th and into normal life again. Bear this in mind, no matter what you are up to (and you may even keep this from your partner or best friend). There are some Scorpio people who have been making things happen while others take the credit, glory or recognition – for whatever reason – and again, I would caution you to watch these dates and understand that nothing will be simple. You may want to defer big decisions until November.

Your Reputation, Name, Image, Internet Profile, Personal Appearance.

First up, its eclipse time, so don’t make a big judgement call on any of this from October 23rd through 25th and if you can basically shelve October and wait until after 10th November for the Me agenda, so much the better. Why? Because Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Saturn is there too. And now we have the standard obliteration of information that comes with an eclipse!  For this reason I would suspend final judgement as the situation is far too early to call; you may not have all the details you need , no matter how much you want closure.

Why do you want closure? Because you are no doubt completely over the toughest cycle in 29 years for the ‘me’ issues relating to your title, role, face, shape, reputation and so on. The internet can be a really hard thing to manage, non? Yet, by the time Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, the obstacle course has finished. You can be yourself without any automatic recourse to comforting self-talk, or a large gin and tonic. This has been a really hard road for so many Scorpio people because many of you were born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Scorpio as well, very close to your natal Sun, so a whole chunk of your personality has been affected by an atmosphere as cold and unforgiving as any you’ve ever seen.

There is an end point for every Scorpio and it comes near Christmas Eve. Until then please navigate very carefully in October, through to November 10th, because what is done may come undone. What is in motion may reverse. I am particularly concerned here with your name online and in print – or on badges or posters come to that. There is also the issue of your personal appearance – so this is about cosmetic surgery, or weight loss too. lt is about your Wikipedia entry. It is about your Twitter profile. And on we go – the issues about ‘me’ are pretty endless. What matters most now is that you accommodate possible delays and changes and understand that although there is light at the end of the tunnel, this tunnel has odd traffic for a while.

Media, Internet, Publishing, Computers, Phones, Communication

A sudden acceleration of all the issues above in your life will speed things up from Sunday 26th October, and by the time you reach the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th (and Pluto is your ruler) you can expect a totally new era when it comes to communication – no matter which medium or media you choose to use for your ‘voice’ and opinions.

You have made one good resolution after another in recent months and tried very hard to be in control of how you are heard and read. Nothing has improved. In fact you have been pushing uphill all the way as Pluto, your ruler, has been against you. Now he is very much for you – or at least, he is for a deep change. There will be a turnaround in the balance of power, online or offline, in December, with the final details in place by January. This will restore your communication with the world to old levels of manageability and effectiveness. I don’t know if the issue for you has been a corrupt media baron; a difficulty with language; an inability to understand social media; a problem with public speaking – it goes on. I do know, however, that your horoscope says the tempo will suddenly rise from the 26th of October and from then until January you are on track for change. Just make sure that anger or irritability is not part of the equation with others as it will delay you.

Money, Property, Business, Charity, Possessions

Resist impulse decisions about everything you own, earn or owe near the 5th and 8th and you will save yourself time and money next year, and even as far as 2016. Be watchful. What turns up around these dates could send you on a roll – but it is the kind of roll that leaves you wishing you had taken more time to think, ask questions, research and so on. Next year will reveal why, Scorpio. In fact you will know from November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December, and he will remain there throughout 2015 and 2016, so be a realist. Be a pessimist, even. It is better to think of every scenario and cover yourself, rather than be caught out because you went head-first into some rushed choice about your cash, house, apartment, company, good cause or precious items. Next year will be demanding. Make no mistake. So ensure it is not about the big stuff – it is about the small stuff – and keep the stakes low. Watch any paperwork that turns up near the 5th and 8th like a hawk, as Mars is in charge of your finance chart then and there would be unsuitable pressure or a spiky atmosphere to push you forward. Well, don’t be pushed nor provoked. You have time. You can strategise. And you must factor in all likely outcomes for the next year or two.


Sagittarius: October 2014

Welcome to October, Sagittarius. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Friends and Groups

Mercury the Messenger of the Gods (the planet in charge of information and communication) will influence what you assumed was in motion from 14th September, with your friends and groups. Likely culprits slowing down or changing the information flow – and plans – include internet problems, flakey phones, unreliable people, computer error, bad weather, non-performing public transport, and Chinese whispers.

From 10th October when Mercury backtracks and again, from 24th October through 8th November, you will realise just how unreliable one information source was. People may also drop out of plans, or the dates may alter. Groups, in the natural zodiac, ruled by Uranus and Aquarius, spells political parties, rock bands, environmental groups, charities, book clubs, yoga networks and so on. You get the picture. Have Plan B and make allowances.

I would be particularly keen to avoid the period around the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October. I don’t know if you saw me on Channel Four in England during the 1999 eclipse (I was on after Queen guitarist Brian May, and a small owl) but we were plunged into total darkness. This eclipse is not quite as dramatic, but it will blot out the picture in certain parts of the sky around the world – and you don’t need blot. You need clarity.

Your Dark Secrets or Invisible Role

Lord only knows what yo have been up to, or what you are still up to, as I doubt even your lover or best friend knows. Classified information? Confidential plans? An uncredited role? A back room function? A modest, invisible part? Dark secrets? Dodgy stuff? Mercury is retrograding in this zone of your chart, and we also have a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th of the month – remember before what I said about Brian May and small owls. If you can possibly delay the really major decisions until after 10th November you will avoid flakey situations triggering O.M.G. Saturn in this zone of your chart, which rules what you cover up or hide, right now. Just be aware of the flux to come.

The situation is far too early to call; you may not have all the details you need until you are well into November. From that point forward, though, it feels as if you are almost out of the woods. In fact, by Christmas, you definitely are. It must have been terribly hard carrying something so tightly to your chest, and not sharing the burden, yet the dark days are already far behind you, Sagittarius. Just get past this information and communication vortex and by Christmas you really will be merry.

Your Money, House, Business, Charity, Flat, Possessions

Major questions demanding your total energy and interest, right through December 4th, with a crossroads decision near the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th, make the end of October so crucial. Why? Because at the end of October, something or someone will turn up the heat. You need to counter this with your own time frame. Do not be rushed or pushed. Everything you own, earn or owe will be in sharp focus then, as Mars dominates your solar chart. However, you should be fully aware of the real time-frame, which extends to January 2015, when the new arrangement with (or about) the cash, property, company, good cause or precious possessions can take hold. To date you have not been at all in control of this. You have found it hard to get the willpower, or you have been blocked by circumstances which are literally beyond your control. This situation is shifting even as you read this. From late October it accelerates. By January there will be a total alteration in the balance of power between you, he, she, them or ‘it’ and beyond that, the global economy will also be released from the frozen effects of Saturn in Scorpio, at Christmas, so the world will be on the same page as you too.

Your Image, Appearance, Reputation, Profile

Take your time when you deal with ‘me’ issues at the Mars alignments near October 5th and 8th as it is unwise to put action before thought and particularly as near November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, your own sign, things may start to get locked in. By ‘things’ I mean the moves you are making in terms of public relations, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, dental treatment, projects where your name is upfront and so on.

Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December, and he will remain there throughout 2015 and 2016, bringing the usual tough life lessons, waiting games and obstacles, sometimes because he is actually conjunct your natal Sun. Plan ahead in early October. Do some homework. Further your research. You can manage things, using astrology, so that you do not set up future problems in October 2014, that by 2015 you are beginning to feel sorry you created. It just takes awareness. Even hyper-awareness about your Me agenda is better than just bumbling around, creating 2015 and 2016 for yourself without realising it. Try to keep the stakes very low. If you are in a public role and some person or organisation has big plans for you, around early October, then question, question, question. Find out what happened to others who took that path before you.


Capricorn: October 2014

Welcome to October, Capricorn. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Mission, Position and Ambition

Well, Capricorn, you seem to have been caught up in crucial news, discussion or paperwork relating to your career, studies or volunteer role from 14th September. And you might have assumed that things would be settled in a week or two. You could not be more wrong, however, as the story is going to change, and even reverse, throughout October.  Please bear this in mind when you are talking, accepting some facts as gospel, signing, or accepting signatures. October is going to put you in a state of flux, and you would be far wiser to encourage an open-ended situation where the conversation can go backwards and forwards for a while. From 10th October, Mercury moves back into this zone of your chart, where he first made his move from 14th September, so you can expect a replay, a reversal, a deadlock or a waiting game from that point.

It will not be until 8th November that you actually know where you stand once and for all, so for heaven’s sake read the fine print to see what would happen if a change or delay affected a contract, new position, redundancy and so on. And on no account take ‘news’ about your field, industry or business as the final word on anything, as it is far more likely to be a changing narrative. As you are famously ambitious, and are either a very successful social mountaineer – or an accomplished careerist or student – this stuff really matters to you. Consequently, I would encourage you not to waste time and energy on investing too much faith in ‘certainties’ when according to your horoscope, this is a process in motion, not an end result. Avoid the period around the eclipse on Wednesday 8th for dramatic decisions or assumptions. You just won’t be seeing the full picture. It will be obscured, and that is no time for you to make up your mind on anything.

Friends and Groups

Capricorn, you have been lumbered with the most demanding cycle for 29 years, in terms of your old friends, new friends, social life, social media and group commitments. It began in late 2012, got worse in 2013, and has lingered in 2014. You will be pleased to hear the cycle ends at Christmas, when you will be amazed at how much lighter and easier your social life, or society, charity, team, group, club, union or other association becomes.

October does take considerable management, though! I would describe it to you as the month when nothing is known in full – and very little is nailed down. Much as you are longing to settle things with particular people, or sort them out once and for all, the reality is that October is a zig-zag trail through delays, reversed decisions, deadlocks, outside factors (like internet problems) affecting discussion, chaotic weather and so on. It all adds up to a month best avoided for sweeping choices about your friend, your social media, or the group in question. From 5th October, for example, very little can be trusted as Mercury is lurching backwards through Scorpio, the sign which rules these people in your life. You then have to put up with the story altering once again, from 8th November – so you can see just how long and drawn-out this episode is becoming.

For that reason please keep the stakes as low as possible with the friend or group, and if you can, fast-forward all the really big decisions beyond 8th November when life will be far more straightforward. The eclipse on Thursday 23rd October is unlikely to help you much either; I would avoid the 22nd, 23rd, 24th for a judgement call on the situation, as you just aren’t being shown all the details then.

The best news is, from Christmas onwards, you will be amazed at how it feels to have a normal social life, regular friendships, and easy-peasy social media involvements. No more heavy nova. And if you have put up with frenemies (the famous term coined by Nancy Mitford) then it’s goodbye to your version of Lavender Davis. Or by that time, you will simply no longer care.

You, You, You

From the 26th October something very familiar returns to you – the notion of yourself as a separate entity, like a product, which must be packaged, presented, profiled and promoted. This has been an ongoing theme since 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, and your First House, which rules your image. Once again you will be standing back from the photograph, the video, the Google description, the social media packaging, the label, the mirror reflection and all the rest. Once again you will be wondering, how on earth you get your control back. Because, Capricorn, when it comes to You, You, You (as in Me, Me, Me) you appear to have been pushed and pulled by circumstances, so that for months now, you have not been in full charge of things. Individuals, collectives or even the universe itself seems to have pulled your hands off the steering wheel, so you have not been driving your look, image, name or reputation as you might. Needless to say, this is all set to change from the 26th October and by December you will be deeply involved in setting up a totally new direction for next year. Classic manifestations of this cycle include weight loss and gain; issues about wardrobe and style; the media; the internet; cosmetic surgery; personal trainers; publicity and promotion; marketing; public relations – you get the picture. The time is fast approaching when you must devote the end of the year, to the pursuit of Me Power.

Cover Up Jobs

The end of the year is about cover-up jobs. Consequently you need to be sharply aware of what you are creating in your life because you will have to live with the consequences in 2015 and 2016. What do I mean by cover-ups? It could be a classic secret; a clandestine affair; a role with the CIA or MI6; a major piece of confidential plotting. There are other kinds of cover-up jobs as well, slowly becoming more of an issue. Sneaking around and doing something dodgy is a good example! A more noble kind of cover-up is the classic example of allowing other people to hog the spotlight and get all the attention, while you hide in the shadows, lurking in an unseen or modest role.

This is a story which extends from now through 2015 and 2016. It is not just about October. As Mars is in your Twelfth House, which rules cover-up jobs, do not rush into action near the 5th and 8th as the ripple effect will be dramatic from November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December, and he will remain there throughout 2015 and 2016, bringing the usual tough challenges and endless tests of your patience. For that reason I would prefer you were involved in a cover-up job that was not going to extract a heavy price later. Be supremely conscious of how you lie to yourself, Capricorn. What are you doing, or what you been doing lately, that you can’t even honestly acknowledge you are covering up?

Private Eye magazine journalists in London allegedly said that if you didn’t want to end up in their magazine, you shouldn’t be guilty of doing particular things in the first place. Beyond this issue of being secretive for the wrong reasons – there is also the higher question of what it involves to operate behind the scenes, out of sight, without recognition and with no credit. You really need to analyse that quite deeply in October and slow right down, as if you lurch into a situation without thinking the repercussions through next year, and even the year after that, it could be a hard ask.


Aquarius: October 2014

Welcome to October, Aquarius. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Mission, Position and Ambition

Well, put it this way. You may want to pick another month to really sort out your career, university life or volunteer role, Aquarius. The reason for htis is that not only do we have an eclipse, obliterating the picture for you – rather than showing you what’s really going on – we also have Mercury in full retrograde mode, lurching about all over the place, when he should be delivering messages. The Mercury cycle goes something like this; where computers, couriers, the post, commuting, phones and travel is concerned – expect a zig-zag. From 10th October when Mercury backtracks through the same place he inhabited from 14th September and then from 24th October through 8th November (when there could be replays of a replay) you are going to be really caught up, but (I hope) not caught out. That is why you are reading this column. For a start, you’re going to skip the eclipse periods from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, when a Full Blood Moon will blot out the sky, and also the period around the partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th of the month. If you can possibly delay the really major decisions you may want to.

Saturn departs Scorpio on Tuesday 23rd December, when the constant career, university or volunteering challenges are over. Therefore this is a mixed-bag month because on the one hand, you can see how a meeting or signature would shift some burden (human, environmental or just within your chosen field) – yet very little will go as planned or stick properly until you are sailing past 8th November. Keep copies of important documents; follow up in your e-mail spam tray if you haven’t heard back from people; check your phone for malfunctioning messages if someone has gone strangely silent – and read the fine print on everything. If there is a negotiation process taking place at work, university or with your non-profit role, expect a warped ping-pong game. Yet, despite this, Aquarius, you are in the clear from mid November and literally by Christmas Day you can wave goodbye to the hardest cycle in 29 years.

Friends and Groups

Friendships and group involvements define who you are, Aquarius. If you shine brightly in this lifetime, you will shine by your deep involvement with a good cause, rock band, social circle, sports team, political party and so on. The idea is circles, within circles, and there you are, taking up your karmic role. Normally I would not even consider this to be an issue, but as the year ends, you are beginning a new cycle when a friendship or group could be hard work; therefore take your time near the 5th and 8th  when the lights will be green.

This is a story which extends from now through 2015 and 2016. It is not just about October. The issue with your friend or group will move swiftly near November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and then all too soon, Saturn will be in Sagittarius from Tuesday 23rd December, and he will remain there throughout 2015 and 2016. If you know your chart and you have planets or asteroids in Sagittarius, this will also impact foreign friendships, foreign concerns, publishing, the internet, university life and education. So common-sense says, if this is where your groups lie, then you need to be super careful about what you set up in October, around the 5th and 8th. During these dates Mars makes easy, flowing aspects (or patterns) which means, it’s all too easy for you to be pushed, pressured – or to rush and push – and to do so without thinking too hard. Try not to do this Aquarius. You do not want to set up a chain reaction which would take you all the way to Christmas then leave you regretting what you had created in your life. If it’s about a friend or group, which you are famous for, then take your time; take advice; slow down; do some research; get real about the likely consequences; really know who/what you are letting yourself in for. Truly, you will thank yourself for doing all this, come 2015.

The Aries-Libra Eclipse is something else I want to note. It takes place on Wednesday 8th October and will conceal, rather than reveal, what you need to see. It concerns your commute and travel arrangements. It also concerns your internet, computer, phone, media and publishing interests. It could easily bring in educational or academic concerns, and people from Europe, Australasia, the U.S. or further afield. I know there is a part of you that just wants to keep on pursuing particular goals – after all,they set you free, so why not? – but this is a hairy eclipse and as it comes straight after an opposition from your ruler Uranus to the Sun, I would be extremely cautious about plunging into big decisions, plans or judgement calls that week (Monday 6th October through Sunday 12th October) – but particularly on eclipse day itself. On top of that we also have Mercury Retrograde still in your zone of publishing, the internet, foreign people and places, education – so yet again, this is not straightforward. As a rule of thumb, have Plan B and a very flexible diary. And yes, you may want to wait before you go into major decisions about all those life areas I have mentioned above.


Pisces: October 2014

Welcome to October, Pisces. If you are in London please come to an Astrology Afternoon Tea on Sunday 28th September with me and Shelley von Strunckel (Evening Standard, Vogue, Sunday Times). You’ll have a luxuriously long afternoon with us for the booking price of £35 and explore your personal horoscope with me. Please note: all dates below are calculated for London so add/subtract a day for your time zone.

Your Apartment, Business, House, Money, Possessions and Charity

I hope you read your horoscope regularly on this website, as I have been warning you for weeks that the paperwork, plans or discussion you have been pursuing since 14th September, will be replayed or held up from 10th October when Mercury backtracks through the same place he inhabited – and possibly also from 24th October through 8th November, when replays, reversals or delays rule the situation. After 8th November life is back to normal but until then, read the fine print and the terms and conditions, so you are fully aware of the implications of any hold-up or alteration. You may also want to take photocopies or scans of documents before you post them, and save important paperwork to a USB stick. Mercury rules the internet, the phone, paperwork, negotiation and discussion and consequently this is where you are most likely to hit issues.

I would be particularly wary of the total lunar eclipse, which you will be affected by from Tuesday 7th October through Thursday 9th October, as this is no time to make assumptions or commit to anything major. Why? Because an eclipse obliterates our vision. It’s a symbol of obscured facts or figures and that, coupled with Mercury Retrograde, tells me you won’t be shown the full story.

Your Travel, Foreign, Publishing or Educational Agenda

This is already a too-hard area of your life, and it’s been like that since late 2012 when Saturn entered your solar Ninth House. Now, in October, not only is Mercury retrograding in this zone of your chart, but we also have a partial solar eclipse on Thursday 23rd October, which you should be cautious with from 23rd through 25th of the month. If you can make the key plans to travel, teach, study, publish or write after 10th November your life would be far more straightforward as you are prone to cancellations, delays, mistakes or even total reversals before that time. I am especially concerned that you also have Saturn in this zone of your chart, bringing roadblocks and obstacles along with the usual communication and information issues that Mercury Retrograde brings. Should you travel without insurance on this cycle? Are you crazy?

You may not have all the details you need about your trip, relocation, export question, European/Australasian/American connection, book, website or course to make wise decisions until you are well into November. From that point forward, though, it feels as if you are racing towards closure on so many things that have challenged you – and from Tuesday 23rd December, the cycle ends. In October, though, have Plan B; read the fine print; see if you can fast-forward the big stuff to 8th November and beyond. Mercury Retrograde is not the end of the world but it can be maddening. I would be particularly wary of people who are prominent talkers, gossips, writers, internet junkies, couriers, postmen or post women, switchboard operators and so on – they may be manifesting Mercury for you (they are messengers, in a way) in which case they could be unreliable sources, or be affected in their own lives by delays or reversals, which end up seriously affecting you as well!

Your Network

Your network may be purely social, or it may have a purpose (a football team, for example, or a literary society.) From Sunday 26th October, you will be setting up future decisions aboutthis, clustering around December 4th. By the time you reach the Uranus-Pluto square on December 15th, there is no turning back. The balance of power with the other people in the group simply has to alter. You personally need more control and you will have it. The golden rule is to share that control, however, as if you make a grab for power, or play power games on any level, you will really hold up your own potential. And of course, the potential of the group. I very much doubt any Pisces will make that mistake, though, as you are famous for penetrating the psychic boundaries of other people, even if you do not realise you are doing it, and you will be reading hearts and minds, especially with friends in this network, but also with acquaintances you don’t know so well. The issue with the final days of October is tolerance, tact, telepathy and timing. Crank up all of them, so that you remove any potential for impatience or even irritation later on. If you are all going to move towards a new arrangement for January, then you cannot afford to let any emotions spike now.

Your Success and Status

It would be so easy to rush into decisions about your career, status, volunteer commitments or university course near the Mars trines on October 5th and 8th, but you may live to regret it. I don’t mean that to sound too ominous; it’s just that in 2015 and 2016 you will pay a heavy price for anything you do, without thinking, in the first two weeks of October. A common example of this may be quitting your job, or taking a new one, without doing any research. Then, inevitably, dealing with the consequences next year, and even the year after that.

It would be tempting to put action before thought near the 5th and 8th but as things move even faster near November 22nd, at the New Moon in Sagittarius, you must be a realist about what you will be dealing with after Tuesday 23rd December, when a new cycle begins that will make your working life, in particular, far more demanding. The trick is to keep the stakes low. So don’t make this about your entire career. Make it about projects and plans, perhaps, rather than massive decisions about your status, ambitions, position and mission.

Of course you are utterly free to ignore this astrological advice and plunge into a new role, or leave the old one; yet go in with your eyes wide open. You are utterly free to take on the most demanding new project, knowing full well it will take you into 2015 and 2016 – yet please be a realist about who and what will be involved, so you know exactly what you are up for.

On no account set up an issue for yourself with your boss, lecturer, colleague, classmate, staff or clients near the 5th and 8th, because it is unlikely to go away quickly or easily. In fact it could linger for weeks, and then be reignited later, giving you a thorn in your side (to quote The Smiths) right through next year. Astrology is your early warning device. It’s your light house, so use it.

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