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Your Horoscope March 30 through April 5

Astrologer’s Diary

Near Tuesday 31st March, Mercury in Pisces opposes Neptune in Virgo in the foundation chart for the United States of America – exactly. – at 28 degrees.  How does the astrology translate? That’s undercover reporters, web hackers or internet surveillance – versus Obamacare. Near Friday 3rd April Salacia, the wife of Neptune in astrology, hits 28 degrees as well. She will quincunx Panacea, long associated with medicine, then go onto square Bacchus. Bacchus is in Gemini, again the sign to be associated with reporters, hackers and bloggers.  There is something rather unscrupulous and underhand about what is going on with Obamacare, the web or the media near Tuesday 31st March. The week of 30th March through 5th April is a major test for Obamacare, partly because of this, and also because America has Pluto in Capricorn at 28 degrees, also triggered by these powerful transits. Will Obamacare triumph? Yes. In the end. His own horoscope shows it, and so does the United States chart. This is a mere blip.

Written on Monday 2nd March 2015.  US Chart Data 15th November 1777 at 12.00 noon in Philadelphia. The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004.

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Aries: 30 March-5 April 2015

Aries, the continuing focus on your former, current or potential partner draws attention to who you are, what you represent and how you are seen, in terms of your own hologram, flickering on the internet, on YouTube or on a smart phone camera. Alternatively, you may be channelling the current Nodal transit of Libra, your opposite sign, into the deepest differences with your opponent, enemy or great rival. Normally, this would mean the situation is about the two of you, locked into a psychological game of chess. However, the fact that your own sign, Aries, is the subject of so much concentrated astrological activity means that every time people consider him, or her, or them – they consider you. It is impossible to function as one half of a pair or couple, or even as the opponent in a conflict or contest. You have to deal with the Me Factor as part of the package. Of course, packages are made to be unwrapped and there is an exhilarating process of unwrapping and rewrapping taking place at the moment, as the First House of your solar chart, which describes your persona and reputation, is criss-crossed by so many heavenly bodies. A rejection dance has been taking place for some time. You have rejected him, her, them or ‘it’ whenever you come to think about how you are seen, and how you appear. And in turn you are being rejected. All perfectly normal under a Uranus transit like this; the distancing is part of the necessary change. Just make sure you don’t make the biggest decisions near the total eclipse on Saturday.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? You are discovering just how crucial your name, face, shape or style is to all your other ambitions. It’s in focus now.



Taurus: 30 March-5 April 2015

They discovered Neptune, the ruler of the Twelfth House (where you now have so much planetary activity) in the same year that inspired The Mexican Spy Company . Yes, the Mexican Spy Company. There is rather an undercover feeling about you, and your life, at the moment because just one sign behind yours, there is tremendous astrological activity taking place, on almost every day this week. What is unseen, unknown, below the surface, behind closed doors or uncredited is very much the domain of Mercury at the moment, so the discussion or churning thought processes will dominate the week. You have choices to make. The choices which would bring a completely different state of affairs by the end of April. A revolutionary new approach to a part you are playing behind the scenes, or a secret you are closely guarding, is very likely. Why? Because it has a momentum all of its own. And why will you go with it? Probably, because you want the freedom. Quite frankly, who wouldn’t? If you can take a big-picture view of of this rather mysterious, elusive part of your life, or your personality, you should be able to see just how many ridiculous fences, locks and bolts there are in place. It’s all so hemmed in and restricted. All the more reason, then, to ask yourself or the universe a lot of questions this week. Just avoid the eclipse period, Friday-Sunday, which is a cover-up job to end all cover-up jobs – and will reveal nothing.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? Bizzarrely, although so much of this week is about what you hide or do without credit, the accent is on You, You, You.



Gemini: 30 March-5 April 2015

Your ruling planet Mercury enters your house of teams, friends, groups, associations and social media on Tuesday 31st March, at the same moment that the Node stands still, in the same area of your horoscope. That noise you hear is the sound of churning karma, spinning its own wheels. Everything old is new again, repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, whenever the Node sits still, and you are in the rather odd position of knowing you are in a time of the most incredible change with these people – at the same time that you have a galloping case of deja vu. This person may be the oldest of friends, or you may be dealing with a tribe, but there are so many questions to ask this week that you will seldom be away from the computer or the telephone. Armed with information, you can then move forward into unknown territory. March and April bring what the art historian Robert Hughes called The Shock of the New, and it looks as if you really have had quite enough of boring, stuck set-ups and systems. Perhaps also particular people, although that’s something you must decide as you tune into the real stories, over the next three weeks. The total lunar eclipse on Saturday 4th April brings the usual warnings about a lack of clarity – basically, extremely low visibility – with one social, group or friendship question. You may prefer to wait.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? Conjunctions to your Aries planets, points, angles or asteroids now accent the importance of your image.


Cancer: 30 March-5 April 2015

You have been distancing yourself from people or set-ups in your professional life which you find  irrelevant, out-of-date or just plain wrong. This also applies to your life at university, or in the voluntary sector. This is the small-frame version of your life at the moment. The bigger picture, since 2010, has been one of increasing experimentation and exploration, which takes you further and further away from what you used to accept, professionally, academically or as an unpaid worker. Now, you are in the most exhilarating and confronting phase of your year,  at least in terms of your personal Mount Kilimanjaro, which describes how you get to the top, and stay at the top. You have lacked answers. Now they will come,  and you will not stop talking or sending e-mails until you are well into April. The most peculiar thing about your week is the total lunar eclipse, on Saturday 4th April, which finds the Sun in Aries opposite the Moon (your own ruler) in the sign of Libra. What should be so clear, so obvious and so ripe for debate is obscured. All the more reason to procrastinate Friday-Sunday if you have that luxury. An eclipse blots out what should be unmissable, so you have to ask yourself where the cover-up job is coming from. Other people or the universe? In any case, it won’t help. What will help is a deeper understanding of the elephant in the room, which is your homeland or home town. Your house or apartment. Your family or household. You can’t make the Kilimanjaro decisions without honouring all that.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? You are a natural self-promoter, who asserts herself/himself with no difficulty and trades on image. It counts now.



Leo: 30 March-5 April 2015


On six out of seven days this week, you will experience potent horoscope patterns in the Ninth House of your astrological chart, which describes your books and websites, your full-time and part-time study or teaching commitments, your contacts from other cultures and countries, and your travel itinerary. It’s not until Tuesday 31st March that the serious discussion, news or paperwork will come your way. Just be aware that the total lunar eclipse on Saturday 4th April will obscure the story. You may prefer to wait until the Moon is out of Libra (check for your time zone at before you make dramatic decisions or pass final judgement. The general picture, though, is clearly one of radical change, enabling you to operate as your own person, with none of the restrictions or limitations which blocked you before. The most peculiar thing about this week is that it’s all so familiar. One episode in particular may be a direct repeat, or the superficial details may have altered, but the script is basically the same. Your ruler the Sun is tied into an eclipse which you may want to avoid for decisions, though. See that Full Moon? Avoid.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? You consciously use your reputation (which precedes you) or your image to help your cause. That’s obvious now, Leo.


Virgo: 30 March-5 April 2015

Your ruling planet Mercury changes signs to Aries on Tuesday 31st March so the numbers, facts and figures will be laid on the line in time for April. At least one crucial discussion, possibly more, lies in store for you. In general, the message we are sold about money is that it should equal security and bring stability and permanence. The same might be said for particular houses, apartments or possessions. In truth, your horoscope is pulling you in the opposite direction and that has been the case since 2010 when Uranus, that great symbol of freedom and constant change, entered the financial sector of your chart. He makes himself known to you again on Monday, in a sextile to Bacchus, and a semi-sextile to Venus. The show goes on. As you now know, the faster you dispense with the idea that cash should translate into security, the easier life becomes. Every time you have a chapter in your life like the one represented by March-April 2015, the known world rotates so dramatically that all you can really do is start again. Again. Just one tip – avoid the eclipse. Look up at the Full Moon and you’ll see it. Life is too unclear then.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? The shape you’re in (your body) is crucial to your soul and spirit. And the shape you’re in does the work for you, too.


Libra: 30 March-5 April 2015

This is a game only two can play and you have been playing it for quite a long time. Your relationship with the person on the opposite end of the tightrope will change substantially by April, though, taking you forward to the next logical stage in a relatively new story in your life which began in March. This week is a really important part of the tightrope walk. For a start, you will at least hear or read something essential, and this gradual release of news, or continuing conversation (or paper trail) will extend into April. You can count on this all beginning soon after Mercury changes signs on Tuesday 31st March. Note the forthcoming total lunar eclipse on Saturday, though. An eclipse obscures rather than reveals, and given that you need as much information to work with as possible, you may prefer to give the situation with this crucial man or woman a wide berth Friday through Sunday. If children are involved, then the ingress of Ceres in Aquarius on Friday 3rd April is a clear indication that there will have to be an enforced compromise well beyond Easter.  The power or control invested in the situation needs to be divided very differently, and that will become clear to you soon after Ceres makes her move.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? That’s rather unusual for a Libran, and for all your duets and double-acts, your ‘Me’ agenda is really strong.


Scorpio: 30 March-5 April 2015

The discussion you need, or the information that has been missing, fills in some crucial gaps for you this week, enabling you to pursue genuine reform in your lifestyle, and to innovate and invent when it comes to your body. Progress has to be measured by how far you are prepared to take things, when it comes to your working life, and the way your body serves you. You have now reached a point when exciting experimentation is turning into validation. You went out on a limb, and now you are even further along – and it’s working. This sense of edging further and further in the direction of authentic progress (not just some lame attempt at ‘new and different’) will continue throughout April too. The only real caution this week is the blind spot that Friday’s total lunar eclipse is bound to produce. Not only is this a Full Moon, which is never comfortable, it is also a time when what should be illuminated is concealed. When what should be exposed is not. Given this rather delicate point in your year, when so many crucial choices about your body or workload must be decided, you may prefer to steer well clear of Friday-Sunday for decisions.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? You are formidable. You also know how to show (by display) how much you mean business. Up go your feathers now.


Sagittarius: 30 March-5 April 2015


The notion of courtship and courting owes much to the word ‘court’ which is associated with royal passions. Royalty is in turn the province of Leo and as that sign rules your sexuality and intimate relationships, you can see the connection this week, with so much activity in that sign in your chart. Sometimes these trysts lead to children, sometimes they exist independently of family life, so that your royal prerogative extends to adultery. In the Sagittarius horoscope, there are no mere children, godchildren, nieces or nephews – there are heirs to your throne. Pretenders to the throne, too, if you skip parenthood and extend your influence to children and teenagers as a whole, through your job or unpaid work. This week you can expect some fascinating news – or long-awaited answers to important questions – which help you to rethink intimacy, or reinvent your relationship with children and the next generation. It has been an awfully long time since Mercury the Messenger of the Gods was on tap as an information source, and given the intensely emotional nature of what you are dealing with, you obviously need a few basic facts. This will help you throughout April when the revolution you are currently going through will intensify. This can only mean one thing – glorious freedom. Just beware of the effects of the eclipse, which builds from Friday and fades out from Sunday. Something will be covered up then. Skip it.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? This week is obviously about a lover, child or children as a whole. However it is also about your Me Agenda.


Capricorn: 30 March-5 April 2015


It can be tempting in times of constant change with tenants, the building process, the relationship you have with your home town – and so on – to assume there might be a guidebook out there somewhere. The notion that the business of flat sharing, room mates or family relationships might also be mapped out in some kind of handbook is also very seductive. What you are discovering, instead, is that you are actually supposed to write the guidebook or handbook yourself. For yourself. Because this is a unique experience and March-April will go down in your personal history as some kind of epic one-off. The cycles of Uranus, the planet which makes itself known (twice) on Monday are notorious for pulling you and everybody else into the future, via the cutting edge of change. Suddenly, the past becomes irrelevant, or perhaps barely relevant, as a Uranus transit typically involves shedding most of what went before, and transporting only a handful of worthwhile fixtures, ideas or traditions. No wonder this current situation with your house, flat, household, home town, family or homeland is affecting so many other aspects of your life. The trick this week is to ask questions and keep on asking them. The only exception is the eclipse period, which obscures the story. To be on the safe side you may prefer to probe well away from Friday-Sunday when the Moon in Libra conceals, not reveals.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? This week is about your image and reputation, and perhaps your appearance, as well as the home front.


Aquarius: 30 March-5 April 2015

Your ruling planet Uranus is associated with electricity as in myth he was the father of sheet and forked lightning. In the year he was found and named, 1781, a peculiar new thing called animal electricity was also discovered. A Uranian transit (you are experiencing it now, as a writer, professional ‘talker’,  public speaker, singer, publisher or internet user) typically makes the atmosphere crackle at the edges, as if there was static in the air. It can feel galvanising, as if you were lying on a table, plugged into a contraption wired to the lightning bolts overhead in a storm. The Fall song Totally Wired is the perfect soundtrack for what you should now be experiencing with the world of social media, e-mails, the telephone, books, films, videos, websites, blogging, public speaking, teaching, languages and all mediums for your message. Most Aquarians are utterly conscious of their Uranus transits no matter if they read astrology predictions or not. They have an instinctive feeling that new should replace old. That exhilaration is better than any other sensation. That freedom is everything. Once Mercury, the planet which is associated with communication, changes signs on Tuesday 31st March the momentum with the internet in particular (unless you prefer another medium) will be powerful. Do avoid Friday-Sunday for big decisions though as an eclipse will cover up what you need to know. This is a Full Moon eclipse which adds to the possible complications; keep life simple.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? Your sense of self is particularly strong, and this self-consciousness will be to the fore over the next seven days.


Pisces: 30 March-5 April 2015

More than anything else you need to sit down with the people concerned and ask the right questions about what you earn, own or owe. There may be a paper chain of trail of e-mails involved, of course, so everything is at a distance. After Mercury changes signs on Tuesday 31st March, though, you may want to sit down face-to-face with those who have so much say over your money, house, company, flat, possessions, charity or business. Pisces people tend to read hearts and minds rather intuitively and close contact can be useful, if only for opening up the space for your sixth sense to flourish in. You certainly need to strike a deal with yourself over and above anybody or anything else. That deal has to give you the vast expanse of freedom you need to operate truly independently, separating yourself from anything or anybody which seems outdated. Also, we might say, quite irrelevant. Your instincts are telling you to move towards anybody or anything which can contain your need to experiment and explore, allowing you to pursue what exhilarates you, not what you necessarily did in 2013 or 2014. Stay on the path. But skip the eclipse period, Friday-Sunday, when what needs to be known, will not be known at all.

Do you have horoscope factors in Aries at 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 29? You are never backwards about coming forwards and you will be put strongly in touch with this, now.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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Your Horoscope March 23 through 29

Astrologer’s Diary

Scroll down to see last week’s prediction about internet surveillance making headlines.
The Guardian reported Twitter put trillions of tweets (yours, mine, everybody’s) up for sale to data miners, on Thursday 19th March.

Twitter Guardian

NEW PREDICTIONS UKIP leader Nigel Farage is a fearless, combative Aries who also happens to have Mars at 4 Aries in his personal birth chart. (Data from with an A Rodden Rating). On Wednesday 25th March the Sun at 4 Aries will trine Saturn at 4 Sagittarius. That really is a milestone moment for Farage’s relationship with people from other countries and cultures, which Sagittarius rules. His deep concern with his own media image needs to be balanced by the warrior within, near 25th March as the camera, the microphone or the computer could easily pick up his aggression. Aries is the sign best known for phone-hurling (Russell Crowe) and ‘Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ tactics (Jeremy Clarkson). Let’s hope the fearless Mr Farage reads his horoscope.


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Aries: 23-29 March 2015

It is impossible to avoid the spotlight when the Sun transits your own sign, Aries, and yet it is also your best chance in 12 months to see yourself as others see you. This kind of exposure is illuminating, especially near Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March. You do need to be aware that internet legends, in particular, can outlive you – as can other autobiographical details about yourself. The same could be said even for ordinary personal photographs, or statements you make about yourself in letters and e-mails; Psyche is also in Aries at the moment so this will endure. What works very well throughout this final week of March and for most of April, is the pursuit of radical change. It is better to be conscious of the people, situations or set-ups which have prevented you from being genuinely free, in terms of how you project your look or personality.  If you unconsciously want freedom it may have an rather confronting way of finding you, instead.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? This week absolutely defines who you are – and that is someone who is innately concerned with his/her public relations, brand or packaging. You understand what a particular reputation or look can do for you and it shows.


Taurus: 23-29 March 2015

The Sun, Psyche, the Node and Mars are all gathering one sign behind you, in Aries, which is classically the place where you operate behind the scenes, allowing other names or faces to take the camera, the internet talk or the general discussion. Whatever goes on one sign behind you, also goes on behind closed doors, behind other people’s backs, or behind the facade. It’s important to note that this is forever story. Psyche is the archetype associated with eternity, and something about this particular episode in your life is here to stay. You might say it’s a classic of its genre, in the story of your life. That story is possibly known to one trusted confidante. Maybe not. Maybe this is entirely for you, and that would be fitting for a Twelfth House transit. The issue with Mars, always, is the kind of energy you pour into this story. It’s worth remembering that Mars was the Roman God of War. Any note of that is written into this music for a long time to come, after this week is over. So look consciously at the song you are singing, if only for yourself.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? Conjunctions to those placements in your chart will bring out your inner Aries. You are a Taurus person who just happens to have a wildly assertive, pushy, competitive and occasionally aggressive streak. Getting to know you…


Gemini: 23-29 March 2015

This is your best chance in 12 months to stand back from your friend, or the people who surround you socially (or more formally) and to take stock. When you’re operating within the group, or within the friendship, it can be hard to find objectivity.  Now, there is attention being paid and curiosity is running high; listening to, or reading the feedback, is useful. The conjunction between Psyche and the Node suggests this is rather an epic chapter for you. There is something utterly familiar about it, either because you are actually repeating yourself with this friend or group – or because the names and faces may have changed, but the song remains the same, from a few years before. Knowing the landscape as well as you do in terms of the feelings, the psychology or the personalities helps you to make an informed decision. That decision will stand the test of time because Psyche in your horoscope is a symbol of the eternal and immortal.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? You are extremely well-equipped to promote and advertise yourself, or less formally, to sell yourself. You are well-known for your way with words, images and ideas but you also have a ‘Me, me, me’ Aries side. Nicely activated now!


Cancer: 23-29 March 2015

Right at the top of your horoscope, the Sun, Psyche, Node and Mars are gathering. This is a highly unusual cluster to see and it fills in a few gaps in a much bigger story, which is about your pursuit of new independence. In order to be free, you will have to distance yourself from anything or anybody which (quite frankly) has also created enormous gaps with you. So be it. There is something about your chosen role, goal or ambition at the moment which suggests this is a moment whose time has come. The crucial player is Mars, who squares Ceres on Sunday, in an area of your horoscope associated with professional partners and business allies in double acts with you. This chart zone also rules tremendous rivals and competitors, and even open enemies who are at odds with what you are trying to achieve. Ceres suggests there can and must be a compromise between you and he, or you and she, so that the territory is carved up between you. What you don’t need, in that mix, is any note of aggression. Any suggestion of provocation or pressure. This will be permanently embroidered in the tapestry if you succumb so don’t succumb.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? You understand the importance of branding, reputation and image-building to your success. In fact, you use your ‘armour’ or your ‘flag’ to do the work before you even show up. Your style or name will be given a workout now.


Leo: 23-29 March 2015

What happens near Tuesday 24th March sheds light on how others see your trip, move, foreign involvements, websites, course or workshops – and any books. At the same time you will be considering a serious commitment in the interests of your personal appearance or reputation. Near Wednesday 25th March, again, your attention is pulled back to how others see your role as student of life, global or regional explorer – and natural teacher of others. Near Sunday 29th March when Mars in Aries squares Ceres in Capricorn, it will be very clear to you that the ultimate goal here – greater freedom in a brand new world – sometimes involves a tussle with yourself, or a tussle with others (or the universe). Exciting new independence in April is worth it. The conjunction from Psyche to the Node near Thursday 26th March confirms that this is not just about March 2015. It is about the long-term future. Perhaps the results will live on after you.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? This story (above) will run in direct parallel with major issues about your name, brand, reputation or personal appearance. Your Aries side which is assertive, direct and fearless will be activated over the next seven days.


Virgo: 23-29 March 2015

The Beatles wrote a lot of songs about money, arguably because Libran John Lennon spent most of the Sixties with Neptune transiting his Second House of cash. You now have the Node in the same place –  your Second House of cash – and there is also a tremendous amount of horoscope activity in your Eighth House, which rules other people’s cash (and houses, apartments, business assets, possessions and the rest). Life is a Beatles song about money this week,  no matter if it’s Taxman, Money or You Never Give Me Your Money – but you are the arranger, producer and lyricist. The best things in life are free? Fill in the gaps. Money can’t buy you? Fill in the gaps. Essentially, when you compose something like this in your life, you do it forever. You are writing a perennial, which will be on the soundtrack of your life for years to come. If you knew that, would you conduct the music differently? Quite possibly. This may seem like a story for March 2015 but the presence of Psyche in your chart suggests it’s Forever Now.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? This financial, business, charity or property story in your life is running in parallel with tremendous questions about how you project your personality, sell your brand, represent your name and package yourself,  Virgo.


Libra: 23-29 March 2015

What you really need is a huge spotlight to illuminate and clarify the state of play with your partner. This also applies to a former or potential partner. Even to a great rival or opponent. This kind of clarity can only come once a year, and March and April are a revelation. What you see so vividly near Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March is reflected back to you through the comments or reactions of others, but it is useful. You are writing a ‘forever’ story with, or about this crucial person in your life. Like a classic song or book, it just becomes woven into the permanent tapestry of your life. It also appears to be a very familiar piece of music, or an utterly repetitive story in your life. Look back and you will see that the past is returning. The ultimate, driving force behind this week is still the pursuit of freedom and independence, though. This person is an agent for radical change in your life and your soul genuinely requires the space.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? The alchemy you share with this man, or the chemistry you share with this woman, reveals interest results in the laboratory this week. The results clearly show your consciousness of your own image, reputation or appearance.


Scorpio: 23-29 March 2015

All of this is rather public at the moment. The shape you’re in, as a doctor or healer might see it. And beyond that, the way your working life is actually working for you – or not. You have a stellium passing through the Sixth House of your solar chart, which rules your work ethic and sense of service to others, incorporating household or garden chores, along with your paid job, and any voluntary efforts. Woven into that is the idea that you can’t actually be of service to anybody or anything, unless you are also serving your body and its needs. This may involve particular medical or complementary health routes for you, or very specific issues about drugs, alcohol, medication, exercise or healing. You only get one solar transit like this every 12 months and it’s the most illuminating three weeks you will experience. Light will be shed. What was unknown or unseen, will become both known and seen. In tremendous detail. Very close to Sunday, one crunch point in particular will seriously motivate you. By April you will be free.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? Then you use your reputation, appearance and persona to work as a kind of advance guard for you. Of course you know it’s purely superficial, but the reality is, it takes care of a great deal. This is obvious this week.


Sagittarius: 23-29 March 2015

There is a huge build-up of heavenly bodies in your Fifth House at the moment which is traditionally where you conceive children with a partner, or decide to take a lover or a mistress. It’s associated with courtship and adultery alike, which may ring bells for some Sagittarians now. More commonly, the Fifth House describes your children, godchildren or younger relatives, and perhaps work or unpaid efforts which involve a junior demographic. The revolution you are going through at the moment, which will ultimately lead to new independence by April, takes place in stages. There is no sense of  ‘A rush and a push and the land is ours’ with this transit. The new emotional territory you are going to claim has to happen in waves. This week is very much about absorbing how others see the situation. It’s awfully obvious and is arousing a reasonable amount of curiosity. People are stopping short of holding up score cards giving you marks out of ten, but there is definite feedback and reaction. One thing is certain. This episode will last forever. It will outlast you. Psyche in Aries guarantees something eternal from all this, with your lover – or the world of babies, children or younger adults.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? You find it easier to promote yourself and push yourself (reputation or appearance) than other Sagittarians and in fact, it’s part of your general attack on your most important goals. This is all to the fore this week.


Capricorn: 23-29 March 2015

Looking at your chart, it’s easy to see that your home life has been turned upside-down at regular intervals ever since Uranus changed signs in 2010. That’s five years of abandoning your usual tactics (systems, tight management, defence mechanisms) in favour of something far more flexible and adaptable. Quite frankly, given what’s gone down with your house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland – you have had no choice. Now, you realise that March and April will again invert the known world. This time, however, you have acquired sufficient wisdom and experience to realise that every wave of change is there to be surfed, rather than avoided. What you really need at this juncture is objectivity about what is going on, and that can be difficult when you are so close to the situation. Fortunately the Sun in Aries will reveal all, probably through what you hear, read (or read in other people’s expressions) near Tuesday and Wednesday. There is the potential for conflict, it must be said. That is what happens when people push too hard, too fast and compete too fiercely.  This does not have to be on your agenda at all, though, and being conscious of this slight risk, near the weekend, makes it easier to avoid it.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? You are well-known for being ambitious, either as a social mountaineer or a careerist. What is less typical about you, perhaps, is your gift for pushing yourself forward and using your image to further your chances in life.


Aquarius: 23-29 March 2015

Some Aquarians took to the internet like a duck to water. Some took to it, like a duck to rice with soy sauce (quacking furious and paddling in the opposite direction). Either way, until they shut the internet down, we live in a digital age. This is having the most tremendous impact on you, and even though this particular cycle in your chart is five years old now, you are still coming to terms with the endless changes which happen online – to the digital format itself – as well as the concurrent changes affecting the media, publishing, public speaking, writing, multimedia, and so on. Even basic face-to-face communication in your world cannot escape the clutches of digital. This week you will be given a tremendously useful update on all this, particularly in the context of the last 12 months. You need some kind of progress report, and although you are doing the marking, without an outside perspective you will never really know for sure. That perspective will be available to you as the week begins. It looks very likely that the project or plan you are currently absorbed with will have staying power. It may even live on after you. Bear that in mind.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? You are well-known for your involvement in particular groups, tribes or networks – and for your friendships. The great irony of you, though, is that you are also so successfully self-focussed. This will be a ‘Me, me, me’ week.


Pisces: 23-29 March 2015

The Nodes in Aries and Libra this year cut right across the axis of your horoscope associated with charity, debt, mortgages, credit cards, investments, business, property, precious possessions and (crucially) your value system. Are you a Communist, Capitalist or Socialist at heart? A Philanthropist or Shopaholic? How far would you go for money, honey? The particular episode you are going through at the moment encapsulates the recent past and the potential future. The decisions you make this week will either keep you on the same pathway you clung to in 2014 or encourage you to leap off and make the most dramatic u-turn in months. It’s not so much the action you take this week – rather, it is the mental notes you make. It’s those little memos to yourself about the money, business, possessions, house, flat or charity that will prompt a chain of quite unusual decisions between here and May. A genuine revolution happens in stages. The French Revolution began with a tax audit of a greedy monarchy. The storming of the Bastille did not happen until years later. For you, the revolution which is written in your stars must also happen in stages. What is intriguing about this particular week is that its impact goes on forever.

Do you have personal horoscope factors at Aries 3, 4, 10, 28 ? You are well-known for inhabiting a different ‘reality’ to the rest of us, but your Aries side makes you far more assertive and self-promoting than the typical Pisces. Thus, you do inhabit the real world – because you have to.

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Your Horoscope March 16 through 22

Astrologer’s Diary

Scroll down for true astrological predictions about Australia and Indonesia – and Palestine – from last week. Here are the headlines: INDONESIA ‘COULD RELEASE HUMAN TSUNAMI OF 10,000 ASYLUM SEEKERS ON AUSTRALIA’ (THE GUARDIAN) and HAMAS REJECTS FIVE-YEAR ISRAEL TRUCE TO END GAZA BLOCKADE (NEWSWEEK).


The hallmark of Neptune, Salacia and Chiron in Pisces has been a growth in internet and telephone surveillance. Pisces is associated with life beneath the surface. Whatever is submerged or invisible is Piscean territory and that includes phone hacking and government access to e-mail and social media. This week’s total solar eclipse on Friday 20th March marks a new phase for this kind of unseen super-snooping which will affect us all for months to come. The other big news this week is the Uranus-Pluto square on Tuesday 17th March. Pluto in Capricorn is a symbol of power-mad government seeking total control. This is bound to be entwined with those surveillance headlines which the Pisces stellium will deliver. It’s hard to think of any other week this year that is so reminiscent of 1984 by George Orwell. Big Brother is watching. But people will be rebelling. Leaks or Wikileaks? It’s that kind of week, as we will see in the newspaper headlines on (or close to) Tuesday 17th March, Friday 20th March.

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Aries: 16-22 March 2015

It looks as though you were not living in the real world at all – for which you can be forgiven – because secrets only ever involve you and there is no outsider to give you a detached perspective. Alternatively your trip through unreality has involved you behind the scenes, without any recognition or identification by other people, and that has also made it very hard to be objective. No wonder everything seems to be all over the place for you! A bit of life engineering is required as it may be time for you to put a few walls in – even in those places within yourself, or within your life that nobody else can fathom. Conditions near Wednesday 18th in particular when Mercury conjuncts Neptune, and the Sun conjuncts Salacia, seem to call for a firm hand. As you are energetic and direct if you are typical of your sign, it may be time to roll up your sleeves. Just skip the period around the eclipse on Friday as your field of vision may be blocked then.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? Then covering things up, or operating unseen, is a part of your life, but it needs a closer look now.


Pluto in your career, university and unpaid work sector has taught you so much about power in the last year or two – and now there is another lesson to learn. The fact is, unless you harness your own willpower and respect your innate ability to run your own life, you end up being overpowered by someone (or something) altogether. And the other extreme – perhaps having more control or influence than you should – can leave you feeling equally off-balance. This week’s clash between Pluto and Uranus should help to clarify things for you, and point you in the right direction. You have been put in a relentless situation, particularly during January and February, but now that you can see where changes should be made, it’s all down to compromises.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? You are a natural climber and will hop classes, income brackets or social rungs throughout your life. This is accented for you now.


Taurus: 16-22 March 2015

With Pluto and Ceres both in the gritty and practical sign of Capricorn, it is time to put your head down and get on with necessary changes. The correct phrase for this time of year might be ‘One for you, and one for me’ as there must be a period of bargaining either with individuals, organisations or perhaps the universe itself. Something has to shift with your travel, education, foreign, web or publishing agenda. It has to do so permanently which is why the stakes have been so high, and why the process is taking so long. This cycle is intended to make you a more effective and potent human being. You have probably guessed that already but you may be baulking at that level of change, which is why you let things run on in 2014, and why the first quarter of 2015 must be devoted to the kind of huge act of willpower required of you now.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? You are an extremely earthy Taurean whose instinct for money, business and property may find an outlet in your career.

You seem to have been acting out a storyline from Girls in the last year or two, with zero boundaries involving some friends (when frankly, it would help to have them) and perhaps the occasional episode involving addictive personalities and their penchant for substances. Whatever is bubbling under with an old friend, or a particular group of people, is likely to rise to the surface this week where you have to deal with it. You have been cruising to date. Drifting, escaping, avoiding – taking the big holiday from reality that Neptune and Salacia offer you. The issue now is timing. You obviously have to pull something way back, or haul somebody in. Maybe you need to find your feet; get grounded; remember what’s real. Try to avoid the eclipse period near Friday though as although this is clearly a new beginning with (or for) your friends or acquaintances in the group, it’s also blotting your vision severely. You’ll see more clearly later.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You are far more secretive than the average Taurus – because you’ve had to be – and this will come up now.


Gemini: 16-22 March 2015

Your ruler Mercury is in charge of clear communication, couriers, hard facts and thoughtful questions. He is also in charge of intelligent answers. All this would be extremely welcome with some aspect of your career, university life or unpaid work now – yet he seems to be making as much sense as Flipper on a bad day. How do you find your way through this fuzzy thinking period? Perhaps you can just keep drifting or cruising until you are in a position to make some overdue changes. You might certainly want to avoid the eclipse period near Friday when a great deal will be obscured. The real issue with all of this is the system that surrounds you, or rather, the lack of it. The set-up that is there professionally, academically or in the non-profit sector allows everything to be all over the place, or for particular people to be all over the place. This is a good week to step back from what has been occurring in 2014 and take some mental notes.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? A parallel concern this week is a confidential or classified matter – perhaps also, an unacknowledged role.

Whatever emotions might be involved, this new approach to your money, company, business interests, house, apartment or good cause in 2015 really has to work, in a very practical way. It also has to work over the long-term, which is why it may have taken you an awfully long time to get to this point. Now you know which little life experiments can be trusted this year – and which to leave alone. Pluto and Ceres are both about power, pure and simple, and in mythology these two deities eventually made a compromise that altered the known world. There also has to be an ongoing deal at the moment. It may be a deal with a person or organisation, or just a deal with the Gods. Things are better than they were but there is still work to be done, Gemini.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? You express a key part of your personality through your ambitions. It’s time to look at who and what is changing those goals.


Cancer: 16-22 March 2015


It’s amazing how much extreme weather always arrives when Pluto and Ceres pass through your opposite sign of Capricorn. Perhaps the intense cold, heat or rain all over the world forces you to incubate, so you can think (and feel) more intensely and make those all-or-nothing decisions that this cycle requires. You are now entering your fourth month of a pretty relentless cycle when you are being pushed to become more powerful. More effective. More potent. The person in question is your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps your polar opposite – a rival or enemy. His or her personality is certainly creating highly-charged chemistry with your own, yet this is not about either of you two, at heart. It is about the need to consistently apply your own willpower to carry out the changes which you know are long overdue. This is a psychological, spiritual, emotional or sexual carve-up, depending on where your priorities lie with this person. And it has to work.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? Then this week’s Uranus-Pluto clash is personal, because you are so ambitious, and freedom is the big career buzz word now.

When everything ebbs and flows around you, as a traveller – or internet user – what do you do? And how do you manage the tides and currents that surround publishing, or education, or academia, or cultural differences between nationalities? Your ruler the Moon is involved in a total solar eclipse on Friday which suggests your field of vision will be affected. Things are not as clear as they should be – and need to be – for you to start being proactive. For that reason you may prefer to skip the period around Friday for decisive judgement calls. In general, this week brings blurred vision and a lot of distortion. What you see (or try to make out) on Wednesday is a case in point. Rather than try to navigate when your goggles are plastered with foam, though, you may prefer to promise yourself that you will make a concerted attempt to sort things out later, and then sort them out once and for all. Those tides and currents need to be predicted and directed.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You have two emotional water signs dominating your chart. A secret, or role behind the scenes, is key now.



Leo: 16-22 March 2015

Leo, when your ruler the Sun joins the Moon in your financial sector, you would normally expect a straightforward new beginning. Instead, we have a total solar eclipse on Friday 20th March which will obscure the picture. From Wednesday through Friday you may prefer to wait (if you possibly can) to pass judgement until the picture is clearer. The paperwork, the discussion, the digital communication or the news is so far removed from the real world near Wednesday 18th March that you need to make a special effort to drag yourself back to what is normal. With Panacea also at work in your sector of money, property, charity and possessions until Thursday 19th it would seem there is a remedy or solution, but with a big ethical question attached. You are going to be richer in the second half of this year and first half of 2016. No doubt about that. But this week is tricky. Lots of hoops to go through, but you’ll do it, Leo.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You are a secret-keeper who operates behind the scenes as well. This will be part of your story too.

Were you born with horoscope factors at 0 Virgo? The story this week also concerns your daily workload and your body. Panacea will pass 0 Virgo so there is an ethical question attached.

On Monday 16th March, Pluto, the planet of empowerment, makes his presence felt in the horoscope zone ruling your daily routine, work ethic, duty to others, and service within your chosen field, industry or business. He trines Bacchus, who symbolises pure pleasure and self-indulgence, in your zone of ambition and achievement. On Tuesday 17th March Venus also enters your zone of success, bringing intriguing layers into a professional, business, voluntary or university relationship. There is another important trine on Sunday 22nd March when Ceres in your zone of sheer hard work, also trines Bacchus, which makes some notches on your C.V. an exercise in lovely self-indulgence. There is a fairly complex change in the balance of power taking place in your chosen field, as you know. There are all sorts of questions about compromises. However, Venus in Taurus now reminds you that everything comes down to relationship skills.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? You will climb to the top all your life, as a social mountaineer or a true careerist, and this week will remind you of that fact.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Taurus 0, 2, 3, 4, 15, 17, 18, 20, 26, 27, 28, 29 ? Your involvement with charity, business, retail, finance, property or collectables is in focus now.


Virgo: 16-22 March 2015

Neptune, the planet now having such an impact on your feelings about a partner, is associated with numbness. Of course, it may be your former or potential partner who has made you comfortably numb. Neptune was found in the same year they publicly used anaesthetic for the first time. So the choices you have made emotionally, spiritually, psychologically or sexually about this person in the last few months have made you immune to the rough bits and raw edges that are usually there. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Put it this way. It’s a confusing thing. And you may need to tread water for a while rather than get in any deeper, lest you go over your head. Sometimes this cycle makes your enemy, rival or great opponent the path to a comfortably numb life. The trip you take with he or she who you loathe so much, is a kind of anaesthetic all of its own. And again, this week it may become confusing. Your ruler Mercury forms a conjunction with Neptune on Wednesday 18th March which is hardly likely to clarify things. The same might be said for Friday’s eclipse. Observing and analysing are your gifts. Use them now to see what might be brought in later; communication is your other gift. Time for a few very basic questions?

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? Part of you is submerged, unfathomable and below the surface. This aspect of your personality is key, now.

Pluto is certainly taking a long time to trawl through your Fifth House. He has been slowly applying pressure since December and it looks as though the world of babies, children or young adults is the issue. Alternatively, your lover is the main story here. Pluto is not here to make your life ridiculously intense for no reason. The gradual cranking up of the intensity over the last few weeks has really been to push you to change. Unless you change you will not become empowered, and that is Pluto’s great gift to you. One of the reasons it all feels so relentless this week is the fact that Pluto is also joined by Ceres, his mother-in-law. These two players are innately concerned with control, and how to get it, keep it and apply it. Every time you hit another astrological story like this in your Fifth House you learn more. You’ve already made some satisfying headway since February. This week, though, it’s not a case of ‘whatever works.’ It’s a case of ‘whatever is actually going to work, on a practical level, for the rest of this year and more.’

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? Your career is so crucial to you. This week there are major questions about your status, success, ambition, mission or position.


Libra: 16-22 March 2015

You are so attuned to fair play, balance, equilibrium and justice in your one-on-one dealings with other people that any ‘tilt’ at home, powerfully affects you. A family member, flatmate, live-in partner, property agent, tenant, builder – anyone affecting how things are in the house or apartment – could be at the heart of your current issues. Sometimes the core of the matter is your town, village or neighbourhood – perhaps even your sense of nationhood or patriotism. Right now there is a long, drawn-out transformation taking place which should give you far more control over the long-term. Balance is desperately required, as you have known since February. Your sensitivity to the needle that hovers in the middle of the scales, between yourself and others, should help you. For some Librans there is an even more mysterious phenomenon taking place; you are making a deal with life in general, agreeing to give way, and give in, on matters affecting your sense of home and belonging, or clan and place. Ceres and Pluto on the IC of your chart are pretty relentless. Until you properly commit to long-term alterations they just won’t let up.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? This week is also important on a career, university or voluntary work level; the next section you read, Libra, will be significant.

Of course you have to work hard on behalf of others as you have a duty to perform – even if you are a Prime Minister or CEO – and your work ethic is part of that sense of service. Given the rather odd circumstances you are in at the moment, you may need to detach yourself from what is going on, in order to find out how you really feel about being a wheel in a larger professional, academic, business or industrial machine. There appears to have been considerable confusion for quite some time; or rather confused circumstances. You can thank Neptune and his wife Salacia for that, but Chiron has also played his part in the gradual take-down of boundaries, rules, parameters and barriers which were there before. Now it is important that you do not drift any further, nor get in any deeper. An eclipse is obscuring what you need to know, near Friday, and what passes for information or communication near Wednesday is not truly what you need, if you are going to ground yourself. A wait and see policy might be useful, while you tread water. In the meantime, your body is a prime concern on a cycle like this. Thus – your duty to yourself must come before your duty to others. The Sun-Salacia conjunction on Wednesday suggests the need for some kind of map or guidebook, from head to foot. Now is not the time, but later on, when life feels steadier and more manageable, you may want to look for reliable facts or guidance.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You are concealing things, or operating unseen. This is a big part of who you are, but look at it all again.


Scorpio: 16-22 March 2015

Courtship, lovers and mistresses – or that very special relationship with the father or mother of your child – is emphasised in your horoscope at the moment. You may want to allow this week to wash over you before you attempt to get a solid footing and really start to ground yourself. Steadying yourself as much as possible, despite these rather muddled and muddling conditions, is a good idea in the lead-up to Friday’s eclipse – yet once you are into next week it should be easier for you to fathom the unfathomable. Perhaps it is the person. Perhaps it is the situation surrounding you, but it is important to define terms or create boundaries. If it is not love, sex and romance which is (frankly) all over the place at the moment, it is most certainly the world of babies, children and younger adults. What has been unfolding since 2014 is a holiday from reality for you as a parent, older relative or godparent – or as the person who has younger people en masse to think about…  Yet, always at the back of your mind, you knew it was a parallel universe all of its own and that sooner or later you would have to deal with that. It would be very easy to stray even further from the real world this week but ask yourself how secure you feel; how steady on your feet you are. That answer should give you all the motivation you need to rein things in. Try to do this well away from Friday’s eclipse, though, as more is concealed than it is revealed, around that time.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You are a very watery Scorpio indeed; your feelings rule your head. Time to examine your submerged life.

It takes weeks for Pluto and Ceres to do their work in the communication sector of your horoscope and a situation which began in December became quite inescapable in February. As a result you are now on rather a different path with the media, the internet, publishing, or other channels for your voice across all mediums. It is impossible for this to be anything but a whole commitment, because trying to coast along, or cruise at mid-speed, will not work for you. Your horoscope suggests that self-talk and self-coaching may be the answer. You need to know how powerful you could be as a writer or speaker, and yet you will never find out if you allow yourself to slide back into the shrugging acceptance of 2014, when you let yourself be pulled along by whatever (or whomever) seemed to be in charge of you at the time. Your way with words, images and ideas could ultimately become the most phenomenally powerful part of who you are, and what you do, and this week plays its part in your long, slow road to taking the reins – fully.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? You are ambitious, and rightly so, because success or status fulfil you so much. This week puts this side of you in perspective.


Sagittarius: 16-22 March 2015


Perhaps this is about the money, home, business, charity or possessions. It is more likely to be about your very personal value system, which involves putting your own price on life, rather than accepting the values of others. Perhaps everybody and everything does have a tag attached – you certainly seem to be exploring that as Pluto and Ceres go through Capricorn. In fact, ever since December, one situation has built in momentum until you reached a point of no return that recently encouraged you to commit to transformation. Not just alteration; transformation, with all the long-term commitment and willpower that involves. You could be so much more effective as a human being if you could harness your energy and make it work for you in terms of saving or making money; managing the house or flat in a particular way; pursuing business or philanthropy with new determination. That is basically the message in your horoscope this week. Stick to your (financial) guns and if you’re not already seeing good results, find the formula that gets you there.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? Then this week is not only about the financial or material world it is also about your ambition, mission and position, Sagittarius.

Your home may be a flat, house, caravan or palace. Your family may be the real thing, or a version of it, made up of flatmates, lodgers, animal companions or even your fellow locals or countrymen (the clan). Every Sagittarian customises her/his own space and furnishes that space with the people who spell a sense of belonging and security. The problem for you, particularly since February, is that very little has been organised well enough, understood clearly enough, or defined in a way that makes life easy. Instead, something or someone appears to have caught up with you, and rather like an unexpected wave, gone right over you. Sometimes life really is a lesson and it is amazing how often Neptune and his wife Salacia can deliver those lessons. You must know that your place – or your people – can once again function as a vacation from what is all too normal, mundane and regular in your life. That holiday from reality is definitely out there for you. The issue is, how do you reshape your situation so that in future you can avoid the semi-chaos of recent weeks? This is a good week to take stock and take mental notes. To plunge in and try to fix things may be a little more difficult. In fact, near Friday’s eclipse, it could be downright misleading. This applies to your home town, homeland, house, flat, family, household or locals.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You are far more elusive, mysterious and enigmatic than most. Look at what you hide or do, uncredited, now.


Capricorn: 16-22 March 2015

A situation which began when the Sun moved into Capricorn, your own sign, around Christmas, has now taken you through several weeks of building intensity, peaking in a very necessary decision in February. Now you can check your progress and see if the drastic re-routing of your ideas and plans is on track. The subject, of course, is yourself. Not the real you, of course. Pluto and Ceres in the First House of your chart describe a version of the person within, digestible to the internet, the media, and to anyone making superficial judgements about you. What 2014 and early 2015 has shown you is that this surface elements of your character really do matter. In fact, they can make or break other aspects of your life as well. That is a hard lesson to take on board, but then Pluto and Ceres mean business. The gift you receive, once you decide to stick doggedly to earlier promises to yourself, is not only a change for the better in image or reputation terms, but also a sense of empowerment. Instead of being controlled by X, Y or Z you are, wonderfully, in control. A good image is potent. A good reputation is heady stuff. If there is anything in your original plan of action, made some time ago, that you feel should be reshaped or even cut and trimmed, now is the time. There is a decisive clash between Pluto and Uranus on Tuesday 17th March which should help you do what needs to be done. The new you is under construction.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? Then you really are typical of your sign and notches on your C.V. define who you are – and you will be made aware of that this week.

This has been a baffling few weeks in terms of the media, the internet, publishing or other channels for your voice across all mediums. The telephone, the fax machine, the film camera or the microphone might also have played their part. The issue has been the total lack of clarity and certainty that arrives with Chiron, Neptune and Salacia in this area of your horoscope. There is a Strawberry Fields atmosphere prevailing – and you already know the opening lines to that classic Beatles song. So how do you get back on the road to normality? Timing is everything in astrology and this week is frankly not the time to make bold moves or major judgement calls. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction on Wednesday 18th March is not likely to set anything straight, and the eclipse on Friday obscures more than it shows you. Perhaps you are better off waiting until this week’s tides and currents have ebbed away, online and offline, before you start to work on the whole business of communication, either one-on-one or with vast numbers of people.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? What lies below the surface within you, or what you do ‘invisibly’ now becomes a source of great change.



Aquarius: 16-22 March 2015

Using all available power is the theme of the week as your ruling planet Uranus forms a square to Pluto in the formidable sign of Capricorn. Power is a funny thing. Very few people actually feel comfortable with it, even when they know they have it – or could have more of it. What happened to you last year revealed just how powerful you were. Yet, oddly, your reaction may have been to deliberately give some of that power away, by submitting to someone or something which you pretended you could not control. Of course it was pretence; given the extreme situations of the last few weeks you have now had to find the reins very quickly and pull them pretty hard. Doing this has made you realise how very little it actually takes to be the boss of your own life, rather than yielding to ‘it’ or perhaps to him, her or them. Now you hit a crunch period when you must recommit to your original course of action, or be honest enough to admit that some elements of your plans need to be altered, if they are to work at all. When you succeed (and you will succeed, if you stick with this) you will be amazed at how many other departments of your life benefit.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? Achievement, even if it is slow and steady, defines who you are. You will be made strongly aware of this side of yourself this week.

By this stage of the year you may be wondering if your long cruise with money, property, business or precious possessions is at an end, following recent muddles. Not at all. You just needed a map and compass. And a telescope which actually allowed you to see what was really at stake – and what might realistically be involved in your plans. This week may tempt you to try and bring some order into proceedings, but it is actually more likely to distort your vision. If every other sign you dealt with in terms of banking, retail, tax, rent and so on was Aquarian perhaps it might all work. The fact is, they are not – they have their own financial realities going on – and you have to ground yourself in common sense and proven rules as quickly as you can. Even if you just rehearse this in your head, it is a start – and in fact, putting certain measures into action may be easier once this week is behind you, as conditions near Wednesday are confused and confusing, and the week ends with an eclipse which hides more than it shows. Knowing what you need is half the battle. Knowing what you can stick to is the rest of it. So take those steps in your mind.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You keep a great deal buried, and you are also a classic behind-the-scenes operator. This is in focus now.


Pisces: 16-22 March 2015


The way you look and appear is a subject long overdue for a question-and-answer session, but Mercury in your sign, square Saturn on Monday, sets the agenda. This week is likely to bring you much in the way of clarity or certainty, though. In fact, although you are no doubt keen to bring some order and organisation into your life, this week will muddy the waters, rather than show you anything crystal-clear. Of course it’s only your reputation or appearance; it’s about as deep and real as a hologram. Nevertheless, it is amazing how your ‘Me’ hologram can affect so many other areas of your life. The total solar eclipse on Friday is also in your sign, Pisces. This might normally be a fresh start; a relaunch; a new look; a new version of the old person in the public arena. Instead, we have a rather odd new beginning and one you might want to be wary of, as very little is open or obvious. Eclipses, as you might expect, blot out more than they show. Absorb what is happening, especially near Wednesday, and prepare to organise, contain and control many aspects of what you are seeing. For the moment, though, staying afloat and continuing to find your feet, when life is one wave after another, might be a very sensible policy in image terms.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Pisces  4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 26, 27, 29? You are typical of your sign. A mystery wrapped inside an enigma – with many secrets. This is crucial now.

Are groups ever really social? They are probably examples of collective psychology rather than anything else; you have your friendships within them, but overall, Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn are showing you the mechanics of humans in a network, rather than the paper-hats-and-champagne side of life. Even friendship is being affected by this cycle. It has undertones underneath its undertones! Of course, ever since things reached a head in February, you have been committed to some kind of social transformation. Perhaps you needed to farewell someone or something that simply could not continue, either online or in the real world. Maybe you also needed to adopt what or who was very new, in an effort to try and get some control back in your life. That classic feeling of not running your own group, friendships or social world that comes with this cycle should have left you by now. If not fully, then partially. And that should be enough to encourage you to do one of two things this week. You can either double your resolve to stick to your plan, or look for the holes, and try to fix them, so that a better version of the plan can begin.

Were you born with horoscope factors at Capricorn 15, 25, 26? You are ambitious professionally or socially and it truly shows at the moment – it is also where a deep change is taking place.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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Your Horoscope 9th through 15th March

Astrologer’s Diary

What came true in astrology last week?
Scroll down for the original prediction:  “Watch the headlines about UKIP near Tuesday 3rd March and Wednesday 4th March. Why? Because the UKIP horoscope shows Mars at 14 Libra and UKIP leader Nigel Farage has the Sun at 13 Aries. This week, Uranus and Jupiter are aligned at 14 degrees of Aries and Leo respectively. Mr Farage’s world is about to turn upside-down but it will only benefit him and the party, as we will see after 8th April.”

Nigel Farage Mar 4 Daily Telegraph

Near Wednesday 11th March Palestine will make headlines as conflict rises again. Why? Mars conjuncts Uranus at 15 Aries on that day, triggering the Palestine horoscope with Mars at 15 Aries and the Israel horoscope with Saturn at 16 Leo – just one degree off. Close to Wednesday 11th March Indonesia and Australia will hit a difficult, historic but revolutionary moment in their relationship. A radical change will take place in both countries simultaneously which results in independence for both. Why? Indonesia has Venus at 15 Aquarius. Australia has both the Moon and Pluto at 15 Aquarius. The world will turn upside-down in Indonesia and Australia on, or close to, Wednesday 11th March when Mars and Uranus conjunct at 15 Aries.

(Prediction filed Sunday 8th March)

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Aries: 9-15 March 2015

Aries, the finer details of how you are to proceed are not nailed down – after all, 2015 is completely new territory in terms of your reputation, image, appearance or profile. The general thrust seems to be more space, freedom and independence, though. Stick to that, and all will be well, no matter how bumpy the road is from here to April. There is a certain security in sticking to what is known, or what has always been done, but it is also stifling and you know it. What happens in the first three days of this week will encourage you to set yourself apart from traditions or conventions which seem quite irrelevant to you, in terms of the way you look or appear to others. There are no guarantees, but you are certainly guaranteed more oxygen in your life, and that’s so worth it. Of course this is only superficial stuff – the real you is deep inside. The conduit to exhilarating new freedom is the change you accept or make about your persona, appearance or packaging, though. So if you want that amazing sense of endless space and possibility, make this a Me, Me, Me kind of week.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23 ? The way you package and present yourself is a really major part of the rest of your life too – you use it, or it uses you! You will be made sharply aware of this over the next seven days and it’s worth analysing more deeply.


Taurus: 9-15 March 2015

Taurus, until  you are actually free, you have no idea what freedom feels like, at the deepest levels. Between now and April, freedom will come in waves, affecting how much space you feel you have with a secret you are covering up. Alternatively, this tremendous new era of liberation will affect a role you are playing behind the scenes, where others are the name or face, and you are unseen, or are deliberately taking a back seat. Some complex patterns involving Uranus, the planet of freedom, make the path to April rather complex as well. There will be challenges ahead. This week should convince you how correct you are to try something new, though. And perhaps, to be a genuine pioneer, at your radical best. You can resist change with your confidential or classified secrets if you like – or your behind-the-scenes role. Taurus is a fixed sign and you are well-known for digging in and holding firm. When you consider just how wide-open your world could seem, were you to accept the universe’s invitation to experiment, though, you might just throw your arms wide open too.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? You move far more quickly and are far more dynamic and competitive than the typical Taurus. You tend to use your reputation to do the work for you – and also your style or ‘armour’ – all of which becomes apparent this week.


Gemini: 9-15 March 2015

Gemini, the Mars-Uranus conjunction this week lays things on the line with (or for) your friend. The same can be said for a group you belong to, or a network of people which powerfully affects your life. Anyone trying to hang onto the past this week will be stranded by time, because March and April are months when your friendships, social life, social media and group involvements must be revolutionised, so that you can become more independent. You are well-known for being able to find just the right phrasing, so put the question or supply the answer. Communication is your stock in trade and good communication is going to make this minor revolution with (or for) your friend, or the group, so much easier. There is an insistent voice in your head which tells you that real freedom means no compromise, particularly at the moment. You have to shear away the past sometimes to get on with the future, and even though your world will be turned upside down in March and April on a social, friendship or team level, you absolutely have to surf this inverted wave.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? Then it seems certain that your reputation, role, title or personal appearance is an issue at the moment and that change is inevitable. This will happen either directly or indirectly as a result of your friendship or group.


Cancer: 9-15 March 2015

Cancer, by Wednesday you will know just how far you are prepared to innovate and invent, in your chosen field. Your career, business, special subject area or chosen industry is obviously long overdue for change, as are you – but it is unlikely to be gradual or particularly comfortable. Would you give anything to feel free, though? To have your own version of Independence Day? In a way, the forces of change are irresistible anyway. Your major issue is that you have no idea how to proceed. The situation is unprecedented, no matter if it involves your boss, staff, colleague, classmate or lecturer. Perhaps it is your entire workplace, university or chosen calling in life which has a Day One feeling. The excitement that comes from co-creating something from scratch should make up for the new uncertainties. The reality of change, of course, is that it has to take into account the finer feelings and sensitivities of those who find it threatening. Some things cannot be compromised on – at all – if you are to have vast amounts of new and exhilarating freedom in your profession, university life or voluntary calling. However, it is the way things are done, which people remember, and which makes it easier or more difficult to embrace the new.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23 ? Then your role, title, reputation and persona is a key part of the electrifying story which picks up speed this week. Do not underestimate what your packaging or profile accomplishes for you as you make changes.


Leo: 9-15 March 2015

Leo, the first three days of this new week allows you to explore the human side of a brand new direction with your trip, move, foreign connection, book, website, course or workshop. How many layers can you make work in a relationship? How fast and hard should you proceed? Near Wednesday in particular you need to look at what really happens when the world turns upside-down around you. There is always a brand new world to invent and if you are prepared to let go and move on, you will be amazed at the new independence you find as a traveller, world citizen, web or paper publisher, teacher or student. There is tremendous freedom for you, just waiting. Even if it feels like you are twisting and turning to get more space in your life, it’s so worth it. The issue for you is that this particular aspect of holidays, business trips, foreign relationships, the internet, publishing, education or academia is so wide-open. You no doubt feel as if you are being asked to make it up as you go along. This is also exhilarating, Leo, and most of all – isn’t it time you appreciated just how restricted you were before? Sometimes it does take our world to invert, in order to realise how shackled we were. Honestly, by the end of April, this will all be so worth it.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23 ? You will find that your natural ability to push your reputation or appearance as an extra weapon in your artillery is brought alive this week, Leo. Your exterior works just as hard for you as your interior; this week proves it.


Virgo: 9-15 March 2015

Virgo, you are in the slow process of forming a completely different relationship with money – and everything that it purchases – from company shares to houses, precious possessions, debt repayment or apartments. This process occasionally speeds up, and this week will certainly accelerate your determination to change things with everything you earn, own or owe. For some reason, you have been left a little bit behind, while others have been pursuing radical new ways to earn, own or owe. There have been deeper shifts in people’s values, all around you – everything from crowdsourcing, to Bitcoin, to the Occupy movement and even eBay has turned the usual shopping and banking world on its axis. That’s the big picture. The small picture has you in the frame, waking up to what might be possible. And it would liberate you, beyond belief. Sure, you’ve had some extremely successful experiments by going your own way and doing your own thing in 2013 and 2014. What your horoscope is now asking you to do is turn your back on the past and invent the future. It’s exciting.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23 ? It would seem that your financial, property, charity or business situation (or retail, perhaps) is directly linked to how you look and appear to the world. This week asks you to look at why your packaging matters to you.


Libra: 9-15 March 2015

Libra, now –  more than ever –  you need to be your own person in the game of partnership. Also in those other games that modern life brings, like relating to former partners, or simply pursuing potential new lovers for the future. Independence with or without a partner is something any Libran has to come to terms with in slow stages, and this has been the case ever since Uranus changed signs in 2010, no matter if it has been with just one man or woman, or a series of different relationships (or quests for a partner, which is something else again). Throughout 2010-2015 you have been dealing with the biggest changes of your life, so you can be forgiven for wondering ‘What next?’ when it comes to this particular person, or just the business of being somebody’s other half.  You are so well-known for your duets and double-acts that it has been hard to find the right blend of freedom and collaboration and still harder to find some magic formula that would help you mix independence with intimacy. The rather extreme situation with that certain someone in your life now urges you to be a kind of emotional, psychological or sexual Masterchef. There is no recipe. You have to invent one. It may help to throw away some of those ingredients from before 2010. Some Librans are not relating to the above at all on a sexual, emotional or romantic level – as it is their professional or business ‘other half’ who is the issue. The challenge, now through April, is simple. You either revolutionise this pairing or you consider a break. Free at last.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? Then it is the ‘me’ part of the ‘we’ equation that matters the most now. After all, this is about your title, name, reputation or public face – maybe also your personal appearance – as it is about this crucial man or woman.


Scorpio: 9-15 March 2015

Scorpio, when nobody knows what the new rules are likely to involve, should that stop you from trying to fundamentally change the way you work? Or the way you deal with your body? This week’s electrifying horoscope patterns suggest that you simply won’t care. What a brave new world that has such creatures in it! That line from The Tempest echoes the astrological weather near Wednesday too. Lightning can and will escape and it will illuminate everything so that you can see exactly what and who you must now deal with. It will feel like a storm too; you will no doubt be shaken, rattled and rolled by these new waves of change affecting the way you handle your daily workload – or your body. From there, it is down to you. And perhaps, to people who can understand why you are trying to make freedom the priority, above everything else. Real independence is worth any amount of flashes and bangs overhead. Don’t hold back. The biggest mistake you could make now, according to your astrological chart, is to resist the new. Don’t be a man or woman out of time. Try to go with this.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? The new path in your working day, or with your body, also has a great deal to say about your title, reputation, role or physical appearance. This is your armour in life. It’s how you fly your flag. Time to analyse it!


Sagittarius: 9-15 March 2015

Sagittarius, you are now free to make things up as you go along, with babies, children or young adults. This also applies to intimate relationships with lovers. You can pursue this new freedom in a random way, or with definite ideas in mind. Independence does not have to be incompatible with parenting, or your role as godparent, aunt, uncle or grandparent. Even responsibility for a younger demographic or junior population en masse can give you space; it’s entirely up to you to create it. In the game of sex (also known as naked Twister with benefits) you can also find a few different moves this week. The rather fierce Mars-Uranus conjunction on Wednesday 11th March makes it impossible to stay where you were, emotionally, even a week ago. Rather than just toying with the new freedom, though, you may want to set a definite manifesto; that’s a Sagittarian thing to do. This might all have the meaning you seek, if it ties in with your philosophy of life, or your beliefs. March and April are the most important months of the year if you want to really understand how exciting it is to wake up with more space in your world. People emphasise intimacy between lovers and parents/partners so much, but maybe there are other things to discover. Similarly, closeness is sold as the benchmark of adult relationships with children and younger adults, but every now and then, a cycle like this one comes along to remind you that mutual respect for freedom and independence can be just as crucial. Even when the world turns upside-down, it’s there for you.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? These new developments with a much younger generation (perhaps your children) or with a lover, also have much to say about the way people pigeonhole you, or describe you. And also how you describe yourself.


Capricorn: 9-15 March 2015

Capricorn, you just don’t see your home, family, home town or homeland as you did, before 2010. In fact, you can never go back, given the massive leaps you have made in your notion of ‘belonging’ and ‘security’ in the last five years. Just when you think you might have made enough changes, though, something else comes along and forces you to take another gigantic leap forward. Is this progress? Absolutely. You wouldn’t go this far out on a limb with your close relative, house, apartment, home town, builder, tenant, landlord, homeland or flatmate, if it wasn’t. Just remember that sometimes the atmosphere can become so highly charged that the static can increase the tension, and when that happens, your usual modus operandi – caution, patience, common sense – is really put to the test. Dealing with what happens with your people (or your place) near Wednesday 11th March is the most intriguing challenge you’ve had for weeks. Choose freedom. History and astrology tell us that when the revolution is here (and this one is coming in waves) the long-term happiness always belongs to those who had the courage to experiment, pioneer and experiment. The only rule is to extend the freedom to others that you want for yourself.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? There are parallel developments now affecting your image, profile, reputation or personal appearance. Your packaging and presentation are far more important to you than other Capricorn people.


Aquarius: 9-15 March 2015

Aquarius, what has worked extremely well for you, in terms of the internet or other forms of communication, is your own independent stance. Separating yourself from what ‘should’ happen with the media, publishing, the written word, public speaking, singing and so on – has truly served you. You have broken new ground since 2010 in terms of being heard and read, and been very much your own person. However, you know better than anyone that there is always a rejection dance going on in the background. The word ‘no’ (or even a total distancing or snubbing) is part of the dance. You’ve seen it all, when it comes to being heard and read, in the last few years. You reject. And in turn you are rejected. Or perhaps he, she , they or ‘it’ starts the whole thing off! Now and again, though,  the planet Uranus (your ruler) raises the stakes so that you have to go even further out on a limb to handle the business of communication your way.  Nobody else’s. People who are fed up with the same old thing are likely to be your best audience, no matter how you get your message across. However, what happens near Wednesday will involve separating yourself from the past. And even your own past. Your ruler Uranus is always at the heart of a shearing process. A great deal is about to be sheared away in both March and April yet for you – online or offline – it is also going to be absolutely electrifying.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? This is very much about your name in print, or the way your opinions are firmly attached to your face. Your image matters far more to you than the average Aquarian and this week you can take a closer look at that.


Pisces: 9-15 March 2015

Pisces, your approach to money, property, charity, business, buying or selling has been a revelation to people in the last few years and you have probably surprised yourself as well. You have also confronted people who are stuck in the past (there is no other way of saying that politely) and in turn, you may have been given the cold shoulder. No matter. Your approach has been unique and it has made a great many things in your life possible, and it is probably the buzz that keeps you going. However, you may also have come to rely on a rather successful, highly individual and independent formula too much. It was never supposed to carry so much for you, and now you must weigh up what you can do in future. You need to really figure this out in the most intense way, according to your horoscope, and the next eight weeks are crucial. The Mars-Uranus conjunction on Wednesday 11th March challenges you to take another step sideways. Feel free to break your own rules. Everything is flexible. There are always more avenues and options, and between now and April nothing is impossible. You were a free agent before. Pursue that again. It is only when you are forced into the old money, property, business, company, charity or retail system that you trip over. Some organisations, approaches or people have become irrelevant to you for a very good reason. They belong to the past. Move on.

Does your personal horoscope show factors at Aries 3, 13, 15, 20, 23? This week is also very much about your reputation, personal appearance, internet profile or persona. Your packaging and presentation matters a great deal more to you than to other Pisces people; take a closer look.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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Your Horoscope March 2nd through 8th

Astrologer’s Diary

“The week beginning Monday 9th February 2015 will see a critical crossroads on Wall Street with a major transformation in the balance of power with banks, economies, businesses and global corporations as Ceres is hit hard in the horoscope.” The Guardian, 8th February – US GOVERNMENT FACES PRESSURE AFTER BIGGEST LEAK IN BANKING HISTORY  And from The New York Times, 19th February –  NEW RULES SPUR A HUMBLING OVERHAUL OF WALL STREET BANKS. 


Watch the headlines about UKIP near Tuesday 3rd March and Wednesday 4th March. Why? Because the UKIP horoscope shows Mars at 14 Libra and UKIP leader Nigel Farage has the Sun at 13 Aries. This week, Uranus and Jupiter are aligned at 14 degrees of Aries and Leo respectively. Mr Farage’s world is about to turn upside-down but it will only benefit him and the party, as we will see after 8th April.

(Prediction filed Saturday 21st February).

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Aries: 2-8 March 2015

Aries, wheels turn for you in the strangest way near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March when the world of babies, children or young adults is involved. Alternatively, your lover. What you’ll see is tons of potential, but parked in a holding zone. The good news is, whatever you do works out, from April through August. Treat this as your big on-hold moment in terms of intimacy or your ‘heirs’ (the generation after you) but hang onto it and work it. Friends and groups also matter more now.So what can you expect? With Mercury direct, at last, clarity and facts. Judgement calls that work. And proper communication. You spent January and February with a lot of question marks and no answers, but from March 3rd you are on track with this person – or that network. Just block the gender politics which arrives shortly after that because a one male/two plus female scenario is coming and nobody really needs any of the manipulation that can occur. Onto your image and look: very close to Wednesday 4th March, you realise that being a total original pays off, at least in terms of  your branding or self-promotion. It may be the clothes you wear, the shape you’re in, or the way you project yourself. Reinvention is the word of the week. Let’s also look at the secret you are keeping or the role you are playing behind the scenes. Near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you’re really going to see the challenge of the week. Will you cross a line? This is a game-changer, Aries, and only you can decide how far you are prepared to go. If you go all the way, it alters the secret or behind-the-scenes role just as much as saying ‘No.’

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces,
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then what happens this week defines who you are. It triggers a core part of your personality and the story is twice as big for you. It may even be life-changing if you’re up for that.


Taurus: 2-8 March 2015

Taurus, let’s begin by looking at your house, apartment, home town, household, homeland or family. Life is all locked potential and no delivery near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Should that stop you from even trying? Of course not. The optimism in the atmosphere is extraordinary and once Jupiter moves direct from April through August you will see why you were so right to try. This is like life farming, but your climatic conditions are not quite right, even though the growth is guaranteed later on. Let’s also look at your career, university life or unpaid work. From March 3rd you can finally put all the jumbled jigsaw pieces of January and February together and make a big, final picture. From that point forward the x factors which have prevented a clear and simple outcome to particular discussions or paperwork will disappear. Just skip a sexist scenario after that because one male could be manipulated by two or more females, or women may find a man power-tripping them in a harem atmosphere. Erm. No thanks. The story turns to your invisible role, uncredited, behind-the-scenes efforts or huge secret. Very close to Wednesday 4th March, that old, familiar feeling comes back. It’s the absolute certainty that the only way to have a genuinely exciting, nay thrilling, existence is to keep on reshaping what you cover up from other people, or what you do without any acknowledgement or recognition. Friends and groups continue to be a theme too. Near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th there is a punk rock moment waiting to happen with these people. You can either experiment with what you believe you can get away with these days – or walk away from the matter, leaving the safety pins clanging to the floor. It’s entirely your call.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces, 
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then it’s personal. One of the four stories in your life (above) will trigger something which is central to your identity and self-knowledge in quite a striking way, Taurus.


Gemini: 2-8 March 2015

Gemini, it looks as though publishing, writing, multimedia, the internet or other channels for your brilliance with words, images and ideas are there to be tapped. Expect cosmic promises near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March and no actual dramatic forward thrust – yet you know how often things have gone backwards and forwards for you since last July, with your unique gift for words and images – and yet worked out well. This is a similar story. Just keep nurturing and planting and from April through August this will deliver for you. Now, onto travel, education, academia, books or foreign connections.  This ridiculously long Mercury Retrograde phase has seen you calling a situation (or judging a person) prematurely at least once. Now, at last, your ruler Mercury is out of his final shadow, and from March 3rd you will know exactly where you stand, how to plan, and when to plan for it – permanently. It’s also time to look at your friends, social life, group commitments and social networks online. New, different, better. Is that what you want? Because it’s on offer and you can practically feel the electricity in the atmosphere. Close to Wednesday 4th March, you must go all out for freedom, either with these friends and fellow travellers – or even from them if that’s going to make you Indie Gemini. But this feels like you’re adding to your groups and friends, not subtracting. Time also now to consider your secrets or your role behind the scenes. Near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you’re really going to see the challenge of the week. Will you cross a line? This is a game-changer, Aries, and only you can decide how far you are prepared to go. If you go all the way, it alters the secret or behind-the-scenes role just as much as saying ‘No.’

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces,
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then one of the events described above will make a buried chart pattern in your personal astrology profile come alive, so that you become what you are – yet again.


Cancer: 2-8 March 2015

Cancer, Jupiter is like Santa with a sack he refuses to open, near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Be nice to the person or organisation which is manifesting Santa anyway, as you will ultimately gain (from April through August) when even forgotten efforts from 2014 make you better off, too. This honestly feels like a bunch of seeds that gets planted then (nearly) flowers – but doesn’t quite make it. But that should not stop you. Just keep stoking and watering, fertilising and protecting – you absolutely will be better off thanks to cash, or cash in kind, April through August. It’s also time to look at the material or financial world one more time as from March 3rd you are on track with a story which has not only gone backwards and forwards, but also stalled, since January. The feeling with your material and financial life at the moment is very much stop-start, yet at least you can talk (and get firm answers) or bank on the paperwork shortly. The prospects for your career, unpaid work or university life are enthralling. No other word for it. Wednesday 4th March, and perhaps the days either side of it, suggest a crackling atmosphere full of rather welcome energy, given that your soul craves independence with (or from) your boss, lecturer, colleague, employee or classmate. Perhaps it’s your entire profession. And yet – freedom is so close. You have to stage or join a revolution to get it, but the time is right and you can see this becoming a March-April snowball that just keeps rolling. Your foreign connections, travel agenda, educational or academic priorities or publishing aspirations are also showing up in your chart. Chiron the centaur is the biggest maverick in astrology and he has a way of tempting you to gallop away with him, doing the unthinkable or the impossible as you go. Close to Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you’ll be put in a situation with the life areas (above) which could alter the rules forever.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces,
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then what you read above is far more important than just a seven-day forecast with short-term implications. It’s actually triggering a major part of your personality and destiny.


Leo: 2-8 March 2015

If only Jupiter in Leo would thrust forwards near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March, you could get that massive booster for your image, profile or look that you know is out there  – somewhere!  Yet you may not even care that you have to wait until April-August to see a very big ‘Me’ story come good. Just go with everything and everybody which opens up for you near those dates, Leo – it flowers fully later. It is also very much the week to consider your former, current or potential partner. And maybe that’s partners, plural. I would also count any enemies, rivals or opponents you have. 
What a completely unclear and undecided few weeks you have had with this man or woman – or a cast of characters playing the role. Leo, from March 3rd you are on track at last, but do be very wary of any male-female power imbalance with two or more women and one man, which could so easily develop once Vesta is in Aquarius, your opposite sign. Let’s consider travel, books, websites, foreign ties or education in your world. The process which reboots or just begins near Wednesday 4th March will ultimately give you more space and oxygen than you have enjoyed for months. The feeling of possibility will be vast and all you really have to do is relinquish the past and go hurtling off towards a radically different future which actually feels new! better! different! in an authentic way. Regarding your cash, business, charity, house, apartment or possessions – it’s definitely D-Day near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th and D in this case stands for Daring with a capital letter. You really need tremendous chutzpah and audacity to take on the situation which tempts you near those days. Of course it’s fine to stay where you are too. But it will alter things and maybe it’s time they should be altered; in the same way that 1977 was the year they should have changed music (and they did).

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces,
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then it’s personal. Whichever sign is triggered speaks volumes about who you are, and what you do in the world, and it may be intriguing for you to read up on that sign in your chart.


Virgo: 2-8 March 2015

Ah, Virgo. Your hidden world. Your uncredited efforts. Your classified information. Your invisibility!  You quite rightly feel very optimistic about the secret you are covering up or the uncredited, unacknowledged efforts you make. Yet you are also impatient to see some rewards. Well, near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March, you’ll get a big cosmic nudge and wink – stay tuned – this will work for you. From around Easter through August it all adds up and makes sense at last, so don’t give up on this now – especially when you can see what might come to pass for you. This is also a key week for your body, or your daily workload. Nothing discombobulates you more than uncertainty or a flawed process affecting your lifestyle, routine, work ethic and physical condition. Thanks to your ruler Mercury’s peculiar behaviour in January and February nothing has truly been signed off on – yet from 3rd March you will know right where you stand. This rights a whole lot of wrongs. It is also time to look at your cash, company, house, charity, possessions or apartment. Very close to Wednesday 4th March, you will be invited to co-create a brand new world of remarkable new possibility that guarantees you far more room to move. Perhaps you are not even fully aware of just how hidebound you were by particular people, organisations or situations. Time for a change? Absolutely. Actually change is rather a lame word for this process. Just kick over a few traces from your own past, Virgo. This week is also interesting in terms of your former, current or potential partner. Maybe your enemy.  Near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you will make the kind of choice about (or for) your opposite number that alters the landscape for months. This applies to opponents as well. This man or woman pushes so many emotional buttons, but will you push the button marked ‘Truly?’ Because that’s how more staid people will feel about what you’re actively toying with.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces,
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then one of the events above is so much more than just a blip on your graph. It embodies who you are and goes a long way towards justifying one of the reasons you’re on the planet.


Libra: 2-8 March 2015

Libra, it’s all about people power and personal friendships at the moment.  Hang on to your version of Peanuts (the gang) or particular friends (the Lucys and Snoopys of the world) near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Of course nothing is delivering as hugely as you hope – or as quickly as you wish – but it will (or some version of this certainly will) so do persist. Hope is not faint here. Faith is not misplaced. It’s just your timing is less than immaculate but you will see joy and rewards, from April through August. And now…the world of babies, children or young adults. And if not that, lovers. Let’s recap January and February. You thought you wanted X but then you changed your mind and preferred Y. You were sure that you knew where things stood with Z but you were mistaken. On it goes. Mercury has led you a not-so-merry dance since January but at last he is out of shadow and you can talk your walk and make it stick. And in terms of your former, current or potential partner? Even your enemy? Do your own thing, in your own way, at your own pace with this crucial person, near Wednesday 4th March. What else can you do anyway, in such a Brave New World with no apparent rules or restrictions? Emotionally, psychologically, sexually or spiritually all bets are off. You will have to invent this. But you have no interest in some creaking old formula from 2013 or 2014 no matter if you are in a duet, or in some kind of stand-off. Shed, shed, shed yesterday and experiment with new space. This week is also important from the point of view of your daily workload, or your body. So how much do you think you can escape with, or push through, near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th? It may be that you prefer the old, safe, tame world but as Chiron is galloping around so enthusiastically in your zone of work ethic and the body – you may well indeed decide to be audacious. Chiron is about maverick moves. Punk rock moments. Yes or no?

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces, 
15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then this is far more than just another weekly prediction in your life because a prime part of who you are is about to be activated, Libra, so we might call this The Making Of You.


Scorpio: 2-8 March 2015

Scorpio, Jupiter wants you to have a bigger, better life in your chosen field, industry or business either by escaping problems or pursuing what is truly great – yet it seems that life is all beckoning fingers and no actual hand-out, near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Follow the fingers anyway. You know you should be an optimist about all this. You’ve had so many examples since July 2014 of how the oddest quirk or fate or accidental discovery can end up doing the most sublime things for your status or success. So trust the moment. Then trust April-August when what you have in the ground this week starts to become a rich harvest. Attention this week should also go to your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland. From March 3rd you can really forget a lot about what passed for ‘absolute’ judgement calls in January and February or ‘certain’ agreements as you would appear to have been swung backwards and forwards with a family member, your house or apartment, a flatmate or even your home town. Normality calls. For you, it’s also time for a lifestyle revolution. You cannot have a truly free, spacious, liberating lifestyle without a work-life-body balance and very close to Wednesday 4th March, you will be at your most innovative and inventive as you seek the kind of changes which lead you in a direction marked Freedom. The people surrounding the situation are so intriguing, too. Keep going. The body is the soul at the moment. The soul speaks body language. The mind and spirit are manifesting through your physical state and condition and that just about dictates every change you’re going to make. Also key this week? The world of babies, children or young adults. Alternatively, the world of lovers.  Near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you could leave jaws on the floor. There really is no ‘should not’ or ‘cannot’ about the situation involving the world of babies, children or young adults. The same goes for a lover. And only you know how far you are prepare to go. There is no big moral or ethical code on this one. It’s a matter of personal preferences.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces,
 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then it’s personal. Read more on the signs being triggered in your chart as you’ll feel like you’re meeting a new character within you – not your usual Scorpio self – another creature!


Sagittarius: 2-8 March 2015

Travel, books, foreigners, education, academia – it’s your stock in trade, Sagittarius, along with most of the internet.  Your ruler Jupiter wants to turn everything around for you, but he is rather stuck (though full of warm smiles and big handshakes) near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Take this most encouraging new situation as a good sign. This, or a version of it, will succeed beautifully for you soon. In fact from Easter through August it’s The Sagittarius Show and the journey on all fronts – geographically, intellectually, spiritually – will be one of your very, very best. This week also turns wheels with communication, information and transportation. If you have been frustrated by the lack of clarity, certainty or most basic communication in January or February, then from March 3rd you can rest assured that Mercury will help you make up for lost time with the project, computer, plan, meeting, trip, fax machine, telephone or transportation. Business as usual. Back to normal transmission. This week is also significant for your relationship with the world of babies, children or young adults. Alternatively, with a lover.  Very close to Wednesday 4th March, you will realise just how exciting it is to break free of old restrictions in your life. In fact you may not have been aware of how much potential space for experimentation there could be. From now through April, one by one, the gates will fly open and the padlocks clang to the floor. Sometimes it takes your world turning upside-down for genuine and uncompromising liberty to be yours. Sagittarius, this week is also crucial for your home, family, household or home town. Everybody has to have their John Lydon or Siouxsie Sioux moment, and near  5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you can challenge everything and everybody that you find irrelevant, in your pursuit of a new definition of family, home or belonging. Of course you can also sit on your hands. It’s your call. A big one!

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces, 
15 Aries, 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then the events described above (one, possibly more) will put you on a crossroads which is far more important than it may be to other Sagittarians. Choices beckon.


Capricorn: 2-8 March 2015

Capricorn let’s consider your business, company, money, house, apartment, charity or possessions for a moment.  Jupiter promises you a lot without actually working up any real momentum, near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, though. You must also remember that you can lead a horse (that would be you, Capricorn) to water but you cannot make it drink. Sensible horses (the kind that win big prizes) tend to be co-operative at times like this and although you must be heartily sick of what seem like utterly promising financial or material scenarios coming off in half-arsed ways – this one is different. If you believe, all is possible. If you have faith, much will come. Just repeat this mantra ‘April to August…’ In the meantime, you should be pleased to see some semblance of normality return to banking,earning, debt and all the rest.  The first two months of the year have seen both Mercury and Jupiter sliding backwards in these crucial zones of your chart so in a way, your New Financial Year doesn’t really begin until after March 3rd when Mercury turns direct and all that umming and aahing or poor communication is over. It is also Independence Day At Home. Wednesday 4th March, or close to it, suggests a far more independent home life or domestic routine, either because of changes which are so easily pursued in terms of the rooms, garden or neighbourhood – or because it’s the people (relative, flatmate, partner) which show you what needs to change. On a more epic scale this independence day may be about your home town or homeland. The roaring sound of oxygen racing into your life is sublime. This will be revolutionary for you Capricorn, and that’s not really your thing, but you are also wise enough to know when to ditch everything and run for tomorrow. One more note: the internet, multimedia, publishing, advertising, public speaking and communication in general (social media, phone) lure you near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th when you could easily be tempted to flout convention and pursue what is not necessarily supposed to happen, or even particularly encouraged. If your attitude by that stage is ‘So what’ then you will know that Chiron has well and truly taken charge of your soul. Chiron was a centaur. He wasn’t supposed to exist. He confronted people by his very existence. Yet he got away with it. There’s a lesson there.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces, 
15 Aries, 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then there is far more to this narrative than first appears (above). The sub-text is ‘This will define you in a way you had forgotten about. Come back to yourself!’


Aquarius: 2-8 March 2015

Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, opponents and rivals. All in the Jupiter Zone this week. Delivery day is still a few weeks away, but you can still gratefully receive the card in the mailbox, near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. Jupiter has a message for you, about this man or woman who matters so much. Take and make every single opportunity you can near those days. Nothing will happen as it should or could, until you are past April and through to May, June, July, August – yet you will be so pleased that you sniffed the air, scented a chance and took it – this very week. Aquarius, this part of March is also about your brand or image.  Who are you, and who were you, for most of the last two months? Nobody (especially you) is quite sure about that. Your image, brand – even your ‘badge’ in terms of how you appear – has been subject to lots of questions and no final answers. From March 3rd you can begin pursuing those again. It is also time to look at your public speaking, phone style, social media, advertising, writing, publishing or multimedia work.  Your ruler Uranus throws some thrilling shapes near Wednesday 4th March, and as astrologers associate him with revolution and independence, perhaps it’s time you called another one. It’s not just you, acting alone. Exactly the right cast of characters is around you to encourage your free spirit. If your freedom of speech has been blocked for any reason, then all bets are off and this is basically you storming the Bastille. This week is also very much about your cash, house, bank,flat, charity, business or stuff. Near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th you could pull off something quite extraordinary in terms of your previous financial, business or property history. Certainly, a situation will be presented to you where you can cross a very big line. Only you know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, Aquarius. But sometimes absolute audacity is absolutely required.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces, 
15 Aries, 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then one of the scenarios above will trigger something in you that’s familiar, like an old, forgotten part of your personality that just longs to be reactivated.


Pisces: 2-8 March 2015

Pisces, the way you shape your 24 hours a day, chunking it into thirds for sleeping, working and enjoying yourself – is now a most intriguing departure point.  Your lifestyle – that complex blend of mind, body, work ethic and spirit – offers you so much more near Tuesday 3rd March or Wednesday 4th March. The actual rewards may have to wait between April and August, but as this opportunity is such a vast improvement you’ll be happy to take the first step. Cross those boundaries of time and space you have such vision for, and hurl yourself into your own future – your sixth sense should tell you this is the right move,right place, wrong time – but rewards will come later. This week is also about your secret, or perhaps your invisible role. The year actually starts here, because everyone on the planet had to wait for Mercury to get out of shadow. From March 3rd you can pick up where you left off with a secret which you cannot reveal to anyone, or an invisible role behind the scenes. Wheels will turn, where before they ran backwards, or stuck. The time has also come to revolutionise the way you handle your income, company, business, property, charity or possessions (and thus your value system, to be frank). Change is exhilarating near Wednesday 4th March, as you realise you can do so much both this month, and next month, to make more space for yourself. The need to be radical could be very strong; that will work out perfectly well for you as long as you price independence above predictability and security. With a stellium in Pisces, questions of branding, reputation, role or appearance are never far off the radar either. Chiron in Pisces is really prodding you near Thursday 5th, Friday 6th and Sunday 8th. He is half-man, half-horse. This is less peculiar than being Half Man Half Biscuit, but at least he is teaching you that unprecedented and confronting things/people/situations sometimes work. Even you, dear Pisces. And it really will be you, you, you.

If you have horoscope factors at 14 Leo, 17 Aquarius, 14 Aries, 15 Aries, 14 Pisces, 15 Pisces, 17 Pisces, 
15 Aries, 15 Capricorn, 14 Virgo, then a dormant part of your personality, slumbering below like a forgotten volcano, is about to start producing some intriguing lava. Time to know yourself all over again.

Copyright Jessica Adams/William Morris Entertainment/Curtis Brown 2014.

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