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Monthly Horoscopes from Jessica Adams. This astrological forecast is written by Jessica Adams for readers of the Jessica Adams website.

April 2014


Aries: April 2014

What should have happened in February, with some finality, has not happened. There is a part of you that is totally unfathomable. You’ve either been keeping things secret; had a secret revealed – or you are deliberately pulling the strings from the wings, while others put on a performance. All of this and more should have been tidied away in your life by the middle of February, yet instead, the third week of March brings an odd rewind and replay. The new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April kicks off the real story, and by Saturday 12th April you will be trying to fit the unreal into the real. Why so unreal? Because this dark secret or invisible role is not remotely mundane, gritty, ordinary or normal. As Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia in the same chart zone, as she travels through your horoscope, it looks very much as if April is about waving goodbye to planet earth altogether. So…is this a good thing or a bad thing? It really depends on how good you are at staying anchored when you are, essentially, all at sea. Neptune and Salacia can work in a very subtle way, like the sea washing upon a pebble, and before you realise what has happened, things have changed. Tune into this. The Twelfth House of the chart often turns up as drug or alcohol issues (even prescribed drugs) and it rules sleep and dreams as well. It most certainly rules what you ‘bury at sea’ which is why nobody can fathom what is going on. And it has some connection with astral travel, mediumship and the psychic world. April is sending you on a voyage. Phone home. Find the rules.

Here are some diary dates for your ‘Hello world’ moments this month: Wednesday 2nd April and Monday 7th April (allow two days either side) suggest  some kind of now-or-never moment. You do, after all, own your internet image, your physical appearance and your general packaging. It may be a matter of role, box or title. In all cases you have zero interest in other people’s more traditional or stuck ideas about what You Should Be or how You Should Look. You may want to steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it though; the inflammatory Mars-Mercury opposition the following day is hardly soothing. The Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April are also very tough days to push too hard (or push back too strongly). I would suspect that your former, current or potential partner is a major part of the ‘me’ story this month. Maybe a rival, opponent or enemy is doing that work too. This person matters less than the process, funnily enough, and the process is about being the Aries we never knew. And probably the Aries you never knew, either. It’s ‘me’ time and it’s also time for a revolution. Who on earth could deny you the freedom to be utterly yourself?





Taurus: April 2014


You have had the most peculiar horoscope for old friendships, social media or group projects this year. I know we are only three or four months into 2014 but already there is a sense of total unreality about what has been going on. Why is there a flashback to your February ‘ghosts’ in terms of friends or groups? Partly because of Mercury’s retrograde cycle. But also because of the new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April. You have been through the most mysterious situation with these people from February 1st through 13th and that’s recently been replayed from March 18th through 21st. From that point forward it’s about the conversation changing, or the talking points altering; maybe there’s even a total rethink of what you thought you knew! Saturday 12th April feels like a merger, though. As Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia in the ‘no barriers, no boundaries’ sign of Pisces, nobody would be surprised if this old friendship, Twitter connection or group endeavour entered totally uncharted waters. There is a slight Mad Hatter’s Tea Party feeling about these people in April. Things seem all over the place, everywhere, all the time. If you can keep the potential for chaos at bay, though, you will thoroughly enjoy this utterly new sensation of merging seamlessly with those in the tribe. It may just be your social tribe; it may have a very practical reason for existing. In all cases, though, try to keep it real.

You have been using what you cover up and hide from other people – or what you do without any recognition or credit – as an excuse to experiment. This has been going on for years and I don’t think you’re about to stop now! As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction there is a vivid confrontation with yourself. It’s quite a moment, as you effectively look in the mirror and realise what is going on. This is a revolution. And there is no other way. After Monday 7th April it’s all about the communication you have with your soul. Why the soul? Because the Twelfth House (where Uranus now lurks) is about your spirit or essence; the part of you that goes wandering off when you dream. This really does feel like the most radical change in months and you will probably need more time and space to yourself, as so much of this change necessarily involves your private self, your hidden self, or even an MI6 level secret! There are times to push the accelerator, though, and times to coast. This month is loaded with demanding patterns. Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April; the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April are just three examples. Astrology is about steering your ship correctly. I feel that you’re below all our radar this month, because you’re either deliberately concealing things, or just refusing to take open credit. In any case, seize the wheel and steer yourself right away from those tricky periods I have listed above. Sure, you want change. You’ll get it too. But there are easier times.




Gemini: April 2014


Let’s face it, Gemini, your success sector is most unusual at the moment. We are probably talking about your career here, but of course you may interpret success as voluntary work or full-time study as well. What you thought you knew, for sure, in the first fortnight of February is quite wrong. By the time you read this you will be past the close of March, which is when the revelation and realisation takes hold. So much for binding discussion, firm agreement or absolute statements! You are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, information and negotiation and as Mercury has been downright flakey for weeks, I suspect that by the time you get to April you must be ready to throw your hands up in the air. Instead, April encourages you to explore a brave new world without boundaries or the usual rules. I wonder if this is a particular project you are working on? A new role? Or maybe it’s just a unique professional or academic relationship; the kind where you don’t actually have to speak to understand each other. Becoming successful and remaining successful are the chief concerns of the Tenth House, where we now find Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Salacia in your chart. I strongly suspect you are about to redefine your notion of ‘making it’ though. This is really about escaping. Finding the parallel world. Seeking the other universe; just as valid and authentic as the more familiar, ordinary one – yet something you can lose yourself in as well. With Venus in the mix, the relationship you have with your boss, lecturer, employee, colleague or client will enter into an entirely different phase this month. The usual rules of time and space will be bent; is anyone even looking at a clock or calendar any more? The usual rules of Normal Professional Life or the Real University World are also likely to be skewed out of shape. You have no interest in what you used to have, or the way things used to operate. You want something very, very different and it looks like you’ll get it. Just be aware that Neptune and Salacia can cast you adrift; leave you all at sea; find you floundering.

Shall we begin with the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April, the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April or the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April? I admit these aspects are all in the second half of April, yet the situation with your Twitter circle, old friend or team goal is set up almost as the month begins. The key to April is to understand that not everyone feels comfortable with a revolution. And perhaps there is a part of you which is also confronted by radical change. Can any of this be held back? Absolutely not. It is like trying to hold back the tide. Uranus in Aries was always going to send you hurtling in a new direction, either socially, or in terms of your old pal. Many, many Geminis are part of rock bands, sports teams, local councils, good causes, book groups and so on. It is here that the electrical storm will be unleashed. In mythology, the god Uranus was the great creator. He produced the wild, the weird and the wonderful. There is something about the creative process which is always bumpy. Take it in your stride. Read hearts and minds too. You are literally co-creating a new social life, group direction or friendship chemistry in April. A brave new world is calling, yet it is essential that your pursuit of it does not trample on sensitivities, nor fears. This will be a rough revolution; don’t make it too rough.




Cancer: April 2014


Okay, so the year really starts here, in terms of your foreign, travel, internet, publishing or academic agenda. You have been through a truly odd situation during this long Mercury Retrograde cycle, as what was apparently in place in the first two weeks of February was rewritten in late March. And now here you are in April and very quickly, it looks as though someone else is the key factor. The situation is rather like two tightrope walkers meeting each other in the middle. Or two people balancing on a see-saw. You two must find common ground, quite apart from your mutual but separate interest in the trip, the move, the website, the book or that vast academic subject. What you found out from March 18th through 21st results in a rethink and maybe a new discussion, possibly an agreement, by April 7th. Then Venus is in the frame, with all her famous timing – it now appears as if the outcome is going to be less about talking and more about ‘feeling it’ with this man who is so involved, or this woman whose destiny is so attached to your own. What happens near Saturday 12th April is quite remarkable. It represents a turning of the tide. The way you formerly travelled (for example) or used the web must seem like ancient history these days. In 2011 and earlier, there were set ways of operating; particular rules; habitual understandings. Now, you are far more inclined to dive deeply into an utterly alternative universe of possibility and the further removed you are from the everyday and the familiar, the better. This is a trip for some Cancerians but for many more it is a head trip, pure and simple. Just try to keep it real if you can.

Welcome to Star Trek. There is a stellium in your zone of achievement, ambition, mission and position. It’s unusual and it’s also demanding. It is also potentially very rewarding but you need to follow the rules of the astrological game. Quite clearly there are massive changes taking place either within your industry, or within a particular project. There may alternatively be big shifts happening with the personalities involved, no matter if we are looking at your staff, your boss or your classmates. You are ruled by the Moon so the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April is a cover-up job you need to be aware of. This is a Full Pink Moon, exact at 8.46am in London and like all total eclipses, what you are supposed to see – vanishes. What is meant to be a new beginning is not. This is such an odd situation you may want to steer well clear of the period around Tuesday for major judgement calls. The Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April around a week later can’t be ignored. Radical change is here. Just remember that living in revolutionary times also requires a few tactics. This is an uncharted mission and there will be bumps. There is also quite clearly the exciting and amazing potential of being first to explore, first to experience, first to enjoy – almost anything. I suspect the real prize for you is independence. Long after April is over, though, it’s the way you behaved that people will remember. Be compassionate, even in a revolution.



Leo: April 2014


Why is there a flashback to your February finances? Or the discussion about the flat, house, company, possessions, charity or business? You can thank the new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April. You have been through the most peculiar situation, in terms of the facts and figures from February 1st through 13th which have recently been replayed (once more with feeling) from March 18th through 21st. Knowing what you do now, it’s quite clear that a further discussion or signature has to follow, and it seems to be in the bag by April 7th. What is even more important than the Q&A session, though, is the symmetry and harmony you might achieve with someone else; he or she is very much the other half of the equation. In fact, what happens near Saturday 12th April feels like a merger. You are increasingly drawn towards scenarios where there are no boundaries any more; where the money, house, flat, possessions, company or charity is no longer fenced off or barricaded by walls between you and others. As Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia on her way through this zone of your chart, it’s also pretty clear that you’re in the mood to see what you can get away with. More and more, though, you are seeking to escape from reality through everything you own, earn or owe. You’re not interested in ordinary any more. April is bound to be quite remarkable in terms of the new, unreal reality. Just bear in mind that Neptune has a reputation for leading us into situations which are confusing and confused. You may want to ask an outsider for his/her common sense and expertise as you slide gently into these uncharted waters with this other person.


This is a new world and make no mistake. As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s clear to you and everyone else that a revolution is under way. After Monday 7th April it’s all about the debate and the discussion. Try to focus on that magic cure-all, communication, as the answer. Unless you put the listening/reading process first (not to mention, finding a way to articulate your ideas that others can understand and accept) this could be a tricky time. You may want to steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the inflammatory Mars-Mercury opposition the following day is hardly soothing. One thing is sure. The path to freedom and independence you are now pursuing as an internet user, traveller, publisher, writer, student or teacher is as challenging as it is exciting. The Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April remind you that times of great change call for greater tolerance all round. I’m sure you want to put freedom first, but unless you take others into account this could be like the French Revolution. And not the good bits.




Virgo: April 2014


Nothing has been as it was, for months. The other person in the equation (and you know exactly who I mean) has been at the heart of a strange, protracted period of unreality. This cycle is so subtle it may take a great deal of hyper-awareness to look back at the way you used to run love, sex and commitment in your life (prior to 2011 anyway) to play ‘Spot the enormous difference.’ Of course this may also be about a work partner. And some Virgo people have been in ‘partnership’ with an enemy. In astrology the Seventh House rules your husband and wife, just as much as it rules the person you hate. In astrology, the view is ‘It’s all alchemy. It’s all chemistry. And it takes two to tango.’ Now, Virgo, you move into a fascinating phase with this man or woman which alters the landscape forever. For a start, you now have clarity, thanks to developments in the second half of March, which corrected your mistaken idea of what was ‘final’ or ‘absolute’ in the first half of February. From here the process is pretty amazing. April will dissolve the boundaries between you and he, or you and she.
Saturday 12th April feels like the moment of truth (allow a day or two either side). Of course if this is a feud you need to keep it as clear and real as possible. You could be losing yourself in some very strange new territory with this person and if you find yourself flailing, you may want to extricate yourself from the game that is being played. In most cases, though, the period around 12th April is about your former, current or potential partner. Business or love. And what is going on has an unearthly, unworldly quality which you find irresistible. Neptune can be like that. So can Salacia. These two describe what you are pulled towards, as a great escape or great alternative in your life. Nothing to do with what is usually out there. Everything to do with what you are so tempted to explore. Beyond that, though, I suspect there is a very real risk you just want to lose yourself completely. Now – would you go scuba diving without the right equipment, the handbook and all the rest? It also behoves me to utter a time-honoured warning about Neptune in the Seventh House, paired with Venus. If you add alcohol or drugs, then you put another layer of Vaseline on the lens.

Is this your accountant, your bank manager or someone else taking an inventory of your budget? Near Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s really public. By ‘budget’ I mean the charity, the possessions, the apartment, the business, the house and so on. But on another level this is also a Life Budget because in April you will be evaluating the different components of your life based on freedom value. The price of independence. The swing tag that you attach to space, space, space.  After Monday 7th April it’s all about the debate and the discussion. This is very much your thing, as you are ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. As a general rule, just avoid the period around Tuesday 15th April for your big push. It’s really clear that you’re not going back. You’ve already gone too far in your life, in terms of what you earn, own or owe! You’re being pulled towards the new, the different, the progressive, the experimental. One thing is sure, though, that eclipse will conceal more than it reveals so steer clear, especially if there are numbers involved. Again, near the  Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April you are going to sail in choppy waters. There are easier times to press for the new world. People (and large corporations) can be funny about money. Hung up on stuff. You need to factor this in when you’re talking. Yet ultimately, the process is in motion, whichever way you play it. You’re going to be free and you can’t buy emotional and psychological oxygen at auction.



Libra: April 2014


Something most peculiar has been happening to your lifestyle in the last few months. You appear to have removed both Converse sneakers from the ground and gone off. Up, up and away. This may have been about your body (so, everything from your medical condition to everything you eat, drink or inhale). It may also have been about your work ethic, pure and simple, and the way you approach the job at hand. The really odd thing about 2014 to date is the total rewrite of what you thought you knew, back in the first two weeks of February. By the time you read this (I am writing your April prediction on March 21st) you will know that – basically – you knew very little indeed. However, April is here to sort things out for you, and now you’re up to speed with the reality of The New Unreality, you can make some informed choices. The talk, the news, the paperwork is in place byApril 7th. Then, what happens near Saturday 12th April feels like Bonnie and Clyde; French and Saunders; Marks and Spencer; Torvill and Dean. If you are a true Libran then you are famous for your ability to make a work partnership actually *work* and also for your unique understanding of the niceties of relationships, full stop. If it’s one-on-one then you know how to do it. What is so encouraging about April is that suddenly, the job or the body becomes a game for two players and as that is your raison d’etre I think you’ll feel pretty comfortable. What’s new and challenging, though, is the need to stay grounded when there is no ground to stand on any more. Escaping the real world is seductive; heaven knows we all get sick of too much reality. Nevertheless there are aspects of your lifestyle in April that just have to be anchored unless you want to end up feeling like Captain Nemo after a bottle of Bollinger. Look at what you’re putting into your body, Libra. If it puts you in an altered state then ask the most sensible-but-boring person you know for his or her angle.

Bang! Here comes April and as early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction you just know that The Conversation is coming. Or maybe the crucial piece of paperwork. Certainly from Monday 7th April it’s game on, in terms of the questions that have to roll.  Avoid pushing, pressuring (or being pushed or pressured) near Tuesday 15th April, Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. Even if the other person in the equation is holding your hand for the most pleasurable of all reasons, change can still be hard at these times. Of course, some of you are in disputes or feuds. Again, observe those dates above and the days either side of them; that is not the time to start whirling the vacuum cleaner above your head and shouting for a revolution. One of the key things to remember about April is that it would be very, very easy to pin the whole scenario onto the other person. And maybe you’re right. Maybe you have attracted someone into your life (past, present or potential lover; enemy; rival) who just creates this alchemy with you. Don’t be fooled for too long though; this is a red herring of the first order. What is happening to you is a long overdue act of creation. A new world of relating is forming through the earth’s crust. You two just won’t date, mate, relate or even stay separate the way you once did. There is too much at stake and what is at stake is your own freedom. They say you never know how trapped or confined you were, until you have this cycle. Whatever gets you to the point where you are at liberty, try to accept that the process has to happen; it has its own logic and momentum. The art of radical change, though, is to make sure everyone can at least live with the new world you’re creating.



Scorpio: April 2014



The Fifth House of your chart can rule the younger children at school if you are a teenage Scorpio. If you are a parent over 30 it rules your son or daughter, and perhaps more than one. Some of you are more interested in projects aimed at, and deeply affecting, the generation which comes directly behind your own. Then there are relationships which may take you into pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting – or friendships which lead to god children. In all cases, Scorpio, you are Walking Backwards for Christmas. In other words you are going to have to accept that what happened back in February was always going to take you back, back, back a few weeks later in late March. Now you know where you stand, though, you have to accept your April mission. Certainly, the final words will be spoken or signed by April 7th. Then we have this clickety-click moment near Saturday 12th April when I don’t think any of the usual rules will apply. It reminds me of a sandpit where all the children and adults are covered in sand; everyone lost their shoes; nobody knows who is who any more; everyone forgot what day it was; the usual rules have been lost under a sand dolphin sculpture somewhere. Is that too whack a description of the way things are going to be? Maybe not, if you began (gently) losing the usual plot a few months before. The thing is, April is about understanding the new reality with the next generation, and that reality is utterly unreal. If you are pregnant in April then there are no barriers with the baby. That’s just one example of how Venus, Neptune, Salacia and Chiron can affect you, when they pass through the Fifth House of your solar chart. The bottom line is, you don’t want ordinary any more. Or even, ever again! Consequently you up for all or any experiments with this generation, or the relationships that will deliver it to your door. I expect the sense of release and relief (who needs reality?) will be remarkable, but remember There Are Rules.

For the last two or three years you are fully aware that you have been rejecting what you see as old, tired, stuck, outdated ways of working, living or looking after your body (the temple). Along the way you have put noses out of joint. You have also been rejected yourself! And yet, now that this slightly dull part of the process is over, you have moved onto the next level. This is no longer about you being right, and everyone else being wrong. This is just about the process of freedom without compromise and space, space, space.  As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s clear and after Monday 7th April it’s all about the debate. You may want to avoid the days near the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April; the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. There are more straightforward times to get what you want. There is no doubt at all that you are fed up with situations or people who always confine you and keep you restricted, no matter if this is about your working life, your daily lifestyle or your body. Maybe your focus is an organisation; maybe it’s an individual. The art to getting the rather thrilling and liberating results you seek, though, is to see things as more dated people or entities view them. Get their drift. You don’t have to drift along with them but you will need to meet them halfway. This way the revolution is painless. And besides, it was never about the people or even the brands. It was always about finding new worlds to explore, under your own steam, in your own right. This particular new working world, or lifestyle world, is something else!



Sagittarius: April 2014


What does your soul require from your house, family, home town, apartment, household, homeland at the moment? Could it possibly be a total escape from the way things apparently ‘have’ to be? Judging by your horoscope this is all you actually want. In fact you have been cruising since the start of 2014. At first you were jolted; everything was so new, so different, so strange. Now, however, you are rapidly becoming used to the idea that there are other ways to feel at home in the world, or to belong to a clan – and the way it all works for other people is simply not your way! First, though, you must put February and March behind you. February misled you. March cleared it up. Now you have the new Venus cycle which begins on Saturday 5th April. A final discussion or piece of paperwork seems to be in the bag by April 7th and then around Saturday 12th April you’re in a position to ditch the usual rules, regulations, barriers, boundaries and invisible fences. There are so many ways to play this thing, Sagittarius. You can pretend a foreign country is your real home. (That is a common outcome in this cycle as so many Sagittarians are natural wanderers). That is a good example of what is going on right now, because you don’t want normal. You don’t want yesterday. You don’t want what everyone else accepts, or compromises over. You appear to be seeking some totally ‘beyond the beyond’ way of having a house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland. With Venus in the mix it’s clearly going to be about one other person as well and you two are about to move into territory that is best described as boundary-free. Just try to keep it relatively sensible!

You leave the legacy of your personality to those who come after you, born 20 years or more later. This is a fact of life, no matter if you have children or not. Somehow, somewhere, with Uranus in Aries, you have to establish a spiritual legacy, so that you can onpass bits and pieces of yourself, to those who inherit the planet after you’ve finished with it! Sons, daughters, godchildren, young relatives all qualify. So do babies to come. So do all the world’s children. As early as Wednesday 2nd April, at the Sun-Uranus conjunction, it’s about the ‘Wow’ as well as the ‘Whoaa’ because that combination is as confronting as it is exciting. Then, near Monday 7th April it’s all about the discussion. You may want to steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April are more decidedly challenging times. Squares are stressful. Productive and creative, ultimately, but hard work! And as for the eclipse – would you really want to proceed without seeing clearly? Thought not. Ultimately, April will set you free in terms of the next generation, born after you. You will thrill to wide, open new spaces in your life; fresh terrains you are yet to make your own and explore – spiritually, psychologically, intellectually. There are just no limits any more. The trick is pursuing the ultimate freedom without forgetting that in any revolution there are always people who are left behind. Is there any way at all to persuade these souls that it’s a necessary change? Long after April’s radical change is over, it’s the respect and compassion in times of revolution that people will remember. You too.




Capricorn: April 2014


What you thought you knew in terms of the internet, your computer, the media, publishing or other forums for your voice was not final. February misled you. Then, from March 18th through 21st it all made sense again. And in April?  Knowing what you do, it looks like your last overdue question is answered by April 7th. From that point on it’s clearly about two heads, not one, and what goes down near Saturday 12th April is quite surreal. You’re usually such a creature of structure; you understand the hierarchies with people. You’re pretty good at the old systems, where people fit into their appropriate places. Now, because of this project, idea or particular slice of the web, it’s all gone wobbly, like a dissolve in a film. You are increasingly drawn towards scenarios where there are no boundaries any more; as Venus conjuncts Chiron and also Salacia on her way through this zone of your chart, you’re about to lose all the usual barriers. Now, this may be about the project, the medium or the format itself. However, as Venus is involved, it looks like it’s the synching with the other person which is the key. It’s like the old Style Council song, Walls Came Tumbling Down. In matters of communication, particularly online, there are usually all kinds of cautions and safeguards. What goes down in April is basically communication without any kind of barricades at all. No moat, no drawbridge. If you are psychic then I expect the atmosphere near April 12th will lend itself to a breakthrough. If you are a writer, public speaker, singer, multimedia player – this is A Moment.

So where do you belong? The answer is, of course, you belong to nowhere, nothing and nobody except your own quest to be free. It’s been about space and nothing else, for around three years. And April just advances your cause because you are determined to pursue what is new, different – and better, in your opinion. No doubt this will change the way the family, house, apartment, household, home town or homeland functions in your life for months to come. This is a new world and make no mistake. For a transition to this new world which is relatively stress-free, do steer well clear of the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Mars-Mercury opposition the following day is hardly a walk in the park. You should also be aware of the tension near the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. To resist the ongoing revolution (and particularly this part of it, which is electrifying and substantial) is crazy, though. It’s like resisting any force of nature. This is a moment whose time has come. You are expressing the basic human need to be free, uncluttered, unencumbered, via a particular home or location. Undoubtedly, through the way a clan functions – be it flatmates or family. The trick this month is doing it your way and breaking free without also breaking ties and connections in such a way that they feel jagged to the touch.




Aquarius: April 2014


You reappraised the money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment from March 18th through 21st as you were either misled in the first two weeks in February or just lacked the proper information. So now here you are in April and you have to hang onto the anchor at all costs. Literally, at all costs! Why so? Partly because of Neptune in Pisces, but also because of Salacia and Chiron, joined by Venus.  The last overdue question is answered by April 7th. From that point on it’s clearly about two heads, not one, and what develops near Saturday 12th April is certainly unusual if you think about the way you handled the financial or material world before 2011. Near April 12th you realise that this is about two people, not just one. You also (hopefully) realise that the further out you go, the more you require an anchor to hang onto. It is very common to lose track of time, deadlines, numbers, limits and all the rest on this cycle. The irony is, you actually do have a safe escape. You found it last year. So why have you lost sight of that, in favour of other escapes which are seductive, yet likely to lead you off course? If there was ever a month to get real and keep it real, this is it. The work involved in making a financial Glastonbury experience practical and manageable is boring. No doubt about it. You’re up for a departure from reality at the moment, not a return to it! Yet, with a little bit of accounting, accountability and all the rest – you can secure what can only be described as a corner of the bank, the property market, the business world or the charity universe which is a bubble ride. The more you tell yourself ‘This isn’t real’ the better it works.

Radiohead gave us OK Computer and Little Britain gave us ‘Computer Says No.’ So where do you stand on the issue of getting through, in an age of social media, blogging, vlogging and all the rest? The interesting thing is you are less interested in the technology than in the mental oxygen. So what you are really after, at the moment, is the freedom and space to be heard, read, understood and received without any of the pointless old rules. I am sure, looking at  your horoscope, that the last three years has been trial and error for you, no matter if you are deeper into the internet than ever before, or if you are separating yourself from the computer. This is a new world but in April, for a straightforward transition, avoid big moves with your project, plan or idea near the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday 15th April and the days either side of it; the Mars-Mercury opposition later on is also volatile. You should also be aware of the tension near the Jupiter-Uranus square on Sunday 20th April and the Uranus-Pluto square on Monday 21st April. You are ruled by Uranus, the planet which is the star of the show in April. There is no way on earth you are going to turn away from these amazing invitations to do things differently; better; more progressively. At the same time, this is no walk in the park. To get to your personal finishing line, no matter what medium or media you are using, you are going to have to bump up against people or organisations (perhaps even technology) which is change-resistant. It won’t stop you. But considering that the whole point of what you are pursuing is a new kind of communication, don’t lose sight of the irony – in order to get it, you’re going to have to communicate.



Pisces: April 2014


You can’t really run too far from yourself – as a brand, as a face, as an entity – when you have such a large stellium in Pisces, your own sign. What’s been happening to you in the last couple of years has fixated you on the ‘me’ issues and that’s entirely understandable. Then, after a couple of false starts in 2012 and 2013, when you were given quite staggering escape routes, you have ended up in April 2014, with amazing means at your disposal to shun the real world altogether and dive into something wholly different. Your image, profile, label, role and title is the route to The Great Escape and even though February mislead you, or got you off track – you should be completely settled with the new realities as April arrives. Certainly Mercury will fill in the gaps for you by April 7th. And then you’re on the trip of your life, Pisces, as someone else wants to join you in the pursuit of the ‘me’ outcomes. How odd that this man should be so engaged with your image, or this woman should be so entwined with your profile! Yet there is something in this for them too, and by the time you reach the days near Saturday 12th April you are increasingly drawn towards scenarios where there are no boundaries.  It’s the seamless synching with the other person which is the key. You may have been experimenting with your hair, face, shape or wardrobe. With your name, byline online, biography or persona. You would not be a Pisces if you were longing to break right away from your pre 2011 self. Neptune your ruler is in Pisces, alongside Salacia, Chiron and Venus. There is no way you can resist the lure of this other ‘me’ world and in April someone will join you.


Boom, boom, shake the room, because near Tuesday 15th April,  Sunday 20th April and Monday 21st April you clearly have to ditch the old way of operating. The money, house, business, possessions, charity or flat is not so important in its own right. Don’t be fooled by the stuff or the cash! The real issue is how you buy independence and what you will pay for it. Because make no mistake, independence costs, at least with the horoscope you have at the moment. The line-up in the frank, fearless and forthright sign of Aries suggests you are in the mood to ditch people who bore you or cramp your style. It also suggests you are now confident enough to utterly reject an old or tired way of earning, owning or owing. There are plenty of Pisces people who have Aries planets (check at and if you are one of them, I think April is your version of Explosive Hits 75. You’re going to want to rip into the month and rip out anything or anybody which you are fed up with, after such a long time of put up and shut up. The sane alternative, if you are an Aries kind of Pisces, is to at least compromise. No matter what your chart says about you, though, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle just by steering clear of the dates above (and those adjacent) to do your thing. One way or another, you will have liberty by May. That’s a given. The question is, how much (in dollar, euro or pound terms) will you pay for it? This sum may be quite literal. The maths may actually involve some accounting, with the emotional sums in the margin. Bargain and get a good deal, either with him, her, them or the world in general.


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Your March Horoscope

Welcome to March. If you were born under the sign of Pisces or Aries then you can find your personality profile on your birthday at The Astrology Blog on this website. Your 12-month forecast also appears on your birthday at Harper’s Bazaar.


Aries: March 2014


What other people don’t see about you is the secret you have been covering up – or perhaps the role you have been playing behind the scenes. You have been wondering when you would finally be able to make a major decision and the time is coming. In fact, from March 21st, what you thought you knew in the first half of February will utterly change. This leaves you free to make an overdue choice.

The friend within the group matters more now, as your gateway to the tribe as a whole. You will get what you want and need in the second half of March but not until the episode that was being written back in February is rewritten one more time. In a matter of days you will suddenly realise that what you are pursuing with these people is not just about March 2014 it is about the long-term future.

Where you belong, in terms of the people or the place, now becomes a priority. You must have been wondering why you were constantly kept waiting by people or life since last November. Now things shift so you can address the home town or homeland project. You can move or renovate. You can focus on your household or your family. You need to accelerate as the opportunity will be over by July.

Your former, current or potential lover? Your enemy, rival or opponent? The person who pushes your buttons the most near March 2nd is the main menu item until the end of July so proceed with caution. This is a highly flammable situation and you are famous for being short on patience and tolerance. Unless you want a major drama at the end of April create some peaceful tactics.

You appear to have found a new medium to relaunch yourself, either online or in the real world. You may also be experimenting with how you sell yourself or package yourself, in terms of your DIY advertising or look. By the end of April you will be breaking completely new ground which is exhilarating and liberating. The only issue is how much you confront others when you do this; be aware of it.




Taurus: March 2014


It’s really not your fault but you have been stuck with peculiar situations dating from last year; vague people; unclear websites; flakey organisations; fuzzy ideas. This has affected your social life, your group involvement and your old friendship. Fortunately the final week of March will clarify the picture for you and then you can make the epic decision that you have been yearning to make.

Your success in life is a work in progress but first you have to reverse in order to accelerate. You will be seeing February flash before your eyes in the first half of March as what you assumed about a particular person, project or company was wrong. The story is set to change and you will realise how many knowledge or communication gaps were present. Next step? An intriguing, tempting new story.

You have been held up with your plans, ideas and projects since November, when you should have been communicating and connecting in a remarkable new way. None of this was your fault as people have been tardy with their e-mail or you have been dealing with people who are mentally overloaded and not great at communication. Fortunately your online or real-world success rolls again shortly.

Be aware of the potential for an argument or for a prolonged period of tension which never comes to a head. Your daily workload and your relationship with your body would be at the heart of this scenario, but you can avoid it. Make a concerted effort to manage any person, organisation or situation which provokes you. Be tactical and strategic; this is not about March it is about life until July.

Your submerged world consists of work you are doing on a classified and confidential project. Alternatively it is about a big part of your time and energy which nobody can see, admire or credit you for. You will see wheels turning in the final half of March with remarkable new breakthroughs in April. This is a revolution and you know it. Try to read hearts and minds as you pursue change.



Gemini: March 2014


The longer you have been forced to wait in January and February (and even up until the last week of March) the more you know what you want. The ridiculous delays have made you sit on your hands and think more deeply about your career, university life or non-profit goals. This helps your big judgement call in the final ten days of the month. Act any sooner than that and the story may change.

The trips and head trips which are going to change everything were set up in February but what you heard or read then was incomplete, or actually wrong. As a result you will feel as if March is the remedy for a false start or dress rehearsal with your travel, internet, publishing, foreign or academic agenda. Correct – but prepare to be amazed by how much can happen in just four days.

You will make or save money (or cash in kind – for example through access to a house or loaned possessions) from March 7th. Nothing happened in November-February, which was dull to say the least, but you will ultimately end up richer or more abundant by July as a result of the offers, opportunities and solutions which appear from this point forward. Be proactive, though. Use the open doors.

Take your time when you deal with matters relating to your son, daughter, godchildren or young relatives. This also applies to younger people tied to you through your job or your part-time pursuits and to any relationship which may end in parenthood. It would be very easy for a burning issue which is relatively trivial to become a bushfire. Do not add oxygen, as this could burn until July.

Welcome to the new Club Gemini where you refuse to organise your social life, old friendships and group commitments in the same old way. There is no other way to feel fully alive and thus, by April, your revolution will be complete. You cannot even compare your friends and tribes now to the way life was before 2012, but why look back? Your only karmic challenge is to be sharply aware of other people’s sensitivity and vulnerability. Not everyone likes extreme change.



Cancer: March 2014


You have been itching to make a big 2014 decision about your air miles, internet life, academic ambitions and head miles in general (publishing, self-education). Instead you have uncovered a baffling mystery from last year, yet been held up again with other people’s lack of clarity or a clunking system. Good news. From March 21st you can line up all the facts once and for all with a huge April choice.


You’ve read your 2014 horoscope so you know you are on track to make or save a small fortune from July. Part of the process starts in March. Basically you were given an extremely changeable and unreliable story in February. Whatever you assumed will now be ditched as more facts and figures are set to arrive, or the original talking points will be pulled. The new story is a vast improvement.

Your big Instagram, Twitter or YouTube renaissance has been held up from November through February because other people were not ready, or the set-up was too slow, or the universe blocked you in other ways. This has given you time to examine your first ideas about yourself and move a few pieces around on the board. Great, so now you are ready to begin. Opportunities roll from March 7th.


You are famous (when you get it right) for your family relationships, flatmate chemistry, property savvy and homemaking genius. All the more reason to be fully aware of the potential for conflict in March. Do not let anything snowball no matter how much the other person – or the organisation – wants a fight. The issue may also involve your home town or homeland. Handle it like Gandhi.


Success is freedom and independence. Your career or university life (perhaps a non-profit role too) is your own affair these days as your willingness to break away from the old way of making it, has succeeded. Not without some rejection on either side, since 2012, but you have to admit it’s been an epic two years. Now for the next revolution. It starts in April. It’s set up now. Try to make it kind.





Leo: March 2014



Once the final piece of your financial, property, charity or business jigsaw is in place from March 21st you can start talking seriously, or signing paperwork. The numbers or facts from the first fortnight in February were incomplete or flawed, but now you can make up for lost time. There is a great escape on offer. It requires rules and regulations but this sanctuary from reality is truly tempting.

The second half of March delivers exactly what you need to make progress with your former, current or potential partner. Before that date the story you thought you had in February will change so be prepared for new information to come in or a retraction. Your relationship with this person will shift very suddenly and with Psyche, Proserpina, Venus and Ops in the mix, a fascinating new chapter is here.

The secret project which has been in limbo for months will move forward from March 7th with big rewards by July 16th if you use every opportunity you are given and continue to work on what you started last year. Alternatively you appear to be invisible, as others are the name or face of a plan where you operate behind the scenes. Again, you have been held up, but rewards start rolling from the 7th.

Mars the planet of friction is going backwards in your zone of computers, the internet, publishing and the media. Be careful what you start this month, or respond to in the heat of the moment, as it will linger until July 26th. Astrology is about awareness so to avoid a potential problem near April 23rd do not set up the foundations now. Keep your communication free of heat and tension now.

March and April are the most important months of the year in terms of your travel, internet, foreign, publishing, academic and education agenda. Everything is changing around you and if you are prepared to ditch your old way of operating you could find amazing new freedom within weeks. The only issue is people or organisations which dislike change. Can your revolution be kind to them as well?



Virgo: March 2014

Foggy vision about this crucial man or woman described (above) is normal on a Neptune transit. You are also being hit by peculiar astrological weather moving you backwards and forwards with this person, so don’t be fooled by the New Moon on Saturday 1st March and think this is some kind of fresh start. Stay tuned because you’ll be picked up the jigsaw pieces in the third week of March. From there, you choose. And at last you’ll have all the facts, to assist that choice.

If you have a jealous professional rival, your lover’s former (stubborn) partner or some other piece of human detritus to deal with in March, please note that your horoscope is there to be used. Don’t assume anything until you can make that final judgement call with all the details filled in, third week of March. Don’t do anything substantial near the Full Moon on 16th March unless you must. Why? Because your ruler Mercury is still Retrograde Shadow so please don’t be fooled. You won’t have the full story until the 21st.

Your dear friend is part of your social tribe, sports team, good cause, or other network of people. From Thursday 6th March you’ll see forward thrust here, as one solution and opportunity after another is created, either from scratch, or via a situation from 2013 which never caught fire. You’ll be bumped along with this person in stages, with a trine from Mercury your ruler to Jupiter on 26th March.

If only your ruler Mercury was moving normally you would engage in final discussion and sign off on some truly crucial decisions about your work or university life, or your volunteer role. Same goes for your body (and the body matters quite as much as the mind to Virgo). Instead you must wait. You will finally know exactly where you stand by mid March after this dress rehearsal.

The new budget is based on principles, ideas and soul yearnings, not on the actual dollars, pounds or euros. It will come into effect in April when you have finished adding up the realities, which start to appear in the final week of March. What has brought you to this point is nothing less than the most radical new direction of your life, yet why be bound by concepts which are out of date?




Libra: March 2014



It would be easy to mistake the person for the process. Your former, current or potential partner is less important than what is changing, and that is your approach to freedom and independence. This big shift, set for April, moves in crucial changes now. For example, the sextile from your ruler Venus to Uranus, the planet of revolution, near March 18th will certainly move things forward. You’ve been edging further and further away from the old way of loving and sharing. And you know you’re right.

The opposition, or your opponent, is also less important than the process. It would be a mistake to think this is about his personality or her character. It’s just the universe showing you a peculiarly difficult way to be free. Liberation is the ultimate outcome and you will be amazed at how different life looks and feels after Easter. Part of the shift begins from March 20th when the Sun changes signs and you suddenly have feedback and reaction about this hideous person. This outside perspective helps you get it in proportion and an April choice waits.

March is actually spent unravelling February so I hope you read your horoscope back in January and ensured that your work, body and parenthood agenda was flexible enough to take the changes. What you assumed was final with the next generation is not. The story will change by mid March. You also need far more information (due mid March too) about your health and lifestyle, incorporating your daily workload. Jigsaw puzzles are yet to go on the board.


You can’t see the point of Status Anxiety (thank you Alain de Botton) when Jupiter is in your zone of achievement and ambition. There are too many opportunities to snap up and too many problems to fix. You should be extremely happy with the shift in proceedings from March 6th when at last you are out of a period of limbo and moving forward with something that could be utterly huge.

Mars is dithering around in Libra, your own sign, so what follows is about your brand, name, appearance, reputation and look. You may feel pushed or prodded by destiny but don’t assume you can just let rip and have this story finished in a week. Mars lingers for months so a quick stoush could turn into a long and protracted period of pressure. Why go there? Don’t engage. If you absolutely must buy into this situation, though, keep the stakes low and have a strategy.



Scorpio: March 2014


Your Department of Foreign Affairs is extremely good news this month and the snowball will continue to gather momentum in the most rewarding way for a further five months. This may be a neighbouring region or country, or a distinctly important American, Asian or European website. It may well tie into the academic or publishing picture for some Scorpios. In all cases, just take what’s on offer. This has been working for you all along, it’s just that nobody else was fast enough. From March, it’s game on.

Which item on the above list is crucial to you? This is where you are about to see the story change. I hope you read your horoscope back in January so you knew February was not the month to assume anything was fixed or final. This is a second draft of a chapter that was half-written last month. You will see why in the first two weeks of March, yet from that point your decision can be lasting.

Those born 20 years or more after you are at the heart of a saga which has already proved itself to be ridiculously flakey in February. Even as you read this you know that there is more to come. Stay tuned all the way to the third week of March. Children, godchildren, young relatives? Relationship that may end in parenthood? Youth project? Younger demographic? You just don’t have the full and final story and I am hoping that you allowed for this in your February plans. Yet from March 21st a choice is here.

Uranus in your solar Sixth House sounds painful but actually it’s just about the next stage of growth, learning and change. You have already become impressively radical in your approach to your body, no matter if you have been departing from the ancient hospital book of law or just experimenting wildly with something you are making up as you go along. The sense of freedom alone is a healing process in psychological terms. You are being supported in your quest to become a free spirit – in terms of your body.

Your work ethic is also in the change zone now and by April you will have made a milestone decision to break free of the past – not only your own past, perhaps, but also precedents and systems that were set up by others before you. Is this too audacious? Not at all. You were born to do this, according to your horoscope and some corners of your chosen field are very dusty indeed. Get a new broom. You can be at your most innovative and inventive now, moving your chosen profession or field further along.



Sagittarius: March 2014


You will take a radical approach to your children’s charity in April that firmly shuts the door on the past and the process starts now. If you have a son or daughter or a stepchild, then Easter brings an entirely new relationship with them or perhaps the decision to cut a few ties with the past. A relationship which may end in parenthood could take you on a revolutionary ride; are you ready? If your career involves youth/the young then it’s time to Oscillate Wildly. You just want to be your own person and do your own thing, but what you may not realise is that you are also showing others that there are alternatives to pursue.

Something on this list (above) has been a total saga in February with poor communication, mistaken advice, missing paperwork or Cadbury Flakes in human form. You are bored with it already but you are just interested enough to think of March in terms of a major shift. You’ve already been amazed by one outcome you didn’t expect. This story will go on changing so keep your paperwork flexible. The more research you amass, the more you can strike out, change or replace – to your advantage – from March 21st.

At the beginning of Dr. Who the Tardis is seen spinning through a space/time vortex. That’s where your internet is at the moment, and perhaps your book, computer, magazine, speech, song lyrics or multimedia project. You will be out of the vortex by the second half of March but until then you will be hearing the story from February change or suddenly realise you can fill a black hole at last. This makes a lasting difference to the way you are going to be read, or heard, for the rest of the year.

You will be more abundant from March 6th when Jupiter (a symbol of prosperity and growth for 2000 years) finally moves forward in the sign of Cancer. Every person must find her/his definition of abundance in a way that feels true. You may not think Wall Street has it right at all. Alternatively you may be collecting Old Masters as we speak. What you earn, own or owe now unfolds in your favour. Cash, or crucially, cash in kind (loaned possessions, an exchanged home) helps this feeling of ‘more, more, more.’


Don’t start or add to a conflict involving your friend (who is part of a wider social tribe or formal group with you). This is not just something ripped off a desk calendar of advice – it’s based on the weird patterns made by Mars, the red planet, in your Eleventh House of old friendship, group psychology and tribal behaviour. Contrary to what you may feel this month, what transpires will not be won or lost in a week. It could drag on until mid year. Strategise accordingly.



Capricorn: March 2014


You are slowly moving towards a new internet life, perhaps also involving the mainstream media. It won’t happen until April, but the boring delays or frustrating flakey behaviour by people or technology is part of that story. Why must you wait so damn long? Because you don’t know enough. The choice you must reach by the first week of April is so monumental that this enforced delay is useful. You want to get rid of the muddle from 2013. Once you’re past March 21st you’ll have all the information to do just that. If you have been held up with a book, multimedia project, lecture tour, teaching schedule and so on, it will move, also from that date.

There is missing information about the financial, charity, business or property story that came into your life in February. You thought you had a lead. Maybe you even had several leads. Nothing has come of anything and you must be wondering if it’s now time to forget the whole thing. Far from it. You were missing information all along and yet this will be in your hands by mid March.

When in doubt about a career, university or charity battle, just leave it out. Don’t engage. Do not add oxygen to a match so the bushfire is avoided. With Mars in Libra you are unlikely to get through March without encountering someone who is accelerating to the point where everything is too rapid, too much, too soon. You may also strike provocateurs. Strategise madly or this will drag on for yonks.

If your former husband is on the march, or you are dealing with loathsome creatures from the swamp in your working life – whatever the story – good news is coming. The giddy joke of it is, that when you have Jupiter moving forward in your zone of enemies, you actually benefit. The best example I can give you is a politician with an opponent so weak and unpopular, she becomes a PM in a landslide. That’s just one illustration of what can happen on this odd cycle. From the 6th of March, any person who has been silly enough to pit themselves against you will unknowingly become a total asset to you. Ha.

Love yesterday, today, tomorrow, benefits you from the 6th of March and if you want to be pedantic about it, set your alarm for 10.42am GMT. Between that point and July you two could take this relationship to the next level. A truce with an ex could become a friendship. A friendship with an ex could become a work partnership. A lover could become a spouse. Spouses could take you in the direction of a world tour, new home, new baby. Sketch this in using technicolour. Dream big and expect results by July.





Aquarius: March 2014

The real budget may not be decided by your government at all. It may not even be based on currency. What happens after the third week of March, when you finally have current mysteries or muddles behind you, will alter quite a lot. You have been given a way out. An escape route. It involves the money, house, business, charity, possessions or flat. You couldn’t actually price it, because how on earth do you value the cost of a sanctuary from reality? Nevertheless, given the flakey nature of what has been happening, from March 21st, it’s decision time. Say goodbye to the mess and muddle of 2013; keep it simple and streamlined.

The me issues which came onto your radar in February involved bits of the past, and perhaps questions for the future. Your role, title, image, brand, look and appearance has since gone straight off the radar because people have disappeared, you have assumed the story is over, or it looks like a door has closed. Not so. In fact you are not remotely near the end of this chapter which began 3-6 weeks ago and you will need to wait for more information by March 15.

You have been ditching the dinosaurs on the internet, with publishing or media, or across other avenues for your way with words, images and ideas. A white board in a classroom or the local post office also offer potential for waving goodbye to Tyrannosaurus Rex attitudes. The past looks more ancient and irrelevant every day. Before your big April decision, though, cover yourself. What will you say when people who are more traditional, lazy or conservative ask a pertinent question? Be ready. Essentially you want to handle basic communication in a revolutionary new way, but you still have to connect; don’t leave the dinosaurs too stranded.

Keep ducking and diving with foreign affairs and you’ll escape what could be a long and drawn-out saga. This directly concerns an American, Australasian or European web connection. Alternatively you are dealing with people whose culture or beliefs are radically different to your own. In March, the heat will rise. Don’t oxygenate it. Strategise. This won’t be over in a week. It will take months. It’s really unusual to see Mars, the planet of (potential) conflict in your travel and foreign zone for such a long time. What you might normally expect to be a spat that is over in 24 hours could drag on until the middle of 2014 so duck, dive and sidestep.

Take your invisible life into even more ambitious territory. What happened in January and February changed everything and at last you are empowered to take control of what you hide, cover up or do without any recognition. That has been a long time coming but it’s not over yet. Pluto in Capricorn will empower you further if you can only try what you promised yourself you would do weeks ago. You have no idea just how much more potent you could be, if you took your resources and pumped them.



Pisces: March 2014

Mercury has been sliding around in Pisces your own sign during February and will continue to do so in March. Fortunately you read your horoscope in January so you knew what to expect. Your profile or name has been at the heart of changes, rewrites, challenges or question marks. This continues for a while but by the final week of March you will know where you stand. From that point forward you can play happily with some aspect of yourself that allows you to escape reality. It’s a big fresh start for you.

Your April revolution will permanently change the way you handle money, charity, property, possessions or business. It doesn’t come out of nowhere. The process is in motion in March and the only real rule is that you test every old theory and pre-2011 notion you have. Including those other people fervently believe in – which you know to be wrong. Uranus in Aries is not really about conforming or repeating yourself. You have come a very long way in two years, finding your own financial, property or company path. You can afford to be even more unorthodox in March and April as long as it’s a win-win for other people. Yes, even the dinosaurs whose attitude towards the cash, good cause, house, apartment or business still has you shaking your head!

Jupiter turns direct on March 6th and at last the state of limbo with your children will end and you can begin to see progress. This also applies to your stepchildren. A relationship which may end in pregnancy or adoption will move forward from this point. If you channel your energy into work or charity involvements with youth, then the annoyingly stuck situation since last November will begin to shift. Finally some of you prefer to put your energy into younger siblings, nieces, nephews or godchildren. In all cases, rewards are here. The legacy you leave, spiritually, to the next generation coming after you, is assured from March to July.

What happened in the last eight weeks totally changed your view of the future with your social life, old friends or group commitment. You have been handed the keys. You did not have them last year. That was never your fault, but from this point forward, what you can take full responsibility for is your own willpower. You now have several sets of keys to turn the lock in the door and open up new vistas of potential, power and possibility. Only you can make it happen, Pisces. Once you are in control of a friendship or group project and have made the really big change, you can be in control of others things too.

In February you became aware of definite possibilities involving a secret you have been concealing from other people. Alternatively you have been operating behind the scenes without any credit. Again, what you were given in February was a whole new opening sentence. So far, though, this paragraph has been left hanging. You will not finish it until the second week of March as you have not been given the full story or final verdict, but it’s not far away as you read this. Then, at last, you’ll know the score.








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Your Horoscope February 2014


Aries: February 2014


You could save a lot of time and energy assuming that nothing will come together quickly or easily with your friend, and the larger group that he or she is a part of, this month. We might call this your tribe, team, club, society or association. Maybe your Twitter following. No wonder you want to ask a lot of questions or do a lot of talking. It’s that time of year when the heavenly bodies are chasing each other through Aquarius, which rules group psychology and the art of friendship. What could really scupper proceedings is Mercury’s apparent backward motion, though. Hopefully you were reading your horoscope all through January so you were not fooled, as whatever was ‘final’ or ‘confirmed’ that month is very likely to hit obstacles or go backwards, either with your friend or with the group as a whole, in the second half of February. To keep life simple if you are starting anything new in the name of your social life or tribal commitments, allow for a backwards-and-forwards process until March.

Around half of all Aries people are fulfilling an unseen role at the moment, pulling the strings while everyone looks at the puppet show. The other half of the Aries population seems to be covering up a dark secret or dealing with the fall-out from having seen it revealed. (More on this group in the next section). If you are currently engaged in an awful lot of effort and energy without credit, recognition or attention, though – you are typical of your sign and you need to prepare for February. A great deal of what is ‘absolute’ is not at all. It may be reversed, hit a brick wall or be substantially changed by March. For that reason you may want to take your time and allow yourself or the situation plenty of space. Be flexible when in a state of flux. And this is definitely a state of flux.

What you cover up (or once did; now revealed) is a very big deal at the moment because of the tremendous build-up in the sign of Pisces, just one zodiac sign behind you. This rules, as you might expect, what lies behind the façade or the public face. It looks as if a major decision is coming at the end of March but part of the process is bound to involve a delay or change; maybe a whole chain of them. For this reason you may prefer not to bank on the situation being anywhere near complete. It is far more likely to be like the first take on a film shoot, with more takes to come. You would not expect the director’s cut on the final edit to appear until towards the end of March. Yet strangely enough this buys you time to really think everything through very deeply as you have a big choice to make.



Taurus: February 2014


Normally at this time of year you would be pursuing the most important meetings, plans or appointments with no trouble at all. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, would be zipping through Aquarius, at the top of your horoscope, without impediment. What is happening in 2014 is rather different, though, and you need to work around it. For a start, what you heard, read or discussed about your job (or other role) back in January could now stall, reverse or be substantially reshaped. There may even be a second alteration to the situation in March. For this reason, you may want to allow for a zig-zag path to the final agreement or signatures. Read the fine print on all agreements to see what would happen if there was a change or delay; alternatively to double-check that everything is in order. You may also want to allow for the fact that human error, computer problems, bad weather, industrial action or similar scenarios can sometimes affect the smallest details. It’s rather like forgetting the key to the binoculars cabinet on the Titanic. I am not predicting that for a moment your career, university life or volunteer role is so dramatic. Far from it. In fact, 2014 is about making a statement about your ambitions which lasts forever. The road from there to here is full of oddities and complications though so work around it.

Taurus Jerry Seinfeld is reuniting his famous show – with one of the most famous groups of friends in American history. This is pretty typical of the transits you are having now as there is a massive focus on the sign of Pisces, which rules your team or tribe. It rules the gang or the collective. What unfolds in the closing days of March and early days of April is a major decision and with Chiron in the mix, it may be a question of what one can get away with these days; what is permissible, possible, practical – and what can get through. All of this has you nodding knowingly even at this stage, but the key to your plans is timing. Mercury will not only retrograde through Aquarius in February, he will also linger longer in Pisces, which means that you won’t have straight answers about the group. One dear friend is very much involved, too. The reason for the lack of certainty is down to one person’s inability to commit or even be completely trusted for information. There could also be idiotic issues connected to courier delays (for example), bad weather holding up the post, computer problems, the wrong phone number and so on! All this is standard fare when Mercury is retrograde so you may prefer the kind of diary where plans are allowed to change. Nay, expect to change – or be held up. Yet from the end of March you can take all the thoughts you had at this time and nail your colours to the mast.



Gemini: February 2014


Gemini you are ruled by Mercury so when this planet appears to travel backwards in the sky, your life is more affected than most people. The usual candidates for the delays or changes which occur (all affecting the list of life categories above) is bad weather, unreliable people, computer problems, strike action or faulty printing. This joyous list should help you identify issues before they become problems. In fact, this is a very good month to update travel insurance, read the fine print and allow for people to change their minds, or for technology to misbehave. You won’t have this completely in hand until the first half of March as so much of what was in motion back in January is about to either stick, reverse or slow down. Hopefully you read your horoscope if you were using January to plan so you already covered yourself with Plan B. This will ultimately sort itself out but cut yourself and others some slack and allow a bit of time.

You are slowly reaching a milestone decision about your job, academic career or non-profit commitment but timing is everything. The real turning point should come later in March when at last you can say you have the full and final story. Until then please allow for more Mercury Retrograde issues. Anything from an unreliable e-mail service to a flakey informant could affect what you assume is a done deal. In fact a done deal in your chosen workplace, industry or field is far more likely to come undone, or hit a brick wall, while your ruling planet is flipping backwards and forwards. Why is there a major choice coming later next month? Purely because of the momentum being created in your chart by Neptune and Salacia, which always offer you an escape. The trick is knowing how to contain and control that escape so that it can become real and manageable rather than the kind of exit that ends up leaving you and others feeling all at sea. On a purely practical note if you are hiring, firing, resigning, applying for jobs or pursuing similar big-deal issues in academia or with your non-profit life please read the fine print, have Plan B and allow for communication glitches.



Cancer: February 2014


Cancer, even though you will be so much better off, financially or materially, in the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015, you will need to make allowances for February and March. Mercury, the planet which rules communication, information, transportation and negotiation is moving backwards across your horoscope. Normally the post, the paperwork, the phone calls or the computer would not be an issue but you need to be particularly wary of delays and reversals for the next few weeks. Read the fine print on any new undertaking, but also think back to January and what was under discussion or in motion back then. This is very likely to be where you hit a snag or a u-turn so be aware of that. Pay special attention to bank statements for errors and try to get everything in writing if you can. Ultimately once Jupiter the planet of abundance and problem-solving moves into Leo (which rules your money and material world) you stand to gain or save – enormously. Perhaps some of the glitches from now through March are even part of that later success. Still, to avoid uncontrolled fits of swearing, you may want to cover yourself, have Plan B and so on.


If your plans to travel, pursue something major on the internet, publish, teach, study or write also involve a Gemini (or another Cancerian) you may want to pay special attention to the potential for delays and changes until March. No matter which sign you are involved with, don’t necessarily expect everything to go smoothly and according to plan. History and astrology tell us that bad weather or industrial action can affect a hotel or flight booking at this time – it is also possible that you will hit computer problems or internet hacking. These are the most dramatic scenarios, of course, and sometimes Mercury’s retrograde motion can be very trivial. On your university course, for example, you may find your essay is put in the wrong pigeonhole by your lecturer! Normally a Mercury transit like this would be done and dusted by March, and you could put a lot of things down to the minor skirmishes of life. What is different right now, though, is the build-up in Pisces, where there is always potential for muddle and befuddlement. The reason for this is that Neptune and his wife Salacia (king and queen of the ocean) are also in Pisces, and whenever that happens it’s all too easy to lose your anchor, drift further out and feel all at sea. For this very reason, make February the month that you cover yourself, read the fine print, allow for u-turns, reversals or periods of delay, and so on. What is really interesting, though, is that any state of flux buys you time. It buys you time to think, ponder and contemplate so that the decision you make at the end of March (and it’s going to be big) is even more momentous.



Leo: February 2014


In most cases, Leo women are about to be caught up with a new episode involving a former, current or potential partner. This is usually sexual but can sometimes be purely professional or strictly business. The two of you have more than one question-and-answer session ahead, but the difficulty is the lack of clarity and certainty that comes with Mercury Retrograde. This planet rules communication and planning; negotiation and agreement. Instead, what you have here is a situation that goes backwards and forwards until the middle of March. I realise Saint Valentine’s Day falls around this time so you may want to suspend judgement. Mercury rules the post office, text messages, e-mails and all forms of communication so be aware that nothing is likely to be full, fixed, final or finished in February. Leave it until later to make a big judgement call if you can. If there is paperwork involving you two read the fine print very carefully.

If your enemy, rival or opponent matters more to you than the person described above, then you can expect February to be a month of unfinished results; this man or woman is at the heart of a situation which will also slide backwards and forwards until you finally see the real story in the first half of March. You may want to cover yourself for this and not make any quick assumptions, Leo. Don’t necessarily trust what you are being told, or what you read, without a final check later on. This is very unlikely to be the complete story so take your time.

What you hear, read or discuss almost as the month begins will follow a peculiar pathway after Thursday 6th February and you need to allow for changes, delays or other complications. This aspect of your life will not truly come together until Mercury is out of retrograde shadow after March 21st, yet from that point forward you will be in a position to make a decision. As the scenario (perhaps more than one) could be both confused and confusing, try to stay as clear as you can about what is going on near the Sun-Neptune conjunction, close to February 23rd and on no account assume anything near the New Moon on 1st March, as you need to allow more time to pass before the facts and figures look full and final.



Virgo: February 2014



Oh what a confused and confusing time – but it does become easier once you hit the final week of March (and then the final decision really is final). The person in question is your past, present or potential lover. The connection is sexual and romantic, or once was – or could be later on, perhaps. If you have zero interest in the mating game, though, then ‘partner’ describes someone who is in a double-act with you based on professional, business or non-profit commitments.

The person matters less than the story – although the person may be affected by it! That story is a very complex work in progress. If you think of Jane Austen scrawling rewrites of Pride and Prejudice and then perhaps losing a page in the breeze, you may come close. I don’t for a minute believe that the ‘story’ that you feel so sure about in February is anything but final. Therefore, because you are a creature who bases her life on routine certainties, you may prefer to make your big decision towards the end of next month, not now. For a start, there may be one or two rewrites of this chapter in your life. This could be down to anything from a postal strike (where is your Valentine’s Day card?) to bad weather (the conversation you two need to have never happens because of a traffic jam) to computer problems (Gmail goes down, and with it, your private life).

You are ruled by Mercury so along with Gemini, also ruled by Mercury, you are most affected by the notorious retrograde cycle. At the moment you also have Neptune, Chiron and Salacia opposite you, in the sign of Pisces, which rules your opposite number in life. These three together are about the total loss of boundaries and perhaps the lesson of February is that you need to put some in, or at least reinstate them. Without anything or anybody to contain and control what is going on, life can become muddled and you can become befuddled. What any zig-zag pathway will achieve, however, is the necessity of a pause by the roadside. So pause a lot, and think a lot. You have a major decision to make about this person, or the relationship, at the end of March.

Virgo women tend to go either way with a Seventh House transit. They either throw their considerable energy and thought behind a conflict, or they hurl themselves into affairs of the heart. If the word ‘conflict’ makes your pulse rate increase even slightly, you will know that you are manifesting this cycle through an enemy, rival or opponent. This person may be a hangover from last year, or you may have picked up a new problem individual. It doesn’t really matter who or what this person stands for, but your tactics do matter very much indeed. In a perfect world you would not even talk to (or about) this creature until the end of March. Why? Because it will take that long for Mercury, the planet of agreement and communication, to stop prevaricating in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is opposite you in your horoscope. It rules people who stand opposite you as well. So, ideally, you would use February and most of March to ponder, contemplate and spin your wheels, rather than making a big judgement call. The potential for confusion or even chaos is extremely high at the moment as we also have a Sun-Neptune conjunction showing up. If you absolutely must go ahead with this conflict, fight or dispute, then ensure that you are aware of the high risk of a delay or change to the situation. Not just once but twice.

On quite a different note you may want to be extremely cautious about new people who come into your world now – especially if they are Mercurial. These people may be involved with the media, the internet or the business of communication in general. Mercury types are big on talk, or they engage in chains of e-mails. If your natural Virgo gift for character analysis and detail tells you that someone is not to be trusted, take it seriously. I would rather that you were a teeny bit paranoid about human nature, rather than watch you walk straight into something you could avoid. Be really careful online. If someone is getting past your moat, drawbridge and firewalls, boot them out and keep them out.



Libra: February 2014


The Fifth House of your horoscope is tied to the world of babies, children and teenagers. If you are over 40 then it’s about the next generations, per se – so young adults and even a generation or two after that. For this reason, this zone of your chart is also dedicated to serious relationships which may end in pregnancy, adoption or step-parenthood. I know that many Librans prefer not to engage with parenthood and pour their energy into youth related projects or special projects involving young people – or they dedicate themselves to young nieces, nephews, godchildren or grandchildren.

In all these cases, pick your way very slowly and carefully through February as you really need to treat February and March as one long ‘month’ when a great deal will change or be delayed. This may be down to all kinds of reasons; perhaps there is a flakey person or situation at your child’s school. If you are pursuing pregnancy maybe the information is not all there and you need to check again. If you are dating a person with children from a previous relationship, perhaps there are communication issues to look at. Another example? A children’s charity initiative which is stalled or changed, owing to flakey planning or an unreliable promise.

None of this is going to scupper your chances for too long. Mercury will eventually sort himself out in March and what your horoscope shows me is that the rest of the year is dedicated to writing a ‘forever’ statement about the next generation and yourself. This will be a very special chapter in your life that endures. (My own mum gave birth to me on the cycle you are having now!)

Just for the next few weeks, though, back yourself up. Have Plan B and take copies of any paperwork or at least read it very carefully. Because this is the time of year when children go back to school, and the start of a new term can often be full of changes (and because it’s also the time of year when the weather can be extreme, from across the USA to Australia) I would rather that ‘Be prepared’ was your motto. Like any good boy scout.

I know that Valentine’s Day also falls in this period. Don’t make a judgement call please, Libra. Especially if it all depends on a card! This is one of the loopiest cycles of the year for such matters, as Mercury rules cards, e-mails and texts – and he is moving backwards and forwards in Aquarius, which rules serious relationships where children are already involved or a pregnancy, adoption or stepchild might be (one day). For your own sanity just wait until Mercury goes back through Aquarius in the first half of March and then you can decide. Then you can make up your mind.

All the attention now (at least in shop windows) is about Cupid, Saint Valentine and big white teddy bears grasping chocolate hearts. Your horoscope tells me that something far more important is going on, though. This is about your daily workload and your personal commitment to duty and service; working on behalf of other people and doing the job for them. This applies even if you are your own boss or run a large company. You can be the President of the USA in this cycle and the mantra ‘duty and service’ will still be writ large on your soul.

What I am seeing here is the most complex and complicated chapter, drawn out until March. For that reason please don’t assume anything. Get everything in writing if you can (it helps) and if you can’t, at least make diary notes on what is being said. It could so easily be retracted later or altered. If there is a work, business or academic contract (or perhaps something involving a good cause you volunteer for) do not just take it as read. Read it carefully.

Mercury rules computers, the post, your phone and all paperwork. He rules negotiations. When he is in a flakey mood, as he is now through March, you need to cover yourself and have Plan B. Just trust that there will be a clear choice, made with full information at your disposal, at the end of March.

I mentioned your body in this section header. The relationship you have with your physical being – your temple – and the impact of the body on the mind and spirit, is far more important at the moment. Mercury rules communication, information and negotiation as you know. When this planet appears to be going backwards and forwards, and even stalling, in your horoscope – you can imagine the rest. Cover yourself and have Plan B. It never hurts anyway, but when you have Mercury Retrograde in your Sixth House of the body, and you are also dealing with Neptune, Salacia and Chiron at the same time (all of which remove the usual sense of containment and control) you do need to be savvy about your approach. Don’t get lost. Hang onto your anchor. Don’t end up feeling all at sea. This is your body and it’s your temple.



Scorpio: February 2014


Scorpio, I don’t think any astrologer would fall off their chair in amazement at your plans for the house, family, household, apartment, home town or homeland. What is a little more surprising, right through March, is the complicated path you have to take. I am sure you would rather hear that the discussion, paperwork or plan is low maintenance, but there will be a change or delay, and perhaps more than once.

If you have strong Aquarius patterns in your personal horoscope, then you may be very powerfully affected. Even if you don’t know your chart, take it as read, that what was ‘news’ in January or even a ‘commitment’ is nothing of the kind. This is far more like a wet lump of clay on the potter’s wheel, ready to be reshaped, and reshaped again. You can see why this is particularly apposite when thinking about renovations or a property move. It may be more trivial things too; the big furniture rearrangement you commit to lasts for weeks before it is all changed back again!

You get the picture. The IC of your chart (where we now find Mercury Retrograde) also rules the relationship you have with a close relative and of course anyone who shares your home with you. It covers issues like the local authorities and your neighbours too; those who have a big say over the quality of your home life. Expanding beyond this we pull in neighbourhood or village debates and perhaps a much larger question about your homeland, if you have choices to make there.

Nothing will stick in any fixed or final way until the end of March when you know where you stand once and for all. In all cases have Plan B and read the fine print. This is especially crucial if you are installing a new flatmate, organising a family reunion, renovating your home or buying/selling property. I know some Scorpio people can make this work to their advantage especially in the property game; fluctuating house prices or interest rates can sometimes be your best friend.

Mostly, though, you may want to observe the Mercury rules. Get it in writing and don’t necessarily think a verbal promise is the law. Read the fine print and see what is actually involved in any new undertaking (or even one you began back in January).

Most of all, I am hoping that you read your January horoscope and took away the advice. That’s when a lot of the seeds for your February or March situation were actually sown. Did you cover yourself then? Allow for changes or delays later? Great. You’ll sail through this.


Scorpio I often mention your son or daughter, godchild, niece, nephew or grandchild. I also frequently talk about youth projects or plans involving the young. The reason for this is that you are in a long-running and repetitive cycle which can only happen once in your lifetime. Neptune, Salacia and Chiron are all in your youth zone which rules the next generation coming up behind you.

Sometimes this means a serious relationship (one which may end in pregnancy, step-parenting or adoption) becomes a very big deal indeed. Usually, though, this cycle is about your existing relationship with those who come after you; the next generation.

February and March are flakey months when the story is not finished. The episode may have to be re-edited later. Don’t assume anything. This is the cycle when politicians declare themselves to be Prime Ministers or Presidents, but later on it’s retracted and they step down. It’s the cycle when big internet companies screw up their printing contracts and their sharemarket price is affected by the figures.

Looking around the internet I often see people acting as if Mercury Retrograde is like one big imminent sky collapse. Not so. Mercury is just about communication, information, negotiation and transportation. That’s all he rules and that’s all he can affect now, with your children – or with the next generation.

What concerns me is the back story. You have these boundary-free, confusing and confused people or situations floating around and that’s why you need to be uber careful about the trivial details of your planning or discussion, not only in February but in March as well.

Perhaps you will buy yourself time to think. Spinning your wheels can be useful. In any case I feel that the end of March (when the full and final story is in front of you) will trigger a momentous decision. Because somehow, somewhere, what you are really craving with all this is an escape. You are looking for another world. A parallel universe of possibility. It will take time and patience but circumnavigate this circuitous route and trust that the destination can be found.



Sagittarius: February 2014



I’m hoping that you read your horoscope back in January, Sagittarius, and did not throw yourself whole-heartedly into publishing, internet, travel, media or car plans without checking. Whatever was in motion then could so easily change or be held up, not just once but twice – and it would carry on into March. The reason for this is Mercury’s retrograde motion through the sign of Aquarius, which rules your Communication H.Q.

The situation prevails in February as well. Before you go into anything new involving your way with words, images and ideas – or your journeys and trips – you may want to back yourself up to the hilt. Computers can misbehave. The post can be held up. Extreme weather can affect cars and trains. In Ancient Rome Mercury Retrograde was basically about your messenger’s horse clip-clopping in the wrong direction. Or refusing to get out of the stable. In modern life, you can appreciate why you are more vulnerable to new media, old media, computer, telephone or mail issues at the moment.

There is also the very basic issue of human unreliability. People change their minds on this cycle. Why? Maybe they never meant it in the first place. Or maybe they did mean it, but they think better of it later. Get important things in writing if you can. And try to accept February and March as a process not a destination. You just don’t have the full story about your project or plan yet.

If you have heavenly bodies in Aquarius then this situation will directly involve your friend, or the group. Be aware that what is under discussion, is actually under the discussion, under the discussion. Tiny details can scupper a larger ambition to be heard or read on some level so check the e-mails and make sure the microphone works. Fast-forward to the end of March if you can.

The Sun is moving into Pisces soon, which rules your house, apartment, family, household and home town. Your people or your place are bound to become a priority, but please allow for changes or delays. To give you a concrete example, your aunt and uncle may come to house-sit but they cancel; and that new TV you bought for your uncle is wasted money. Here is another example – you are waiting on payment for a property sale, only to find that the lawyer looking after your sale has totally omitted to send you important paperwork.

The changes and delays come from Mercury’s retrograde cycle through Pisces. Normally this would not be such a big deal but you also have Neptune, Salacia and Chiron here so there are endless possibilities for confusion or for very unclear situations where everything is everywhere, all the time, without any containment or control – or you are dealing with people who are all over the place.

You can see why this would be an issue if you are interviewing a new flatmate or selling your house. Even on the most trivial level, though, it may not be the time to move your bed. Once Mercury changes direction again you may find you have to heft it back.

Your situation will be unique to you, but do cover yourself and read the fine print if it’s about your house, flat, family or household. If you are emigrating, or have key issues to deal with involving your country of origin, then please allow for potential delays or changes and read the terms and conditions very carefully.



Capricorn: February 2014


What do you earn, own and owe? This is where the discussion or paperwork continues in February and March. What you will find, though, is at least one change or delay and possibly more. Factor that in when you are relying on paperwork or negotiations.

Long-term you will do very well from Jupiter’s ingress in Leo, in July. In fact, by August 2015 you could have made or saved a small fortune. A divorce could be lucrative, for example – or you may find business booms for you. Another example might be a marriage which is very profitable for you, thanks to your partner’s position. The possibilities are endless from July!

Focussing on February, though, what we see is a long and winding road, to quote The Beatles, which takes you in all directions before you reach the final destination. Essentially you need all the facts and figures – firm, finished and final. Instead you will have to wait for everything to be revealed in full as Mercury typically adds last-minute information that was missing before, or you find that a hold-up affects your calculations.

Classic Mercury retrograde scenarios in your Second House include refunds and product recalls. Ebay sale or purchase complications. Internet banking or Paypal issues. I won’t bore you with all the options but you get the message. Cover yourself and back everything up. Get it in writing!

Don’t necessarily trust the process with all this (above) or communication in general, in February and March. You may see computer problems, phone issues, bad weather affecting the mail, or flakey people whose word is not law – all crossing your radar. There may be printing errors, lost or missing information (check your e-mail tray for spam) and so on.

Mercury retrograding in your Third House of communication is not going to make the sky fall, but it does require some fancy footwork. There is probably a project or plan hovering which is an escape from the real world for you. It has nothing to do with the ordinary or normal world of your usual communication; however it has everything to do with a special, set-apart experience.

This is precisely where things could become flakey, so be aware of that and back yourself up. Make the USB stick your friend. I think you’ll reach a big decision about this project or plan at the end of March once you have all your ducks in a row. At the moment the ducks are wandering all over the place, cross-eyed, with no particular destination.

Expect a state of flux with your communication ducks and plan accordingly. This is really key if you are involved with academia or education (the word is the thing) and naturally with the media. The internet, of course, affects all our lives, all the time.




Aquarius: February 2014



Mercury in Aquarius is usually pretty straightforward. You make arrangements for a haircut, cosmetic surgery, weight loss, and so on (anything affecting your personal appearance). Then a few weeks pass and you can sign off on the plan.

This month Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius, which he will also do in March. And the seeds of this situation lie back in what you were sowing in January! Fortunately you probably read your horoscope regularly so you have known all about this nutty cycle for weeks and have scheduled your diary.

If you weren’t aware that the cycle actually began in January you may already be assuming that something about your face, hair, shape or body is actually in the bag. It isn’t. Imagine a bag full of wrestling ferrets and you’re closer to the mark. This process is a convoluted one which may involve at least one change or delay, possibly more.

In the ‘you, you, you’ category we also find publicity, your social media profile, your Google or Wikipedia entry, and so on. Your role or title is a good example of how Mercury in Aquarius can impact you; what are you called? What does your label say?

Again, because the planet of communication, information and negotiation is going backwards and forwards until March, you may prefer to have Plan B and read the fine print. A simple example of this might be a business card order, where you find your name has been spelled wrongly.

Another example might be an incorrect media story about you, or an issue about your name appearing in print, or in a credit roll. The First House of your chart which is where we find the sign of Aquarius classically rules your insignia, logo, reputation and ‘trademark’ style.


This cycle does take some special consideration and I would not be surprised if you are already frustrated by the flakey behaviour of one bank or financial institution; possibly more! Maybe your accountant lost the plot last year. Whatever the situation, because we are already moving through a series of Pisces patterns in your chart, even as February begins you can see which way the wind is blowing.

The trick to February and March is to keep copies of everything and get it in writing. Also to factor in possible delays or changes; try not to make everything hang on a fast and clear result as there is a decent chance you will still be spinning your wheels with this in March.

I do know a major decision is coming. You are already looking at ways to yourself off the reality hook. You want a way out, or a way through, that would give you all the relief and release that a true escape hatch can bring.

All this is possible but you are going to have to circumnavigate February and most of March very carefully as the talking points may change, the mail may not arrive, the Paypal account may lock you out, the sale to your customers may have to be refunded, the new accountant at work may be on drugs – and on it goes!

The bigger picture is pretty interesting because your chart does suggest you will find that escape route financially, or with ‘cash in kind’ (the home or possessions that translate as money). The process can be best managed by cutting yourself and others a lot of slack, though. And on a common-sense level, look after your purse and belongings. On no account enter into any new arrangement about money, property, possessions, business or charity with someone who is a very good talker or an articulate correspondent, yet is unknown to you. Of course Mercury retrograde does not always manifest in people who are unreliable but sometimes it can – and I don’t want you to get caught.



Pisces: February 2014


A high percentage of Pisces people are now ducking out of sight on a project which involves other people taking the limelight, while you are in the darkness of the wings, or pulling the strings, operating the scenery from above the curtains. This is very natural in a way as you are ruled by Neptune and you are famously elusive, hard to see and quite slippery to identify sometimes! All of this makes you the perfect backroom girl, but there is something about this role which calls for very special attention now. The reason for this is the total lack of certainty and clarity that dominates February. In fact, nothing will be firm, fixed, finished and final until March. Bear this in mind as you navigate the next four weeks.

If you are one of those Pisceans who is deliberately concealing a dark secret, even from her love or best friend, then February requires very delicate handling. The reason for this is Mercury’s retrograde motion (he appears to shift backwards) in the sign of Aquarius, which rules everything which is below the surface about yourself or your life. It would be very tempting to assume that February is some kind of process that will take you somewhere definite but in fact the reverse is true. Try to allow for changes or delays until March and assume that this is an unfinished jigsaw puzzle; that will help you handle it.

Your reputation in the world, your name on the internet, your Twitter profile and general image is a bigger deal when a cluster of heavenly bodies builds in Pisces and this is happening right now, as you go into February. Normally it would be straightforward and you could proceed quickly towards some kind of ultimate goal. It may involve the web, print or publishing, business cards (for example) or your title. What we have this month though is an unusual situation when Mercury will be shifting backwards and forwards in Pisces, right up until March. As Mercury rules paperwork, digital publishing and the world of words in general you may want to allow for one rather crucial arrangement or decision to swing in the breeze. Try to put this forward until late March if you can. Be very hip to the possibility of confused or confusing scenarios when the Sun conjuncts your ruler Neptune near 23rd February. Even a photograph might come out fuzzy then.


Ever since Neptune moved into Pisces your look and appearance has become so much more to you. It’s not just what you see in the mirror, in a portrait, or in a camera lens. Your hair, wardrobe, accessories, make-up, cosmetic surgery, fitness regime or body in general may have become your way out of the real world. Every Piscean longs to get away from reality; you would not be born in February or March if you were not famous for these little escapes. This is one month when you should be hyper-aware of the possibility of something far too random and muddled tying up your time and energy, though. This is obviously more important if you are booking big hair, body or wardrobe choices but do be savvy about anything or anybody which could send the situation spinning backwards.

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January 2014


Aries: January 2014

A  brand new start in your career, your life at university or with your non-profit role begins close to Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon at 10 Capricorn 57 which will create a very different story, evident at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January with another breakthrough near Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto. At that point you stand to gain despite the intensity of the last four weeks. What happened in 2013 simply could not go on. Try to accept that even the people, companies or industries which pushed you so far have had their part in teaching you to take control of your own destiny. That is the whole point of this cycle. You needed to discover what it felt like to be the boss of you!

Your group project, old friend, social media life and social life in general is a huge focus once Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January. Much will be under discussion or on paper, no matter what kind of tribe or team this actually is. From Monday 20th other people are interested too; yet please sign off on as much as possible, before Thursday 23rd January. From that point forwards you will be entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Even though there is a big new beginning with these people near Thursday 30th January at the New Moon, this story will be delayed and changed twice more by February.


Taurus: January 2014

A New Moon is a birth in astrology. The Sun (father) and Moon (mother) come together and as a result, near Wednesday 1st January, you can look forward to a completely altered existence in terms of your travel, internet, foreign, academic, education, publishing or spiritual agenda. Maybe two or three items on that list will tick your boxes then. You will see both sides of the story nearThursday 16th January with another breakthrough near Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto. This is an uncanny echo of the old Roman myth when Jupiter stopped his dominating brother Pluto in his tracks and forced him to share the power. You will also end January with more control.

Your career, success and status in general is upfront in your e-mail inbox after Saturday 11th January. Thus begins the big new story in your life, which has been a very long time coming. You also have Psyche in Aquarius this year, in the same zone of your chart, so you are going to make a forever statement with your job or other role in 2014.  From Monday 20th other people are watching and talking; your role is so public you can’t fail to get a free assessment of your accomplishments to date – yet please sign off on as much as possible, before Thursday 23rd January. From that point forwards you will be entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow. What you might think is a new chapter near Thursday 30th January at the New Moon, is not. It will be erased, rewritten and subjected to cosmic Tippex for weeks. Please read the fine print, allow for a state of flux.


Gemini: January 2014

This has required sorting out for months, but near Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon at 10 Capricorn 57 which will create patterns in many Gemini personal horoscopes, the situation with your house, money, flat, business, charity or possessions will be there like clay on a potter’s wheel. Create what you deserve – and although you can’t put a price on control I would speculate that is absolutely priceless after everything you have been through. This is so evident at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January when you see the pros and cons – yet near Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto you will be on your way. You are in a remarkable position to gain or save money (or cash in kind) not possible for 12 years and following January’s decisions you will be happy to see one peak after another March through July.

Once your ruler Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January your travel, foreign, internet, publishing, academic or spiritual agenda moves straight up. Please sign  off on as much as possible, before Thursday 23rd January. From that point forwards you will be entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Don’t be fooled; Thursday 30th January at the New Moon is not the time to imagine this is final, fixed or finished. Read the fine print (on travel insurance for example, or publishing schedules) and be aware that phones, computers or human flakiness can change or delay your plans. The final shadow ends near 22nd March. Long-term, though, 2014 will deliver something enduring, special and momentous.


Cancer: January 2014

A  brand new start with your former, current or potential partner begins close to Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon at 10 Capricorn 57 which has a direct impact on you if you were born around July 2nd. No matter when your birthday falls this New Moon will create a dramatic choice for you, evident at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January and then a welcome shift, near Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto. It may be him or her. It may be a third party (or something even more nebulous) which you feel has dominated your life. This seismic shift has been a long time coming, though. Do you have an enemy, rival or opponent? Has that individual been the story, rather than an ex, current or possible lover?  That person has channelled Pluto and been dominator or dominatrix for far too long. C’est finis.

This year is going to be epic in terms of your money, house, apartment, business or charity. The numbers are in front of you from  Saturday 11th January. Please get as much as possible out of the way before Thursday 23rd January. From that point forwards you will be entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Changes and delays follow, as you will know if you are a regular visitor to this website. The usual rules apply. Read the fine print. People’s word may not be law. Computers may act up. Crazy weather could get in the way – or strikes. The good news is you will be so much richer or better off in other ways from July.


Leo: January 2014

A  brand new start professionally, in terms of your lifestyle or your health will kick off very close to Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon and after some fine-tuning at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January you are on your way to a powerful chapter close to Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto. The person, situation or organisation which seemed to run your world, or even run you, is rapidly looking like ancient history. I have never seen a line-up like this in your chart and it’s the first time since 2008 (when this cycle began) that you’ve really got the reins. It should also be noted that with this shift in your circumstances comes tremendous power and that power has to be honoured and handled like the dynamite it is.

Last year you had the asteroids Minerva and Diana in your sector of love, sex and relationships. Minerva rated the intellect above the body. Diana rated freedom above everything. With these two pushing for space, it is very unlikely that the relationship you had with your former, current or potential partner was particularly entwined or intimate. Now, things are shifting so rapidly you will have to catch your breath.

There will be news about or from this person that creates a chain of decisions after Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January. From Monday 20th other people are curious; yet please agree to things in writing as much as possible, before Thursday 23rd January. From that point forwards you will be entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow. The path will be full of twists and turns with much backtracking until late March. Words won’t stick or hit their targets. Ultimately, though once Psyche establishes herself in Aquarius this episode in your private life (or one to come) will be a forever statement.

If an enemy matters more to you than a former, current or potential partner then this person will be at the heart of the backwards and forwards action. Don’t want that? Create a work or hobby related duet and that will take the Mercury Retrograde patterns instead!


Virgo: January 2014

A  brand new start with a relationship which may end in parenthood arrives close to Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon. At this point if you have been enduring a lopsided situation involving your son, daughter, godchild or young relative, then the New Moon (in your personal horoscope at 10 Capricorn 57)  will also begin to rebalance. The Full Moon near Thursday 16th January is the clincher, whatever your personal situation. And this applies if you have a professional or non-profit role with youth too. In all cases I have mentioned here, there is a massive breakthrough near Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto. What can we say about 2013 except this – some people have no idea just how out of control their desire for control actually is. If you experienced Pluto as cosmic weather rather than a person or organisation, what you had was relentless intensity, for most of last year. Not any more.

It’s all about your daily workload, lifestyle and relationship with your body in the second half of February. Once Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January it’s all on, and from Monday 20th there is plenty of feedback and reaction. As you are ruled by Mercury, though, sign off on as much as possible, before Thursday 23rd January. From that point forwards you will be entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow. You will be flipped around with discussions that go backwards and forwards, or something more technical (web or post issues) until the middle of March. So just keep talking…and talking. Read the fine print too. What comes out of this will have a lasting impact on your job or your body.


Libra: January 2014

You knew this was coming, but even you didn’t have the full story about your family, house, flat, home town, household or homeland. As you will see very close to Wednesday 1st January and the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January, you are in a stronger position than you reckoned. What has happened in the last few weeks has remodelled the future and you’ve no doubt been looking forward to some nuts and bolts decisions as 2014 begins. There will be fresh information and even more choices though, close to Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto.  As you may occasionally hear at a random disco, ‘Enough is enough’ (is enough, is enough) and quite frankly, the situation you were stuck in last year could not continue. Bye bye 2013.

The new focus is your son, daughter, young relative or godchild. Perhaps, too, a relationship which may bring parenthood closer. And finally, a professional or non-profit project involving all the world’s children could be on the agenda, from 11th January. Much will be under discussion or on paper, but get it out of the way before Thursday 23rd January. From that point until mid March this story will be rewritten or changed more than once. What is ‘fixed’ is not fixed. I mention this as many of you have children who are involved in the new school year. It’s highly unlikely that the new set-ups of January-March are going to stick for the rest of the year; read the paperwork accordingly. 


Scorpio: January 2014

Some Scorpio people had a stammer. Some just had the media to deal with. Some grappled with the web; others were groping their way through a new language, or even an overwhelming communication problem. Near  Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon at 10 Capricorn 57 (check your chart) there will be a very different new year ahead of you, partly thanks to a further adjustment near the Full Moon around Thursday 16th January. Your ruler Pluto has a stand-off with Jupiter right at the end of the month which is momentous. You don’t need any more evidence. You will be read and heard in a completely different way in 2014 and you have slowly edged yourself up into a position where you have clout. Of course you always had it, but it took a few patterns in your chart in late 2013 to reveal this.

You will renovate, move, reshuffle the family or see an altered household this year, and in some cases there are home town or homeland issues which spell momentous change. The talking begins once Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January. From Thursday 23rd January until the first half of March, though, there will be delays or changes. Bear that in mind with the paperwork and also any discussion which appears to be handshake-final, yet could easily wobble. Psyche is in your home, housing, family and homeland sector this year. What you write, you will write in stone. At the moment the writing is all over the place as this is a very new chapter, yet give it time, and the story will emerge.


Sagittarius: January 2014

You now need to pull all the bits and pieces together and make this a very different year in terms of your money, property, business or charity. What happened after October was intense and relentless, but you had to be pushed into this new phase of your life rapidly. Near Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon and again at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January and Jupiter-Pluto opposition on Friday 31st January it’s a different world. By that I mean it’s a world where you finally realise how much power you have accumulated, and how much new control you have to use. The rule with this transit is to use it very, very carefully.

This year is also about your voice across all mediums and media. Once Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January there will be some intriguing news and the project, plan or role will be your total focus for weeks. Much will be under discussion or on paper, but to quote Elvis Costello, some of it is written in disappearing ink  so don’t be fooled by what happens near Thursday 30th January at the New Moon, as this story will be delayed and changed twice more by the first half of March. Be totally hip to the chance of internet problems, computer issues, weather which affects the mail and so on. Psyche is in Aquarius though so what you write, speak or sing has special qualities. Actually it’s going to last forever.


Capricorn: January 2014

New year, New Moon and new you. This time it’s serious and it’s going to last, too. The New Moon at 10 Capricorn 57 which will create an intensely personal fresh start if you were born around New Year’s Day, will move a great deal forward. No matter when your birthday is, what is also evident at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January and particularly near Friday 31st January will reassure you that a wise onlooker was right. You do have more power than you assumed. You are in a more potent and influential position than he, she, they or ‘it’ wanted you to realise. Of course it’s just your packaging or brand, but if you want to know how immense advertising can be, you only have to look at what Saatchi did for Thatcher. Now you can be your own stylist, copywriter, PR person and all the rest. Do it your way. You’ve waited long enough.

What’s really new this year? More money or cash in kind from July. You set the situation up now. Expect news or numbers on your computer to really change your thinking once Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January. However, from Thursday 23rd January Mercury is shadow. The story will swing in the breeze. The numbers may not stick. You won’t have the final, full and frank story until the second half of March. Until then read the fine print and don’t take words at face value. Even this state of flux is useful though. It contributes to a wonderful new story, starting in July. Abundance is coming.


Aquarius: January 2014

You have done a brilliant job of coping with what was hidden, behind the scenes or secret last year. What you did below the surface – or what was unfathomable to your best friend – led you on a relentlessly intense path, which even you (with all your famous detachment) must have found hard to take. However, this is a new year and 2013 is already looking like ancient history. What happens near Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon will create a very different story, evident at the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January with another breakthrough near Friday 31st January. You know that person, organisation or situation which just took, took, took? Wave goodbye.

From the second half of this month it’s all about you. Or at least your profile, image, appearance and reputation.  Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January. Do all you can before Thursday 23rd January as from then, through February, into early March the story will change. It may be business cards bearing your name; a personal blog; a title at work; your personal appearance – please observe the usual Mercury rules and read the fine print and be uber flexible with so-called ‘final’ agreements about yourself.


Pisces: January 2014

Things could not be more different, even now, with your group project, team involvement, old friendship or social media. You were pushed very hard into this new phase as 2013 closed and even now, there are more changes to come. A  brand new start  close to Wednesday 1st January on the New Moon at 10 Capricorn 57 (which may affect your chart personally) suggests a totally different way of operating which shrinks the impact and importance of he, she, they or ‘it’ which dominated last year. More dates to watch with this story include the Full Moon near Thursday 16th January with another breakthrough near Friday 31st January when Jupiter opposes Pluto. Take control and take this on. You totally deserve it.

What you do behind the scenes without credit or recognition invites choices after Mercury changes signs on Saturday 11th January. From this point there may also be a dark secret you are covering up to think about or a classified, confidential project. From Thursday 23rd January it swings in the breeze. There will be a new beginning by February but it’s the kind of chapter start that includes a rewrite. Treat this as a first draft, even a second draft, until you are into the second half of March when Mercury is out of final shadow. It may save you a lot of time according to astrology.

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December Horoscope


Aries: December 2013

Aries, in 2015 and 2016 you will travel, move, study, teach, write, publish or pursue foreign connections as a result of what you set up now in 2013. As early as the New Moon on Tuesday 3rd December you could be preparing for paperwork or serious discussions but be particularly aware of what you are setting up in your life in December. You can’t skip this Saturn cycle but you can keep the stakes low. In 2015 and 2016 the trip, relocation, course, book or website could be very challenging as Saturn goes through this zone of your chart so be a pragmatist about what you are lining up for yourself in December.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December meets Panacea. Just because something is an answer in terms of the web, your phone, your projects, publishing or your media life is it also the right answer? Give yourself plenty of time and space to sort this out as there seems to be some kind of moral or philosophical issue about being heard or read. You’re being given a way out, or a way through, thanks to Panacea. With a price tag.

Uranus the planet of freedom in Aries, which rules all your ‘me’ issues,  turns direct on Tuesday 17th December so you can pick up where you left off and the momentum will be incredible. In April 2014 you do it your way, not the old way, partly as a result of what you pursue now. As you have found in the last 2-3 years, just by approaching your wardrobe, shape, style, name or online persona without restriction, you liberate yourself. In the process you also excite others. It’s about living in the present and the future in image terms, not clinging to the past. And this can only move faster now.

Be very careful about what you say and do involving your former, current or potential partner, especially near Christmas Day. This strongly applies to people who are against you as well. Hit amber or red lights. Don’t gun the green light or you will be living with the consequences of your impulse for six months. Your ruler Mars is stuck next year. Normally you get issues like this over and done with. Now, something threatens to drag. After February when the Node changes signs the karma becomes loaded and locked. The bottom line is, do not start a battle that may become a war. Do not retaliate. You are famous for being fast, fierce and furious but it’s a frightfully bad idea this month.


Your new role, career, ambition or mission is a reality near 21st December and is under discussion from the 24th. By the 29th of December what you need to know is there in front of you.  The New Moon on January 1st rings the changes. This is genuinely a new year. It even feels like one. A demotion or dwarfing in the ranks, or across your chosen field, resizes everything and everybody. Tremendous power will be released in January so take your fair share and never again be as disempowered as you were in 2013.




Taurus: December 2013

Taurus, look to the outcomes in 2015 and 2016 when you discuss (or sign) in financial, property, business or investment terms. The cluster in Sagittarius now rules everything you earn, own and owe. As you will hit an obstacle course through 2015 and 2016 try to be a realist and project into the future. You may prefer to keep the stakes low or at least think twice before a particular decision. Saturn can only transit your money zone once every 29 years and as the situation is partly seeded by what happens at the time of the Full Moon, it makes sense to be pragmatic about what might grow – and in what direction.

Your foreign, internet, travel, academic, spiritual or publishing agenda (maybe in combination) is finally coming under control, so much so that it must feel a little like the old days. The irony is that while you were just putting up with the situation this year, you were generating quite a lot of power, and what happens between Christmas and the middle of January will reveal just how hugely influential you have become – or how much reach you now have, in terms of your clout. In many ways you were taken over by something (or someone) this year. This unhealthy situation will not continue – it is already fading out – and after Boxing Day it will become quite clear to you that 2014 is one of the newest of all new years.

Be strategic and sidestep what could becoming a lingering area of tension or an outright conflict at work. This also applies to your life as a volunteer, carer or student. Even though one situation will spike near Christmas don’t take the bait.  You actually need to plan for the next six months, rather than the next six days, and see this situation for what it is; the beginning of something which could become awfully complicated and time-consuming. This also applies to burning issues affecting your relationship with your body. See this as the start of a potential six-month story and then look at how much this changes your approach. Strategy is King. Impulse is not your friend – in fact it’s nobody’s friend, this Christmas.



Gemini: December 2013


Gemini, make your choices about (or with) your former, current or potential partner with great care and clarity this Christmas. Project ahead to 2015 and 2016 and be a realist about the long-term impact of what you are setting up now. This also applies to anyone who is against you. A rival, enemy or opponent for example. Better to be a shrewd cynic than to walk straight into a situation you could have avoided, one year from now. If you are prepared to take certain outcomes on board for 2015 and 2016 then maybe you think the  experience with (or through) this person will be completely worth it. Sure – just as long as you are aware. Watch yourself, watching yourself, and be aware that your words and actions don’t just resonate through Christmas and stop. They have a long shelf life.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December meets Panacea, in the area of your chart ruling your reputation, image, role and packaging. This is about how you appear and how you look. Panacea offers you an answer and of course it seems sensible to take it. This asteroid inevitably brings up moral or ethical questions too, though. Only you can make that judgement call about the way you are seen and appear.

What you create now with your group, social life or friends will peak in April 2014. This is so far removed from the way you used to socialise or network three years ago it’s like you landed on a different planet. The highest use of this transit is to join together with other people to make the world a better place. Even the most basic use of this transit radically alters the way a friendship functions so that you have a ton more space and oxygen. Accept invitations, circulate widely, Tweet and be open to the revolution. I know that you feel this revolution never stops, but it does in fact occasionally go into limbo then restart. So there’s a major gear change in December and you’ll hurtle forward.

Slow down and cool down where the next generation is concerned. A relationship that involves a child and three adults? An affair that could end in pregnancy? Your existing son, daughter, godchild or young relative? A project involving the young? Every Gemini has his or her story to tell, but the bottom line is, don’t start a fight and do not engage in one. There is a Mars-Uranus clash on Christmas Day and Mars hangs around for half of next year, which results in simmering tension or low-burn heat (if you engage, anyway). There is always a sense of urgency and Action Stations about this transit but you can always pull back, chill out and strategise. Just because someone or something appears to be squeezing you does not mean you have to respond in the heat of the moment and this is terribly important as the ripple effect goes for six months.

Finally! You are making progress all the time, but what happens from Christmas to January is nothing short of a transformation. With Jupiter protecting you or offering you advantages, there has never been a better time to commit yourself to control. Take the wheel and follow the signs to solutions or abundance. Set yourself up for July 2014.



Cancer: December 2013

Don’t just rush into decisions this December, Cancer. Your working life, university course or non-profit role is at the heart of the discussion, yet you must think very long-term. This also applies to the relationship you have with your body. What you plant now will develop in 2015 and 2016, around 1-2 years from now. Read the fine print and be a realist about what you are letting yourself in for. Nothing will be obvious now because Saturn hasn’t moved into Sagittarius. When he does, though, you may have cause to look back at December 2013 and thank astrology for sounding a klaxon horn. It’s life gardening. Sow the seeds carefully when you sow your work or lifestyle future – and health for obvious reasons.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December falls in the Twelfth House of your horoscope which rules the secrets you keep, the plans you cover up, the invisible roles you play without any credit and the mysteries of your hidden self. You are ruled by the Moon so the tug of war between the Sun and Moon always affects you more than the other eleven signs. Panacea is in Gemini too. You obviously have an answer if you want to take it up but this is not a black or white issue. Shades of moral grey?

Uranus turns direct on Tuesday 17th December taking you on a straight road to April 2014 when your project, role, plan or job becomes the statement of independence and freedom you long for. You will either radically reinterpret the position you are in now or take up a new one by Easter. Much of this begins now as after a long period of limbo, Uranus is now moving forward and the revolution is back on. You are quite right to do it your way and nobody else’s. And just when you thought you’d done enough changing, there’s more to come.

Do not allow your family relationship, property situation, homeland issues, home town question or household politics to become a hot potato. You will be juggling it for the next six months. It’s unlikely you can completely avoid the impact of Mars in Libra but you can engage in life management. The whole point of astrology is to negotiate the future. So just work around that person, organisation or situation which is white-hot. Nobody said you had to respond in the heat of the moment too. Nobody even said you had to engage. Tactics are so much better than a speech balloon bursting out of your mouth or a thought balloon ending up on the internet. Think tactically.

This situation keeps improving all the time. Since October you’ve woken up to realise what a powerful position you are in. Now, in December, you can see why the first two weeks of January would bring long overdue changes that finally put you in control with this person or through them. This also applies to enemies, opponents or rivals. Take the reins, take the trip. New Year’s Day genuinely feels like a new beginning, for a change.



Leo: December 2013


Leo, commit really carefully to the world of children, babies, teenagers and all relationships or projects which bring them closer. Why? Because in 2015 and 2016 life will not be easy. As early as the New Moon on Tuesday 3rd December you could be preparing for paperwork or serious discussions but it’s important that you are a realist about the long-term. If you don’t want children and pregnancy or step-parenting would be a burden, then be particularly aware of what you are setting up in your life in December. You can’t skip this Saturn cycle but you can keep the stakes low with the young, or a relationship. This applies to young relatives or any projects involving the next generation. Who and what are you actually signing up for in discussions this December?

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December meets Panacea, in the area of your chart ruling group projects and friends. This is D-Day and although there is a solution or remedy, there is also an ethical question. Just because something is an answer is it also the right answer? Give yourself plenty of time and space to sort this out as it impacts the group or your friendship for several months.

Uranus the planet of freedom turns direct on Tuesday 17th December so you can pick up where you left off with the trip, website, book, course or foreign connection. The revolution is back on and the momentum will be incredible. Where is this all leading? To a peak moment in April 2014 when you will have successfully invented a new way to travel, write, teach, publish, study, use the internet and do it your way, not the old way.

The internet, the telephone, your way with words and your Communication H.Q. as a whole could be the source for ongoing tension and even conflict by the middle of 2014. Be very careful about what you say and do, especially near Christmas Day. This may be about being heard and read on the most fundamental level. If something must go in writing or in the permanent record that is the web, make sure that the smoke trail is something that will not cause issues for you later.

Your new lifestyle is a reality near 21st December and is under discussion from the 24th. By the 29th of December what you need to know is in the post, or on your computer. You simply will not work, live and look after your body the way you did in 2013. The New Moon on January 1st is one of the biggest relaunches you’ve had in years.



Virgo: December 2013

Think very long-term about the choices you make this December, Virgo,  involving the family or your property. This applies to your home town, household and homeland too. Don’t go in without preparation or research, even if this seems to be a purely short-term decision. The reason for this is that in 2015 and 2016 Saturn will throw you challenges. So be a realist about what might be involved by that stage. What are all the scenarios for you to be aware of, even a year or two before they may come to pass? Plan accordingly.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December meets Panacea, the asteroid who is part of Jupiter’s family or helpers and healers. So there is a career solution but you will need to pick very carefully. It’s not as morally clear-cut as other choices you make in your life. This applies to your charity or voluntary role too, or your university career. Nobody else can really choose except you.

Every astrologer on the internet will be telling you the same thing about what you earn, own and owe this Christmas. Thanks heavens for astrology which can help you sidestep issues before they take hold. The money, house, business, charity, apartment or precious possessions should not become a football. This game goes on for six months. It will swallow up huge amounts of time and energy if you let it. You may prefer to keep the stakes small. If you can’t do that, at least be a realist about the chances of something snowballing. That’s a bad Christmas pun, but what rolls near Boxing Day could keep rolling all the way to the middle of 2014 and you need to factor that into your tactics. If you can pursue the independence (you’ll get it in April) without participating in some kind of 15th century battle then you truly are a zen citizen. And you’ll have an easier life. At some point do add up the dollar/pound/euro cost of peace of mind and sanity.

Virgo people all have such different personal lives. Children, young relatives, godchildren? Relationship that may end in pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting? Jobs or non-profit roles involving babies, children, teenagers? You have chosen the path and now you are navigating it very differently, as for the first time in months, you are back in control of your life. What happened in October and November was a revelation. You had no idea just how potent a force you actually were. Now, December and January complete the job. After Christmas momentum picks up and two weeks into 2014 you should finally feel as if you nailed something that eluded you in 2013.



Libra: December 2013

Watch your deadlines or the realities of particular projects and plans this Christmas. You will no doubt want to commit to some corner of the internet, or perhaps another channel for your words. Just be aware that the stellium in Sagittarius now precedes Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015 and 2016. So you are working small stitches into the fabric of the future. And what kind of fabric will that be? Extremely demanding. Read the fine print on publication or delivery and do project 2-3 years ahead in terms of what or who you sign up for. This applies to the purchase of computers too. Look at the long-term.

The Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December meets Panacea, in the area of your chart ruling travel, foreign people, publishing, the internet, your belief system and education. When you’re in two minds (or someone else is) then a remedy is always welcome. This particular remedy has an ethical or moral slant, though. A true Libran spends hours sitting on both ends of the scales. In this instance it’s justified. You need to be fully aware of what is right, wrong, or just ‘maybe’ about this solution.

Uranus the planet of freedom, oxygen, space, autonomy and independence turns direct on Tuesday 17th December. You’ve been stuck in a holding pattern with the man or woman who means so much, but just before Christmas things move forward again, all the way to April 2014 which is a real milestone for you. All of the above applies to your enemy, opponent or rival as well. Strangely, this person is liberating you. What should have happened in a straightforward way over the last few months has not, though. All the more reason to move on up fairly quickly a few days before Christmas. Get yourself into the freedom zone again. Most of all congratulate yourself on going out on a limb and refusing to move. Those who rejected you are now coming around. So they should.

The nagging issue of 2013 was your house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland. Effectively, your people and your place. Nothing really worked for very long no matter how hard you tried to take control. Fortunately the situation has been steadily improving since October and the ‘Eureka!’ moment of 2013, when you realised what a powerful position you are in, is now slowly sinking in. By January you may be heartily kicking yourself that you did not put particular changes in place years ago. Never mind. One of the things this cycle has taught you is persistence. Because you have been so doggedly about waiting, climbing, waiting and climbing again – you have won a formidable position. By the second week of January you’re all over this.

Mars in Libra, your own sign, suggests your image, reputation, appearance, name or profile becomes an inflammatory issue in December. Don’t light the touch paper and retire. Don’t even strike a match. If you refuse to give someone or something oxygen it can’t affect you very much. However, all those Librans you know who don’t read astrology are really going to risk ongoing battles or disputes. Fortunately you have the secret, sneaky inside knowledge and consequently you will sidestep problems before they can take hold. Anyone can completely understand why your online profile, good name, title, role or place in the world is worth fighting over. But why go there, if you know the battle will go for six months? (It will, in one form or another). Don’t give Mars in Libra more space in your horoscope than he deserves. He’s just a player.



Scorpio: December 2013

Scorpio, near the New Moon on Tuesday 3rd December and Full Moon in Gemini on Tuesday 17th December you have decisions to make about money, property, charity, business or precious possessions. The New Moon meets Panacea, in the area of your chart ruling everything you own, earn or owe. There’s a solution, sure, but look at the moral aspects. You also need to think about the reality of 2015 and 2016. Perhaps that is obvious to you already, but as Saturn will move into your finance zone there will be a long heavy stretch ahead. Factor that into the fine print. The story you build in December has another chapter in around 12 months’ time so be aware. It’s a chapter written by a planet which always challenges you so look at the stakes and consider all the outcomes.

You have been experimenting wildly with a remarkably different way to work, live and look after yourself for the last two years. Anyone who is conscious and awake will admire what you have achieved, yet for every dinosaur who doesn’t get the lifestyle or job direction you have taken, you achieve more. In April 2014 you will radically alter the way you live, work, volunteer or study one more time. The path to April starts here. This strongly applies to the relationship you have with your body as well. The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there, as L.P. Hartley once noted.

Your dark secret, classified project, invisible role, uncredited efforts, confidential plan or occult pursuit is now in sharp focus. It really is sharp, too, as Mars in Libra gives everything an edge which was not there before. Because nobody else can see, touch, know or access what you are doing, there are certain risks. A lack of perspective is one. Try to step outside the situation especially near Christmas and ask yourself what would happen if one issue was to snowball for six months. It honestly could.

The Pluto transit you had in 2013 meant you were always so close, but never close enough – at least with communication. This may be about the web, media or some other outlet for your words, images and ideas. Perhaps it’s about the basic human need to be heard or read. This has been a frustrating year when you kept getting a foothold and then losing one. Yet each time you have drawn closer to the next big step and it’s due now, as Christmas takes you to New Year. By the end of January you will be on top of this. You will be more than on top of it. You will actually feel like you’re on Everest.



Sagittarius: December 2013


Commit really carefully to image, presentation, profile or packaging decisions in December. Why? Because in 2015 and 2016 life will not be easy. As early as the New Moon on Tuesday 3rd December you could be preparing for paperwork or serious discussions but it’s important that you are a realist and are particularly aware of what you are setting up in your life as you can’t skip this Saturn cycle, which starts this time next year. However, you can keep the stakes low about the ‘me’ stuff. Ask yourself where things might land, a year or two from now. This applies to weight loss programs or cosmetic surgery. A role which puts you in the spotlight or a new niche for your name. It never hurts to be a total cynic a year before a Saturn transit. In the short-term what you are deciding and discussing is perfectly sensible but do take a look at 2015 and 2016.

Look up at the Full Moon and give yourself space to work around issue with (or through) your former, current or potential partner. This also applies to rivals, enemies or opponents. There is a solution or answer but it has a moral or ethical price-tag. Your call. Sagittarians have beliefs or philosophies to get them across bridges like this.

Those who come after you may be your children, young relatives or godchildren. The generation tied to you through work or non-profit roles. The generation who might appear thanks to a particular relationship. A process which stopped and started is back on again and you are becoming more liberated by the minute. Hopefully by now you have ditched all the ‘ought’ and ‘should’ phrases from your mind. The past is pretty irrelevant. Pick and choose what works for you, in terms of this generation (or one particular child or relationship) but do invent a new way to handle it all. You keep on inventing anyway and despite the odd moment of rejection in 2012 or 2013 it’s working pretty well. What excites you also excites others. There is no standard rule book when it comes to being a parent any more, nor in the unique way you choose to include this generation in your life.

Be really careful about the group this Christmas. You will know the exact tribe or team I am talking about as December moves on. One or two friends will be involved. We are now moving towards ‘frenemy’ territory though, to quote Nancy Mitford. The potential is there for even old friendships to have some enmity inside them. And the group itself could be visited by a person, situation or atmosphere best described as overheated. Don’t cast the first stone or chuck one back or 2014 will be full of pelted gravel on the windows of your life. You don’t actually have to participate when Mars comes to stay. He just wants you to come up with some kind of strategy or tactic.

The money, house, precious possessions, apartment, business or charity has its own value of course. Its real value to you is empowerment, though. You cannot buy control from a catalogue. You cannot purchase potency. This has been an awfully long time coming, Sagittarius, but you are miles away from the situation you were dumped in throughout 2013. I am sure you saw the light at the end of the tunnel in October but what you create after Christmas is dazzling. By the end of January you are in a completely different position and good thing too.



Capricorn: December 2013

The focus in December is the dark secret you cover up. The role you play behind the scenes where nobody acknowledges you. The classified project you don’t tell friends about. The confidential matter that even a sexual partner may not know about. Finally, some Capricorns have a mysterious relationship with their astral body that is also an enigma to non-spooky people. You can see why every door is closed in December. What you need to think about, though, is 2015 and 2016. You will not get away with anything lightly and easily in those years so please be super-conscious of what you are doing. If you are deliberately concealing something which is dodgy or even plain wrong, please be aware that it may have a long shelf-life as once Saturn moves signs in Christmas 2014 you have two years of atonement. Okay, lecture over. But astrology is really about negotiating the future before it happens. Even an anonymous blog (secret!) or some hush-hush arrangement with a ‘trusted confidante’ requires close reading of fine print.

Actually, your image, appearance and reputation are less important than the power. The sense of potency and control is the thing, never mind how you scrub up on the internet. Keep moving forward. Issues about how you look and appear to the world translate into issues about how much you can the boss of yourself. The answer, after Christmas, is pretty clear. By January you will be running this show, playing a Director role and having the final cut. So far in 2013 it looks like you’ve had very little to do with this film and as you are the star it must have been frustrating. Well, a sequence of Pluto aspects will put paid to this pattern and within weeks of your birthday you are on your way.

You acquire freedom in stages, when Uranus moves through Aries. Finally, though, you are over the hump and on your way to April 2014, just by virtue of the choices you make about the house, family, flat, household, home town or homeland by Christmas. Total independence seems impossible, on some level, but why? You have seen other people take the penguin test (edging closer towards the end of the iceberg before leaping into the water) and they seem happy and excited enough. Maybe you’re just a more reluctant penguin, but make no mistake. This is a moment whose time has come. A few steps in December takes you closer and by Easter you’ll be hatching your own egg. Your people or place require a radical rethink, even if you already think you’ve been radical enough.

On no account enter into career politics or engage in a duel with someone connected to your university life, charity role or non-profit position. Whatever you enter into near Christmas will last for six months in one form or another. Keep the stakes small. Or be smart enough to keep this Mars transit at bay. Read a few books by Churchill. One thing is certain about this overheated man, fired-up woman or white-hot organisation. One thing is certain about this professional or industry trend, too. Nothing and nobody is prepared to lie down or crawl away so if you’re going to whirl your fists, don’t say astrology didn’t warn you.






Aquarius: December 2013

Aquarius, what you set up with a friend or group in December will have long-term implications. Be a total realist about the future. In 2015 and 2016 Saturn will pass through your zone of friendship, tribal and team commitments. Consequently you will have to live with the realities of what you are saying or doing now. Be particularly wary with the fine print on any communal enterprise. And think outside the fine print to actual outcomes. December’s decisions seem so fleeting. And they are. But you will be planting the future and as 2015 and 2016 will be very heavy weather make sure you’re hip to that at Christmas. Think it through on every level before you commit.

You never really had control over your secret, invisible role or Plan X during 2013 as a chain of Pluto patterns kept you forever struggling to get on top of everything. Now things are rapidly changing and in just a few weeks you have seen what is possible. From Christmas you will finally be able to put things in motion. You have toyed with the idea of what you might do, for so long, that now the moment is here, you may be surprised to find how easy it is. How easy it always was. And what a difference this will make.

Take your time with your travel, foreign, internet, academic, publishing or spiritual agenda. The more time and space the better, as there are people, organisations or situations which are overheating all around you. Mars stays in this zone of your chart for months. Far longer than he should. Do not start something you cannot finish quickly and be a realist about it finishing at all. Christmas arguments about religion which you might assume disappear with the pudding, could simmer in one form or another for months. An internet issue which you may have assumed you could just delete, could linger longer. You get the idea. Whatever flares up (see top sentence again) in any departments on this list is likely to be the start of something. And do you really need it in your life?

In April 2014 you will find all your efforts online and in the real world come together with one major project, grand finale, plan or enterprise. At that point you will be pleased you persisted with a path that others have so frequently failed to understand or appreciate. The good news is, people who are wide awake are with you all the way. Don’t worry too much about the rest. The reality is, if you are excited about a particular idea or outlet, others will be too. And what happens near Christmas takes you to Easter.



Pisces: December 2013

What you do about your career, university life or non-profit role in December has long-term implications in 2015 and 2016. What appears to be done and dusted by January actually sets up the future so be very careful about what the fine print says. Be a realist about what is not in writing too. Just project ahead and look at the likely outcomes. In 2015 and 2016 you hit obstacles, delays and hurdles which are either directly related to this project or role, or come as an offshoot of discussions now. Be particularly hip to any paperwork that binds you to 2015 and 2016 and ask others for their opinion. Never assume anything when Saturn is lurking and he will move into your career zone next Christmas, picking up where you left off now.

Strategise, plot and plan where your money, house, business, apartment, company, charity or possessions are concerned. Every astrologer online will be telling you about the Mars-Uranus clash on Christmas Day. If you are involved with another Pisces or a Virgo on a financial level, be doubly cautious. December is a really good month to slow down and cool down. It’s a really bad month to ignite like a Christmas pudding. Most of all you need to ask yourself what you would pay to have peace of mind through the first six months of 2014. Really look at the price of particular issues in terms of their cost to your sanity and equilibrium. What you or others start this month goes for months, like the pudding flame that never goes out. Uranus is involved too, so anyone can see that the issue for you is having your fair share of the new freedom and independence on offer. Just be aware of what you say and do, especially if it involves signatures or words which cannot be undone. You will get the freedom you want next April. There are any number of ways to get it which do not necessarily involve argey-bargey.

You did your very best in 2013 but no matter how hard you tried to get control back with your social life, friendships or group projects, someone or something always prevented you. This must have felt like constantly scrabbling for a foothold. Now, however, your horoscope has magic steps. You already took two in the last two months. There are more steps to climb after Christmas and by January you should be on top of everything. Most of all don’t let a valuable friendship or a perfectly good group project become an outlet for your need to be top dog. It’s only human to want that, but the idea in your  horoscope now is your fair share of empowerment and potency, not all of it. There is something so potent about the kind of influence you are gaining, via this social network, friend or team. Handle with extreme care.






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Your November Astrology Forecast

I know that this part of the year is seriously hairy for many of you. One look at your horoscopes tells me that. However, there is good news, and you’ll find it in your monthly horoscope, right here on this page.


Aries: November 2013

Your Mission, Ambition and Position
You have become so used to operating with him, her, them or ‘it’ looming over your career that it will come as a revelation that you can actually master this thing. If you don’t work this applies to your student life or role as a volunteer. Basically, the stellium in your chart in November is about empowerment and it doesn’t really matter what labels you slap on yourself, or what you do; this is about knowing that you can be the boss of your own mission, ambition and position. It’s actually deeply pleasurable; Bacchus is in the mix and this potent little asteroid (the son of Jupiter) is there to make work enjoyable. The relationships are wide open for improvement once Venus moves in and if there was a workplace romance which you either witness (or dive into) I would not be remotely surprised. It has taken you most of this year to get yourself to the point where you can roll up your sleeves and make everything function as it should. Capricorn tactics work well now. Stoic persistence, patient plodding, determined social mountaineering, huge ambition. Pluto is in Capricorn together with Bacchus, Venus and Cupid so if you channel that, you’ll be artfully networking your way into good times.
Money, Property, Possessions, Business, Charity
Your house or apartment situation continues to protect you or benefit you, hugely, and that will be the case until July 2014 as Jupiter in the property-minded sign of Cancer is firmly on your side. What is happening with your security, lifestyle and finances in general is more complicated – to which you reply ‘Well, you do astonish me.’ The issue is so much clearer for you in the closing days of November. By then Mercury will be out of his shadow and the whole story (with all its crossing-out and rubbing-out and rewriting) will be known by then. The October or November story, at least, will be complete. What happens next is long-term thinking, as 2014 will be very different to 2013. In February the endless loop you seem to be stuck in, will stop. At the moment the Moon’s Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio are sending everything round in circles. Then, in the final half of next year, Saturn moves into his third and last phase, when the atmosphere lightens, the leaden feeling lifts, and he, she, they or ‘it’ which was so damn stuck, for such a long time, is no longer an issue. For now, though, just focus on fixing this episode. You may want to reserve final judgement until you know the final facts or numbers.


Taurus: November 2013

Voyages, Websites, Books, Courses
The irony is, Taurus, you were powerful all along and you just didn’t use it – or really know about it, to this extent. November is the time you must take full control of your voyages (across the country or overseas), your websites, books , courses (full time or part time) and foreign connections. You actually have no choice but even though you could have done without the intensity near 1st November, by the start of December you will be pleased you were pushed into taking the reins. One of the best ways to manage this transit is to pretend you are a Sagittarian. Turn yourself into a philosopher and a true believer (astrology, Buddhism or science?) Make sure that you factor in the Asian, European or American connections at all times; distance should be no distance at all. Explore other cultures and ways of seeing the world. Check your air miles. Treat the web not as a home for amusing cat photographs but as a head trip. Once you get into this faux Sagittarian thing, Taurus, you’ll start to see how crazy you were to let particular people, organisations or situations dominate you for so long. If the world of academia, publishing, travel, religion or the internet (for example) has been one long sorry tale of exploitation for you, then you’re seriously going to enjoy the turnaround.
Partners and Opponents
You must be wondering when the situation with your former, current or potential partner is going to move along, never mind end. This is also true with your enemy, opponent or rival. Focus on November, first of all, because even though the story keeps changing or getting stuck, you’ll be able to sign off on the episode that dominated October, by the time December is days away. Even if the Full Moon on Sunday 17th makes you long for a decision based on the obvious pros and cons, you may want to wait until you have the final story (and it really will be final) by the end of November. The long-term outlook is like that dubious Brian Cox song, Things Can Only Get Better. According to all the laws of astrology, from February 2014, they will. The North Node leaves your opposite sign of Scorpio, then, which rules your opposite number in life, but also any opposition. The time warp stops. Then, when Saturn moves into his twilight phase in the final six months of next year, you can officially say goodbye to one of the toughest cycles in 29 years.


Gemini: November 2013

It’s all about timing, Gemini, and this long, drawn-out situation affecting the way you work or volunteer – and your relationship with your body – is still in a state of flux until the end of the month. The Full Moon on the 17th would normally prompt a decision, but the jigsaw puzzle is not complete, according to your horoscope. Bits and pieces of information are missing, or the game is changing every time you look at it. Yet, from the close of November, you can draw a line under an episode that has dominated October too. You will know your next move with certainty and can begin thinking about 2014. This is a good idea; from February your lifestyle, job, volunteer role or student life becomes a work in progress rather than a monotonous revolving door. Looking far ahead, in 2015 you will be in a position, or scheduled on a project, which is a complete escape from the real world. If your body is the priority now, give yourself the luxury of time and space. Saturn is at large here so nothing is going to happen quickly anyway. You can ponder and linger longer if you prefer. You will have a much clearer picture by December, at least.
Your Money, Property, Charity, Business
The money, house, apartment, good cause or business translates as power and that’s priceless. You are now in a great position to make the various relationships work and to get yourself into a completely different position. You have quite clearly been forced to put up with others, individually or at corporate/company level having the upper hand. He, she or they have pulled your strings for a long time; now you can find an alternative way of playing this game. Sometimes the issue with Pluto is a general situation (a recession, for example) which dominates everything you own, earn or owe. Again, you can expect an alternative to open up that allows you to be boss of your own life. It is unusual to see Bacchus, Venus and Cupid all in this zone of your chart. This is not the money you earn under your own steam or what you exclusively possess; it is about shared arrangements (for example with a family member or a bank). Such relationships depend on bridge-building and bonding. It’s never been as easy to do that as it is now. For many Gemini people now, a financial relationship, in every sense of the word, is a bonus.


Cancer: November 2013

Your Former, Current or Potential Partner
This is a deeply pleasurable month, sexually or romantically, as Bacchus, Cupid and Venus join Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn. If you have good reasons for wanting to avoid relationships then the story will involve your professional partner instead. In most cases, though, Cancerians tend to want marriages and affairs, rather than work duets; your sign is ruled by the Moon which needs to be needed. The key factor in what happens in November is Pluto. It’s about time you used your power, and even if you are kicking yourself for not having taken the upper hand months ago (even years ago) it is never too late to make a change. It may help to remember the myths surrounding Cupid, Venus and Bacchus as your horoscope begins to turn. Cupid is about the temporary passion that can become something more enduring, if luck is on your side. Venus is about the intricate art of making a relationship or marriage work, even if jealousy has to be a driving force. Bacchus is simply about the pleasure principle; like a really good bottle of Margaret River Shiraz. If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then you may put more time and energy into the feud than your sexual proclivities .That’s fine; some Cancerians would rather fight and compete than shag and marry. If so, you are going to enjoy the cut-and-thrust this month as those asteroids start powering through your horoscope.
Children, Godchildren, Young Relatives
It’s not just about the man or woman at the heart of your heart. Or your battle. It’s also about the children, or their younger in-laws. Fertility or pregnancy may also be part of the story for some; in other cases it’s about adoption or blended families.  Perhaps one son or daughter in particular has also been your main concern. The Fifth House of your horoscope rules your heirs and dynasty who inherit the legacy of your personality and ensure the line of ‘succession’ no matter if you have children or not. Sometimes an entire generation can succeed you, at least in terms of your personal influence (think J.K.Rowling and the Harry Potter fans). Since October, in all cases, you have been watching the wheels spin in stuck mud, where the young are concened – the generation which will succeed you. Nothing has moved as it should and even in the first three weeks of November, the wheels will go backwards and forwards as you watch. You may prefer to wait until the Full Moon on Sunday 17th is out of the way before you even begin to think about passing final judgement. It is Mercury’s exit from Shadow on the 27th that will help you most, though. At that point you can call the October-November story finished. The bigger story will not be finished until next year, but as the Moon’s North Node will exit Scorpio in February at least it will be one of progress and momentum, instead of the loop you have been stuck in, to date. The close of November is useful.



Leo: November 2013

Your House, Flat, Family, Household, Home Town, Homeland
The total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November will conceal more than it will reveal and you may prefer to wait until Mercury is out of his final shadow on 27th November before you call final judgement on the situation. What happens from the 10th-27th may change the story you had in October, so even though the Full Moon on the 17th suggests some momentum (you now have a list of advantages and disadvantages about your ultimate decision), you’re likely to see this episode change shape for another ten days or so, as the computer, the post, the phone or changeable human beings affect the outcomes. This cycle is tough, no doubt about it. You are dealing with a stuck or slow situation and endless amounts of repetition. Wheels will turn from February when the Node leaves Scorpio and in the second half of 2014 you will see a major improvement.
Your Lifestyle, Workload and Body
You’re going to enjoy this month and also be empowered, Leo. Bacchus, Cupid, Pluto and Venus move through your lifestyle, workload and body zone in November. You may not have realised there was atomic-level power to claim, in your chosen field or business, but if you are prepared to do your duty and perform a service for others, ironically enough you will find it gives you control. Faux Virgo tactics work well; be as methodical, efficient and detail-conscious as it is possible to be. It helps that there is something or someone to adore about this; who knew that daily tasks could be so deeply pleasurable?  It’s the same with your body. Bacchus suggests no end of enjoyment once you realise that you are in the right time and place to make changes. With Venus also in the mix someone else will be by your side. The odds of a passionate workplace relationship absorbing you or affecting you this month? Extremely high.


Virgo: November 2013

The Next Generation and Close Relationships
Pluto, Venus, Cupid and Bacchus move through the Fifth House of your chart now. This covers your son or daughter, pregnancy, adoption and step-parenting. It covers younger in-laws who come with a particular partner, godchildren (for the same reason) and any professional or part-time involvement with younger people which your partner has.  The decisions you made to end relationships years before, or bypass parenthood, may also return to you now, as you realise you don’t have to have children, in order to have them play a significant role in your world. November is about tremendous passion and enjoyment. A substantial number of single Virgo people who want intimate relationships will find them – and over the longer-term some of those issues I just listed will come up. No matter what your personal life looks like, November is the month to either put the next generation first, or a relationship that could bring it closer. Pluto tells you take control and respect the power you have. It is amazing that you have felt second or third rung on the ladder for so long. Hoisting yourself to the top allows you to see what you missed before; you have been powerful all along but for some unknown reason you chose not to use it. November is about getting it right, finally. Perhaps you just had to wait until you were ready to take full responsibility for your leading role. If younger people are part of your world now you will be King or Queen to them, make no mistake.
Communication, Information and Transportation
Your ruler Mercury is still retrograde in your zone of communication, information and transportation as you read this. There will be a rewind or replay of October issues once he goes forward from the 10th and then after he is out of shadow on the 27th you can finally sign off on one saga that has sent you backwards and forwards for weeks. The bigger picture in all this is a generally loaded and heavy atmosphere that dominates everything you are trying to do on the internet, in publishing, with the media, in education – or other fields where your way with words is a major issue. The whole situation is insane because you are ruled by Mercury and your ‘voice’ in all its forms is your calling card. What you are experiencing, though, is a stuck situation which can only happen every 29 years. It has been going on since Saturn changed signs at the end of 2012 and I am sure you cannot wait for some aspects of 2013 to be over. The good news is, you will seldom have a period in your life like the one you deal with in October and November. From February 2014 the endless feeling of being stuck in some kind of time warp will stop, then in the final half of 2014, whatever (or whomever) sat so heavily on your projects, plans, ideas or paper-free life will no longer be an issue. Good thing too.


Libra: November 2013

Your House, Family, Flat, Household, Home Town and Homeland
Your people or your place, however you define that, is finally on the turn. It must feel as if the control of your situation is always slipping out of your grasp, but enforced changes in the final week of October have actually done you a favour. Because you had no choice, you have turned to something you started to achieve a year or two ago, but never really pursued. If you take this through to its logical conclusion, no matter if it is your place in the world, or the people you belong to, you will achieve something remarkable. Perhaps the problem all along has been owning your power. Much as you would be the first to say you want the reins, or you resent the way you seem to never have total control – it is also true that being powerful can be intimidating. This is often true in families and share households, or in the daily round of domestic life with a partner. Some Librans have been dealing with power-tripping people, councils, governments or corporations affecting their  home town or homeland, but also been reluctant to acknowledge their own individual power, back. Whatever has been happening to you in terms of your place or your people, continue what you started in October and make November the month it all changed. Go further and see this through to a proper conclusion. Once you feel comfortable about the level of influence and potency you have, the rest is actually pretty simple. You just need to pretend you are a Cancerian; they carry their homes on their backs and they always return to their tribe.
Your Money, Property, Business, Possessions and Charity
It gets better. It really, really, really gets better. It’s just the toughest, most stuck cycle in 29 years and counting, Libra. One way through this is to micro-focus on four weeks at a time rather than trying to take in the big picture. In November you may want to wait until the story from October changes (this happens after November 10th). Once the facts and figures are actually complete, or just final, you can make a judgement call. If your house, apartment, flatmate or a family member is involved in the scenario then remember it is time to claim your power (see above). However this cycle is manifesting for you, and it may just be the bank or the stagnant global economy, do try to organise what you can as December approaches, then think about life after February 2014. From that point forward the déjà vu stops. The feeling of ‘been there, done that’ ends with your bank account, home, investment, good cause or stuff .February through July just seems less stuck, then from the European summer of 2014, you’re over the worst. Saturn will be in his twilight years and that lead weight that has been having over you lifts.


Scorpio: November 2013

The Internet, Writing, Publishing, Media, Education
Your voice in all its forms (whatever kind of song you sing in life) is now your own again. How did that happen? Because it had to. What happened in October forced you to take a deep breath and take total control of the internet, writing, publishing, media, education or some other forum for your words and ideas. Maybe communication is such a regular focus of your job (you may work in a field where you have to connect people) that you hardly even notice the loss of your old power any more. One thing is sure, though. You can get a little bit of your pre-2008 self back in November. That means potency, influence, effectiveness and a willingness to work with the reality of your new decisions, which will change people. That’s right. Your words change people and perhaps it is this deeper understanding which stalled you this year. Essentially you should have been running your own communication universe in the last 1-2 years, which is a confronting thing to read in a horoscope, but I believe it’s true. Why that didn’t happen is down to a number of factors, many apparently outside your control. The internet itself (such a vast entity), the media, the book world, education, the smart phone revolution – everything may have had its tale to tell. The real reason you never took the reins over the way you communicate may be more mysterious though. Perhaps you just never wanted the responsibility of owning how much power you have. Who cares about the psychological motivation, though. It’s time to be a faux Gemini. Circulate, articulate.
You, You, You
Unless you’re in your Sixties you have never had such a difficult time with your image, as you have in 2013. The way you look and appear to the world is normally such a non-issue. Now, with Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio, all you seem to do is ping around in a pinball machine based on ‘Me’ with no real end to the eternal journey. Fortunately this cycle breaks next year. At the moment, though, you have some navigating to do. As the full story won’t really come together from October until the end of November, allow yourself the luxury of time and space to make up your mind. You do have a decision to make about your appearance, reputation, Google profile, Twitter feed, name, role, title and brand. It really depends how much a part of your life the externals are, but if your job (for example) is based on your packaging this may take up quite a lot of energy. As the final pieces of the ‘Me’ jigsaw are put in place towards the end of this month, look forward. From February 2014, when the North Node leaves Scorpio, the sense of déjà vu about yourself will stop. Then later next year, that lead balloon hanging over you lifts.


Sagittarius: November 2013

Money, Property, Possessions, Business Charity
What you were dealing with at home or work (maybe both) in October made it necessary to utterly change the way you deal with your money, house, business interests, apartment, possessions or good cause. What took you so long to really commit to the change? There are number of reasons but one thing is sure; your new willpower will  help you power on through. And that in turn will put you in such a powerful position, month by month, that by January 2014 you will be amazed you didn’t try this before. As it is futile to try and do anything to change him, her, them or ‘it’ which continues to hang over you – you just have to think laterally. Get inside the situation differently and make it work for you. The irony is, Sagittarius, you’re not just solving a problem, you’re actually changing your life for the better. You could get yourself into a position where you are the boss of you, at least in terms of what you own, earn or owe. Fake Taurus tactics work well now. Once you realise what or who is most precious to you – which ‘commodity’ on the sharemarket of your life you rate most highly – pursue  it. The price of integrity, freedom and other spiritual values is very high, for a very large number of people born under your sign as you tend to have a personal belief system or philosophy which has its own life budget. All this is factored into the new approach, but with Bacchus, Venus and Cupid in the mix there’s also deep personal appeal about the way the relationship is going to function.

Secrets, Invisibility and Mystery
Secrets, invisibility and mystery are loaded areas of your life with Saturn’s heavy hand on everything you cover up, do behind the scenes or receive no credit for. So far, so normal, because your life has been like this for most of 2013. The short-term picture of November is really about strategizing. You need the story of October completed; that can’t happen until Mercury changes direction on the 10th and even then it may take you until the closing days of November to be call time on a situation. By then you can make a judgement call on the next step. Move too early in November and you risk the story changing in front of your eyes as not only has the communication or information been lacking, we have a substantial eclipse which means something is not known; not revealed; not in the open. As December approaches life starts to make sense again and your only question will be, ‘When does my life stop rewinding?’ The answer lies in February when at last the North Node in Scorpio moves on.


Capricorn: November 2013

Relaunch, Rebirth, Renaissance, Reinvention
What on earth happened to the ‘me’ you once knew before 2008? It must seem like ancient history. Since that year, when Pluto changed signs, you have increasingly had to manage as best you can, in the fact of trends, people or large organisations which have taken over the way you look or appear. The internet is culpable. If you are famous the media certainly has been. Maybe the issue is your age, though (you can’t stop that) or perhaps there is a specific person around you who dominates everything from your name to your wardrobe. However this cycle is manifesting, what happened in October forced you to do something you should have done years ago. Perhaps you can be forgiven because you simply weren’t ready; other areas of your life were not in place. Nevertheless, now everything is in place for you to work with, make sure you catapult yourself into the most powerful position of control you feel comfortable with. The way you look or appear is powerful stuff. How you advance into any new situation with your flag flying. How you brand yourself in terms of your name or general persona. How you manage your ‘armour’ (your body shape and wardrobe). The more you can be like an Aries now – unashamedly ‘me, me, me’ about everything – the better your life will work. Who cares what tactics you use, Capricorn, as long as you are the boss of you, at last.


The Group and Your Friendships
It’s really not your fault, but slow and stuck people continue to affect the quality of your friendships, your social life, social media and most crucially, a group project you are involved with. At other times in your life, being part of the community, on some united effort, has been utterly different. Back when Pluto was in Scorpio, for example, some years ago, together you and a team, tribe, club or network changed the world. What is happening now could not be more different. Saturn and the North Node keep you frozen in time – your hands are tied – you can’t affect the situation. What you say and do has little impact on something that has all the light, energy and movement of a lead balloon. Perhaps a particular friend is your concern, in which case he or she is channelling Saturn, who can freeze for months at a time. In November, let a situation dating from October play itself out. The story was not final then; it will not be for some weeks. You can blame computers, human nature, the post, telephones and so on, but actually you have been bought time to think. To mull over your options. To do some more research. By the end of November you can make a judgement call on this. The Full Moon  near Sunday 17th is helpful as you need to figure out who, or what, is pulling in different directions. Give it another week or two and you’ll have the information you lacked in October. By the time December is closer you can make a strong decision.


Aquarius: November 2013

Your Inner Power, Your Internal Life
What happened in October forced you to make overdue changes to the way you deal with your dark secrets, confidential projects, classified knowledge or invisible role. You seem to have spent most of 2013 feeling that things are not under your control. That other people (or something more nebulous) is dominating you and that you can’t do much about it. Now you have applied some willpower to the situation you can see how wrong you were. This is not rocket science, though. All you basically did in October was do something properly, perhaps for the first time. Previous attempts to take a strong-arm approach to what you cover up, or do behind the scenes, were just dress rehearsals. What we have in November is the first real performance and your growing conviction that this could become even better is correct. Make no mistake. The more you operate like a Pisces (or use your Piscean side, if you have planets there) the more other areas of your life will pick up too. What do Pisceans do? They remain slippery, elusive and mysterious at all times. They understand their inner power and internal life is just as important as what goes on, above the surface. They live in a different world, rendering themselves invisible as they operate behind the scenes. They take their psychic experiences or mediumship and dreams seriously; they understand their etheric bodies are just as crucial as their physical bodies too. Throughout November promise yourself you will built a new world of secrets, mysteries and invisibility and never, ever give up your power to him, her, them or ‘it’ again.
Your Mission, Position and Ambition
Aquarius, you are being helped on a day-to-day work or lifestyle level by Jupiter, which protects you from what could be a lot harder to take. Essentially, Jupiter is a problem-solving planet so the generally heavy situation in your field, industry, profession or business is not such a big deal. Nevertheless, this is a cycle you can only have every 30 years or so and I’m sure it feels like it. There is a person, organisation or trend which is jamming up the life force. There is no other way to put this. What should happen, normally,  is simply not happening – and that’s the understatement of the year. When does it get better? When you’ve made a decision. And to do that, you have to let the wheels spin backwards and forwards, for most of November, as you need to get past an eclipse, a Full Moon and Mercury’s change of direction. I’m hoping you have been reading your horoscope since September so you were prepared for October-November and had Plan B and a few back-ups. What you can achieve as December comes closer is a final sign-off on the episode of October and November. What you can do in 2014 is look forward to February when the most repetitive, over-familiar déjà vu finally stops (it’s like watching My Rewound CV). Then, in the second half of 2014, the worst is over. Yes.


Pisces: November 2013

Friends and Groups
There must have been moments in the last few years when you wondered what happened to your old social life or friendships as life since 2008 has been so dramatically different. Pluto’s cycle through Capricorn keeps reminding you to set ambitious goals for your group and climb patiently up the social ladder to get where you need to be. The more you did this in October the more you will enjoy November. It’s a vindication really, because so often this year you have felt utterly taken over by particular people, trends, groups or situations. What happened in the week or two before Halloween may have been scarey on one level (appropriately enough) but on another, you just did what you should have pulled off in 2011 and 2012. The state of play with your social life, social media, friendship or group commitment in November is all the encouragement you need to keep going. Once you are comfortable about the level of control you have and the amount of power you wield with him, her or them – you can do pretty much anything. The presence of Bacchus, Cupid and Venus in your chart suggests to me that you can also live a more passionate life. A more hugely enjoyable life. And I wouldn’t be too surprised if you spotted a romance in the ranks by Christmas or even became entwined with someone who was formerly just a friend or tribe member.
Internet, Travel, Education, Foreign Connections, Publishing
You can tick one or two of the areas of life listed above – no matter what kind of explorer of life you are – and have the same result. Basically you are being made to wait. And wait. And wait! Why is it so? Because Saturn and the North Node are in Scorpio? When will it stop? Well, put it this way. It all becomes much more manageable by the end of November, after you have taken changes on board, or even a u-turn (it happens) and found out where you stand. You do need to make a judgement call on what held you up or become so complicated. December is a much easier month than October and November, especially if you had computer, phone, post or flakey human problems. Your next deadline is February, when the endless repetition and déjà vu come to an end. From that point forward, you have the final half of 2014 to look forward to, when the heaviest situation, person or organisation you could (not) want to have hanging over, finally ends.



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Your Month: October 2013

Thanks for dropping in for the internet equivalent of a cup of tea and a long talk. Because – quite frankly – We Need To Talk About October.


Aries: October 2013

If you can fast-forward to Wednesday 27th November for signatures, meetings or final decisions about anything you own, earn or owe then please do so, to avoid the Mercury Retrograde period and the eclipse. If you have no choice then read the fine print, get second opinions, have alternatives, consider back-up and maintain a healthy cynicism about the post, the internet, computers, paperwork and even people’s verbal promises. It doesn’t matter how hard they pump your hand if the words bounce a few weeks later. Be a realist about the weather, strikes or anything else that could affect your money. There’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm too. It should be a fresh start but you don’t have the full story. The ultimate strategy, though, is to make a deliberate effort to keep the plans low-key and the stakes as small as possible. Would I sell shares in the Royal Mail now if I was the British government? No I bloody well would not. I’m concerned about that timing so much (Mercury rules the mail) that I would even venture, the chain-reaction of postal chaos that ricochets around the world. Google don’t use an astrologer (or at least, they didn’t in 2012). They hired a printer for their performance report on this cycle and the aforementioned printer’s blunder wiped $24 billion in eight minutes. Make sure October is about a new plastic plug for your piggy bank not the most epic financial decision of your life. The pinging pig plug will matter not a jot – but the rest – gah! Prepare for this cycle and keep the stakes low.


This is really interesting, most unexpected and deserves a loud astrologer’s round of applause, with jangling bracelets. The most intriguing people and organisations are about to enter your life (or make a re-entry) and it’s going to change the way you travel, write, publish, use the web, teach or study for some time.  From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. I give you all this in case you have your personal chart and want to horoscope-watch. If you don’t, the most you need to know is that a woman or man who is in touch with his female side will roll up her/his sleeves and get to work on the most amazingly optimistic action plan. And you’ll enjoy the results. There will be a really satisfying ending. Like the best and most thoughtful final chapter to any book you ever read. As you ‘write’ this new story in your life, you will also find yourself pairing up with a person who wants to meet you halfway. Furthermore, with Cupid in the mix I would say there is genuine lust for life here. As in, an Iggy Pop level of Lust For Life. Most of all, Psyche tells you that what come out of this month will last forever. It’s an eternal statement. This isn’t just ‘October 2013’ it’s actually something wildly soulful, in that the end results of your trip, book, website, blog, course have a hard-won spirit to them that resonates for years.


Taurus: October 2013

You’ll know exactly the man I’m talking about (from the list above) or the woman concerned, as soon as you read these words Taurus. Husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend. Work partner. Your ex. The person you want to shag. And if you put more energy into hating than loving? This is your deadly foe. Moriarty to your Sherlock.  Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled by what appears to be a ‘process in motion’ as it will swing backwards and forwards for weeks – perhaps even until the end of November. Bottom line? Push everything forward to  Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am. Can’t do that? Then read the fine print, have alternatives and back yourself up. Make allowances for the dumbest things to screw up procedures. The Titanic sank because of a missing key and a paperweight, never mind the unfeasibly huge iceberg. (The binoculars were in the locked cabinet and the paperweight was unhelpfully covering up a warning message). Google lost $24 billion (on the computer screens anyway) because a printer made a mistake. Why let stuff like that get in the way of what needs to happen with your former, current or potential partner? Or your evil foe? One smart way around this cycle, which is made even more intense by the total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm is to create a container for it. In other words, you deliberately make something small, unimportant and relatively harmless the vessel for the discussion, papework or post. The less you care, the better.

Fascinating, compelling, comforting, remarkable people, organisations and trends surround your Eighth House of money, property, business, possessions and charity now. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. This is a really striking line-up in your horoscope and I think that what emerges by Christmas is an enduring statement. It goes on forever. Better make sure that what you are co-creating with others contains everything you want, then. Taurus is really about values, underneath all the clichés you read about money, possessions and property. Because Psyche is in this story, what you write in stone in October should properly reflect your values. Not hers, his or theirs. I don’t know if you’re a capitalist, socialist, communist. I don’t know if you’re a shopper, collector or mogul. I don’t know if your thing is charity, alternative lifestyles or the LETS barter system. One thing is clear from your chart, though; you are surrounded by the people and organisations which can change everything this month and you need to do your utmost to support and feed those who are most positive, most practical and most supportive of you. Give them tea and biscuits on demand. Drip-feed their every need, no matter if it’s a kitten on a velvet cushion or a small piece of Turkish Delight. These people feel better with you helping. I can’t emphasise this enough – what comes out of this lasts forever. Give it some soul.


Gemini: October 2013

You are ruled by Mercury the Messenger of the Gods so your raison d’etre is your voice – online, on paper, behind a microphone or in the real world. In fact some people quietly wish you would just shut up. Or at least stop with the Tweets already. Well Gemini – We are now entering the mad zone Mercury will appear to turn backwards this month, then appear to turn forwards again in November. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but we have Saturn (heavy nova) and an eclipse (also undeniably cumbersome) in the same zone of your horoscope where we find Mercury dithering around. And this is about your workload. Or your body. No wonder the entire two months requires some planning. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled. I can understand why you need to have a conversation, or a signature, or something in the post – but once Mercury appears to travel backwards from Monday 21st October at 11.28am you may not have the final chapter of all this, until as late as Wednesday 27th November. So what do you do? Try to fast-forward the really important stuff to December. Can’t do that? Then work around this Allow for screw-ups.Read the fine print, have Plan B, get a second opinion, don’t leave anything to chance. Keep the stakes low. And this applies to body issues too. Keep the stakes low, low, low, low.

Boom! October 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 your relationship with a former, current and potential partner will change for the better. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius. Ops forms a conjunction with Venus at 1 Sagittarius 10 then, If you know your chart. There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. This all so sudden, Gemini. It’s like a gloved hand comes down from heaven and gently tweaks your underwear. I’ve seldom seen so many asteroids and planets line up like this in your chart within the space of a few days. What’s more the gigantic gloved hand is really starting something. You are not writing a chapter in your relationship with this person, Gemini, you are writing a classic novel. This isn’t a blog. It’s Jane Austen or Nancy Mitford. It’s going to last. The Seventh House rules your opponent, rival or enemy. If you put more energy into doing head-miles about the undeniably malodorous presence of Him or Her in your life, then it may well be this person who is at the heart of the action. Is there a happy ending? Yes. I would call anything which ends in a satisfying and intelligent way, a happy ending. Again, you are writing a classic novel about this. So – what do you want to write forever? The fact that we have a penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra on Saturday 19th October suggests that children will be a big part of the story for many, many Geminis.


Cancer: October 2013

If you deliberately keep the issues small in October and November then any communication changes or eclipse mysteries will affect you less. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled by the ‘process’ involving the children as it’s not really a process at all. Unless you think tangling and untangling a ball of wool is anything resembling a procedure.

I can understand why you need to have a conversation, or a signature, or something in the post – Saturn’s around, there’s something heavy to deal with – and of course you want to reach agreement or get the paper in your hand. Unless you want classic Mercury forwards-backwards-forwards movement, though (starts  Monday 21st October at 11.28am) you not have the final chapter of all this for a while. Even as late as Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am when Mercury’s finally out of shadow. Oh and another thing about the children or the children’s project. There’s an annular total eclipse a few weeks before this on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm so you’re not getting the full story then either. If you can fast-forward anything major involving the next generation to December then that’s absolutely fabulous. If you can’t, because the rest of the world doesn’t do astrology, at least read the fine print, allow for hollow statements, factor in transient global chaos (a postman walking backwards in London can result in a missed call in Auckland) and so on. My best advice of all time, though, is to make a big deal out of something that’s utterly unimportant and do all your talking and e-mailing and posting around that. Seriously. Give it your all. Make that the target for the madness.

The right people and organisations will support you at work and where your body is concerned, in October. Because it’s all about your job or your body, Cancer. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  On Tuesday 8th October, Ops forms a conjunction with Venus at 1 Sagittarius 10. There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day. The Moon (your ruling heavenly body) then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. But hey, enough about my ephemeris. That’s only in there for those of you who know your birth charts. For the majority of Cancerians reading this, the story about the job or body is simple: things are looking up, up, up. It’s so unusual to see the family together in your Sixth House. Venus, Psyche and Cupid. Maybe the original Roman myth will actually unfold at work, university or with your non-profit role. If so expect a passionate and intriguing saga which ends up living forever. That’s what Psyche did – she became immortal. Cupid supplied the passion. Ops is in there too. Saturn’s wife and the eternal optimist. There is a deeply satisfying ending coming out of all this. This feels substantial, soulful and spiritual to me. It’s not just another work thing. And finally – your body. Someone else sees your body as his or her business too. There is a genuine sense of partnership and camaraderie between you two, which reminds me of Morrissey and Marr circa 1984. You’ll achieve something special. Damn it, you’ll achieve something lasting, just like any Smiths album from that time.


Leo: October 2013

Keep the stakes low in October, Leo. Make sure that the focus of your discussion or paperwork is relatively minor, where your people or place are concerned. A garden gnome not a whole garden. Your mother’s weekend visit, not plans for the rest of her life. Really throw yourself into this with all the talking, e-mailing, post and paperwork you can handle and it might just work. Why? Because you’ll be dealing with all the complication of this cycle safely contained in something you could ultimately care less about. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled. I can understand why you need to have a conversation, or a signature, or something in the post – but once Mercury appears to travel backwards from Monday 21st October at 11.28am you not have the final chapter of all this, until Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am. That’s bearable if this is about a garden gnome or a maternal holiday. Not so easy if you decide this is the month you want to buy or sell property, move, emigrate or make major decisions about your family, home town, homeland or household. Lucky you. You read your horoscope. Lots of people don’t, the silly duffers. You know what else you know, that they don’t? There’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm which is a new beginning, plus a cover-up. The Moon is blocking the Sun, in the zone of your chart which rules your house, family, flat, household, home town or homeland. This should be a fresh start but it’s not. You’re not seeing everything you should and could be seeing. Leo, keep the stakes low. The good news? From Wednesday 27th November at 8.24am life returns to normal. You can sign off on this episode or start a new one which compensates for the shemozzle to date. Ha!

From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  This is one of the most dramatic changes in your horoscope this year. Suddenly, it’s all about the next generation. Time to focus, happily, on your son or daughter. Your godchildren. Your younger relatives. Time for the children, babies and teenagers in your world (collectively or individually) to become the main story. On Tuesday 8th October, Ops forms a conjunction with Venus at 1 Sagittarius 10. There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. It goes on. People who are positive and practical have happy ending ideas. There is a person who is determined to meet you halfway as he/she realises you are both in this together. There is also passion here. And finally with Psyche there is an enduring statement ready to be written. Adoption, pregnancy, blended families go ahead on cycles like this. So do projects involving younger people or big milestones for your own children. This cycle is also to be associated with relationships which bring your lover’s own children, godchildren or young relatives into your world so you acquire a different rung of relationships. This is going to be quite the opera or soap opera in your life in October, Leo. But it’s more than just a one-act wonder or a YouTube moment. The presence of Psyche says ‘What you co-create now could last forever.’ So make it special.


Virgo: October 2013

Gah! I know this will make you gnaw your own sainted underwear, Virgo but in October, Mercury your ruling planet is shadow retrograde in your zone of media, internet, publishing and communication (your voice in all its forms). Lucky you read your horoscope regularly so you prepared for this and cleared your diary. That’s why you’re not going to be like the other sceptical bunnies who blithely looked at the calendar and said ‘Ah, October and November, I think I’ll try to launch a novel/magazine/ship then.’ As I know you come to this website often and read every damn word, I know you will have deliberately waited until December to focus on anything connected to the written and spoken word. Phew! And if you didn’t? Oh for heaven’s sake Virgo, at least read the fine print in October and November. Allow for global postal chaos (thanks, Britain). Allow for general nuttiness (thanks, America). Allow for mad weather, computer viruses, unknown factors  work around, work around. Here is another old trick. Make sure that the focus of yourmedia, internet, publishing, computer or ‘voice’ concern is relatively minor, as from  Monday 21st October at 11.28am something is going to go into rolling chaos, possibly as late as Wednesday 27th November. That’s bearable if this is about a tiny-weeny little speech or an itsy-bitsy little app. Not so easy if you decide this is the month you want to launch a new TV show or publish your memoirs, so don’t. I don’t like that annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm either. No. I’m shaking my head as I write this but if you can’t postpone the media, internet, publishing or ‘voice’ stuff then make huge allowances for a convoluted process. Or at least make sure none of this truly matters. It’s an old trick worth trying. Really throw yourself into something you could care less about, in terms of your voice (online, on paper, behind a microphone or in the real world). Talk, write, sign, e-mail, set up home on the internet, hurl yourself at the postbox every minute of the day. Then when it screws up you won’t care. And this non-event in your life will have served a useful, safe and effective container for this doozy of a Mercury Retrograde.

Ah, your people and your place. What’s not to love or aim inordinately high for? From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  The Moon then enters Sagittarius where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. It’s extremely unusual to see these asteroids circling your IC like this. The IC is short for Immum Coeli. It’s where you come from and belong to. It’s about Mummy, if you like Mummy. It’s about your mother country. Your lovely little flat. Your flatmate. You’ll really like the optimism, practical can-do attitude, collaboration, co-operation, stoicism and passion of these people or organisations which are unleashed now. And Psyche lets you know there will be a lasting impact. Something or someone will last forever, after this transient episode is over. This cycle in October lends itself to renovation, perhaps, which ensures a building endures. It also lends itself to some kind of family or household restructuring which guarantees something very special and soulful will live forever. Carl Jung had Psyche in his Fourth House, which rules property. He put his soul into his beloved Bollingen home and it is still there today in the sculptures and carvings. I’m quite surprised at this transit in your Fourth House because it comes very late in the year, and it comes suddenly – literally on the week of Monday 7th October. There is tremendous passion here, though, thanks to Cupid. And it’s passion which can be contained forever, trapped in a tiny Virgo snowdome for everyone to look and admire.


Libra: October 2013

Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled – and have a back-up or microscope for the small print. Allow for strikes, disruptive weather, barefaced deceit (it happens), missing letters, computer problems and all the other kit and caboodle of Mercury Retrograde to interfere for around two months – right up until the end of November. Once Mercury appears to travel backwards from Monday 21st October at 11.28am it may not be until as late as Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am that it all finally and firmly makes lasting sense. In the meantime the messenger boy of astrology is basically inebriated while in control of his bicycle. Mercury the Messenger is basically wobbling backwards, downhill, on a Raleigh bike, having consumed ten strong Martinis and too much television. That’s bearable if this is about tiny amounts of cash, Libra. Or if you don’t really care about the house, the possessions, the flat, the business, the charity. (How could you!) If you actually want an easy life and a smooth process for your epic decisions about your very, very large concerns, though – I’m just going to put my eye mask on. Hang on a minute.

There’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm which is a new beginning, but a weird cover-up. You’re not being shown the full story. I don’t like that either. Here is the score Libra. Keep the stakes low. Keep the issues trivial. Then it doesn’t really matter – you can allow something or someone non-essential to become a container for this cycle instead. Read the fine print, get a second opinion, have Plan B.

Oh, Libra. What we hear or read from you in October resonates in time like an immortal chapter of Brideshead Revisited. Or perhaps, a timeless copy of  Jackie. And with Psyche in the communication zone of your horoscope, both you and other people will revisit the end results often. You are about to co-create something very special that can only happen very rarely. It will be squeezed out of difficulty but be all the more remarkable for that. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  This is one of the most dramatic changes in your horoscope this year and it happens so suddenly that you won’t believe how much can alter in just a few days. On Tuesday 8th October, Ops forms a conjunction with Venus at 1 Sagittarius 10. There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. The Third House of your horoscope describes the listening/hearing and reading/writing process, right across the media, publishing, the internet and the back room of the pub. Communication and information should now be the state of your nation. I apologise for this appalling rap but at least you might remember it. The word is the thing. This will last forever and a day. Better make sure that whatever you co-create with those who are on board, contains something that you’d actually like to be preserved for years. Sadly, a limerick about young ladies from Tipperary won’t cut it. Learning Latin? Writing a proper poem? Yes.


Scorpio: October 2013

Oh Scorpio. Why do I keep banging on about what are essentially packaging issues when you know there is more to you than just your branding? Simple answer – because Saturn is in Scorpio too and this all matters quite as much as your soul. Keep the superficial ‘me’ issues small and unimportant in October and November, Scorpio. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled, especially by those mad astrologers who seem to think it’s a great time to get your stationery printed or organise a new PR for yourself, or snap your fingers and get cosmetic surgery. I can understand why you need to have a conversation, or a signature, or something in the post about yourself – sure – but once Mercury appears to travel backwards from Monday 21st October at 11.28am there will be complications until, worst case scenario, Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am. There’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm which is another zig on the zig-zag path of ‘Me’ this month. I am also factoring that in, when I tell you to keep the stakes low. Make sure that this ‘me’ issue doesn’t really matter. Not half as much as the ‘me’ issue you are cleverly putting back to December, anyway. The good news? From Wednesday 27th November at 8.24am life returns to normal. Not your entire life, natch. You have to wait until next year for that, when Saturn in Scorpio is in his third (easiest) phase. That’s actually not far off now. And you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that you are over the halfway mark of the toughest damn cycle in 29 years for matters of image. Don’t take it personally because it isn’t. It’s just your cardboard box, hmm?

From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  They instantly make the kind of patterns with each other I associate with a game of Twister. Your money, property, business, charity or precious possessions will be on the floor and some brilliant and remarkable shapes will be thrown. This is so new, I almost feel like asking my webmaster for one of those retro NEW! Tags from the old internet, so I can slap it on this prediction. Essentially, you will be operating with people, departments, large organisations or even entire economies in October. What emerges will be hard-won. It will contain the passion generated over a few short weeks. It will also last forever and live forever. Psyche brings immortality to the picture. Consequently you may want to consciously co-create every last digit. This is actually about your value system, Scorpio. What you will and will not sell out for. Who and what you consider to be priceless. It goes way beyond the immediate maths of October and well into the rest of 2013 and beyond. So make it magnificent. There is absolutely no way it’s going to be quick and easy because Ops and Psyche guarantee some kind of massive effort. The universe is coming out to help you, her, him or them, though. Psyche was helped by an army of ants. Ops was helped by the luck her son was born with. The cosmos is on your side with this Scorpio so do your level best to make ‘forever’ great.


Sagittarius: October 2013

Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don’t be fooled by what appears to be an unfolding process. It’s not. It’s a process that is about to lurch backwards, then forwards and it involves something you cover up, an invisible role (behind the scenes) or a classified plan. Keep the stakes low. Be cunning and shelve the really important thing until December, but reserve something quite unimportant in October and November – then the non-essential is the container for the complications, not the essential. Why am in a veritable lather about what you’re covering up or doing behind the scenes? Well – not only is Mercury Retrograde from Monday 21st October at 11.28am until his final shadow on Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am – there’s an eclipse too. It’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm which also falls in Scorpio, where you keep your secrets, or operate in the background. This should be a fresh start but it’s not. You’re not seeing everything you should and could be seeing! Because Saturn is also in your Twelfth House I just don’t like it. Try to cover yourself, work around the situation, read the fine print, make allowances for delays and changes. Shelve the really huge issue until December if you can. If that’s impossible because the rest of the world doesn’t use astrology (oh rest of world, how could you) then at least be savvy enough to dream up some issue that you don’t really care about, that you can pour all the e-mails, phone calls, letters and discussion into. Worth a try. When it spins around like spaghetti on a turntable you’ll just shrug and nurse a small, secret smile.

Suddenly, it’s all about your image. Your title and look. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius, your own sign (and if you were born on the first day of your sign then it’s personal). Then Ops forms a conjunction with Venus at 1 Sagittarius 10 and Ops and Psyche conjunct at 00 Sagittarius 57. What really gives October 7th-10th its boom-boom feeling, though is the Moon. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. The First House of the horoscope where we find Ops, Venus, Psyche and Cupid is associated with Mars and Aries in astrology. Thus, the archetype of the Roman soldier (Mars was the Roman god of war). The Romans had a word imago to describe the standard (or flag) bearing the likeness of the emperor, carried by the army. In modern life your imago is what you fly the flag for, in terms of your body, wardrobe, face, profile, name, role, title, website and so on. October is going to be one of the most entertaining, intriguing, challenging and satisfying months in years for your imago. It’s going to be an uphill battle at times, either for you, he, she or them. There will be grunting. However there will also be the most delicious feeling of being alive. Of passion coursing through the veins. Crucially, what comes out of October will last forever. Ultimately, Sagittarius, you are relaunching some aspect of yourself in a way that will soon be immortal. Side with people, organisations or trends which can immortalise you in just the right way.


Capricorn: October 2013

If you can fast-forward to Wednesday 27th November for signatures, meetings or final decisions about these people (old friends, charity, political party, ladies’ nude netball team, social network) please do so, to avoid the Mercury Retrograde period and the eclipse that is coming, spread over October and November. If you have no choice then read the fine print, get second opinions, have alternatives, consider back-up and thank your lucky stars you read your horoscope, because nobody else does (are you crazy? The British government is trying to sell the Royal Mail on Mercury Retrograde Shadow!) History and astrology tell me missed calls, computer problems, hollow statements (massive fibs), strikes, government deadlock or anything else that could affect your group project – definitely will. There’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm too. It should be a fresh start but you don’t have the full story. You can’t see the Sun. What should be illuminated and exposed is covered up then. The ultimate strategy is to make a deliberate effort to keep the plans with your friend or this group very low-key and shrink the stakes so they are as small as possible. Mercury the Messenger of the Gods is normally responsible for the swift and efficient dispatch of news. To the Romans he was the chap on horseback with the sandals. To you he is the internet, the media, the telephone, the fax machine, the post – and usually the transport that carries them. When Mercury goes forwards, then backwards, then forwards it’s like trying to organise a friendship or a group with a cross-eyed courier. Work around it.

Nobody else can see this or touch this, but it’s going to change your life for the better. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  Suddenly it’s all about the role you play behind the scenes, where you get no credit or recognition, and feel perfectly invisible. Alternatively I suspect there is a confidential project or classified plan, also on your agenda. Maybe even a genuinely dark secret which you cover up so well that even your best friend has no clues. Now – There is a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 on Tuesday 8th. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. I give you all this in case you have your personal chart and want to horoscope-watch. If you don’t, and you wish I would shut up about the math, then the most you need to know is that there will be really satisfying ending as the result of genuine lust for life. As in, an Iggy Pop level of Lust For Life. Wild-eyed and semi-naked. Cavorting in leather pants. Most of all, Psyche in Sagittarius tells you that what come out of this month will last forever. It’s an eternal statement. Might sound weird to say that about something you do behind the scenes, or in a clandenstine fashion, or even about a secret. This isn’t just ‘that thing in October 2013’ though; it’s actually something wildly soulful, in that the end results resonate for years. The spirit of the moment will live forever.


Aquarius: October 2013

Aquarius in October

Oh, Aquarius, define success and status if you will. I’m sure you’ve done it constantly since October last year, trying to get your head around the heaviest cycle in 29 years. One thing is certain. Your mountain top is not like anybody else’s mountain top. No wonder it feels as if some kind of process should now take place, though. Some kind of step-by-step progress towards a decision. If this is the case, though, do be aware of your horoscope cycles. If you can fast-forward to Wednesday 27th November for signatures, meetings or final decisions then do so, to avoid the Mercury Retrograde period and the eclipse. If you have no choice then read the fine print, get second opinions, have alternatives, consider back-up and maintain a healthy cynicism about the post, the internet, computers, paperwork and even people’s verbal promises. It doesn’t matter how hard they pump your hand if the words bounce a few weeks later. Be a realist about the weather, strikes or anything else that could affect your career, university role or non-profit commitment. There’s an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm too. It should be a fresh start but you don’t have the full story. The Sun is blotted out. Nothing is illuminated as it should be. The ultimate strategy, though, is to make a deliberate effort to keep the plans low-key and the stakes as small as possible. If you push all the Mercury stuff (the talking, the writing, the post, the signatures, the internet) into something that matters very little, it may become a vessel for the complication. And if it’s a safe vessel, then what do you care if life is complicated?


I am vicariously enjoying this cycle on your behalf because I know you shine when you have your group and your friendships. The most intriguing people and organisations are about to enter your life (or make a re-entry) and it’s going to change the way you run your social media, your social life and, crucially, this circle of people.  From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day. The Moon then enters Sagittarius at 1.21pm where she stays until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. I give you all this in case you have your personal chart and want to horoscope-watch. Psyche tells you that what come out of this month will last forever. It’s an eternal statement. This isn’t just ‘October 2013’ it’s actually something wildly soulful. You actually have all the players in the Cupid and Psyche story (see the sculpture in The Louvre) in your zone of friends and groups in October. Not only those two, who wove such a story of immortal passion – but also Venus, the third player in the drama. I’m not saying that the friendship or group will be easy, straightforward and simple. Say not the struggle nought availeth, though. The more perspiration and determination and inspiration that is churned up in October the more remarkable and soul-satisfying the end results are going to be. And truly, this will be immortal. Psyche was. Watch for butterflies (the real thing, or the symbolic representation) as a sign the universe is chatting to you at this time. It’s validation that you’re pursuing something so special.


Pisces: October 2013


Pisces, once Mercury appears to travel backwards from Monday 21st October at 11.28am the story concerning anything on the above list will change not once, but twice, between that point and Wednesday 27th November from 8.24am. I’m also not crazy about the annular total eclipse in Scorpio (which rules books, the web, journeys, study, teaching, beliefs and foreign people for you) on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm. It should be a new beginning by rights. It usually is. But we can’t see the Sun. Nothing is exposed and illuminated, it’s covered up. If you add that to the usual communication chaos that one expects with Mercury Retrograde, I really think you should keep everything as low-profile as you possibly can. Keep this trivial. If you absolutely must press ahead with epic decisions or ventures as a publisher, writer, internet user, traveller, student or teacher – read the fine print. Be a realist about printers, the post office, computers, the web, the fax machine, transport, the weather. I really don’t think you’ll care that much if the issue is fairly small. You’ll just feel like punching Mercury when you see him next. No way do I want you to do something epic without getting insurance, though, or having Plan B, or just turning on your common-sense, even if you normally don’t bother.

The last thing I’ll say is that you still have Saturn here too. So you’re stuck with this soul-sucking person, organisation, situation or trend which shows no signs of letting up. What should you look forward to? Basically Mercury is out of shadow on November 27th so boom, the discussion, news or paperwork can be counted on. From the first quarter of next year, too, the soul-sucking stops. The climate changes. Life feels possible again.

There may be crossover with your life as a student, publisher, writer, teacher or traveller and your vocation. If so, read what follows with one eye on the first section of your horoscope. Be cunning – take advantage of the amazing options about to come your way, but use sneaky astro-timing to avoid major decisions or ventures until the closing days of November. If you work, study or volunteer in quite another field, though, you should be pretty happy with what happens to your CV and social status in October. From 00.00am on Tuesday 8th October, Ops Venus and Psyche join Cupid in Sagittarius.  The Moon then hurtles through Sagittarius  until Thursday 10th October at 4.17pm. That week is suddenly going to wake you up to a different set of options. There are ‘issues’ as they say, but there are also fantastic action plans from people who remind me of the Blitz spirit. And there’s a happy ending with all this. Oh yes there is. And most crucially, a lasting statement, written forever, about something which endures – that goes way beyond the usual professional or academic episode, non? And there’s passion here too.

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